Demon Hunter - Helpless Hope Lyrics

Now the soil takes your breath
Nothing left
Just bones and empty roads
And a want for something more
Open door
But careful not to ask

And holding fast

Now sorrow burns around you
Anger, fear and death surround you
So afraid
Where is the void you're after?
Emptiness, the final chapter
So afraid
Helpless hope

To the hollow hands of fate
No escape
No panic, no reprieve
And the faith it was too blind
Too unkind
But faithful in the wholeness of

The hole itself


Let go

[Chorus x2]

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Demon Hunter Helpless Hope Comments
  1. Jerry Watkins

    Sounds like Breaking Benjamin

  2. Kayla Davis

    One of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, I can't stress how much this hits me.

    Giovanni Perez

    It describes how I feel. I can relate

  3. AnakinSkinwalker

    My family is suffering terminal cancer, and i am alone and depressed. This song really describes my life. I love it, and love Demon Hunter. Somehow it keeps me going.

    Christopher Phoros

    When you are face to face to the death, only way you can ask is Jesus, why alone if you have Jesus in your heart ...

  4. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless you

  5. ShyGuy 711

    "Faithful in the wholeness of the hole itself" is quite possibly one of the most powerful lyrics that encapsulates our daily struggle to find purpose, pleasure, and meaning in life.

  6. A Truck Guy’s Review

    This is my favorite song of all time forevermore.

  7. ayayron

    the beginning is sick!

  8. Let Freedom Ping

    One of their best songs by far, love it


    Essa toca lá no intimo

  10. lyrics master46

    "Now sorrow burns around you. Anger, fear and death surround you... helpless."
    Man that hits me hard. I absolutely love this song!

  11. singing4hope

    This song is deep. Hey all. New Demon Hunter fan here. I've been listening to their songs back-to-back and I haven't disliked any yet. I have so many years to catch up on. :)

  12. Hope Heartnet

    now the sorrow burns around you
    anger, fear and death surround you
    so afraid... helpless hope...

  13. Tearzone

    Am I the only one who listens to this song in 2018?

  14. Hunter 0002

    The best band ... I love you...from Brazil.

  15. Light Wolf Productions

    Such a beautiful song and it speaks to me on so many different levels
    I suppose I have a "helpess hope" in me to help me of my wrongdoings
    or a "helpless hope" that this girl I like is the one for me.
    I love Demon Hunter so much

  16. геннадий яковенко

    I'm still certain that only these guys and the Red band make true christian rock..

  17. kopano mokalane

    this is a piece of art from one of the best artists in history-A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!

  18. Josh S

    One of their best and most beautiful ballads. I connect with their lyrics a lot.

  19. Jesse Knox

    This song is the theme song to my life. It just perfectly describes my view of the world and know there is only one Hope and putting ones hope into one thing in life that isn't eternal leaves you with a void on your final days. I can feel God wrap His arms around me and take be away from the insanity of this world and leave everyone else to a helpless hope

  20. TelePhotoLens

    beautiful song

  21. Sam The Death Growler

    This is the best song in the album

  22. bequer Souza - Contra a Maré

    Nao sei como uma pessoa consegue dar deslike num som desses. Nao entendo msm

  23. The Broken Guitarist

    Love this fuckin song, along with the rest of their songs

  24. DeaDRoses 08

    It reminds me breaking Benjamin :O
    I love this band!

  25. Vlad the Inhaler

    This is such a great song.

  26. juan garza

    This bands songs reminds me it's ok not to be afraid of death or dying to except it as long as you keep god in your heart and or keep your faith

  27. SilentxPhoenix

    Doubt. That's what this song is about from my point of view. If I had a demon it's name would definitely be doubt. Something this song points out that I take to heart is that as a Christian, God does give you strength in his own way.

    He doesn't give you literal power, he doesn't change anything in the world you won't change yourself... instead he gives you hope. Until the day you die that's all he can give you because that's all you'll need. No matter how dark this world is, it is not hopeless.

  28. Joe Black

    this song reminds me of when my grandfather passed as I held his hand.

  29. Skyler G

    who here plays wow and rolls DH as your main??

  30. Veaceslav Cușter

    This is my favorite song.

  31. Variance Within

    I fucking love this song. That ring is amazing.

  32. casey leedham

    holy, this is AMAZING i agree, these powerful songs are where Demon Hunter truly shine

  33. A Z

    Love it (that's some sweet Deadsy shit right there). Good job as always Demon Hunter.

  34. Ewerton Almeida

    Essa é a banda que talvez ouça durante toda minha vida,me faz lembrar de bons tempos!

  35. HyenaBro777

    I feel like God has given me this song for a reason, it speaks to me unlike any other.
    My life has been stuck in a rut for a while, cant seem to get anywhere in life and i just want to give up, everywhere i turn is just a wall of doubt and regret. I often hope that God will lift me out of this hole, but i also feel that i have been subject to this torment for a reason that only he knows. No matter how much it hurts i will not curse God because of my circumstances, because i trust that he has given them to me for a reason that i will not know until i see him.
    With that said i still feel like i shouldn't be here, that my life is pointless, a hopeless void of nothing only to die an unfulfilled purpose that could have been. As my life goes on it hurts more and more but it becomes unbearable at times. But its the trial God has given me and i will press on as he sees fit.
    Demon Hunter always gives me a temporary hopeful outlook every time i listen to them, but then i found this song, and not to sound selfish but i swear it has been written solely for me to listen to, to feel empowered by.
    and of course others who may be dealt the same cards.


    Stay strong. You're not alone. I went through a similar pit awhile back. I've come to understand, in part, why I went through it, but it largely still remains a mystery. Keep your head up. Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 55:8-9; Romans 8:28.

    Tornado Freaks

    Amen. Its all about Proverbs 3:5-6


    What's up Brother? hope you are well. Praying for you tonight in Y town USA.


    +HyenaBro777 Are you a lover of hyenas or the crazy Disney one or what? Just curious.

    Kirk Frandsen

    HyenaBro777 You have a great testimony and many will benefit from hearing it. Thank you for being you. Demon Hunter definitely speaks to me too. You will be stronger in the end. Visualize things being better and they will be someday. When you feel like you are drowning just remember our life guard walks on water! God bless.

  36. Tessa Gonzales

    This song chokes me up every time.

  37. Donnie Moon

    loves these guys, keep the fire burning

  38. ShufflofigusCam

    Wow, this song is powerful!


    this song should have ended the record instead of heart of a graveyard


    Heart of a Graveyard is incredible! I respectfully disagree.


    it is , but this is much better song to close the album i think

  40. kingofprunes

    Reminds me of the story of Numbers 21:4-9...

  41. Princess Olmeca

    Leeeeeet gooooooo...
    Hoooooooold oooooon...

  42. Thrasher Napalm

    quede loco manso tema >.< gracias Demon Hunter

  43. Tárcio Rodrigo

    bom som!

  44. Austin Mitchell

    Demon hunter has helped through soooo much these past few months. Many of there songs (especially this one) have picked me up and kept me up through every hard time I've had.


    This song describes many years of my life where I struggled with severe depression. Demon Hunter was always a band I could cling to. Now that I'm past that part of my life and am still alive, this song really reminds me of where I've been and where I'm going. Hang in there! It' gets better, even if you have to grab life by the horns and give it a good few shakes.

  45. Ragnvald Black

    god bless demon hunter!

  46. tamiris rocha

    Que música é essa mds 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  47. CheapShotFail

    This song is simply exquisite. Demon Hunter always manages to end each album on an amazing song, which isn't too hard when all of their songs are amazing XD

  48. Tristan Llamb

    this song is absolutely gorgeous in every way

  49. Vidal Vidal

    Melhor banda do planeta ... demon hunter...

  50. Angelos USA

    Best band and song ever!!

    Cody Cook

    +John Hay Are you on Deviant Art? If so, I think I remember profile pic as one on there.

    Angelos USA

    +editedtechno yes I am my DA is knights of Columbus 18 and awesome!!

  51. Josh Jackson

    Watching news of Paris attacks and listening to this. Seems so appropriate for the mood...

  52. Michael Carfaro

    Anger fear and death surround you......

    I don't know what it is about that line but it keeps me wanting the song to never end. First time I heard it I had to stop everything I was doing to just listen to it, it was soo beautiful. So edgy yet calming. Chaotically seraphic is all I can say.


    +Michael Carfaro It's edgy as fuck, but yeah I know what you mean.

  53. Blue Moon

    COOL !!!

  54. Michael Pitts

    Demon hunter has been my favorite group since around 2010 and I absolutely love everything they've done. They have never dissapointed me.

  55. sweetpandemonium666

    Does anybody else get a Type O Negative sort of vibe to this, or is that just me?

  56. Godsbud777

    Why is this song not on iTunes?

    Harrison Koonts

    @Godsbud777 this song is on the deluxe edition of the album. its one of the bonus songs


    I know that, but bonus songs have been on iTunes before

    Michael Knowles

    @Godsbud777 they're on now

  57. Cody Cook

    "and the faith it was too blind..." I'm starting to question if Demon hunter is still a Christian band


    @editedtechno 'I believe there comes a time in everyone's life, sometimes on multiple occasions, when they experience the overwhelming urge to call out to God. More often than not, this comes in a time of need, a time of confusion or depression… a time when life has stopped making sense. In hindsight, the natural reaction is usually to consider these moments as a lapse of blind desperation. If we can't trust in the clarity of these crucial moments, we're fooling ourselves. This desire is not some learned ideology, but an inherent response of humankind. We feel it because it is the only final and true solution.' - Ryan Clark


    yes they still are, read what Ryan has to say about this song

    Cody Cook

    @freakycookie101 Thanks, that makes sense.

    Yu Toob

    Think of it like a dialogue between a believer and non believer. The non believer still doesn't want to believe despite what he's feeling. The believer told him that the faith that was "too blind" was faithful in filling the whole. A lot of their songs are dialogues like this. Hope this helps!

    Yu Toob

    +Yu Toob *hole

  58. Lee Boylan

    is there some one that feels the same way

    Cody Cook

    @Lee Boylan One right here.


    +Lee Boylan I Do. Depression is real, and only those who suffer it can truly understand the meaning of words like theses.

    Bryan Edwards

    this is the beauty of pain. those who haven't found it don't understand, those who don't want to understand have probably found it.

  59. Zach D Productions

    Wish I would have got the Deluxe edition!

  60. tronjones4939

    This is what I love about Demon Hunter.
    They can be amazingly hard, but can also be amazingly melodic.
    That's a big selling point for metal bands in my opinion, to prove they can be more than nonsensical screaming.
    Not to put down on anyone's musical taste. That's just my opinion. Enjoy what you will. :)


    So agree with you.


    I love both sides of Demon Hunter. ☺️

  61. sr bryan

    I can't find this on spotify either :(

  62. AssassinsQueen ;

    i cant download this song   i cant find it anywhere on itunes

  63. Beowolf14

    Does this sound kind of christmas-ish, or is it just the drugs I've been taking?


    @AJ Dich It's the tolling bells I'm sure :)

    chris adams

    @AJ Dich Well they are a Christian influenced band, so they are bound to display that influence in their music. I like their old stuff better, to me, this guy can't seem to get out of a certain vocal range and therefore it makes it seem as though all the songs sound the same.

    Marcus Britain

    It does I thought the same

  64. Rustin Wilson

    Now the soil takes your breath
    Nothing left
    Just bones and empty roads
    And a want for something more
    Open door
    But careful not to ask

    And holding fast

    Now sorrow burns around you
    Anger, fear and death surround you
    So afraid
    Where is the void you're after?
    Emptiness, the final chapter
    So afraid
    Helpless hope

    To the hollow hands of fate
    No escape
    No panic, no reprieve
    And the faith it was too blind
    Too unkind
    But faithful in the wholeness of

    The hole itself


    Let go

    [Chorus x2]

    Lusius Rayer

    +Wretched Egg am actually pretty sure it is soil but works with sorrow too and other pages say soil to like spotify for example

    Cj Bradley

    @Lusius Rayer Even listening to it, I hear an 'R' 

    Lusius Rayer

    +Wretched Egg Google it and You Will see :)

    Lane Webb

    I hear soil, not sorrow.


    It's "soil". He is correct.

  65. Jared Leto

    This stuff is as deep as the depths of the ocean trenches. This is so amazing to listen. It is so helpful in life to hear the music you can connect with. Being a Christian band only helps prove my point. God is speaking through them, and this helps me so much shorten my times in sorrowful pits.

  66. Cristy Osorio

    OMG! ... makes me want to cry ;A;
    Love it! <3
    DH 4 ever!

  67. suraj khawash

    i like this band..

  68. marler1975

    Queensryche kinda feel.Awesome mix.

  69. Pierre Joubert

    This song agitates me :S Think it's the pace.

  70. Andrew [Cro]

    Everybody wants this song of course because its so damn greattttttttttttttttttttt \m/

  71. wgjervold

    Please put this on the Google play store I want it so bad!

  72. Tommy Gunnz

    I love their heavier stuff but every single song they do in this vein is amazing (driving nails, dead flowers ect.) Well done DH well done

    Aaron Knee

    You can't forget I Am a Stone~ Absolutely exceptional(: But, I do agree with you. Another masterpiece lqtm.

    Rockin Reigns

    its called melodic or that background reverb could be called ambient. but mostly melodic. this is why i like them

  73. Kat R35

    Amazing song. Love it. 

  74. Veaceslav Cușter

    Thank you, Demon Hunter!

  75. Jonathan Francesco

    Make this available for individual download/purchase? Pretty please?

  76. Fringey Moose

    songs like this one are why i love Demon Hunter. i look forward to the day i get to meet these guys in Heaven. 

    Fringey Moose

    +Angela Galick lol yea I know. I actually have two of their songs on my iPod right now. Freaking love the new project. :) I just hope it doesn't mean the end to DH. It's been years now and they haven't done anything much since this past album, so I'm wondering if they're even still together.


    @Zach Bartu We'll probably be hearing something within the next year, they seem to do an album every 3 or so years


    that day will be amazing god bless !

  77. Henrique Oliveira

    This is a really good song, should be in the normal version of the album too


    I was pissed at this part of the album for the longest time. I pre-ordered the album to only get the non-deluxe version. They should have offered both versions for pre-order.


    @metalgod542 I pre-ordered the special edition, and got all the songs

    João Folha

    this song is masterpiece!!!! I'm falling in love... And I didn't even know it

  78. Danny G the Nature Guy

    W0w good work guys...keep it rocken man....!!!  DH 4 life !!!

  79. Janethe Cooper

    Música perfeita <3

    Christian Nunes

    Me lembra os primeiros albums com musicas mais lentas, essa é perfeita o refrão não sai da minha mente!

  80. chad metzger

    New favorite song right here.

  81. TheWalcorn

    Definitely my favourite song from the album, and a perfect last track on it.

  82. BumpsMcGee87

    Why isn't the deluxe edition on iTunes? Come on Solid State. Help me help you

  83. christopher bossert

    This needs to be on itunes


    I was pissed to find out it was missing. SO NOT COOL APPLE!!!

    AssassinsQueen ;

    i dont understand why some of the best songs by some artists arent on itunes    like what the heck

    Talon Diwisch

    It is on iTunes.

  84. christopher bossert

    Its only on the deluxe version which sucks

  85. PoonSteeze

    Every song is so powerful. No matter how hardcore or melodic, it always hits home. I hope more people fall in love with these guys as I did 8 years ago. thank you for the great sounds and lyrics guys