Denny, Sandy - It'll Take A Long Time Lyrics

Oh, it's like a storm at sea
And everything is lost
And the fretful sailors calling out their woes
As to the waves they're tossed

Oh, they are all gentlemen
And never will they know
If there is a reason each of them must go
To join the cruel flow

And it'll take a long, long time
It'll take a long, long time
It'll take a long, long time
Oh, it'll take such a long, long time

There is no need for rules
There's no-one to score the game
And there is nobody living in this town
As even knows its name

Oh, it'll take such a long, long time
It'll take a long, long time
It'll take a long, long time
A long, long time

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Denny, Sandy It'll Take A Long Time Comments
  1. storekeeper80

    I never tire of listening to this song or the whole album. Bought the vinyl album when first released and still love it.

  2. t vo


  3. ninobism

    22 September 2019... from Korea

  4. Adrian Trott

    Absolutely beautiful...WOW. God Bless you Sandy..RIP.

  5. graham Paice

    what a beautiful voice-i arrived in England in 72-never knew her

  6. 12steve07

    The unfairness of death (31) is outmatched by the greatness of brilliance.

    Sandy Denny - one of the true greats.

  7. Bob Westinicky

    Sandy and Sneaky Pete. Both gone now. RIP.

    Clancy Kobane

    had no idea sneaky played with her, thanks

  8. Johlibaptist

    Great singer, composer and musician, but sadly messed up at the end. Now greatly missed.

  9. Michael H

    I hope to be greeted by her when I (hopefully) arrive in heaven

    sloppy g

    With the life you're living... I Doubt it

  10. Alain Jordan


  11. Doc Ben

    RIP SANDY.🕊💐💐💐🕊

  12. Peter Underwood

    What an incredible artist

  13. Antonio Dias

    this is so pretty!!!

  14. Halimous Bathyal

    Sandy, Half Life

    I lived half my life without you.
    I can’t believe the feat.
    For the peril of the darkness
    could have been fatal
    without your light so sweet.

    Just a sixteen-year old boy
    when first I heard your voice.
    Herald of approaching ruin,
    striking to the heart
    you signified the choice.

    Though your message direly echoed
    defying deafened ears,
    my spirit was not dampened.
    In fact, it soared;
    rising to meet the coming years.

    Angelically singing the missive true
    as seen from above.
    How could we sink to fear
    or fall beneath the sorrow
    when it is sung by pure love?

    Stephen Allen

  15. Mario Vargas

    beautiful voice and Guitar.😯🤩😍

  16. Tonetwisters

    I wish her voice had been a little further out in the mix ...

  17. Bruce Thomson

    One of my most prized albums-especially this song.

  18. Roy Foster

    They played this as background on Holby last night. Good to hear it again.

    Summer Seawind

    That's how I found Sandy Denny :-D

  19. John Butler

    She would have been just a little older than me. I loved her albums and had them all. There was a melancholy in her voice which touched me then and still does now. There are no female singers to match her now-- just weak-voiced and micro-talented Beyoncé or Britney Spears clones.


    There will never be another Sandy Denny, but if you search, there are still some wonderful female singer-songwriters around. Maybe have a listen to Rachel Sermanni (eg 'Don't Fade'); she has a gorgeous voice from the Scottish Highlands. Rhiannon Giddens (from North Carolina) also has a wonderful voice (eg her versions of 'Wayfaring Stranger' and 'Spanish Mary'). Natalie Merchant has been around a while, but is not as widely recognised as she should be. Songs such as 'Verdi Cries', 'How You've Grown', 'Thick As Thieves'' 'Motherland' and 'The End' are achingly beautiful, as is her voice. Heather Nova (from Bermuda) is also still making new music. With older gems such as 'Island', 'Walking Higher' and 'I'm Air' (from 2015), she should be much better known. I have seen all four of these artists sing live in recent years in small venues, and they are all the real deal; amazing voices. Being a huge fan of Sandy Denny, I am not easily impressed, so I would be surprised if you don't find at least one song or voice in that list that you like.

  20. 23theseeker

    I hope this beautiful gifted lady is up in heaven still singing and playing to everyone up there she was so enormously talented Sandy Denny if she was here now she would be a mega star a superstar in her own right we miss you SANDY DENNY R.I.P MY BEAUTIFUL ONE WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND YOUR MUSICXXX

  21. Jan Westerhof

    What the Fuck Happend to this Crazy World.... Such a Long time...

  22. Jan Westerhof

    Where did LOVE go after these Years... the Planet is Gone NUTS! Janis < John , Jimi They All left Crazy Planet Blue(s)...!

  23. Dean Haas, Jr.

    40 years gone..........very missed.

  24. Rachel Lambertson

    40 years on since Sandy passed on...2018

  25. Alice Johnston Johnston

    Love all Sandy Denny"s songs! So sad such a brilliant musician is no longer with us!

    RapeState U

    "There is no need for rules
    There's no one to score the game
    And there is nobody living in this town
    As even knows its name"

    The name of the game is Survival of the Piggiest.

  26. clive hodge

    it will take a long time as the song says but sandy will always be with us , what a voice i wish i had been older to see her live xxx

    Zelly Kin

    Saw her In Brisbane 1974 Fairport sounded muddy, it was Swarbs night and Sandy only sang a few songs but, ten rows back I sat there with tears in my eyes. Sandy always makes me cry.

  27. jesse bongo

    This and " who knows where the time goes " are my favourites by one of the greatest voices ever !!!. RIP.

  28. irene gronewald


  29. Kevin Collins

    There are some maybe her equal but none better....angelic voice, passion, poetry, pure talent.

  30. Gianni Bondesan

    una voce unica che ti arriva al cuore e ti fa stare bene

  31. jordi garcía

    I miss her.

  32. Philip McKee

    can anyone tell me what happened to sandy ?


    She hit her head badly falling from the stairs but wasn't properly checked by a doctor for it. Only got painkillers for headaches developed after that. Almost a month after the incident she collapsed again falling into a coma from which she didn't recover and died in a few days, at only 31. Basically she had Intracerebral hemorrhage.

  33. Philip McKee

    wish i,d found fairport & sandy a long time ago, fabulous

  34. a oneiill

    I can hear Jackson Browne in here ..who was copying who?

  35. a oneiill


  36. Edward Lacorte

    Sandy Denny had a Voice that only comes along once in your lifetime!!! So Smokey, So Much Feeling! I Love anything she sang!!! We are so Blessed to have Experienced Her talents!!!

  37. james reinolds

    Brilhant song,what a wonderful voice!

  38. Michael Igoe

    1:24 That pic of her, with Peggy and Trevor in the background, is my favourite.

  39. james reinolds

    angelical voice!!

  40. RapeState U

    "There is no need for rules
    There's no one to score the game
    And there is nobody living in this town
    As even knows its name"

    Survival of the Piggiest?

  41. Andy Bricky

    Precious little songbird, did you have to go,
    For you went and left, those who loved you so,
    You who had a voice, velvet laced with gold,
    Those many gifts you left, now never to grow old.
     You who like my daughter left us far to soon,
    Her special gift was her smile, yours a pretty tune,
    Sent to help me through my days, sitting in my room,
    You shine a little light upon me and help to lift my gloom.
     So to you I listen, a smile and then a tear,"
    Who knows where the time goes", as I'm sitting here,
    One day my mood may lighten, no-one really knows,
    "It'll take a long time", as the melancholy grows.
    So I send to you this message, the only way I know,
    For you are both in my thoughts, everywhere I go,
    And if you meet my Sarah, say hello from me,
    If we will "Meet on the ledge" I must wait to see.

    Igor Wowk

    @Georgia Rose Lucas Beautiful and moving poem.


    Loved one's always leave too soon.

    david k

    Wow...I named this little mutt puppy that wondered up on my porch in 2012 after Sandy Denny. She's still here, (Sandy the dog that is).. I didn't make her a poem....Whatever buddy.

    Andy Bricky

    @david k Just love it, simple really, still a tribute.

    Andy Bricky

    @Georgia Rose Lucas Makes me cry too, pathetic, tough bricky here.

  42. spinztarella

    What a wonderful singer

  43. Bill Cullnane

    It seems that so often that genius, angelic talent has a sever down-side attached. This beauty was so afflicted. A couple of drinks and I'll cry with this. . .

  44. Virginia Akin

    I loved janis,I still love Bridget Wishart, and now we have smokin' real talent female blues guitarists,but I digress,Hail vox regina Sandy Denny! Jive Guru Davey

  45. Tom Waters

    Sneaky Pete is perfection on this one.

    Daniel Heikalo


  46. Jordan Male


  47. kenneth dubard

    Oh, Sandy, just to have you for a few moments....Enjoy your loved ones.

  48. Lukasz Mazurek

    pure magic.. Thank you Sandy fpr all your career...

  49. Eddie Rutherford

    Happy 69th, Sandy. Miss you still.

  50. folkmusicgirl

    It's hard imagine when you see Sandy here so young that she would have been 69 years old now if she had lived.........she will remain forever young when we see her in these videos...and forever in are hearts.  Oh, how I wished she was still with life.Miss you Sandy.

  51. SouthCircinus

    This has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever made (this version in particular). Thank you Sandy, you are gone since almost 40 years and you still move us so so deeply

  52. caley956

    Many people have wondered why there is no footage of Sandy with Richard Thompson, etc etc. My take is that it was a brief period (only 2 years), not long enough for TV people in the UK to catch on. After all they had more important work to do like creating "On the Buses" and the B & W Minstrels! 
    Independent film makers with clout didn't really exist in the UK; there was no cheap portable video. Then of course if by chance anything DID get recorded, 95% was subsequently erased. I remember seeing Sandy performing (with Richard in the background) on the Spinners BBC show about 1970. Where did that videotape go? Is there a skip somewhere on Wood Lane?


    @caley956 I love the references to those 'important' late sixties/early seventies television programmes (mustn't forget 'Love Thy Neighbour' and 'Jim'll Fix It'). The 'Sandy Denny at the BBC' collection has audio recordings from several television appearances that didn't survive, including 'Pebble Mill', 'The Spinners' and 'Old Grey Whistle Test'. Bob Harris has said that sometime in the late 1970s, "the men in suits went in with clipboards" and wiped a lot of the 'Whistle Test' recordings, including the Sandy Denny one. It is tempting to say that they should be locked in the tower (with the ravens) for the rest of their days, but to be fair, Sandy Denny was probably still around at the time and not fashionable enough to be considered worthy of the tapes being kept. I definitely remember watching a programme in the late 1980s about the history of Island Records and they showed about thirty seconds of grainy black and white film of Sandy and Fairport (not sure which line up) playing 'Matty Groves' live. I recorded the programme on VHS and will still have it amongst loads of other tapes (must dig it out). I also have a vague recollection of their 'Top of The Pops' appearance being repeated in the late 1980s or early 1990s, but neither of these clips have surfaced on YouTube yet. I bought the recent Fotheringay box set and it was fantastic to see complete videos of 'John The Gun' and 'Nothing More'. Hopefully more 'lost' clips are out there somewhere. What I do find sad is the fact that lots of useless shit (music and other stuff) has survived from that era and also the fact that these days virtually everything is filmed by somebody but most of it won't stand up to repeat viewing in years to come. I suppose we should be grateful for the clips that did survive, as well as the audio recordings.

    T H

    +Portcullis A friend of mine who's done research on TV archival material bemoans this issue. There's a lot from that era that just disappeared. One problem is as you say, the guys in suits didn't think anyone would want to see the stuff again. Also, the sheer bulk of those tapes made it a problem of necessary storage space. The videotape format of the 60s and 70s had an hour's worth of program on 2" tape on 12" reels that weighed some 30 pounds. The suits wouldn't have thought worth paying to warehouse it all, and certainly not in a controlled environment where the tapes wouldn't deteriorate. Probably the most astonishing near disaster was when the BBC was going to wipe the tapes of the original Monty Python shows. Someone had the foresight to call up Terry Jones, who was able to save them. (He claims he smuggled them out.)

  53. chris ott

    this is the pinnacle, zanies...hain't no words

  54. Rolph Artieda

    Certainly it was too early to go....

  55. Andrew Booth

    Beautiful thing.

    Andrew Booth


  56. Anthony Townsend

    Fantastic song, fantastic singer,  crap production. All that country slide shit ruins things in my opinion.

    Shawnee Snaketail

    That is Sneaky Pete, one of the best pedal steel players ever. If you knew more about the instrument, and maybe a bit more about country's place amongst folk and rock you would appreciate it. Don't listen to Garth Brooks and think you know country. 


    Yikes! It is perfect, as all of the song. Gee ...

    Zelly Kin

    We have to accept Sandy's recording and be grateful. Just her on guitar or piano is where she sounds most vulnerable and heartfelt without Trevor's cluttered over produced studio mud which competes with Sandy's upper harmonics- a travesty.

  57. Antonio Dias


  58. Britsh_weather_has_bipolar

    It seems so long ago and far away now, and I suppose it is. There never was a better singer and I wonder if there ever will be? Check out 'Sweet Rosemary' in the studio original, its like something from the middle-ages and yet somehow brand new. Who knows where the time goes?

  59. Dean Haas, Jr.

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written. She was so good - saw her live at the Boston Tea party with Fairport Convention back in '69.

  60. m winty

    Could never work out if preferred this or Who knows where the time goes, so good excuse to keep playing them both.

    timothy marshall

    this voice tears at the soul. nothing like it even 50 years on. beautiful and raw.. sandy.....yeah

    james edwards

    m winty For me, it'll always be Who Knows Where the Time Goes, but this is a close second.

  61. Charles Chandler

    One more time!!!...:)O(:..

  62. Shushan Keshishyan



    The ONLY person..male or female...To record n studio with Led Zeppelin.....BATTLE OF EVERMORE....She rocks and is still missed by MILLIONS...,!!!!

    Antonio Dias

    Not true!! Ian Stewart (the 6th Rolling Stone) played in Led Zeppelin albuns "IV" 1971 song "Rock and roll" and "Physical Graffiti" 1975 in "Boogie with Stu"

    Animal Eye Care of Richmond

    @Antonio Dias It should have been presented that Sandy Denny as the only person to ever appear as a guest singer on a Led Zeppelin album and that says it all!

    Florian Geyer

    It is not an honour to work in that satanic band. To hell with Jimmy Page and all his Crowley-shit

  64. Hiro Takahashi

    Beautiful guitar....

  65. arlo surgenor

    putney vale (wandsworth) cemetary, south london.

  66. Jason Upton

    where is she buried?

    Thom Imp

    She was married to Trevor Lucas -- Elene and Maclean are middle names. "The Lady" is a reference to this song:

  67. chris ott

    far far beyond words. fellow zanies

  68. QHA Trent

    I saw her in 1975, singing with Fairport Convention at the City Hall in Dundee Scotland. She had a lovely voice.

    Life is so easily snuffed out.

  69. arlo surgenor

    visited Sandy's grave about 2 weeks ago, it looks so neglected, so sad.....and her brother and mum and dad are buried just behind her. Just a grave plonked among thousands of others,neglected and mossy. Did notice a huge pile of magic mushrooms growing around her, just hers too! lol!

  70. GrumpyBand

    So often genius goes hand in hand with frailty.

  71. kerlchen6

    i still love her!


    its all diesappearing

  73. David Murray

    The most soulful female voice I've likely ever heard. Incomparable talent!

    John Dee

    Beautiful yes , incomparable, well check out Anne Briggs , singing before Sandy and still alive but so very few recordings ,