Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You Lyrics

These quiet words, they carry me away
They keep coming back
In idle thoughts and hollow cut-aways
Disarm me
No will to attack

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind you of the pain forevermore
And when my sins are just a memory
Faith restored
I will fail you
To the core

Lost in the shadow of an endless grace
My reign is unbound
In this abandon I will devastate
Till agony’s found

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind you of the pain forevermore
And when my sins are just a memory
Faith restored
I will fail you
To the core

I know they prey upon me
I feel them just beyond my door

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind you of the pain forevermore
And when my sins are just a memory
Faith restored
I will fail you
To the core

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Demon Hunter I Will Fail You Comments
  1. Casmere Sabo

    my teacher: I will fail you
    me: good song you know it?


    Who else has Gears Of War running through their head when they hear this song?

  3. True Seppuku

    Honestly i think it dont fuckin matter about the religion or anything to do with it. It's the lyrics and how they speak to you and its a good ass song so just fuckin enjoy it

  4. ⁅Greαt Grαnd Fαther Lord King Beliαl⁆

    Noice song Dudebro|Brodude~~~

    (✡・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)👌

  5. Kevin Webster

    I remind you the pain forevermore

  6. Dez Majors

    Logan soundtrack

  7. Shelby Puckett

    Living life with mental illness makes me feel like this in a way... "I will fail you oh that I'm sure"

  8. Michael Heslop

    One of the best metal vocalists around, mournful, angry he has so many different voices and harmonies too. I wish more bands would take the time and effort to put so much work into their vox. Production is world class too. I'm a staunch atheist but that hasn't stopped me enjoying lyrics that the penner actually believe in.

  9. Maryjane

    I get lost in this song. It’s like the first time every time.

  10. Elijah Cleaver

    break me

  11. Cthulhu

    This boi has a voice like melted butter

  12. Richard Patterson

    Play 1.25 speed it's pretty good

  13. #XLastXOneX

    Teachers be like....

  14. deathlist94

    As a buddhist i feel like this song speaks the human truth. Trying to be good, But faling , because as a whole, humanity is evil.

  15. Lovely Oppomist - I'm Still Here!

    Good song usually I stay away from a lot of Christian Rock Bands. Nor was I aware of the gener before listening to this either way I'm glade I did.

  16. Zetsumei The Satyr

    This song helps me hide the pain that wont heal. Losing my friend was a pain that left me more machine than man. But i will carry on. Because i am a man, this pain will haunt me but i will not yeald to my demons nor will i waist my life. Through my sorrow And pain i will carve out my own future

  17. soro vision

    If you're not absolutely sure that you are 100% guaranteed heaven,please watch these 2 youtube videos,there is nothing more important than this:
    => “directions to heaven whole armour baptist church” (25min)
    => “the bible way to heaven sanderson1611” (7min)

  18. RandomMajin

    Gives me a whole Itehattsd Raven space marine feel, and I have no problem with that!

  19. Kaye

    Pussy “metal”

    Curse Of Maynard

    But, Ryan's a male singer. Save that criticism for bitches who want to try to sing.

  20. TheWannaBe2007

    This is my life's anthem.

  21. Con-pope

    Thank you random guy in the black anima comment section for pointing me to this band

  22. BR8D Músicas


  23. X Z

    I'm not trying to start up any trouble, but I want to try to explain this song's meaning. I think I spelled 'song's' correctly in this situation. Anyway, the meaning lies in the chorus of the song. "I will fail you" refers to how we always sin and fail in our mission to respect each other and God. "I will remind you of the pain forevermore" refers to when Jesus endured the pain he suffered on the cross. He endured it so that he could forgive us of our sins. "When my sins are just a memory, faith restored, I will fail you, to the core" represents how even when we restore our faith in Christ, we will still sin.

    BR8D Músicas


  24. Juliah Rathke

    I will fail you bad people.

  25. Candy_532 -

    This song reminds me of my struggles with bulimia and grief

  26. Drew Smith

    One of my best songs ever made! Love this song!

  27. Chin Chin

    math teachers after a semester: 1:05 to 1:33

  28. Lilja Leinonen

    There is not any religious comments -_-
    ( i don’t speak English)

  29. BerwynSigns

    By the time we get to heaven, our sins, and even our concupiscence, will have been completely purged by the fiery love of Christ. And it will hurt while it is happening. But more like how lifting weights or running hurts. Not like the seemingly pointless pain and despair of hell.

    And we will not fail Him ever again after that point. For He will present the Church to Himself as His spotless Bride.

    None of this "I will fail you forevermore".

  30. Philip Von Adams

    Can anyone name the original writer of this song and who did the vocals? Just curiouse if we will come up with the same answer ?


    Patrick John Judge / Ryan Curtis Clark

    Philip Von Adams

    @BerwynSigns thanks, just wanted to know really for the simple fact, I know someone who claims they are the original writer of that song, and did vocals for it. It's been said he was in this band at one time. Just want to know the truth

  31. MAL

    Like a year ago I was bored and watching a youtube video where a bunch of youtubers are fighting in this game thing and I was like neet and I loved the song. The sing was Pariah - Among the First. That song led me to Demon Hunter. Not this song but I am a Stone and The Last One Alive. I listened to this one later on and this is now my favorite song.

  32. Zenn ΛЛТł•MΛТТΞЯ

    OMG great

  33. Paula B

    beautiful song.

  34. Cris Guerrero

    Straight Fire... Praise Jesus... The King of Kings who never will fail you!

    Kevin Webster


    Kevin Webster

    All prayers are never ignored right?

  35. _LeoNidaSs_

    epic music :3

  36. Brett Lee

    Who new here in 2019?!

    Uty Hall

    Not new just still listening to it

    Nghiệp Mai

    I'm just knew this band yesterday :))

    Nah No

    Brett Snipes yeet

  37. Onagi

    YT recommended section: i see you're a man of culture... watch this

  38. Autismo

    this is what i will listen to if i had a million sins

  39. Raya Kelley


  40. wolfyboy11 Hitler

    Love rock music of warships God in ways

  41. TheBros2theend

    God bless and save you

  42. Dark Matter

    In my opinion one of their better songs

  43. kickbuttme

    This suits a character of mine so painfully well. T_T


    As an anti-theist (a step up from atheism) I love this song. If you want to debate me on religion, have at it


    Spooka Asserting that you have to believe in fairy tale characters in order to know right from wrong is just absurd. I have a high set of ethical principles. The Bible is anti-gay, believed in the subjugation of women, promoted mass slaughter and yes even infanticide. You would have discovered that if you actually read the book. My ethical principles are based on harm reduction and helping one another.


    @ZHERO ZHERO im no christian,my brother


    Spooka ohh my bad. I was thinking you was one of those people who believe atheists are moral nihilists.

    Curse Of Maynard

    @ZHERO ZHERO nah, I like that you're an atheist. I would much rather you be one of those than anything else. Debates are for self-serving, greedy, tyrannical assholes anyway.

  45. GhastBA

    I love this band is exicclent

  46. Heavy Metal Rewind

    This has gotta be about Peter's denial when Jesus was upon the cross.

  47. Gordie Gibble

    I dunno why does this song reminds me of me not going to school?

    So yeah i got cursed by this and i love this song👍#imcursed

  48. Liana Kriebel

    Like Manafest's "I'm Only Human," this song really helps me remember that only God is worthy of my worship. He will never fail any of us.

  49. Meitnerium9818

    I can actually hear this being used in a transformers movie right when the credits start playing.

  50. Gordon Poor

    Definitely one of their best. This ballad is so good, and relatable.

  51. Rainbow_Ninja441

    its been 3 years still listening this bad boi

  52. TexasBoy Aaron

    Amen to song. 🙏

  53. Kyle

    this song would have been as good as motorheads "god was never on your side" for the finale of supernaturals last season.

  54. Robert Lockett

    I dig the double meaning. Ryan Clark = Logos inspired genius

  55. Daniel Still

    I love this band so strong and relateable lirics

  56. blah blah man

    sounds like a theme of a character who is vengeful against an entity that destroyed his life now he is only a shell of his past self finding peace by holding onto vengence.

  57. WantedSavage777

    I didn’t realize this was a Christian band, I thought completely opposite.
    I thought this was some kind of edgy atheist band that I really liked.

    By the way I’m a agnostic.

  58. Nitin Hardy

    All the people getting triggered with religious comments !!. Dude if you do not agree then scroll down and ignore, you don't have to mock someome for having religious faith.

    Curse Of Maynard

    Yes they do, their god, Richard Dawkins said so. They're just following orders from the leaders of their religion. 😆 Such hypocrites.

  59. A Truck Guy’s Review

    This song sounds great in the car

  60. Darren Johnson

    Jesus Is Lord!

  61. Matt

    I wonder if people realize that the so called satanic skull on there cover is because there band name is DEMON HUNTER

  62. Chris Colbourne

    This song holds so much truth. we are frail and break easily. love the tune boys.

  63. Your-fucking-god

    I really like this song that is all

  64. Bandhian Biswasyan

    What is the genre????

    Gos Gos

    Bandhan Biswas christian metal

  65. DaniRoseheart 620

    This is amazing!!!! I’m so glad my boyfriend introduced me to Demon Hunter😁😁😁😁

  66. lucipurr rrs

    I will fail you, bitch !

  67. NahFamIts _E

    Me and my dad used to listen to this when I was little 😂

  68. In The Sky We Trust

    Marvelous, Astonishing, Grandious, Wonderful, Beautiful, Great = Demon Hunter.

  69. wolfyboy11 Hitler

    Who likes this for 2019

  70. Nicholas Smirz

    Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Criste

  71. 1 4 0


  72. Random Dragon

    Im a Christian, but I honestly wouldn't have known that this band is Christian too, unless everyone kept bringing it up, lol
    Anyone can enjoy this kind of music and interperate it however you want. This song doesn't even make me think of religion or anything, Im just thinking about a character of mine that's an actual demon hunter, who keeps failing, lol

    Robert Lockett

    When the enemy tries to beat Christ out of you with fallacious arguments, you will fail them. You will in fact convict them of their sins.

    That's not what Ryan Clark said it means, but that is how I use it in battle.

  73. Anthony Bailey

    Second video by them so far love them

  74. Lucas Melo

    Eu Vou Falhar Com Você

    Estas palavras calmas me induzem,
    Elas continuam voltando.
    Em pensamentos superficiais e recortes vazios
    Desarmam me.
    Não tenho vontade de atacar

    Embora a tristeza e medo possam deixar você hoje

    Eu vou falhar com você
    Disso eu tenho certeza
    Vou lhe lembrar da dor para sempre
    E quando meus pecados forem apenas uma memória
    Quando a fé for restaurada
    Eu vou falhar com você

    Perdido na sombra de uma graça infinita
    Meu reino é desatado
    Neste abandono vou devastar
    Até a agonia ser encontrada

    Eu sei que eles caem sobre mim
    Eu os sinto bem do outro lado da minha porta

  75. mrsharipov

    very christian

  76. Eηchele ΟωΟ

    Kto Z Polski ?

  77. Sbolex666

    I was searching for Seattle rock bands and found this band


    Whitestripes: didn’t ask for more info about the band but ok cool I guess

  78. Ihsan Arikan

    I learned you from Killing Floor 2 :D

  79. Matheus Ferreira

    Supernatural brought me here

  80. Purgatory Allegory

    probaly will be the last big christian metal band

  81. Pepe Velazquez

    🎁🔉Esta Genial La Canción De Venquingos👌👍✌🏆🔉🎁

  82. WIZ Promotionz

    This intro sounds a lot like "Ghinzu - Do You Read Me"

  83. Ricer Caliber

    Thanks Demon Hunter :'3

  84. Ricar do

    Jesus is everything to me! Today I love Him more than ever and ALL I Want is to live in Eternity beside Him. Haters, Sorry about It.

    Kyle Smith

    Jesus is like a dad that never came back from the store who just went to get milk

  85. masoud ahmad

    This song make me imagening a bout a guy standing with just head under a hody and holding a big sword and just finished taking bad guys down and just walk and not looking back and his mind his sines is his to bare and don't give a care what that law think's like a dark hero

  86. Zachary Wrench

    Satan has a bull's-eye on my life but guess what so does Christ and I have read who wins that battle

  87. Paul Muwadeeb

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bible bashing fools

  88. MotoRacer171

    Satanic band: oh thats cool
    christian band: RREEEEE!!!!

    fucking people

  89. Average Alien

    Would be better if the lyrics were ironic

  90. MitchT93

    I'm an athiest, and I fucking love Demon Hunter! They've been a permanent staple of my workout/gym playlist since 2014 and they never disappoint!!!! Just amazing!!!

    Curse Of Maynard

    Please stay one, we don't need anymore of those retards sucking the blood out of this Earth. Death to all!

  91. AngelEater Studios

    I don't care about anybodies religious stance, its a good song. Christian jams are still jams nonetheless. Leave it at that.

  92. masoud ahmad

    This should go to an action colosal epic movie or anime

  93. Caduu Martins

    Algum BR que curte um Rock cristão?

  94. pablo rodrigues

    X2 speed

  95. GlatorienTube

    I love this song and it's demonic theme.