Demon Hunter - Waste Me Lyrics

This is not for the undecided
For the other side
We made our bed in the lion’s den
No place to hide
Rejected, refused
We were born to lose

Or were we born for a higher call
Those scattered few


I made my vow and I swear
Take it to my grave
My grave
Will not regret to say
Before I fall away
Waste me

We are not for the fate of this world
Disillusioned, damned
May not maintain our foothold
But know where we stand

We were born for a higher call
Those scattered few




This is not for the undecided
For the other side

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Demon Hunter Waste Me Comments
  1. Black Bird

    A+++ Infinity

  2. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal and save you

  3. BЯoly LSSJ

    I Love this song!

  4. Daniel Silva

    The best song in this amazing album...

  5. MeLikeMUSIC

    Such a great album!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rindo Setyadi

    Incredible ^_^

  7. Alpha1Armax

    Yo solo vine por Coya =v

  8. Marlon Barros


  9. sh9683

    demon hunter is the only band I consistantly purchase their new albums every time they release. my absolute favorite band. never fail to disappoint. cannot wait for the new album in 2017


    Ray Mejia I know. I preordered/pledged in September hahaha. Thank-you. I cannot wait for this album to drop

  10. Tyrone Roro

    sound likes trivium

  11. CheapShotFail

    Demon Hunter lyrics are easily my favorite of any band. Profound, deep, and constantly and clearly convey their message.

  12. Mayté Ruiz

    2015 and very soon 2016!😄

  13. ThruRock

    Those screams remind me of Adept

  14. Livestick42

    I wish Solid State would make the deluxe edition available digitally. I already have the regular one and don't want to pay $20 just for 2 songs. :(

  15. Emory Walker

    DH is the only band I know of that makes it worth the money to buy the deluxe editions of their albums.



  17. Josiah Gibson

    Will the deluxe edition be on iTunes?


    +Josiah Gibson Its on iTunes bro

    Josiah Gibson

    +ajmarkle yeah I know lol. I posted that comment 8 months ago before it was on iTunes


    Ah okay

  18. Catalyst444

    New best album but i still like 2007's Storm the gates of hell 

  19. Lige Williams

    Definitely THE BEST album by Demon Hunter yet!   :-D


    @Lige Williams I wouldn't lie about that. I've been seeing "definately" and, worst of all, "defiantly" way too often. Haha.

    Lige Williams

    @newabortion515 Ha ha! That's crazy. To tell the truth, when I typed it, I almost got it wrong.

    santiago lozano

    all the albums are funking awesome! XD

    Lige Williams

    @santiago lozano You got that right. Hey, if you want, you can check out my crazy music videos on YouTube. Just search my name, and you'll see it. ;-)

  20. Silent Mind

    waste me!!!!!

  21. Soupernova

    I almost don't want to give it a like because it's at 123 but i do like it.

  22. BrenTrend Show

    Demon Hunter rules, all of their songs have a wonder message to them and they just sound awesome! :P

  23. wgjervold

    Please put this on the Google play store

  24. Cody English

    This is Demon Hunters anthem :D

  25. Russ M

    This song wasn't on the version of the album I bought. I'll have to get the other version too. What is it called? The version I bought was on Amazon MP3 and it didn't have this song, or Helpless Hope. I wanna buy those too.


    Those too songs are bonus songs dude songs that come with the deluxe version

    Cray Outdoors

    This was on the Deluxe Version of Extremist, Idk were you can get it out outside of DH website. I also downloaded the standard version from amazon mp3 

    Stephen Raines

    You can't just buy it. You have to have purchased the box set/book set that goes with the album to get this version. The deluxe version isn't for sale by itself.

  26. bullsquid42

    I love all the Demon Hunter Music. But the latest album seemed really compressed / Not a lot of dynamic range. That's kinda sad cause it makes the songs seem so much flatter then they'd have to be. I guess they'll sound a lot better life.


    I find this rather funny. I have become a Demon Hunter fan after having heard this album. I love how it sounds. I have just recently purchased "True Defiance", as well. I need to listen to the other albums more, though.

    Kars Landman

    Trust me, it's way better on the CD! If you can get the vinyl, cause that's even better :)

  27. Tony Munoz

    That taste of dgent tho ;)

  28. carlos villanueva

    i love this song

  29. Reaver692

    this song turned out better than i first thought :)