Demon Hunter - Just Breathe Lyrics

So now you try, but the blade is primed to just cut you down again.
To no avail, this fix divine was wrought to do you in

Seemingly endless, beckoning debt
Vacant and nameless, where is the end?

Aching just to endure again sweet loss
Able again to feel
This is real.

Just breathe
Suffer again
Look back
Stand in the wake and breathe
Wait for the end
Fight back
This isn't over.

One single touch will further crush your corrupted state of mind.
You carve the way for regret to take you further down the line

This isn't over.

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Demon Hunter Just Breathe Comments
  1. Ephraim House Education

    Ryan, bro... This is one heck of a song. One of your best ever, EVER. love this song so much, man. PLEASE Bring the world is a thorn / Summer of Darkness vibe on your next album, Homie!

  2. dittocopys

    Water breathing 2: Lateral water wheel

  3. Ira Littlechild

    Cool song, was searching songs that Christian Alvestam is featured on from various bands, the man can sing

  4. Michael Dickey

    Awesome song

  5. The Night Watcher

    Wow, I was way off on the lyrics.

  6. Verse Project

    Coming back nearly 10 years later. I never realised how awesome this song was.

  7. Omar Yañez Zavala


  8. Black Bird

    Demon Hunter wakes the fire in my soul! May all the glory be to God

  9. MrJacobaaaaaa

    Yeah whatever, bacon and eggs its

  10. Ninten The Metalhead

    Holy shit I'd say they made it to melodeath territory a bit in this song. I'm not really big on metalcore really but this song, and some other songs by this band, impressed me.

  11. Donald P Trbovich

    I am not acquiring debt. We are fixing the stuff we broke. Help don't poke the workers with sticks to agitate them. This is a way to wipe all the debt. You don't have to givee away possessions. Just can I perform this act only the high knew bout on both ends. I'm following my heart so enough with hammering me. This isn't bullshit to me. I don't have energy or focus to worry about me, so I won't be sueing anyone. I don't know if it has alternate meaning but I'm sick of crying sweating hurting and being told I'm full of shit when you all show mee a video and I feel and hear people got it. You think I am showing off or something? We both have problem where we can't stare at each other before turning our heads. I always looked down cause I thought I was intimidating when I put on muscle. My body must have known this would be my calling. I desperately wanted to hear laughter overr our escapades...

  12. Donald P Trbovich

    Mailer Daemon

  13. Donald P Trbovich

    I release myself

  14. Just Passing Through

    Christian Alvestam!? NICE! Isn't he atheist though? Still, cool they manage to get along and make this awesome music.

  15. Dreamdecipher 1994

    Two Masters of Vocals in one track.

  16. Dreamdecipher 1994

    Stand on your ground for Christ!

  17. Liam Ashdown

    no care in the world for religion of any kind, but nDamn this is a good bad

    Dreamdecipher 1994

    Deadlypenguin Good Music for everybody - including atheists!

    Peter M

    Dreamdecipher 1994 Agreed :)

  18. Chaw Daddy

    Zuthar brought me here

  19. Hexmantis

    is it just me or do i hear Christian Älvestam in this song?

    Rhys Peerenboom

    +zeregaa yeah it's him.


    +zeregaa that hearing sense though!!

  20. Batman Baker

    Where is Christian Alvestam in this song?


    "Seemingly endless beckoning debt"

    Hasan M

    @Batman Baker He also provides death growls for the song


    @Batman Baker Christian makes this song amazing,shame he left Scar Symmetry,they helped me through High School


    He does the cleans after the really heavy growls as well dudes a vocal God


    Batman Baker almost the whole prechorus is christian and he does backup vocals in the chorus

  21. Jason Carothers

    Amazing song

  22. Ariel Magallanes

    que buena banda demon hunter los escucho desde pequeño

  23. Steel Evangelist

    I keep hearing...
    "Seemingly endless bacon and eggs"
    "Bacon is endless where is the egg" 
    *Insert derp face here :P*


    you dont need endless bacon when u got christian singing... I LUV YOU CHRISTIAN AMAHGAAHHD !!!!!

    Marcos Nan

    Damn man you destroyed my vibe, now I just hear that.

    Giowainy Rivero

    dude really now i can't stop hearing it like that XD


    Steel Evangelist Yeah whatever, bacon and eggs its
    LARRY , your time has come!

    FuzziestOfPonds Gaming

    Steel Evangelist 😂

  24. ydaNNiri

    I new it was Christian Alvestiam

    Dave Blank

    ydaNNiri they credited him on the album lol

  25. Acexand

    Love the beginning of this song.

  26. Samuel Lajeunesse

    @logan89mills no one gives a fuck

  27. Ben Ramirez

    Christians vocals though!!!!!!!!!! God there so good.

  28. Maddie Bajs

    Why does this video not have more likes?? This is an outrageლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  29. TurtleShell 720

    In a way, you're agreeing with his statement. DH's attitude towards other people of differing beliefs is to "not be stuck up pricks about it," as you said, which concurs with the statement that "DH is open minded."
    If you carefully read lyrics of DH's songs from their past, some are extremely Christian-oriented, others are very open to interpretation (not just Christian). Some reflect messages blatantly against Christian values but also include heavy themes/emotions of remors/regret/growth etc.

  30. juano bardot

    This Thursday April 25 Demon Hunter with SIEGA in ARGENTINA

  31. Killamanjaro95

    Agreed :3

  32. Don'tLetYourMemesBeSteelDreams




    You cannot unhear.

    Dreamdecipher 1994

    Don'tLetYourMemesBeSteelDreams You love english breakfast.

    Joshua Rosario

    Haha thats a good one


    I agree, hail to love

    York Morgan

    I hate you.

  33. Jooste Hreidarsson

    Cristian Alvestam is in it, best vocalist in the world!!

  34. niemann999

    Saw these guys last night with in flames all shall perish and battle cross demon hunter puts on a great show

  35. Jayskii774

    Anybody here going to see demon hunter today?

  36. Rogsnutle

    That's okay. Bacon is the source of evil in this world. @[email protected]

  37. Steel Evangelist

    Does anyone else think it sounds like he's saying "seemingly endless bacon and eggs"?

  38. MattvsEvil

    Am I the only one who feels like kicking some SERIOUS evil ass while/after lissening to this?

  39. Mike Tango

    love it!

  40. Micah Salsbury


  41. Grim Reaper

    Christian Alvestam = Win...... motherfuckers!!!

  42. Grim Reaper

    That is because Christian Alvestam is singing on this track

  43. Alex Rigg

    This Band Reminds me Of Scar Symmertry!


    Älvestam sings with them in this song!

  44. TheBossMarine

    Brain explosion...

  45. Chase South

    How the fuck cares what they believe i sure dont give 2 shtis bout it all i know is christian makes their band better... imo

  46. Corey Horton

    Demon Hunter, Oh Sleeper, ABR

  47. about8tentacles

    me too, and i have such a mancrush on Christian =[

  48. jeff mcneilan

    ive gotta say for a god related metal band there pretty good

  49. Nathan Louvier

    Holy crap...I never knew Christian was featured on a Demon Hunter song until now...I'm a terrible fan.

  50. BuryMyAshes

    @swiftyrocks08 Nothing about collaborating with a "spiritual" person should demand respect. They didn't do anything special. They're just making some damn good music and playing with whoever the hell they want to.

  51. BuryMyAshes

    @swiftyrocks08 what the hell does it matter if Alvestam is religious or not? How does that change what the members of Demon Hunter stand for? How does DH collaborating with a "spiritual" person mean they are not religious? How does DH collaborating with him surprise you? Are they too special to work with "non-religious" people? Are they not allowed to? They work and tour beside non-religious people on a daily basis. They're just not stuck up pricks about it.

  52. ElderSilverFox

    @XxxWombatxx You mad bro?

  53. joel sorto

    God is good! I love this band. When I'm pissed off, I just listen to this song and to know how great is our God!

  54. Chad

    IMHO there older albums are 100% better but thats just MHO..

  55. swiftyrocks08

    The singer for DH is open minded. I have to respect that. I just assumed that because the band announced that they were christian that they were conservative christians. But the fact that they allowed Christian Alvestam to accompany them surprised me because Christian is not religious. Christian is spiritual. Which means he believes in the power of the mind and sees the illusions that arise from ego. Just type in Scar symmetry and the song dreaming 24/7 and read the lyrics to see what i mean.

  56. swiftyrocks08

    I love scar symmetry. But i give major props to DH for inviting Christian to sing this one. He does what he does. His range and tone are unbelievable. I wish Christian would come back to Scar Symmetry again.

  57. Sakende Scream

    i hope Demon Hunter is one of the worship leaders in Heven

    Cheyenne Frazier

    Even better, they'll be worshiping the Godhead side by side with us one day.

  58. Mrpunkin785

    THE BACON IS ENDLESS, WHERE IS THE EGGS!! you gotta have a good ear to catch that. lol

  59. Wolfkid272

    @Myruneromance LOL XD

  60. Fatal Optimist 115

    @logan89mills Well we hope that this music can help change your beliefs. :) Even if it's just a little bit.

  61. logan89mills

    im atheist but christian music is still very good!

  62. swiftyrocks08

    scar symmetry is awesome!

  63. Loop Zoop

    anything produced by Solid State records i will listen to

  64. Acheron

    Christian Alvestam... Nuff said

  65. jasuras

    @MegaGod2 now I laugh every time I hear this

  66. Bryce Greenwood

    Man, I was listening to Oh, Sleeper and I see this song at the bottom of the suggestions, so I go to it. And now I have a new song for my playlist!

  67. Ryan B

    @pythonfromhell every song on the summer of darkness album is better than this song what the hell are you thinking?

  68. El Bronko

    solid state records is a christian industry so every band in it is christian ;P

  69. El Bronko

    @Throrindor you've forgot living sacrifice ;)

  70. Megadose

    bacon is endless where is the eggs , bacon & eggs endure again, sweet loss sweet loss just breathe suffer again look back wait for the eggs lol

  71. Mister Action

    is there a christian/non-christian argument in every video. God doesnt want us to argue over a bands spirituallity he wants us to enjoy the music HE created.

  72. tacoboi091

    Every time I listen to a DH song, I think "this is the best DH song ever"... but then I listen to the next one in the playlist :P

  73. tacoboi091

    @Hawtgamer40 hahaha nice :D

  74. augustburnsred fan

    Best song i've ever heard and i'm serious.

  75. tacoboi091

    @pythonfromhell nah thats a tie between august burns red and all that remains. Demon Hunter is a really close second tho :D

  76. Jayme Patageul

    this is a real STORMMMMMMMM

  77. JW4675

    I wish it wasn't over....

  78. Slimeball

    Seemingly Endless bacon and eggs.

  79. Megadose

    JESUS rules bitches

  80. ThroughLidlessEye

    @pythonfromhell correction- they ARE

  81. Ðetöx

    @pythonfromhell O.o What about grand finale? Undying, or storm the gates of hell...

  82. 19AD93

    nice solo!!


    great song love it

  84. curtis skaper

    @Myruneromance no there saying fight back an stand in the wake wait for the end cause this isnt over

  85. curtis skaper

    i have this album

  86. Calbenmike

    @Myruneromance LOL.....

  87. Calbenmike

    @pythonfromhell no might be about it.

  88. Greg K

    woot I hear Christian Älenstam, made my day

  89. BabyShampoo

    i think wat their talking about is all the athiests in the world. like they're saying fight back to wat they say about God. fight back against evolution and all that other stuff against him. like when they say "stand in the wake and breathe" their sayin stand in the force of their words and just breathe.

  90. Issac Cox

    Wow this songs somehow makes me think of bill collectors and the amount of money they chop away from paycheck too paycheck. Such a seemingly endless process that is sadly a huge part of life. Prey there wont be a day that we are charged for breathing the air.

  91. PykeAN

    @jlzxcvbnm9 It's because they're messages in these songs are usually pretty cryptic.
    Look at their song Thorns. It's about people who cut/burn themselves who don't need to because "Christ had already been cut for us, so there was no need for us to inflict pain on ourselves. That work has been paid for in full by the cross

  92. Rogue Shaddo

    ABR is first. Then Oh, Sleeper. Then, DH. Good stuff nonetheless.

  93. Bryson Hobbs


    Naw As I Lay Dying is #1 then August Burns Red.

  94. luis maldonado

    @Dufase19089 Ok thanks for making that clear to me.

  95. luis maldonado

    @Dufase19089 I totally Disagree.IMO they ARE the best Christian metalcore band in the world.Give me the name of the band you think is the best and ill see if they even come close to Demon Hunter's music.

  96. Calsalas91

    they're metal and they're great! lol I hyped it too much

  97. SonOfTheMartyr

    Christian Alvestam! \m/