Demon Hunter - Jesus Wept Lyrics


Give me the call and the power to be
Show me the will to lead and see me reign
Take me to a higher pain
Sever the burden and tell me to run
Open the gates of mercy when I come
Give me every want in vain…
Or give me none

Give me…

Eyes wide
See red
I’m why
Eyes wide
So I don’t forget
I’m why
I’m why Jesus wept

Show me the weight of a fury divine
Bury the dark inside, let waste the flood
Drown us in holy blood
We are the shallow, the scoffers of Hell
Shatter the path of self into the black
Take me to the end of hope…
And bring me back

Give me…

Eyes wide
See red
I’m why
Eyes wide
So I don’t forget
I’m why

Eyes wide
See red
I’m why
Eyes wide
So I don’t forget
I’m why
I’m why Jesus wept

Give me…

Eyes wide
See red
I’m why
Eyes wide
So I don’t forget
I’m why

Eyes wide
See red
I’m why
Eyes wide
So I don’t forget
I’m why
I’m why Jesus wept

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Demon Hunter Jesus Wept Comments
  1. Daniel Cook

    Amen bro this rocks hell to terror

  2. Andrew King

    I dont get the picture.

  3. Unpopular Politics

    And so I don't forget, I am why Jesus wept.

  4. Judah

    Y’all ought to actually appreciate the actual musicZ

  5. Leey Gleez

    Alguien que esté aquí por el vídeo de Soydanieltv jaja ok solo yo, creo que llegue un poco tarde 😂😂😂

  6. david mckesey

    Jesus might of wept but this song rocks

  7. spartan j1137

    Literally the best song ever!🖤

  8. Grice Productions

    Who says that hard rock/ metal isn’t glorifying to God??!?

  9. Kamil Dolistowski

    May any Christian brothers or sisters point me to a Christian (metal or metalcore) band that sings about Jesus and has understandable lyrics/vocal?

    Aaron Riggins

    The band Red usually is understandable, the scream occasionally but they're good.

  10. Gabriella Gonzales

    Love this song one of my favorites! ❤️

  11. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you

  12. Tony Scalze

    He wept..... he paid for our sins

  13. Derek Stewart

    Love this song til death

  14. Caleb Vanderlaan

    Demon Hunter has such the perfect balance of soft songs and head bangers!!

  15. Blink Madder

    Woo que mal en esta 😔música que
    diferencia hay entre la música del mundo y esta supuesta Alabanza , Dios busca adoradores en espíritu y en verdad seamos sinceros con el seńor Dios no puede ser burlado

    Santiago 4:4
    4 !!Oh almas adúlteras! ¿No sabéis que la amistad del mundo es enemistad contra Dios? Cualquiera, pues, que quiera ser amigo del mundo, se constituye enemigo de Dios.

    5 ¿O pensáis que la Escritura dice en vano: El Espíritu que él ha hecho morar en nosotros nos anhela celosamente?

    Efesios 5:14-20

    14 Por lo cual dice:
    Despiértate, tú que duermes,
    Y levántate de los muertos,
    Y te alumbrará Cristo.
    15 Mirad, pues, con diligencia cómo andéis, no como necios sino como sabios,

    16 aprovechando bien el tiempo, porque los días son malos.

    17 Por tanto, no seáis insensatos, sino entendidos de cuál sea la voluntad del Señor.
    Lamentablemente en estos tiempos la Gente quiere aparentar ser Cristianos y tratar de Alabar a Dios con un tipo de música sin sentido , que obscuridad se aprecia en este video recuerden que Dios es luz
    2 Corintios‬ ‭6:14-18‬
    «No os unáis en yugo desigual con los incrédulos; porque ¿qué compañerismo tiene la justicia con la injusticia? ¿Y qué comunión la luz con las tinieblas? ¿Y qué concordia Cristo con Belial? ¿O qué parte el creyente con el incrédulo? ¿Y qué acuerdo hay entre el templo de Dios y los ídolos? Porque vosotros sois el templo del Dios viviente, como Dios dijo: Habitaré y andaré entre ellos, Y seré su Dios, Y ellos serán mi pueblo. Por lo cual, Salid de en medio de ellos, y apartaos, dice el Señor, Y no toquéis lo inmundo; Y yo os recibiré, Y seré para vosotros por Padre, Y vosotros me seréis hijos e hijas, dice el Señor Todopoderoso.»
    ‭‭ Dios les bendiga grandemente 🙏🏻

  16. Katerin Joromac

    Vengo por her. Daniel

  17. Pb_and_Snake _

    As a Satanist I thoroughly enjoy this band.

    ☢ G-Zone ☢

    Lol wut

  18. Marco Bosco

    Perché il testo cosi piccolo?... cmq... gran bel pezzo... complimenti!

  19. Chris Spectre

    NO BIG BANG!!!!!!

  20. ligrev

    any instrumental to this?

  21. Diane DeFeo

    The most profound statement I can muster : WOW. And...Thank you, Lord.

  22. kyle cotto

    Why is Jesus spelt with a V in the beginning?

  23. UnicornPootPoot

    Oooh I got chills, I needed this as I've been so discouraged. I'm why Jesus wept!

  24. Sean Gray

    Praise Him!!!! \,,,/,

  25. ケツを食べる

    I'm Muslim

  26. Zombie Slayer

    Any christian metal heads out there are friends of mine its so hard to find people like me these days


    I relate

  27. l l

    What a song!!!!!!! Please come to south africa!!!! Been listening too you guys for years!!!!!

  28. Tommy Betts

    This song goes hard af

  29. Isaac newton molsoi meskarai 097vd

    As a metal fan, demon hunter is a dope

  30. Ale MOO

    Not a Christian, still like it.

  31. Tom Cheek

    95 thumbs down? Who are these deaf people?

  32. S1L3NTA1ARM

    I thought this was a rebellion thing... oops

  33. Zichi Hammertail

    There will be a war with heaven versus hell, there will be warriors, and then there will be Demon Hunter leading the charge into the gates of hell to vanquish the eternal flame.

  34. Sean Gray

    Demon Hunter is ferocious!!!!!

  35. Zacry Carmichael

    Ran into the guitarist at a best buy in Nashville once a few years ago.

  36. Tristan

    Lol! This band literally made me read bible

  37. Matt Foster

    My all time favorite dh song. So true and so full of grace and power. Not to mention the absolutely SICK double bass!

  38. Jeroen Goossens

    Cool music but jesus is a myth.

  39. Jeroen Goossens

    Cool music but jesus is a myth.

  40. Jose Molina

    I billion one zillion and God will never have an end

  41. Анатолий Васильев

    Это ахеренно

  42. Victory Shiverstone


  43. Isaac Alsop

    Why the HELL am I just now finding this year old album???

  44. Samuel Hook

    Good song to play DOOM to

  45. Jonki

    Idk why did they name this music as they did when this isn't anything that kind ?!!!

  46. Derek Stewart

    Heaviest song on the album

  47. Amber Stevens

    I just started working for a Christian company and I was shocked to find DH in our inventory.

  48. JC Rivera Cortés

    Tremenda, Bendiciones Siempre

  49. Wobblebob

    Not a Christian. Still love it.

  50. Wirethrone

    This is by far the best and truly only good song on this album

  51. Drunkenstein Picklester

    If this song isn't in the Killing Floor I swear to god...

  52. William H

    This song is very good.

  53. Daniel Owens

    Rapture soundtrack

  54. betelguise lucas

    Yep and haters out there are like you can't worship God with metal. Um yes you can I listen to demon hunter all the time.

  55. provpete's musak faves

    a couple of hours after first hearing this song I started sobbing @ a prayer meeting for Israel

  56. david garcia

    Jesus flevit (Jesus wept) in Latin

  57. likova jay

    I was debating on buying their new album....that debate is over ♡.♡

  58. Christopher Michael

    "I'm why Jesus wept" Well that hit home. If we weren't sinners, Jesus never would have had to do what He did. Got me tearing up a bit.

  59. Farseer

    man...demon hunter brings the hard stuff made the hair on my arms stand up :)

  60. Sam #1

    Give me...
    EYE'S WIDE!!! (seeing red) I'M WHY!!! (bloodshed) EYE'S WIDE!!! (so I don't forget) I'M WHY!!! (X2)


  61. robb flynn

    AWEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!! I dispise religion and all that but I dig DEMON HUNTER and I do admire their steadfast loyalty to their faith and that they have the balls to put it right out there in their music, so though I couldn't disagree with their theological beliefs more I'm deffinately a fan!!! \m/ \m/ Killer song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. shawn eldridge

    🙋 this is one of my favorite songs off the cd. The only thing is I wish it was a lot longer than it is. It's still a fantastic song and it's also heavy as heck. Anyway I would love to see (( DEMON HUNTER )) come to the sands at Bethlehem Pennsylvania. It would be a fantastic show. also Demon Hunter would wake up the neighborhood laughing out loud. Cannot wait until Demon Hunter next CD to come out. I know I got a while the floor comes out.

  63. karl jonson

    Durdurdurdurdur dudur dur

  64. Captain Awesome

    "I'm why Jesus wept". I love it.

  65. Josué Junior

    Nice is listen in 2x fast, kkkkkkk

  66. Mylla Favatto Kalenivski

    Mano 😍😍😍😍😍❤

  67. Kevin Baker

    I love the Hell outta this.

  68. Roqui Rock

    Greatest band ever.

  69. storm wickham


  70. storm wickham

    Haven't heard these guys in a long time

  71. Brady Gibbins

    The funniest thing to me is that there are Christians who avoid Demon Hunter, fearing Satanic influence, yet I as an atheist am free to just enjoy the good music.

  72. shawn eldridge

    (( ✝ )) I definitely would love to see Demon Hunter come to the Sands Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Believe it or not in this small little city of Bethlehem. There are definitely a lot of Demon Hunter Fans here. Also we would love to see Demon Hunter come to the Sands in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. definitely that would be a great show heck freaking yeah it would. This is not right at all and we do have our own opinions. Thing is I noticed a lot of people out there doubt that Demon Hunter is a Christian band. Like come on if they weren't a Christian band then how come Christian bookstore sells their cds. It's not like a Demon Hunter is pretending to be a Christian band the way as I lie dieing did. Those guys pretended to be a Christian band. And look what happened the lead singer I think it was he will end up in jail because he had put a hit out on his wife. Demon Hunter is truly a Christian band if not like I said before Christian book stores would not sell their cds at all + also once in a great while on the one Christian Channel I watch they do show a lot of demon Hunters music videos as well. And Demon Hunter admitted that they were a Christian band as well. They're not going to lie and sit there on television and say they're Christian band in front of millions of people. The heaters & the naysayers I feel they are the devils demons. trying to bring everybody down. Also trying to turn a lot of people against Christian bands.

  73. Marko Bojovic

    I know why jesus wept motherfucker!!!

  74. Nick Fegley

    I'm almost 100% sure this song isn't more popular because it has the name of Jesus in it's title. Too bad for those people who skipped cause they're missing some real passionately heavy stuff. Demon Hunter fan forever 🤘

  75. sgt Hale107

    I spy, seaman

  76. Neil D.

    Demon Hunter!


    Such an awesome song. †

  78. shawn eldridge

    Totally freaking love the song right here. I am hoping that demon Hunters next cd & their songs is going to be a lot heavier & faster then the songs that are on this cd. Don't get me wrong Demon Hunter is a fantastic and amazingly awesomeness band ever. And I do enjoy listen to all their music. But heavier and faster is the way to go. But then again it just might be me. ( ✝ )

  79. Paul Benjamin

    Guys, Ryan's vocals giving me serious slayer vibes!

  80. Brendan _

    Jesus wept after he made me.

  81. Graziele Rocha

    <3 <3 <3 <3

    Lex Metalis Assessoria e Agenciamento

    essa não pode faltar na tour no brasil \o/

    Rodrigo Ferreira

    eu tambem sou brasileiro curto demohanter tenho tos album

  82. Brady Gibbins

    I love Demon Hunter because their lyrics are creative enough that I can still enjoy listening to their music despite being an antitheist and thinking that Christianity is a joke.

  83. sinister26 night

    This song is talking about the devil defying the Lord

    Lex Metalis Assessoria e Agenciamento

    Not >>>

  84. Judah

    Can y'all just enjoy the damn song? It's heavy as hell and has a deep meaning. Chill.

  85. intactGB

    Christianity is a faulty myth, but this song is sick.

  86. Leila XXavier

    Janeiro/2018 em SP será pouco, banda mais fodastica de bom huhuhh

  87. bacon macon

    Fire keep glorifying God in your Music

  88. Ivyline harper

    The lyrics get a gold start but okay was anyone else laughing when the were listening to the song. Like he's just screaming im why Jesus wept. I don't know maybe I'm weird but these confessional lyrics of our sin as people being screamed into metal cracks me up

  89. Jacob Wegier

    This is the trvest of trve metal

  90. SFAPowerhouse

    We have to constantly remind ourselves why we are constantly forgiven and why we are of the Blessed Faith......this song is a strong reminder of why. Jesus Wept!

  91. leeroy excavator

    Yuk. horrible.

  92. S.T.C

    Fuck god Hail satan, Fuck white metal Hail black fucking metal!!!

    Clorox Cola

    Don't cut yourself on all that edge

  93. Angelica Gabriele

    Glóriaaaa a Deeeus! cara, Demon Hunter é uma banda incrivel. amoooooo dms <3 rock for Jesus

    Lex Metalis Assessoria e Agenciamento

    Talvez vc já saiba (foi anunciado em julho na verdade),mas só para não perder a viagem, em janeiro eles farão 5 shows aqui no Brasil \o/

  94. Jardins do Atlantico Ilheus

    o/ e ai Galera Uhu Bate cabeça

    Lex Metalis Assessoria e Agenciamento

    Talvez vc já saiba (foi anunciado em julho na verdade),mas só para não perder a viagem, em janeiro eles farão 5 shows aqui no Brasil \o/

  95. Steven Inglis

    Hail Satan!!!

  96. Steven Rushton

    Is nobody going to mention the fact that this was the laziest music video in all of entertainment history? They might as well have left it as a picture. Don't get me wrong, its good music, but come on guys, fans want to see more than some weird grassy knoll.


    These aren't meant to be music videos to begin with. LOL.

  97. DjentlemanJoe

    Loved these guys on the Triptych. I absolutely hated Storm the gates of hell it was wayyyyy too soft and kinda stopped listening since. Is the rest of the album like this?

    Robert Ordway

    DjentlemanJoe honestly, this album is more focused on the technical aspects of the band. Not one of their heavier records. One other song on this level. Great album for an audiophile.