Denny, Sandy - Listen, Listen Lyrics

The young man rose his pretty face
All for to feel the salty spray
When storms are mustering, they say
I'll come and take you all away

I am a traveller by trade
I only have what I have made
A fortune teller too they say
And I can take you all away

Listen, listen to him do
He is the one who is for you
Listen, they say
He'll come and take us all away

And over there the young man stayed
Upon on the rocks so rough and grey
Watching the boy, watching the day
Thinking of how he came to be

A young man he, he is so real
And never more to go astray
He is of value now they say
And he can take himself away

Listen, listen to him do
He is the one who is for you
Listen, they say
He'll come and take us all away

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Denny, Sandy Listen, Listen Comments
  1. Portcullis

    6th of January 2020. Time to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the birth of the wonderful Sandy Denny. Much missed but remembered by so many.

  2. Christine Kaye

    The young boy rose his pretty face
    All for to feel the salty spray
    When storms are mustering, they say
    I'll come and take you all away

    I am a traveler by trade
    I only have what I have made
    A fortune teller too they say
    And I can take you all away

    Listen Listen to him do
    He is the one who is for you
    Listen, they say
    He'll come and take us all away

    And over there the young man stayed
    Upon on the rocks so rough and grey
    Watching the boy, watching the day
    Thinking of how he came to be

    A young man he, he is so real
    And never more to go astray
    He is of value now they say
    And he can take himself away

    Listen Listen to him do
    He is the one who is for you
    Listen, they say
    He'll come and take us all away


  3. John Doe

    There are times when I think that He took her from us to teach HIS choir how to put _heart_ and _SOUL_ into their voices. At least, that is the reason I _hope_ we lost her voice so young.

  4. José Dias

    voz celestial

  5. Red Pine

    It's 2019 and I'm hearing this for the first time. Christ, where have I been. What a gorgeous soul she had. She's haunting in a beautiful way.


    Red Pine Welcome aboard! She was incredible.

    Mark Stephen

    Another person that’s discovered her in 2019!

    Philip Turner

    Sadly, you missed an angel but she lives on through her music, enjoy!


    Don't beat yourself up too much over it, I was 41 before I came across Sandy by accident on YouTube. Spread the gospel!

    John Doe

    I fell in love with her voice not long after she left us. I can only hope that she is showing _HIS_ choir to sing properly!

  6. Robert Purdy

    Listen as her voice soars! So wonderful. Richard Thompson backing her is amazing. Timeless.

  7. Robert Purdy

    The voice of an angel. Broke my heart when I read she’d died. So young, so talented. God Bless Sandy. RIP

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  9. Heather Brown

    one of her best.

  10. Leonard Heanes

    Love Sandy, the best female singer this country has ever had. Her voice is pure velvet.

  11. Rad MillerJr.

    Wowsa. Have heard Sandy off & on forever, paid little attention. Now I'm an old fart the quaver in her voice captivates me. Music teachers say nay, no quavers allowed. I say kiss my ass, get lost. Adore quaver, adore her. Thx Sandy. the Radman

  12. james edwards

    One of my favorite songs from Sandy's solo stuff. Great to hear all the contributions from the old Fairport alumni.

  13. Zimium

    I miss you Sandy.

  14. RapeState U

    Good serial killer song.

  15. lindentr33

    ripper tune, wonder who wrote it.


    Sandy did.

  16. A Kennedy

    It'll be 40 years come the 21st. of April since you left us. What a wonderful gift you gave us in your music.

  17. TheDevildoc50

    All these years and I still morn her passing.

  18. Manuel Estano

    Trés belle chanson ...!!

  19. Online Account

    Supreme Folk Rock...

  20. Manuel Estano

    Gmaile chanteuse disparue trop jeune ...!!

  21. Portcullis

    Probably her most uplifting song. Listening yet again in honour of the 71st anniversary of her birth.

  22. Manuel Estano

    Trés belle mélodie ...!!

  23. Doug Phillips

    Bought this album soon after hearing "Listen, Listen" on an L.A. radio station back in the day. The song still gives me chills...

  24. Manuel Estano

    Trés grande artiste ...!!

  25. kim lee

    the most complete God given voice and her lyrics are not like the rest of the crowd -"phony" according to Denny-it won`t get better than this, ever.

  26. Fide Fide

    Wow. One of those song that makes one feel kind and forgiving. Thanks.

  27. kim lee

    This song was also sung in French-Ecout, Ecout. Enough to make the Eiffel Tower rotate on its axis without a doubt. Simple yet so moving and mesmerising like most of her songs. How on earth did she manage that, I wonder?

  28. Harry Scarborough

    With reference to the Fighting Celt (comment 5 years ago), TB is dismal as Brian Matthew's replacement presenting Sounds of the Sixties but full marks to him for having made this his record of the week back in the 70s

  29. Harry Scarborough

    Some echoes of Judith Durham - both wonderful voices

  30. Andrew Kostelnyk

    What can you say -beautiful -know she sang on Led Zeppelin the 4 Symbols-track -haunting

  31. Marie Marie

    truly the voice of an angel.

    Neil Pearson

    Sandy's voice is proper bare wire pierce me straight to mine Heart Cross Mine Heart luvi

  32. duckiwi


  33. james reinolds

    Great voice!

  34. Portcullis

    Born seventy years' ago today; Sandy Denny, the lady with the most moving voice of all, in my opinion.

    Helena Carvalho


    Leonard Heanes

    I have just listened to 'After Halloween' (demo) I must have heard it about a thousand times and still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

  35. william brown

    wow OMG, love this song one of her best

    Remin Scotland Ltd

    the best...

  36. steve rose

    Love this song. Uplifting, one of Sandy's best.

  37. Helena Carvalho

    Amazing voice, like no other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Fred Bush

    first when i herd sandy she sang with the strawbs and i was hooked

  39. Alan Werner

    you made me cry again, Sandy. And you've been gone nigh on 40 years, lass...

    Joni Mari Cruz

    There’s a catch in my throat,too. It will be 40 years this Saturday the 21st. Taken far too soon.

    Patrick Michaels

    She does that.

    Descartes' Donkey

    have a wank to the promo picture...that's what i do


    she had it all for now

  40. Patti S.

    I love this so much.

  41. 2468pebble

    Who knows where the time goes or Listen Listen? Safe to say this is one of the definitive Sandy Denny songs. Amazing.

  42. Ged Brough

    well john willetts I agree I first heard sandy denny with fairport in the late 60s...n experience not to be forgotten.The Hook as you call it is her voice her tones her way of does transend time..she sounds as wonerderfull today in march 2015 as she did back in the is spritual

  43. John Willetts

    I knew nothing of Ms Denny until May 1978. After an afternoon's dalliance with a very lovely lady called Susan (my girlfriend at the time) I put on a tape lent to me by a friend, Fairport's early work. All in all a magic afternoon. Ms Denny's voice haunted me and last year I rediscovered her work. I've seen lots of comments about her voice-and it's true there is a hook in it that pulls you away, no doubt. Though probably it appeals only to men, and now mainly to men of a certain age. From what I have learned she was a bit of a lost soul-but aren't we all. Perhaps that is her appeal.  


    Although I understand why you say it ,I would tend to disagree with you (as would my wife and teenage daughter) when you say that Sandy Denny's voice "probably appeals only to men...of a certain age". There are plenty of positive comments from women on Sandy Denny songs on YouTube, and the main reason that younger people do not know her songs is that they are unlikely to get to hear her unless someone enlightens them. I was first struck by her voice when I was about twelve years old in the late 1970's when I heard Led Zeppelin's 'Battle Of Evermore' and I asked my older brother about the beautiful female voice on that song. I remember he replied that "It is Sandy Denny-she died recently after falling down some stairs". Sadly, it took me another decade or more to discover her work with Fairport and it is only in recent years that I have listened to her solo albums and the Fotheringay album and realised what a great songwriter she was. I would argue that she was not only the finest female folk singer-songwriter,but she is among the all time greats (male and female) in popular music. To me, greatness has nothing to do with record sales-there are plenty of mediocre artists that have sold millions of records and many great artists that were not commercially "successful".

    Jenny Sutcliffe Sings

    @John Willetts I unfortunately have to disagree with you with regards to the appeal of Sandy's voice only to men - I understand where you are coming from but I know many who have been entranced by her vocals and, including myself, are women. She is also a great musical influence to me!

  44. Portcullis

    At her very best,such as this song,she was/is in a league of her own as a female singer/songwriter.Having said that,there are plenty of talented female singer/songwriters around today.During the last couple of years I have seen the following sing live:Natalie Merchant,Heather Nova,Suzanne Vega,Beth Orton and Rhiannon Giddens (from The Carolina Chocolate Drops).All very different,but all are quality singer/songwriters who sing with passion and soul. 

    Paul Lavan

    Good point, and it must have been great to see those people live, especially Natalie (I wonder if she sang the truly great 'Verdi Cries'?). But they'll still never reach Sandy, that's for sure.

    manrico fiorentini

    +Portcullis not like Sandy...she is the best of the best!!!

  45. Sherlock Doyle

    I love this one

  46. Don Carney

    Sandy, Maddy Pryor, and Sarah McLachlan and Enya the best female vocalists ever love Amy Lee too but she's not with these 4

    Bob Green

    +Don Carney In a more purely folk-based vein, Shelagh MacDonald, June Tabor, Shirley Collins and Anne Briggs are all well worth listening to


    My friend I will indeed check these out love song voices not little girl kitting she but I will check and thank you


    I prefer your pick Don Carney.

  47. terri purcell

    God be to her but she had one increadable voice

  48. Antonio Dias

    Amazing!!!!Wonderful!!!We'll always love you Sandy!!!!

  49. Jon Doeringer

    I'd heard some of Fairport, but until I heard a college station play an hour of their music, in the early 70's, I didn't understand how incredible they were - or how unmatchable this singer was. This was one of the songs they played. I haven't heard it since the tape vanished or wore out, decades ago. Thanks!


    joe...was that at cornell? i was a jok at the cu station back the and i played blocks of sandy and fairport...

    Jon Doeringer

    @vazmo14850 Probably Case-Western Reserve? Sorry I missed it! I had a show in Pittsburgh, in the 80's, on the low end of the dial. These were staples on that show, too.

  50. blindingrunt

    A sweet breath of fresh air,always there in my thoughts.A fantastic voice.

  51. terri purcell

    Still sounds great all the years on God rest you

  52. chris ott

    more beautiful than the day itself is long, zanies....much more so somehow

  53. Nicola Ablett

    used to have this lp ;oved it to bits

  54. Amy McCann

    <3<3<3 you, my Priestess.

  55. Paulo Silveirinha

    No age for such a voice. My favourite singer always!!
    A pleasure to listen endless hours.
    My tribute to Sandy. We miss you!!

  56. chris ott

    sneeky pete also played w gram parsons

  57. chris ott

    too gorgeous and powerful for this ugly bankrupt planet

  58. Leonard Dixon

    * * * * * * *
    Seven stars out of a possible five.
    Well, you know, back when they did stars. :-)

  59. 1sosalini

    great to see people of other countries enjoying this sort of music too .

  60. 1sosalini

    got this on an EP I think somewhere .

  61. Sarah Rose Music

    I just recently introduced myself to sandy.. shes great.. can someone tell me some songs of her that are a must hear?

    Philip Simpson

    all of them!

  62. ThefightingCelt

    This was Tony Blackburn's "record of the week" on radio one back in the early 70s

  63. rixarcade

    wonderful song

  64. lyonslaforet

    I agree. There are numerous female voices in rock who deserve to be revered like Sandy Denny.

  65. captainsoul1953

    o met sandy after a gig in the early 70s...very chatty...very funny.... and language that would shame a navvy......didnt use one swear word when ten would do!...

  66. Phil Hawkins

    show of hands! yes its a band! try it, steve knightley forever.

  67. LJ Hamm

    This is wonderful music , love it !

  68. Rossm3838

    Judy Dyble, the original soprano of Fairport Convention, is still performing and recording and is as good as ever. Sandy was a singer like no other but the others you mentioned plus Judy are great as well.

  69. Charles Daly

    Happy Birthday, Sandy! Today I celebrate your life with your music.

  70. greycat2n1

    sandy, maddy prior (steleye span) the very best of female vocalists Sarah McLachlin and Aimee Lee come close today....pure soul as John Hiatt might say

  71. AttractiveCo

    Spine tingling. Not much more I can say.

  72. lyonslaforet

    Even without Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny delivered remarkable songs. Proof with this one!

  73. Vincenzo Civetta

    mi susciti sempre una grande emozione quando ti sento sei ancora qui tra noi e dal cielo ci benedici ciao

  74. angussms

    Simon who??????????????

  75. chippy783

    nothing near JJ's intensity, but so beautiful and classic

  76. animascat

    all the songs on this album are great.

  77. psychobollox


    "Of course Simon Cowell may not have appreciated the sublime talent that somebody like Sandy had in the 70's."

    Probably another good reason to love Sandy's music! Just to piss Cowell off ;)


    Sandy Denny a folk rock icon my favourite female singer of all time R. I. P Sandy Would love you to be around

  78. medljoc

    OMG this song is so good . Impossible to diskike . Sandy had the best voice ever!!!

  79. chippy783

    Can'r help but think... do these folkshave to scream at you

  80. JoggynSmyler

    One of Sandy's best tune! just love it!

  81. murkredi

    Still one of the best female singers of all time. A tragedy that she died so young.I've been in love with her since 1972 ...

  82. Wes Richards

    Sandy was an artist and a force of nature before anyone ever heard of Simon Cowell. And she will be known long after he is forgotten. The IRA is disarming one nail at a time. Until the last nail is in the ground, she will be a hero and he will be comic relief.

  83. chippy783

    An Irish gift, thanks

  84. Gordon Crawford

    The voice of a girl with pure tallent.

  85. calicostrawberry

    @Blobcave Great comment!

  86. John Mcintyre

    have heard her name but hadnt listened to her since i read about her in record collector last month now cant stop playing her music were have i been the last 40 years thank you for your post

  87. Antonio Alves

    Uma voz ímpar da minha geração adolescente e que importa, de novo, saborear!!!

  88. Mairead Murphy

    @seorasmac i think kynoceph means that if alanwg123 goes 2 c the likes of the jonas brothers nd justin bieber then they will die cause evrytime he sees them!!!hhahahaha

  89. seorasmac

    @kynoceph You must be a child

  90. PhyscoGoth

    @Blobcave HAHAHAHA She was on His Label

  91. kynoceph

    @alanwg123 - on the contrary, I think you should go to MORE concerts. I can give you a list of people you might want to go see. Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, most of the American Idol gang - I could go on.

  92. Brendan Barry

    Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson both use folk song conventions and old English words in their songs to great effect. It makes you feel that the songs have been in existence for hundreds of years. Sandy's voice has a similar effect. It seems to be carrying messages from an ancient time. It's as if she is some kind of medium. Is she the greatest singer of the rock era? Yes.

  93. vazmo14850

    ...wondering how he came to be....i will always listen sandy


    Unfortunate that a song like this has only 17 thousand odd hits...shows where we stand today.

  95. ann d

    @bigbabyjesus12 Thanks for your information about sandy denny....I can't believe I never heard of her until recently....I feel as if I have madea wonderful d iscovery..smiles...

  96. Dustin Chapman

    @sweetanoushka She had substance abuse issues like most the great artist of her era. But she died of a brain haemorrhage after a fall.

  97. ThefightingCelt

    There are good female singers... and there is Sandy Denny - a truly sublime talent !

  98. ann d

    Thank you hopoil, a friend of mine asked me to listen to her and I had never heard of her before...beautiful voice and seemingly such a short life..absolutely tragic