Denny, Sandy - Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Lyrics

Roses are red, and violets are blue
Primroses pale on a velvet green hue
Warm summer days by cool waterfalls
Like the music we hear
Those things we'll always hold dear
Like an old fashioned waltz

When the moonlight shines down
On the Hollywood world
And the heroine waits for her beau to return
And violins play from behind garden walls
How I'd love to remain with the silver refrain
Of an old fashioned waltz

As they dance round the floor
And there's no-one else there
And the world is no more and there's never a care
By the perfect lagoon where the nightingale calls
With only the moon and the nostalgic tune
Of an old fashioned waltz

Roses are red and violets are blue
Primroses pale on a velvet green hue
Warm summer days by cool waterfalls
Like the music we hear
Those things we'll always hold dear
Like an old fashioned waltz
Like an old fashioned waltz
An old fashioned waltz

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Denny, Sandy Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Comments
  1. Makin it in L.A.

    Her voice and her songs were without pretense...not a drop. She has become my favorite as I've gotten older.

  2. Harry Reams

    Dead at 31... What a waste of such a monumental talent.

  3. John Nelki

    Incomparable voice and a talented songwriter. Will we ever see her like again ?

  4. Ariadne Legh

    God I love this song, it makes me cry every single time <3

  5. Magenta

    So beautifully sang and the music evokes yearning. Sandy was a true artist and has left us with the gift of her voice and music. I hope she has found peace and joy in heaven.

  6. Monkey Man

    Any thing I could say, has all ready been said. The "Angel has fallen". So sad, the way she went. may you rest in peace, beautiful woman. Sandy Denny.....

  7. Bill Hulston

    Such a beautiful ballad from so long ago,,,Sandy is the femail version of the justin from the moodie blues

  8. mickigoe

    Just imagine having the beauty of mind to conceive this.

  9. graham Paice

    I am in love with her voice

  10. Rod Campbell

    If this does not touch your soul, you don;t have one

  11. Keith Keller

    Love her and Sharing......

  12. Jimbo Mckenna



    amazing voice!What a tragic lost!

  14. Paulo Pinheiro

    There were The Beatles, and Her Majesty The Lady 😍😢

  15. lurvigaludde

    One of the very, very best...

  16. Pauric Puirseal

    Must be nearly 45 years since I first heard it still sounds great God rest her

  17. Grant Wallace


  18. Jose Andrade

    Such a beautiful waltz!

  19. Carlos Silva

    Superb voice and talented Sandy. This songs is a part of me as my soul´s.

  20. lurvigaludde

    Sandy was unik,

  21. Enoch's Vision

    Sandy Denny just made me cry

  22. EnosEverything

    B R I L L I A N T !!!

  23. Brian Wisniewski

    Oh this so takes me back to happier times. Fantastic voice, superb production. Thank you Sandy for making my life a better place to be.

  24. james reinolds

    So beautiful song,R.I.P Sandy Denny

  25. Jonathan Berman

    There's something so beautiful and tragic about this song that just stirs something so deep in me.

  26. Zeth Mustamu

    Some voices have the gift to take me back in time with beautiful and less beautiful memories. Sandy's voice is one of those voices. My wife and me have always loved this yearning song. Thank you, most beloved Sandy Denny.

    Sandra Munro

    Zeth Must

  27. Eliane Dik

    what a voice i remember her love Eliane

  28. Maresa Dolan

    wat wonderful singer only hear her last night .x

  29. caley956

    I remember Sandy did this at the Howff in Regents Park Road. I thought "How the hell is she making me cry with a line like "Roses are red, violets are blue"? Then I looked round and half the audience was sniffling too. What an evening, never to be forgotten.

  30. Uwe Rayer

    Thnk you dreamkid. may she never been forgotten. What voice. I was lucky enough to see her twice.

  31. Mike Siculan

    such unheard purity, i have two versions of this, what happened to rising for the moon?

  32. Novali95

    A lovely song and singer. I really like the strings, they sound so beautiful and celestial. Thanks for sharing. Love and kram, Ami xx