Denny, Sandy - If You Saw Thro' My Eyes Lyrics

Lord above us hear my song
Tell me if I'm doing wrong
I'm just a man and not like you
If you saw thro' my eyes what would you do

A simple life that's what I feel
To want to sing it's not unreal
So lord in heaven let me know
If you saw thro' my eyes where would you go

I take the blame for where I've been
On all the ones I've had to lean
And now I've shared it all with you
If you saw thro' my eyes what would you do

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Denny, Sandy If You Saw Thro' My Eyes Comments
  1. Nicolaas Beets

    This is great!

  2. Keith Keller

    Thanks and posting soon......

  3. Michael Wilson

    The two of them blended so well vocally. Perfect!

  4. LooeyT

    beautiful song

  5. June Conyard

    beautiful x

  6. Ed Field

    I bought the original album in 1970 and also found it later on a cd also bought the live version cd done with a different group behind him all fantastic backed by some of the members of Searing Quartet. Very underrated performer my favorite album and singer

  7. Jeff McLaughlin

    i am a huge fan of mr. mathews, one of the best shows i ever saw was him at the thirsty ear in columbus, ohio in front of a rude and oblivious crowd who i assume must have been regulars at that club that showed because the ticket price was low  5 dollars a ticket i believe. as to him influencing the eagles version of 7 bridges road i really think they stole his arrangement outright.

  8. &LoveForAll

    This album , and his second solo one, have now been reissued. Superb.

  9. Pipingpicker

    I totally agree! That album is Top 10. His voice is wonderful and the songs are great. And IIRC it has Richard Thomson on guitars...
    I listened to it so much in the 70s
    I wish I had it on CD

  10. mauricemorning

    I would advise anyone to listen to the entire "If You Saw Thro'..." album. It has this same arrangement with Ian doing Sandy's harmonies. This version is the one that somehow ended up in my iTunes library and I sold my vinyl years ago so I may never hear Ian's version again. It is one of those albums that I always consider Top 10 for me--perfect from start the finish with little to no weak songs. And if you want to hear Ian sing like a bird, listen to Bridge of Cherokee.

  11. davidlenander

    @maharanipam Ian/Iain Matthews had far more U.S. and British chart success than Sandy Denny or Fairport, after they kicked him out of the band because Sandy didn't want to share the spotlight. But, nothing seems to last with him. Either things go bad, or he decides he needs to go in a different artistic direction. His biggest impact may have been his VALLEY-HI, which was an influence on the Linda Ronstadt backing band that became the Eagles. He's back with new Southern Comfort this fall.

    Chris O Video

    davidlenander Sandy did NOT want to kick him out.

    jamie wesson

    he left because he wanted to be recognised as a songwriter

  12. davidlenander

    @TheGreenDragon99 (continued): Ian's harmony just raises the performance another level. Incidentally, that's the best place to hear their harmonies together, the expanded HEYDAY is my personal favorite Fairport record, it's live performances from the BBC, with the band featuring lineups from the first three or more albums. Ian was the lead singer on the first two records (he later changed his first name spelling to Iain); Sandy replaced female lead Judy Dyble on the second, and for the next 2.

  13. davidlenander

    @TheGreenDragon99 The thing is, it's not really a Sandy Denny recording, it's the title song to Ian Matthews' LP. She's supporting him on this. If you want to hear what he can do for her, listen to her singing on "You Never Wanted Me" (the Jackson Frank song) on the expanded version of Fairport Convention's HEYDAY (or the BBC Sessions collection--it's there, too). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be on YouTube, though other versions of Sandy singing this w/o Ian are. Ian sings on one chorus.

  14. davidlenander

    Er, um, "minor" hit in the U.K. was number one, I understand, and it made it to #23 on the U.S. charts, while Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were taking their cover of the same song higher on the U.S. charts. His later hit, "Shake It," was top 20 in the U.S., #13 or 17 or something like that, and I remember hearing "Gimme An Inch," on the radio, though that didn't make the top 40 nationally, only something like #63 on the Hot 100 or something. He also charted in other countries as well.

  15. TheGreenDragon99

    Thanks for posting this; it's always been one one of my favourite Sandy Denny vocals -- a beautiful duet with Ian Matthews, and strangely little known.

  16. pihoihoi

    Beautiful. Tears to my eyes. Thank you Sandy, your music means a lot to me.

  17. Dorothy Gitman

    They both sounded beautiful. R.I.P. Sandy.

  18. funstruck1