Demon Hunter - One Last Song Lyrics

There is a fire in me
I feel its burn within my flesh
Returning back
With every vacancy of breath
No compromise
There is no blade to bring me down
Bleeding at the seams
I ever fight the final round

All of the sorrow, all of the pain
Hold me down
This is the battle within my name

One last song to sing
One final decree
One last song
This everlasting word inside me

There is a final day
To every tear, every breath
Falling enemies
No burn of anguish in us left
All will be undone
When every lost will be found
On this day I cease
To ever fight the final round

All of the sorrow, all of the pain
Hold me down
This is the battle within my name

One last song to sing
One final decree
One last song
This everlasting word inside me

Forever give me… this day
For every soul they take away
Forever give me… this day
For every lie to wash away

All of the sorrow, all of the pain
Hold me down
This is the battle within my name

One last song to sing
One final decree
One last song
This everlasting word inside me

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Demon Hunter One Last Song Comments
  1. J19 Games

    rip earbud users 😂

  2. TheWordprophet

    This is just...awful.
    I speak this both as a Christian and a musician.
    These men need Jesus Christ, to be delivered from the power of darkness.

    Ezra Hodges

    Kid, they're Christian. Look up Last one Alive, it's about how a lot of people don't have faith anymore.
    Edit: Also I don't think demon HUNTERs would be satanic, I don't know, just a small feeling, yea?


    ​@Ezra Hodges
    Dear friend,
    I am 54 years old, and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Not everyone who professes to be against satan, is against satan. Look at the Catholic church, for example...they perform exorcisms, but yet they are a habitation of devils.

    The Bible says,
    "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord..."

    We who serve the Lord Jesus Christ, baptized in his name and filled with his Spirit, sing holy songs to him. We do not growl and bark like devils; and we do not make music to entertain sinners. No Christian ever sang to the Lord like the men in this video.

    There are lost of lost souls in this world who think they are Christians, like Stryper, White Cross, Kurt Cameron, the late Billy Graham, Hillsong, etc...
    But the truth is, that anyone that does not abide in the doctrine of Christ, does not have God.
    2 John 9

    The men who made this video may honestly believe that they are Christians. But according to God, they are certainly not.

    If you would like to learn of the way of salvation in Jesus Christ, this will help you:

    Samuli Karjalainen

    I think you should look up some of the lyrics and you'll see that they clearly promote christianity. For example look up their song "Science of lies" and you'll find a clearly christian message. And notice how the demon skull always has a hole in it's forehead as if it had been shot and killed. Anyway, praise the lord and god bless!

  3. Ian Scott

    When it's 11 pm and you're listening to metal


    Mate, 4:39 AM at the time of this comment :P

  4. Xavier King

    my theme song if I'm going through a spiritual warfare in my life! 🙏💪☝

  5. Umair

    Damn. That guitar riff though

  6. Randy Ganvini

    Un temón!!! ImI

  7. Emmanuel T

    only 9 dislikes well that is a shame but hey there are haters of great songs and bands

  8. Alpha1Armax

    baila pingüino. Coya asi lo sueña :v

  9. Luciano pileggi tavolaro

    @CoyaRaza oh wuauh

  10. Red Riding Hood

    Can we all shut the hell up with religion and enjoy the music?

    Talon Diwisch

    Red Riding Hood Religion.


    I love how much the music in this. sounds like amon amarth!!! especially in the verses!!!

  12. Moonlight At Midnight

    can someone tell me what DH songs sound like this?

    William Nangle

    DH - Storm The Gates Of Hell album could be considered similar to this album.


    Moonlight At Midnight listen to the rest of the extremist album.


    Moonlight At Midnight my destiny, just breathe, collapsing, those songs come to mind

    Moonlight At Midnight

    @duckeradin13 I love collapsing! One of the very first DH song I've ever listened to.

  13. PenguinMaster

    Free pls

  14. Metal M

    The 6 dislikes are demons

    Carter Hanks

    to be hunted by this band lol

    Red Riding Hood


    Kry Kry Stott

    Carter Hanks right lol 😂😂

    Fire Ignitus

    make it 20


    One of the best fukin songs ever made....never give up boys...keep the band strong and make us more music

  16. Aleix Moya

    I've discobered this band recently i'm really into death metal, would someone recomend me an album?

    Jackson Criswell

    True Defiance,Summer of Darkness,The World is a Thorn,The Triptych, and Storm the Gates of Hell

    Jackson Criswell

    Also I have more Christian metal bands too. P.O.D.,For Today,Gideon,Living Sacrifice,Stryper,Sacred Warrior,Sleeping Giant,and Impending Doom.


    +Nuclear Submarine Radio (Gabriel Loup 'Captain 22') You mean Pantera with VDoP, right?

  17. Truth Shockwave

    this reminds me of BVB


    No. Just... No.

    Kenton Tallman

    Not even close sir, bvb isn't even in the same league as demon Hunter

    Timothy Belosic

    Plz put a bar of soap in your mouth and chew... Gargle with salt water for extra effect.

    Omar Yañez Zavala

    Truth Shockwave of course not

  18. SerG

    Very good song!

  19. Noogi420

    \m/ METAL IS LIFE \m/

    Seifer Steal

    +Neofox Stop trying to do this shit, nobody asked for your point of view about creation, keep your own beliefs to yourself.


    @Seifer Steal Conversely, no one asked you for your input either, hypocrite. Nice necro of a thread that ended over two months ago by the way.

    Seifer Steal

    @Neofox As long as i dont try to impose my own beliefs i think its ok. Ho Diakonos tou Apeiron.


    @Seifer Steal I never "imposed" my beliefs to begin with, simple as that. Everyone has their own choice to make about what they believe. However, you can believe untruth, but that won't change reality. Therefore, I wish for others to know the truth and the way things really are, instead of living ignorantly in a fairy tale.

    But you still must make the choice for yourself. Have your fairy tale, if that's what you want. Nothing is "imposed" by me. No, you used the wrong word. Nothing has been "imposed" on you; rather, you are "offended" by my suggestion that what you believe is not true (this became evident by the fact that, after reading a two-month-old thread that was not even directed towards you, you felt so compelled that you had to bring the thread back to life). People believe untruths all the time, it's nothing new. The question is: will you lower your pride long enough to consider that you might be wrong?

    Kry Kry Stott

    Noogi420 Jesus and Metal are Life 🙌

  20. EliMadness

    One last song? Does that mean Demon Hunter is over?


    Nope, there's actually a new album coming up in March 2017, im hyped, do you?


    Garybaldo Gaming
    Yeah, i know, I saw their new teaser, as well as listened to Cold Winter Sun. And yes, I'm hyped.

  21. Jasson Magne

    Excellent Song... lml

  22. xVengeful

    That's right nobody should ever dislike a song like this coming from an amazing band!


    +Owen Jatzlau theres 1 dislike now. I will hunt him/her down.

    Proximity Clockwork X157

    +Elijah Bradley Pls don't kill him/her! I wanna tortue him/her for at least six hours for that dislike! :D


    no. I will hunt them down to the ends of the galaxy.

    Proximity Clockwork X157

    Okay you got it! :D

  23. Benjamin Hurta

    Awesome though somehow reminds me of vikings

  24. justin smith

    this is epic!!!!

  25. Lige Williams

    Damn!! This song is freaking awesome! Blew me away to no end!

  26. Correna Westphal

    love how deep the vocalist are

  27. Dorothy Adkins

    Greatest band ever! I've been a Hunter since watching their very first video: Infected.

  28. Eric Archuleta

    Wow this cd sounds amazing! i like that he sings alot on this album, stands out to me more then there other albums. Never was really into his vocal screams but ive always supported them

  29. SprayedPaint

    This kicks demon ass

  30. Hollis Muenster

    I think Christian metal bands honor Jesus the most.  Let us not forget that our Lord and savior died in the most metal way possible. :P

    Falunchies 6180

    Rather Honour the music people can hear it when it plays.

    Mr. Karp

    So true

    Kry Kry Stott

    Hollis Muenster That was good bro. Jesus Rocks 👏👏🙌🙌


    If I could like this comment 500 times I would.

  31. Austin Lininger

    My favorite song off the EXTREMIST album

  32. Daniel san

    I just realized that demon hunter sounds like breaking benjamin. 

    Daniel san

    @Badguy292  at 0:27 when he says "hold me down" was really what made me think breaking Benjamin. the song dear agony about 2 minutes and 50 seconds says "love pull me down" like whattttt i wonder if that was intentional. 


    heheh, I don't think so~ but Breaking Benjamins band is a one-man-show at the moment. But I don't see Benjamin in Demon Hunter.


    similar lead singer voice/style

    lots of bands out there like that, it's my favorite 


    More like Five Finger.

    Omar Yañez Zavala

    Daniel san No

  33. marcelo augusto

    "There is a final day
    To every tear, every breath
    Falling enemies
    No burn of anguish in us left
    All will be undone
    When every lost will be found
    On this day I cease
    To ever fight the final round"
    one of the best compositions \m/

  34. Steven DeLano

    Reminds me of Lionel :)
    Demon Hunter is cool !   :)

  35. Demon Space Esports

    I have always loved these guys since they first started, and everyone has been saying they don't like the new stuff, they liked the old style music. But quite honestly I think it is 10x better! I mean, if they want to change their style of music go ahead, as long as it honors god, sounds good, keeps them together, and brings out the name Demon Hunter then #whocareswhatothersthink  Love you guys in Demon Hunter! Like this comment if you agree!


    While i agree DH kicks ass and honors God, i must persist in saying that their old stuff and new stuff sounds the same. People often compare DH's entire career on just Storm The Gates Of Hell (the most commonly referenced album for their "old stuff"), The reality is, ballads and all these things people claim are their "new stuff" has been present since their first album, hence the old is the new. Regardless of my rant, please take no offense. That wasn't my point but rather my point was to add a potential perspective of this bands amazing music for you to take into consideration. #DoublePedalJesusMetal  

  36. Alexander Murillo

    one of my top favorite bands

  37. Josh Batchelor

    Exquisite, As usual!

  38. Alexander Lopes

    Nossa! Música muito bruta.
    Estão de parabéns, CD TOP!

  39. carlos villanueva

    1st!! , and love the song