Demon Hunter - Shallow Water Lyrics

Remeber the threat from which it was said:
"You will reap every seed that you sow."
And the tomb where you lay is the bed that you made
Be still in the pain that you wrote.
See now, every scar is a choice you make
Every choice is a vow you take
Take pity upon your fate, you coward!

Sleepwalk through Heaven's call, no forest for the trees.
Unlearn every step you take, it'll bring you to your knees.

Shallow water
Safe from the weight, the burden of sacrifice
Sons and daughters, pray for the rain
May it redeem their eyes.

And now we have seen what complacency brings
As the blind are assuming the lead.
Dig deep in the hole where you buried your soul,
In the river from where it bleeds.

Take now your eternal stand before it pulls you in.

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Demon Hunter Shallow Water Comments
  1. Talon Diwisch

    The World is a Thorn is underrated.

  2. TheFlyingSquirrel

    These lyrics are so meaningful. Love them.

  3. Kyle Hillinger

    This was the song that they lost me on. Apparently, after Don Clark left, they substituted his unique, creative musicianship for a chainsaw.

  4. Marcus Britain

    Thr more I listen to DH, thr more I realize how perfect they are

    Marcus Britain

    I meant the

  5. Poppa Magi 1 Views November 26 2015

    One of the absolute best songs ever.

  6. Enragedguy24

    Today I have almost given up on my philosophy of "problems don't exist" as they are either things that I can overcome in which csse it's managable and not a problem, or a problem is too big and I can't overcome it no matter what, I can only ignore it.

    Then came this song, thank you demon hunter, thank you for reminding me that the the tomb where I lay is the bed that I made. And really for the entire first part of the song, it's exactly what I needed to hear after being "kicked in the knees" one too many times these past weeks.

  7. Princess Olmeca

    I love singing along with Ryan during the chorus. This man has an amazing singing voice.

    Shallow water...
    Sons and daughters...


  8. Isabella Byars

    Bigggggggggg fan. All albums, every song. Great job.

  9. N3V3R RA710NAL

    +Allen why u spam?

  10. Robert Zavitz

    Favorite song by them. 

  11. Allan Marcel


  12. Allan Marcel

    mt doido brasil aki

  13. Allan Marcel


  14. Allan Marcel


    Wellington Evangelista

    Allan Marcel ✌

  15. Allan Marcel


  16. Allan Marcel

    Aki é brasil!

    G.D.C D.G

    @Allan Marcel \m/

  17. Allan Marcel

    Aki é brasil, representando os caçadores !

  18. Ryan Ortiz

    everyone needs the Lord. no matter what people say to you, you must always respond with love, because thats when He uses us to save souls for Him and it paints a picture of Jesus to people. Unbelievers have not seen Jesus, so its up to us to show it to them through our actions, the words we say, and how we think. God bless you and everyone else.

  19. Chris Grimm

    may the lord be with the ones who follow him :)

  20. Chris Grimm

    my uncal was in weel chair for twenty years and beleved in god one day 2012 march 17 he was abel to walk again my mom sevived a car crash no one else did no glass got on her at all that year she got married year after the car crash my big sister was born *cries* also you know the first dubel lung transplant was this year i hope you relise that he is real he pertetks us everyday you desgust me leave now get out of here befor we praise our lord like the one you think is fake....... you know leave

  21. Danny Rosa

    I like For Today as well Michael Prehn and their lyrics are not difficult to understand, but Demon Hunter takes a deeper understand and is sometimes about dealing with life, in their lyrics. Praise Jesus Christ FOREVER! :D

  22. Michael Prehn

    Demon hunters lyrics are hard to understand. But I LOVE FOR TODAY. :) you can understand their lyrics perfectly mostly about about jesus. ;)

  23. ian14ned

    so what kind of prize do you want then?


    Winning an argument on the internet is like winning the special olympics.


    Even if you win,you're still retarded.

  25. Mark Newton

    1.) Demon Hunter is very openly a Christian band.
    2.) From a Christian perspective, God is so far beyond our comprehension that we have no right to question Him. I mean, we can't even understand how He exists. So how can we expect to understand His motives?

    You are welcome to your beliefs, but try to understand the Christian perspective. Romans 11:34 will help you understand their viewpoint.

  26. ian14ned

    i don't believe in a god but i'm happy that you guys are happy to live in complete ignorance. this is a very good band but is he really singing about god? or is this just a metaphor?
    if there was a god why has he helped no one yet or prevented a war or natural disaster? if you cannot believe in yourself you have to believe in something that gives you hope i pressume...
    hopeless people who are fanatic about a fairytale and willing to do anything for him...
    hello you little Saddam's ;)

    Clash of the Titans Titanup

    ian14ned I believe you're showing just as much ignorance by judging people based on what they believe in. Are you not? Hyprocisy has two directions. I hope that when you're void of hope. God sheds his grace on you. And may God bless you and lead you from the dark.


    Why should He prevent natural disasters or wars? Anytime that a natural disaster occurs, everyone immediately bands together to help those in need. Even if they are not Christians, they are still inadvertently doing God's will and shedding His hope and light by aiding others. And He gave us free will, so why would He stop a war? Wars are something we, through our free will and evil nature, start and carry out. He allows us to start wars because He gave us free will.

    Marcus Britain

    You're the most idiotic person ever, I guess Satan will see you in hell

  27. mr1balboa

    Man I love demon hunter, there my favorite group. I have all there albums

  28. nevergoin28


  29. chillinger10

    The Guitar riff is flamboyant

  30. Ken Osborne

    I like Demon Hunter a lot but now reading these lyrics. This is amazing, this has really opened my eye's on what they sing. I'm now going to turn these songs up. Every album gets better and better!

  31. Chris Burns

    The 1 dislike is Satan >:P

    Adam Beauvais

    Hahaha he does not exist because GOD just kill him in this song.

  32. ShadowKnight135

    Except 1...

  33. drk5tr

    your a penguin. a chode stupid penguin. go jump off a cliff

  34. MailoJive

    Oh wow.....that chorus....

  35. xXchuishwiffmehXx

    he growls/screams sound pretty good to me .-.

  36. Dani P

    Haha XD It sounds like he says "Take now your turtle stance" at 2:46 XD

  37. jeff mcneilan


  38. Sabrina's World

    awesome song

  39. Lane Laucomer

    @Sarimlok I have to agree. Personally, I like the lower screams of As I Lay Dying, and the high screams of bands like Bullet for Pretty Boy better. :/

  40. x16900

    @Sarimlok couldn't disagree more. all other bands I've heard with growls/screams don't even come close to his vocal talent. actually i wonder if you're not just saying that to upset everyone.

  41. InTheLight2911

    this a totally sweet....

  42. TracerAdvanced

    @skilletREDfan It is Christians living complacently. Living lives that are dull, look just like the world, and seem to be more of a religious system than the life of discipleship, sacrifice, liberation, and transformation that Jesus called us to.

  43. Dreginy Let's Plays

    @TracerAdvanced What's Christian complacency?

  44. oyeboy94

    Honestly, this is one of the only metal bands I like. The lyrics and everything about them is just awesome.

  45. BabyShampoo

    @WildWolfheart23 ooooh. okay. Thank you!^^

  46. ArticVikingChic

    i am playing this song over and over again sorry replay button

  47. ArticVikingChic

    @alissxneo5 it is referring to how some Christians are lazy buns who only do the easiest jobs and are not good examples of The Way or possibly the Christians that think that once they are saved they don't have to do anything

  48. ArticVikingChic

    Me Like.....A LOT!!!!!!!!!

  49. Capital Enterprise Media

    I'm not a hardcore guy but the message of this song is awesome. It is exactly what our society needs to keep from being lukewarm. Praise God for people who make a bold statement for Him and His glory.

  50. JW4675

    Demon Hunter ceases to amaze me. This new album is so brutal!

  51. allyson barron

    @Domingo0022IWAY ikr this rocks of epic proportions.

  52. Domingo

    1:53 is epic.

  53. BabyShampoo

    @av7x56789 well of course something christian.( dont take that the wrong way) but i meant like wat are they refering to in christianity?

  54. richard olsen

    @alissxneo5 somethin christian i suppose

  55. DynastyDemon

    Dam I love this album!

    Great job with this one Demon Hunter.

  56. BabyShampoo

    can someone please tell me wat he's talking about in this song.thx!

  57. BabyShampoo

    i've been thinking about satan and how people say that satan forced them to follow his way. but thats not true. satan has no power over the world.only God does. it's ur self that choses to follow satans way.not his. but i pray that everyone follows the Lord's way!!!!! :)

  58. Nero Cardia

    How easy it is to believe in god... or with other words - thread in shallow waters...

  59. reaperOfShadows123

    people use the relgion as an excuse to get pass sins they comit it really sickens me. they steal and they feel good because they know jesus will forgive them.... it doesn't work like that! for a great life and a great family takes a close relationship with christ and following the rules that apply to the religion.

  60. Matt Moreno

    Awsome song................

  61. WindWolfAlpha

    @Toryushidon I totally agree with you there. So much today I have seen Christianity become less of a RELATIONSHIP between us and The Father, and is slowly becoming a feel-good message RELIGION. I am truly glad to see Demon Hunter bring a serious "slap-to-the-face" message to the scene concerning the reality and full scope of things in this way.

  62. John Cale Shfkfdn

    Great lyrics, epic song! epic epic epic
    I'm so impressed by The World Is A Thorn

  63. Toryushidon


    Personally, I really like that about this album. I think too many Christian artists go easy on us . . . Too many Christians need to smacked across the face with their own complacency. Myself included.

  64. Justin MacFarlane

    I agree, though I've noticed a much more aggressive approach that Ryan Clark has in constructing his vocals. He's more... Merciless with his words, I guess you could say. A lot of the songs, though wonderful, seem to be focused towards more of a negative emotion, rather than a supportive one that you might feel in listening to the Triptych or Summer of Darkness. Still a great album though. Collapsing is my favorite on it so far.

  65. luis maldonado

    Man Demon Hunter's new songs are just fricking beastly!

  66. TracerAdvanced

    dude the lyrics are awesome! This is a hardcore stand against Christian complacency! Certainly speaks to me at least. That is something I fight hard against.
    God wants some fruit when he returns. He wants an army shining gloriously- not a bunch of directionless, beat up soldiers.

  67. SonOfTheMartyr

    I totally love this album.

  68. matt barnes

    Nice drum intro

  69. TracerAdvanced

    These songs are so powerful and deep... wow.