Demon Hunter - My Destiny Lyrics

I cast my heart unto the beast
Unto my sin
I would never find my faith in this belief unseen again
The solitude of youth
My conscience wearing thin
I will suffer my infliction as a desecrated man

But the fear, the blood, the sweat and sound
They brought me here to wait for the will to appear

We were blinded by the sacred light
They carried us away
Like a razor through the dark that night
My destiny

Now the weight of living Word
Come calling true
And my heart will drink the blood of death my soul forever knew
On the reverence of a voice
My clarity of you
The king of whom i never was has run my spirit through

But the fear, the blood, the sweat and sound
They brought me here to wait for the will to appear

We were blinded by the sacred light
They carried us away
Like a razor through the dark that night
My destiny
We were blinded by the sacred light
They carried us away
Like a razor through the dark that night
My destiny

We will carry that flame

To wait for the will to appear

We were blinded by the sacred light
They carried us away
Like a razor through the dark that night
My destiny
We were blinded by the sacred light
They carried us away
Like a razor through the dark that night
My destiny

The fire is in our name
We will carry that flame
The fire is in our name
We will carry that flame

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Demon Hunter My Destiny Comments
  1. Rosely Cesar

    Amo essa banda!!! Ryan canta muito,tem músicas bem pesadas e com melodia,Demon Hunter é metalcore, não white metal,não tem nada a ver com religião,mas tem músicas que falam de fé tbm,muitos associam a banda com o cristianismo,mas não tem nada a ver com religião.... As músicas são muito boas de qualidade,pesadíssimas,o som é muito bom..

  2. Jefferson Santos

    Demon Hunter é bom demais😁

  3. Bryan Perkins Art

    Ryan Clark what’s your favorite beard oil , and beard butter ?

  4. Talon Diwisch

    Love the song but is the video about picking up girls?

  5. Somlyai Norbert

    And this we call Christian?

  6. Ranma Saotome

    I have all of their albums and I am a Jew

  7. Saved Bygrace

    What alliance does light have with darkness? None .. they are diametrically opposed.

  8. L'absolument abominable gros-porc

    We were blinded by the sacred beard.
    It carried us away.

  9. Eric Dixon

    I'll never forget the night I saw these guys live at Creation Fest 2012 after this album came out. The show was delayed due to a crazy storm coming our way, so the show didn't end until about 2am. I stood in the merch line for what felt like forever after days of not really sleeping and hours of just being at different concerts, but one detail stood out to me once I got to the merch table: an egg from the Alien movies was their tip jar with a piece of tape over it that read "Burrito Fund." I bought my shirt, got it signed, and walked back to my tent with my senses all out of whack from being awake for so long and having been subjected to metal for hours after preparing for a terrible storm that somehow just blew over.



  11. Justin K.

    I'm Atheist but this is good Metal.

    J0sh Suççs

    Justin yes it is and no one cares if you're a athiest

  12. Jesse Bartlett

    As heavy as the song is, the video is very Pop Punk and it confuses me.

  13. Simon Russell

    Everyone who still listens to this song go check out their war and peace albums

  14. T-Ann Winter

    This band has no end to their amazing songs!! I love this song so much as well as so many others they have!!!!!😄🙃😊 I can never get enough!!!!!

  15. wolfyboy11 Hitler

    Love this video

  16. Hemingway

    The establishment hates you. Will you bow down? I expect a warrior response.

  17. Ethan Hunt


  18. Gabriel Ottovordemgentschenfelde

    Que culpa tenía la botella :'(

  19. Aron Vincent

    ⚙️👽💊christian metal medine

  20. Jeremy Moore

    The song that really got me into DH 🤘, still as epic as the first time I heard it

  21. Cezary Cezary


  22. Rafael Sales Costa

    Música muito top! Uma das melhores bandas gospel de rock'n roll

    iTz_JoKeR KrAzyY_zZ

    Ne kk ✌🌈

  23. Parched turtle59

    This song needs to be louder gottdamn it

  24. Caleb Humphries

    Viking beard ! Love it !!

  25. Jose Mejia

    All people don't realize that demon hunter is actually Christian Rock group who sing really awesome songs

  26. James Bogucheski


  27. Rodech Syrinx

    The fire ants in our knee! We will carry that Flea!

  28. Iamsir kelvin

    I'm here for that beard!

  29. Chris Diaz

    I only got what I have it is enough

  30. Eduardo dos Reis

    I love Ryan's beard

  31. Ike Noonie

    Yeah, fuck that milk! Love DH.

  32. Anomalocaria

    lol vocalist looks like he's getting ready to throw some hands.

    that was _not_ the voice i was expecting rofl

  33. Freddie Moore

    Shiit this song just made me go back to the skatin times when i was younger

  34. amazon customer

    0:18 Is that Kill em’ all!!!?

  35. Luiz Gustavo

    Such a great song for a meaningless videoclip.

  36. Robert Lusk

    The song is an awesome lyric based on the biblical story of David and Goliath.

  37. MaxZoid

    Who else saw the Metallica Kill em All album in the video?

  38. jesse dean

    not to be mean but its sounds like semon hunter

  39. Dustin Kestner

    Beware when metal songs suddenly get soft

  40. Pedra Irineia

    and band the chistão

  41. Pedra Irineia

    and band the

  42. Gee_JO!

    Amazing songwriters.

  43. Makiwa H

    Love this song and this video

  44. HalfAsleep

    i was promised jesus

  45. Dj Melton

    not a Christian and just recently found out there were Christian metal wow still good

  46. Something Perrson

    thats the 80s

  47. Aline Cristina

    misericórdia... Meu pai o que é isso !

    iTz_JoKeR KrAzyY_zZ

    Rock cristão ✌🌈

  48. JPence14

    I cannot be the only one that was hoping the video would end with those jerk teenagers getting their asses whooped by that muscle car driver... ANTICLIMACTIC! :P

  49. Kniferiusz 13

    How about people stop posting their religious comments under every DH song/album/video and just listen to great fuck'n music :)


    how about atheists stop whinning about people posting about God on christian music? sick of hearing atheists crying because God is discussed on a christian bands music page. it is you people who NEEDS TO STOP talking

    Kniferiusz 13

    I'm a Christian, I'm just saying that some people are exaggerating and it's anoying.

  50. christina clankie

    I love this song

  51. richard meyer

    Yes We Are All Connected All Blood Runs The Same

  52. richard meyer

    That Would Be Awesome If They Went To Africa Great Metal Scene I've Heard

  53. richard meyer

    I Met John The Bassist

  54. richard meyer

    Good Job On No Smoking Keep It Up Man Your Spirit Will Grow

  55. Shein Annawack

    am i the only one who understand "give me beer" instad of "But the fear" maybe its my inner voice becouse i am a german .. but maybe its the only true ..

    Natálie Laskosky

    lol dude I actually listened again and heard it too

  56. Gato Pianista

    Isso White Metal mesmo?

    Guilherme dos Santos

    Mr. Albuquerque Sim

  57. Punkrock Jared

    the video has absolutely nothing at all to do with the song but Ryans beard makes up for it.

  58. Gato Preto

    Se não fosse Killing Floor 2 eu nem iria conhecer essa banda foda .

    Gato Preto

    @Willan Gamer é ué

    iTz_JoKeR KrAzyY_zZ

    Se não fosse uma amiga eu nem estava aqui hoje ✌🌈

  59. Victor Deoli

    Why there is a brazillian flag in 0:16

    This song is fantastic... Did you see the Alice in Chains album?

    Gustavo Matias

    Some Brazilian guy. É Brasil nessa porra!


    Br aqui

  60. Shadowing Hatred

    Omg! Demon Hunter is THE GREATEST band to ever grace this earth!!!!

  61. Tanja Järvinen

    i dont hawe to smoke no moore.I sed to the Jesus my fless is too weak to stop smoking He helped me.the cicarets started to look satanik.And now I hawe been non smoker for 9 mounts
    i smoked 20 years now i am free..
    i faild i smoked for days.but now i am non smoker for now...i thank God for His Mercy and hope that no matter what comes on my route in stressing sitsuation i wont smoke. ..God give me strenght .

    Tanja Järvinen

    well sadly nou i hawe to tell that i hawe smoked reasently fju but i like to belewe in the Marcy of God...and His vissdom on my case.Sorry Father God that my i is so weak sometimes but i leawe all in to the hands of Jesus.


    Get a vape. Quit cigarettes. Break the vape after two weeks. Get a hobby. Maybe reading in general but scripture mostly or games. Good luck. God bless.

    Jeremiah Harper

    Now you should ask him to help with your grammar

    Luz Herrera

    You can do this !! Everything is possible through Jesus our lord !

  62. Geoff MacNeill

    Am I the only one who noticed Kill Em' All near the beginning of the video in the background?

    Mook aton're the only one ever.

    Graham Payton

    I also saw a Slayer poster, Metallica's St. Anger album, and Alice in Chains' Jar of Flies album.


    Wendigo of the North Woods Judas Priest as well

    Eric Upchurch

    Mook aton Sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin.

  63. FierceLunarHavoc

    Prince Zuko's theme.......

  64. Oscar Nivardo Nuñez

    Una mala copia de Opeth y katatonia.




    I'm I the only black person here who fuck wit this song



    Nah bro, you're not the only one. I love metal!

    richard meyer

    All Blood Runs The Same Brother

    richard meyer

    I'm Hispanic And 2nd Of All How Can You Hand Someone Over The Internet

    richard meyer

    Sorry Hang



  66. Nicole L

    How old is him........long beard? 50? The voice about 20 to 30


    +Kaname Cross He is 36 I believe.

  67. SKY666

    pause at 3:25 do u see that? there's more. i think they did that on purpose

  68. bruno sousa

    Liza sombra branca me trouxe aqui 0/

    eduardo ferreira

    quem é essa ?

    eduardo ferreira

    quem é essa ?

  69. Gabriel F Gomes

    good stuff

  70. aj john


  71. David Bourg

    that was BadAss

  72. 19Nathan Klinger

    1:50 "Oh Shit"

  73. war fox

    this is a gray song

    Random Byzantine Guard

    I find it's more of a black and red one.

  74. jaycolbert606

    LMMFAO. I figured Id give Christian metal a try. Again. Skateboarding kids. Lincoln Park vocals. Totes kewl. Guess Ill go back to Sepultura and Morbid Angel.

    Jonathan O'Neal

    Demon Hunter has always had vocals like this..


    +jaycolbert606 This song has a different meaning from their other songs. It's about how music has changed from when they were kids. As for their vocals, they used to be a hell of a lot deep with their vocals prior to storm the gates of hell.

    a pink guy that says ree on the floor

    Drink bleach

  75. Justin

    The song is god until.... he/they sing all soft and lovey dovey. ARGGGGGG

  76. UndeadHybridS9ldier

    Give Ryan some really long hair to go with the beard and he looks like Ope from Sons of Anarchy.

    Nate H.

    +UndeadHybridS9ldier The actor of Ope and Ryan actually are friends and did a photoshoot a while ago. The guys from Demon Hunter did an interview and said they're big fans of the show and used to download the episodes on iTunes when they would be on tour at places like in Germany.

    Some Guy

    +UndeadHybridS9ldier HHAHAHAHAHA...oh wait....ope is dead though....HAHAHAHAHA

    robbie pralicz

    holy shit I see that now

  77. I am too Fat and Obese

    Awesome Beard.

  78. Survivor694

    Does anyone else get goosebumps listening to this ? Is this the holy spirit ? :)

    Brandon Robinson

    yes it is the spirit.

    Dee Kindled

    Fury SevenOneThree you’re the fool here for saying that I. All truth. God is the one that’s given these feelings to us in the first place.

    John Zero Signal

    @Dee Kindled God is an alien.

    Parched turtle59

    If it were louder id have more goosebumps tbh


    It's Thor.

  79. Leonard Smith

    I miss their earlier sound prior to Storm the Gates of Hell. Their change in sound originated with that and I'll say this, their ballads have improved since. Regardless, I'm still a huge fan for than ever.

  80. Ernests Stroinovs

    Milk bottles suck! \m/

  81. TheMagical Fishcake

    Bloody love this band, great music

  82. D.J. Clift

    All of the band members had facial hair in this video (3 of them had very long facial hair).  I find that to be quite awesome.


    Best part for sure. #beardgang

  83. N3V3R RA710NAL

    When it comes to demon hunter, i like it better when they dont scream, but this gave me an exeption.

  84. TheBros2theend

    The Bible warns us against tattoos in Leviticus 19:28 (Amplified) which says, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.”

    Rhema hill

    do you really have to judge good gosh


    That scripture was actually sort of a warning towards the Jewish, he said this because he did not want them marking themselves for enemies to spot.

    wabi sabi

    TheBros2theend, well guess what, some of us have tattoos and you'll just have to live with that, we are people to so get over it, gosh, i love to put jerks like you in there place, also its none of your business if we get tattoos or not, you shouldn't care, its not your body, and id imagine a stuck up person like u wouldn't "stoop down to our leval" to get a tattoo anyway, because your so "righteous" right? I dont know If you know this but it's a free country, and id like to live in it without you drilling into my skull what i can and cannot do, some christians have tattoos, deal with it

    Capes Are Cool

    1 Corinthians 6:9,10 and 11.

    Romans 8:38 and 39

    Romans 3:23

    a pink guy that says ree on the floor

    Can everyone here just shut up and enjoy the music...ya buncha babys

  85. Karen Kyo

    I love his voice when he sings :o

    Rhema hill

    I know right Ryans voice is so awesome demon hunter is the best

  86. Paul Hetherington

    Hence mixed - is a modern lifestyle or abomination in GOD's Word... Howard / LOGOS - you is judged!

  87. Paul Hetherington

    Still unwrapping IP's or messages -in device land? Load icon. Motocross you use. I can tell by, clothes that they, don't know value of Holy. It's mixed actually - beards = Israeli ancients considered shaving it - a dishonor. But the priests shaved everything. Didn't share inheritance.

  88. Eseosa Erhunse

    what is the message of this song?

    Rob Louw

    depiction of the bands youth and what they grew up on. The destruction of various records and tapes shows the death of those items in todays modern music world. Practising in the garage = humbled beginnings.

    Красимир Геджов

    Demon Hunter are christians. Basicly the message of the song is how he was angry at God, thought of the faith as foolish, then as a grown man he finaly came to realize that God was calling to him and was his only answer to the questions in life and death.

    Rob Louw

    Ryan Clark posted the exact meaning of this video. Go and google it.

    Красимир Геджов

    @Robin Wasserman Cool, thanks

    Eseosa Erhunse

    @***** really? Grrrah. You're fired. !!!

  89. Camisaria Ultra Geek

    thereś no white metal bands equal at them

  90. lawngnome412

    i dig some demon hunter, been a fan since they put a demo version of through the black on 'this is solid state' cd.  but i so now a fan of the weird thrashy/black metalish sound of the beginning of this song.  i basically stopped loving their music after 'storm the gates of hell' album, and stopped really liking their music after 'the world is a thorn' album.   i dont hate any of their stuff newer than that, but i dont dig it with near the level of all that awesome older stuff

  91. DC Nightmare

    Demon Hunter is one of my top 15 favorite bands.

  92. The Modern Metal Channel

    Im personally more of a Memphis May Fire person

  93. D.J. Clift

    Back when Ryan Clark had a beard.  :'(


    me thinks its back. 

  94. epicjester94

    Great Christian band

    Matthew Mason

    ek Slayer isn’t a Christian band but their lead singer is a Catholic


    Ya think?

  95. Anthony P

    The Triptych is the album I like the least. Everything they've done since then is brilliant.

  96. NICKtheShredder98

    When did Kerry King learn to sing????? lol

    Genocide Crusader

    He's name is Ryan Clark.

    The Lone Wolf


  97. john cook

    stand salute the battle flag yellow final assemble point ninja for christ

  98. Cadete_Mc _Oficial

    Demon hunter, sem palavras essa banda e muito show :3