Denny, Sandy - Carnival Lyrics

The Summertime's escaping, and the carnival's away
And the sunshine is awaiting for another sunny day
Breakers whisper to the shells upon the shore
And hear the seagulls they cry for more
And hear the gulls they cry for more

Good day to you sweet Autumn, so gently you appear
Why I never even realised those rustic times were near
The moment's changing from a dusty green to gold
The Summer fair she has grown old
The Summer fair she has grown old

And away in the blue of the skies and over the trees
How the carnival flies on the wings of a breeze
You've had your time and now it's mine for me to go
These colder days they move too slow
These older days they move too slow

So the Summertime is leaving, and the carnival's away
So the sunshine is relieving us of all our sunny days
But I'll be waiting for to greet your fleeting calls
So come back soon the carnival
So come back soon the carnival
Come back soon

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Denny, Sandy Carnival Comments
  1. Lawrence Bottorff

    Back in 1975 I bought an 8-track version of OFW at a small-town Walmart. I tell people Queen Elizabeth was standing there at the cut-out bin and pressed it in my hand.

    Frank Rogowski

    A good comment you've got here, Lawrence.

  2. Scott Briggs

    Bought the remastered CD of this album: finally it sounds as it always should've. Restores all the dynamics and the bass doesn't
    sound as boomy as my old tape copy used to sound.