Demon Hunter - Tie This Around Your Neck Lyrics

This is the age of the dead.
The generation of pagan and self-led.
You can feel the bones shatter beneath our feet.
The blood of lust staining our teeth.

We feed on pain (pain), disorder (disorder), delusion (delusion).
The filth of the modern plague.
And in this reign of Godlessness, the heathens will say...

Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.

Save your breath my son.
Just carry on home.
Time will prey on you and take you through Hell.

I've heard every empty line.
Every curse, every word that you redefine.
I will turn my back on the coming storm.
Won't lie in the grave, I will be reborn.
They say...

Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.

Save your breath my son, just carry on home.
Time will prey on you and take you through Hell.

Confusion reigns.
Pride of the hopeless herd.
Blind to the will, blind to the word.
They will drown in the rule of man.
Helpless and alone.

Save your breath my son, just carry on home.
Time will prey on you and take you through Hell.

They say...
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Tie this around your neck.
Fool... Fool... Fool.

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Demon Hunter Tie This Around Your Neck Comments
  1. Ashley G

    I'm really feeling this song today. This is the world we live in.

  2. Scott.M.Karkosky The family man

    Why not dance in the storm?

    The Night Watcher

    In spite of the storm or because of it?

  3. Just a Random Gamer

    If I break my neck while listening to this song can I sue?

    Fire Ignitus

    10/10 biggest questions of 2019

  4. SugarPlumDynamo

    "You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved."

  5. Dreamdecipher 1994

    My Hymn for the next weeks :O

  6. Constellar Diamond

    We all live in a forced pagan environment, his lyrics are spot-on.

  7. GC Spectral Umbreon

    The heathens will say "Tie this around your neck", Fool!!








    I love this band so much and im not even religious


    DH is amazing


    Hell yeah :D Just after it says tie this around your neck i always thing they are about to shout out FUUUUUUCK instead of fool xD

  9. WynneL

    It really sounds more like "fall" than "fool", which would make sense. Tie this around your neck, fall--like being hung.

    anobis sook

    its fool the song is about how stupid suicide is

    Benjamin David Stowell

    @anobis sook here's what the song is actually about:

  10. cannoness Skylla

    my like made this "666" :( lol

    Eleftherios_II †Λ

    +kittygirl Skylla stop being so edgy, you are scaring the kids

    cannoness Skylla

    hahah sorry

  11. Mysterious 777

    Awesome song people of Demon Hunter

  12. Imperial Guard

    How did this song miss Killing Floor 2?

    Joshua Banko

    +DraGo Lawl (Nayser) good question this song would fit perfectly specially with the rounds with flesh pounds lol


    +DraGo Lawl (Nayser)

    Ikr, if it came on kf2 it would be my favourite song on the game.


    +DraGo Lawl (Nayser) Totaly right


    Haha i got into this band more because of KF2

    The Night Watcher

    Probably because it’s explicitly singing about how degenerate the modern world is. Might of been too un-PC for a mainstream action game.

  13. Caleb Begley

    Wow, to go from "Driving Nails," to two blistering tracks, "The world is a thorn," and "Tie this around your neck." And, I'm Christian, so the message is great for me!

    Omar Rodriguez

    Thats why I love demon hunter their style is diverse It makes them interesting. I was just listening to Driving Nails and now this. Next on the list is Turn You Back and Run. \._./

  14. DaddyLongLegs44

    I usually go to the comments of a video to see what others think of the videos topic, instead on Christian music videos all I see is arguing over religion. Chill and enjoy the music people! We're all here for the same reason, to enjoy Demon Hunter!


    It's religion arguments are drawn to it. I am a Christian.

    Dreamdecipher 1994

    DaddyLongLegs44 Amen.

    vegito gogeta

    Because when you throw religion into the mix it causes nothing but problems just like politics. Everyone has to think they are all right and puff there chest at everyone. It's an ugly mix of topics that cause too much turmoil and fighting. Just listen to the music. If the message speaks to you then good for you it doesn't mean attack those who like it and aren't a follower of the Christian faith.

  15. igotafish

    Id ont think arguing with someone over the internet is going to bring them any closer to God, guys. Just leave them be and instead follow what the scripture says and pray for them. You are wasting your breathe and possibly pushing them further away. 

  16. Jake Seager

    why can nobody just appreciate the greatness of the song and stop arguing?



  17. Charlie Broderick

    I found the "abloo bloo bloo" hilarious. but why are people even bringing up their ideals here? Everybody worries about their own and nobody cares about each others. It's best to keep it to yourself

  18. Sentinal234



  19. miniaturecatz

    Oh great.. again.. arguing about religion and other stuff in the comments..

  20. Hank Hill

    Learning to play this song. So badass

  21. SeedsOfHatred

    Testimony counts as evidence is court. It doesn't count in science. Evidence must be demonstrable and repeatable; not hearsay.
    No, they were not "written quite close to the events they describe". They were written hundreds of years after the fact.
    The truth is that I wouldn't care if a Jesus man existed. Plenty of people have claimed to be a divine incarnation. But for your Jesus, there is simply no credible evidence. It didn't have to turn out that way, but that's how it is.


    Third song i found you in, get lost man, you're not welcome here

  22. SupremeCommanderSil

    There's a few Roman documents. Pick up New Eusebius Reader and have fun.

  23. SupremeCommanderSil

    How would the Christian church have started and despite the possibilty of the death sentence as the one they followed were there no truth to Christs death and resurrection? Riddle me this. Testimony serves as evidence in court, The gospels were written quite close to the events they describe (60 AD). I'm not saying "Oh, believe this now" but there is evidence. Lack of personal experience is what leads you to believe as you do. So each side has its points. Leave it at that and listen to DH.

  24. Evil Jester

    Don't try to make me believe in your lies and deceit. I will put all my trust in God, whether you believe him or not is your decision. There's no reason for me to push your Godlessness onto me.

  25. SeedsOfHatred

    Your logic is faulty because it depends upon faulty evidence and fallacious reasoning.
    Testimony is useless because anyone can give testimony of anything they want. It doesn't mean it's true. I can give the testimony that I saw a T-Rex walking through my yard. It doesn't mean it's true. Testimony is useless because it is not EVIDENCE.

  26. D for Deacon

    By the way, you still have yet to explain what makes my logic faulty and testimonies useless. Please enlighten me.

  27. D for Deacon

    ...give you more testimonies that are consistent with scripture, but it's useless for me to do so if you aren't willing to listen. As for my attempts at persuasion being inferior, you fail to give a valid explanation as to why there are so many testimonies that are consistent with scripture. I can't give you the proof that you want. If you want to know if God exists or not, seek Him. I pray that even if you don't seek God, He will show himself to you.

  28. D for Deacon

    ...and God gave filled him with joy, despite his circumstances. I recently posted a video of him singing for my group. Anyway, my point is that while you might not see testimonies as valid reasons to believe, a relationship with God is something you have to experience for yourself. I don't believe because I heard about people going to Heaven or performing miracles. I believe because I've known God for 12 years. I apologize if what I have to say isn't satisfactory for you. I could continue to...

  29. D for Deacon

    ...states that those who believe will be able to, in the name of Jesus, drive out demons, speak in tongues, pick up snakes with their hands, drink deadly poison without being hurt, and heal sick people by placing their hands on them. Honestly, the only thing on that list so far is spoken in tongues. On Friday night, I was praying for a homeless man, when power came over me and I shouted in a language I don't even understand. That same night, the group I was with prayed for another homeless man..

  30. D for Deacon

    I'm not blaming my condition for my lack of persuasive abilities. Youtube wasn't letting me post the rest of what I had to say. As I was saying, my social awkwardness didn't help me get any girls growing up, so I became a lonely and lustful mess. However, my relationship with God has healed my broken heart and liberated me from lust. Whether I'm single or taken, I'm content. I realize that you don't care for testimonies, but God has done so much more for me. He has given me power. Mark 16:17-18

  31. SeedsOfHatred

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.
    In any case, your inept powers of persuasion have nothing to do with your condition. They have to do with the fact that neither you, nor any other believer seems able to provide me with any valid reason to believe. You only present faulty logic, invalidated biblical verses, personal testimonies and the declaration of "faith". These are not reasons for me to believe.

  32. trevor hazel

    i agree with you

  33. D for Deacon

    Feel free to laugh some more. "...for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 10. Perhaps my attempts at persuasion are inferior. I may sound foolish. "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong." 1 Corinthians 1:27. I'm more than willing to admit I'm flawed. I have aspergers, so I can be socially...

  34. SeedsOfHatred

    (Part 2) Not on me.

  35. SeedsOfHatred

    "God likes adventure"? I truly laughed out loud. Even called my girl in to share the moment with me. That has to be the best excuse for God's blatant absence that I've ever heard. lol
    No, I will not believe. You've not given me a reason to. You've given me the fanciful imaginations of near-death children and endless proclamations of your own gullibility. These are not valid reasons to believe something.
    If your god exists, my disbelief is on your inferior persuasion and his sense of "adventure".

    Marcus Britain


  36. D for Deacon

    ...doesn't work the way you want Him to. There are no video recordings of the Red Sea beaning parted, nor are there any of the Walls of Jericho crumbling down after men shouted. There's the truth that "if anyone believes in his heart that If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9. This may not be the proof you're after, but it's the truth I've been given the task of telling you. Will you believe?

  37. D for Deacon comes in. God created the laws that govern this universe, and He is the only one who can break them. We build a relationship with God when we trust Him even if according to the laws of the universe, He has given us an impossible task. We need Him because without Him bending the rules, we can't fulfill the purposes He has given us. This doesn't necessarily mean He has to perform miracles in our lives. It may be as simple as strengthening us when we're weak. The bottom line is, God...

  38. D for Deacon

    ...why He's been on an adventure with His people whom He chooses since Genesis. The story ends with Revelation, in which God conquers evil. He's all powerful, so His ways may seem illogical. However, they are more interesting. Jesus gave his disciples the great commission as the ultimate mission from God, which is to spread the good news that anyone who believes in Him will be saved from their sins and have eternal life. The only way to accomplish such a task is to trust God, which is where...

  39. D for Deacon

    ...generals were, what weapons they used, what tactics they used, etc., yet still be able to describe it perfectly as if they had actually been there. If you still need concrete evidence, you will most likely be disappointed. If God had given us evidence, we'd simply show it to the media so the whole world would believe. However, God likes adventure. We're created in His image, and we like adventure. Also, we're his favorite creation, and having a relationship with us brings Him joy. That is...

  40. D for Deacon

    So, you think four year olds have been exposed to so much religious culture that they imagine a place that was described by religious people thousands of years ago, especially when one of them was raised in a non religious home? Colton and Akiane weren't even old enough to read. Colton was raised by a pastor, but he still only had a basic understanding of the Bible. Your theory would be like having a vivid dream of the Battle of Gettysburg with no knowledge of what it looks like, who the...

    Alessandro Crocetti

    D for Deacon i see god as the representation of everything "god is everywhere"

  41. SeedsOfHatred

    People share similar hallucinations because we live in a highly religious culture. Jesus is everywhere you look; even in our daily vocabulary. ("Jesus fucking christ", "Oh my god", etc.) If we lived in a society which deified a bunch of imaginary elves, people would be having "Near Elf Experiences" on hospital beds.
    Again, testimony does not constitute valid evidence. Unless you can provide me with solid, tangible evidence, your claims will be dismissed. It's as simple as that.

  42. D for Deacon

    ...of this not so that I can win some debate and say that "I'm right, you're wrong." I'm trying to save your soul, and the souls in your realm of influence, including your loved ones. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 4:16. If you want to receive salvation, you need accept Jesus as your savior and allow Him to become Lord of your life. God has set before you the choice between life and death. Choose life.

  43. D for Deacon

    ...Heaven/Hell and back may not know any scripture, yet their descriptions are spot on, even to the fact that there is no darkness in Heaven. If the Bible is just a story with a bunch of chapters, why do these people share the same dream? Imaginations differ. If you're going to refute all the claims made by those who claim to have had supernatural experiences that connect to a "fictitious story", find evidence that they're all hoaxes. Otherwise, try connecting the dots. I'm telling you all...

  44. D for Deacon

    ...who witnessed the crime and testified against him. However, the judge dismissed their testimonies because the man didn't leave any evidence. You are like the judge. There are enough witnesses of God's power to make it clear that He exists, yet you reject their words as if every testimony is a hoax. If you don't think us Christians can comprehend the idea of not existing, do you really think we're smart enough to invent so many stories that all connect to scripture? People who have been to...

  45. D for Deacon

    ...Heaven matches descriptions made in the Bible, although Colton wasn't old enough to read when he went to Heaven. I realize that to you, outrageous testimonies are worthless without evidence. However, there are more than enough of them that are so similar and can be linked to testimonies made in the Bible thousands of years ago to say that there might be some truth to them. I'm going to pull a Jesus and tell you a parable. There once was man on trial for a crime. There were several witnesses..

  46. D for Deacon

    However, the story isn't over. Akiane Kramarik was raised in a family of atheists. At age 4, she went to Heaven where she met Jesus, and now her paintings are inspired by her experience. On a related note, Colton Burpo, who also apparently went to Heaven, was shown several pictures of Jesus over a span of years, all of which he said were wrong. That is until his dad showed him one of Akiane's painting, Prince of Peace. That's one heck of a coincidence. By the way, Colton's description of...

  47. SeedsOfHatred

    (Part 2) work that way.

  48. SeedsOfHatred

    There are no historical records for the existence of your Jesus outside of Christian doctrine. This is a simple fact which can be researched easily by anyone.
    The fact that Saw had nothing to do with any sort of history is irrelevant. The Bible holds as much validity as those films, and for the same reason(s). It is fiction. Re-written, re-edited, revised fiction. THAT is why it all adds up.
    You can't point to a "prediction" in chapter one and say "See? It came true in chapter 37!" Doesn't

  49. D for Deacon

    Even scholars who don't believe He was any sort of messiah believe that He existed based on historical records. Also, Saw had nothing to do with the history of an entire nation. The Israelis treated scripture as their history. Why? Certainly not because their ancestor's were creative. If the authors just added onto the long story without anyone else having knowledge of such events, people would question the validity of their words. They trusted the Word because they were a people who lived it.

  50. SeedsOfHatred

    Well actually, yes, there IS denying that he was a historical figure, because we've got absolutely fuck-all in the way of evidence for his existence in the first place.
    With that in mind, why would they build upon what was written before them? For the same reason the writers of the "Saw" films built upon what was written before them. 7 movies with different writers and different directors, and in the end, all of the pieces fit together in one, long story.
    Doesn't mean Jigsaw is real.

  51. D for Deacon

    ...all the authors of the Old Testament decided to write an epic fiction that would span generations. If that's the case, those who branded Jesus as a messiah in the New Testament just so happened to use hundreds of prophesies told in the Old Testament about such a messiah when they wrote about His life. Either they were geniuses who really liked Jesus and decided He should go down in history as a messiah, or His life truly mirrored what was said generations before His birth.

  52. D for Deacon

    And why did they build upon what was written before them? Is it some conspiracy to deceive all mankind into believing that God is real? What I find irrational is believing that they built upon each others works to create an elaborate fiction. How about you give me some evidence that Jesus was somehow trying to brainwash people, and that those who wrote the New Testament were all making up the same stuff about Him. There's certainly no denying that He was a historical figure. Try proving that...

  53. SeedsOfHatred

    (Part 3) As for your Bible, it was written by numerous authors over the course of numerous years. Some of them writing literally hundreds of years after the supposed events they wrote about. As with any literary compilation of this magnitude, each writer built upon what was written before him.
    You have to be truly irrational to think this means that it all adds up in some miraculous way.

  54. SeedsOfHatred

    (Part 2) the concept of simply ceasing to exist. It's terrifying to you people. You truly don't want to imagine an end. That's why you think "my legacy dying with the world" is something to be scared of. It's not. My legacy will be completely irrelevant one day, and you know what? I won't be around to care. So I'm not worried about it.

  55. SeedsOfHatred

    You fail to understand the difference between an average, run-of-the-mill claim and an extraordinary claim. "I have a daughter" is not an extraordinary claim. "I have a daughter who can walk on water and turn water into wine" is an extraordinary claim. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
    As for my legacy dying with me (other than it living on with my daughter and possible grandkids, of course), that's perfectly fine with me. Again, you believers can't seem to grasp

  56. D for Deacon

    ...due to a lack of evidence, why should I believe what you say without evidence? I realize that you can present evidence that you indeed have a daughter and a girlfriend, but 40 people wrote about God and His miraculous power, as well as His personality that remains consistent. You can continue to be stubborn and refuse to believe, but the Bible is a true story. You can even research apologetics. Therefore, it's only logical to assume that hero of the story (God) is real.

  57. D for Deacon

    ...prophets who told of a messiah. Jesus fulfilled most of the prophesies that were made long before His birth, and the rest He will fulfill when He returns to Earth. Zechariah 9:9 even tells prophesies that He'd ride on a donkey, and it was recorded that Jesus did. This doesn't prove God's existence. However, it's highly unlikely that about 40 authors over the course of thousands of years just so happened to conjure an epic tale that all fits together. If you are to discount their words...

  58. D for Deacon

    It may all mean something now, but when this world ends, your legacy dies with it. However, the Kingdom of Heaven is eternal. That is why I implore you to seek God's purpose for your life rather than make up your own. As for your girl and your girlfriend, why should I believe they even exist without evidence? Without photographs, birth certificates, etc., your word is invalid. My point is that the Bible is written by witnesses of God's miraculous works throughout history. Several of them were...

  59. SeedsOfHatred

    Faith is completely irrational. Without evidence, we have zero reason to believe in something.
    And, in the end, that's why "it all comes down to faith". You've got absolutely nothing in the way of evidence, so "faith" is all you can have. That says a lot about the (in)validity of your beliefs.
    Also, the "reply" button works wonders.

  60. Aaron Nicholson

    It all comes down to faith in the sciences of Darwin an others that teach no intelligent design or faith in the bible and his no matter what you think is the origin of the earth it still comes down to a faith...If I could talk to you face to face I would love to discuss our differences I think you'd enjoy it if you could set aside the anger

  61. SeedsOfHatred

    And if I have no reason to believe, well, then I have no reason to believe. So, I don't.
    You people truly can't comprehend this, can you?

  62. Aaron Nicholson

    Seeds... believe or don't ....its not about who what where when is just that...believe or don't....the outcome will be made manifest...whether in a billion years when the sun explodes or when Christ comes again you'll find out I promise

  63. SeedsOfHatred

    Three reasons:
    1) I'm not so arrogant that I believe I should have something "more".
    2) Being content with what I have now means I'm ok with "settling" for it.
    3) I have absolutely no reason to believe that a god exists; let alone one who can provide me with anything more grand than I already have. I'd be just as likely to wish upon a star or toss a coin into a fountain as I would be to call upon your god.

  64. Fringey Moose

    correction. He can make your life SO much greater. seriously, the things He's done already are AMAZING!!! but just think of what He WILL do. and besides, why settle for the current good when u can have SO MUCH better, everlasting, great things in your life?

  65. Fringey Moose

    that is a good point, man. i mean, i cant even imagine how utterly crushed and heartbroken i'd feel to watch the girl i love die without God. i mean, that would suck!!
    so yes, we all do need to love one another.

  66. SeedsOfHatred

    A meaningless existence? Not at all, sir. I don't need a belief in a sky-daddy to make my life meaningful. My life has meaning every time I see my little girl smile as she learns to walk. My life has meaning every time I see one of my clients throw their arms in the air and shout after overcoming an amazing workout. My life has meaning every time I publish another of my novels and see the pride in my girlfriend's eyes. My life has meaning simply because I live.
    Your God can add nothing to me.

  67. D for Deacon

    You may not believe me, but the path I follow is not some man made religion in which you have to strive to earn salvation. You simply receive it. "8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2:8-9. Jesus knew everything you'd do wrong, but He still suffered and died for you. I'm not going to argue with you anymore. I pray you accept God's free gift and His unconditional love.

  68. D for Deacon

    If you don't want to take the chance, I ask you to accept Jesus as your savior. He'll forgive you for everything you've done wrong, and you'll have eternal life when you leave this world. I realize that my attempt to justify my faith may seem pathetic to you, but I'm giving you this chance. Jesus died to give you a chance. Don't blow it. "For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9.

  69. D for Deacon

    Just as you've deluded yourself to follow a meaningless existence. I'm betting you haven't even watched the DVD. I know I haven't read the book you recommended to me. One of us is deluded. I'll mourn for your soul when you come to the end of your life and discover it's you. If I'm wrong, at least I'll die happy.

  70. SeedsOfHatred

    Cool story. The North star is also in the same place on a regular basis. I bet if I wrote a fictional story about it, in 2,000 years, people like you would be arguing with people like me about how awesome it is that the star lines up, and how it must totally mean something.
    Unfortunately, those future people would be just as deluded and pathetic in their attempts at justifying their unjustified beliefs as you are today.

  71. D for Deacon

    If you watch the Star of Bethlehem DVD, you will see that the stars that move like clockwork not only line up to form a bright star approximately when Jesus was born. They also formed astrological symbols in the sky that line up with Biblical prophecy about Jesus. Also, there were other signs 33 years later when He died. This could of course be coincidence. However, the stars could have been planned to be where they were in the night sky at those times since time began.

  72. SeedsOfHatred

    There is little to no evidence at all that suggests it was designed, actually. We see that in its immense and unnumerable flaws.
    The truth is that your hypothesis HAS been tested, and it has failed. In fact this is the entire point of the book "God: The Failed Hypothesis". It is a lovely read; I recommend it highly.
    Stating that there is no evidence is not narrow-minded. It's simply pointing out the truth. Saying "gravity works" is not narrow-minded. It's a simple statement of fact.

  73. D for Deacon

    While I cannot prove that God exists, there is in fact evidence that suggests that perhaps this universe was designed. Perhaps you should do some research on the astronomy behind The Star of Bethlehem before you dismiss the possibility. I hypothesize that God exists. As a man of science, are you going to do some research and actually test the theory, or are you going to be narrow-minded and continue to say, "there's no evidence"?

  74. SeedsOfHatred

    1) The fact that you have no evidence to support such a belief.
    2) The fact that you cling to that belief despite the aforementioned lack of evidence.
    3) The fact that even a casual glance into the field of quantum physics will show you that it's entirely possible for a universe to come from nothing.
    4) "Beliving the universe didn't create itself" is only a tiny portion of the overall irrationality of religious belief. It's not even the worst portion, either.

  75. D for Deacon

    What's so irrational about believing that the universe didn't create itself?

  76. SeedsOfHatred

    That shows that you're a good person. You have morals. For this, you are to be commended.
    Kind of makes you wonder about the guy who set up this whole "Hell" system in the first place, does it not?
    /that awkward moment when you realize you're of higher moral caliber than God

  77. SeedsOfHatred

    Because for the last few thousand years, religion has raped our planet with its irrationality. More and more, people are acquiring to courage to stand up and fight back. It's not puzzling at all if you think about it.

  78. D for Deacon

    Why did you give up on your faith?

  79. D for Deacon

    What puzzles me the most are the atheists who feel the need to point out how much they hate religion. It makes sense for us Christians who are trying to spread the gospel to make religious posts, but it seems like a lot of atheists are hardcore in their lack of belief.

  80. Josh J

    Why do people on these videos always feel the need to randomly state where they stand with their religious beliefs?

  81. L Kolman

    I'm not a christian, I was once. This was the band I listened to all the time. I still like it even though I'm not religious anymore. ^^

  82. Tim Tuin

    this is not heavy metal. its so much more. I like to call it Life Metal

  83. Reece Milam

    These conversations are very different from the ones on all the Slayer videos....


    brilliant.. the entire song..

  85. MyKidkat

    save your breathe my son !!!!!
    just carry on home !!!!
    fucken love those lyrics

  86. PotSmokinWeedHead

    The upright see and rejoice, but all the wicked shut their mouths.
    Whoever is wise, let him heed these things
    and consider the great love of the Lord. - Psalm 107:42-43

  87. Icehound2

    The rule of man...such a sad reminder that we live in such a broken kingdom. The Almighty can't come soon enough.

  88. Juan Jesus Rubio Castellar

    We have the choice to follow God or Satan

    if we do our will, not obey his commands, and the famous prayer and tied sin that is going to hell

    God did not make hell for us wants us to be there with him

    but we must begin to analyze ourselves what we are doing ....


  89. PhoenixPhantom1337

    Oh no, I am going to hell, i haven't liked a photo of a dying dog on facebook...

  90. Christopher Grice

    DEMON HUNTER IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER!! they sound like no other band in the world

  91. Don'tLetYourMemesBeSteelDreams

    At long last, one who stands beyond the mold.

    May you excel in solitude, until the day comes when we must stand side-by-side.

  92. ORIGIN4LFluffy

    @Jmpapucci You are totally right and i agree with you, This world was made for life which was thrown into a spiral of godlessness when Adam took a bite from the fruit from the tree in the center of the forest/ jungle, whichever you prefer to call it, but now (as stated in this song) we must end the reign of godlessness, take back the world and eliminate all evil. On Jesus' second coming, he will come and help destroy evil. Then times will be godly again, and we will be happy. Like this :)

  93. Bassman79

    This is Gods music...Death to satan and the Demons of Hell.this song says it all..Dont cast your pearls to the Swine.No fear with Christ.tie that around your neck world

  94. ORIGIN4LFluffy

    I love this song, it actually calms me down and when I need it energizes me.

  95. bigllewey

    Sabbath is one of the founders of heavy metal, They are heavy metal, this is a sub genre of heavy metal where it is heavier lol. You learn something new everyday :)

  96. Agent

    hahaha guys demon hunter is int metal. its in the "Epic" genre xP

  97. MoustachePrawn

    He didnt say all metal is heavy metal and to be honest im with him, this is closer to HEAVY metal over Black Sabbath because these are.... wait...... HEAVY -_-

  98. ThatBeardedGuy

    Well yeah it is heavy metal really, Black Sabbath arent really heavy metal, more of just hard rock/metal