Demon Hunter - Half As Dead Lyrics

There is a light I've seen beneath the end
Nothing below can seem to hold it in

Deep enough to feel your heart break
To know I've gotta leave
Just below the surface, waiting
Close enough to breathe

When I go to sleep
Bury me three feet deep
I'm not half as dead as they are
Half as dead as you

All of the weight
Dead weight, to keep me there
Still not enough
No grey to fill the air

Deep enough to feel your heart break
To know I've gotta leave
Just below the surface, waiting
Close enough to breathe

When I go to sleep
Bury me three feet deep
I'm not half as dead as they are
Half as dead
Half as dead as you
Bury me three feet deep
I'm not half as dead as they are
Half as dead
Half as dead as you

All your convictions
Still not enough to wake
All your convictions
Still not enough to wake

When I go to sleep
Bury me three feet deep
I'm not half as dead as they are
Half as dead
Half as dead as you
Bury me three feet deep
I'm not half as dead as they are
Half as dead
Half as dead as you

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Demon Hunter Half As Dead Comments
  1. TheBros2theend

    God bless Jesus loves you

  2. Ryan Piotrowski

    if i steal this chorus and change the lyrics to be the opposite will you guys sue me

  3. Scott Mescutie

    Can you feel the venom resin. Out of the coffin and into the clay of the nùy. OO B your conviction. Still not enough to way. 3 ft deep. So the beast could smell me

  4. Shawn Streezo Strickland

    I truly believe God is trying to reach me through this music. demon hunter is amazing and I love their music.

    Brother Dave

    I hope he does! 30 years I lived for satan and MYSELF and when I turned to Jesus and put all my faith in Him and His finished works on the cross on my behalf i was born again and God is with me and teaches me His word and I am a new creation inside out! Only the power of the true God can do that to a human

  5. Pepito Giraldito

    Lyrics suck, but the whole song sounds ok

  6. Alex Dodunski

    It is loud and proud

  7. Underground Warrior

    Sounds like new All That Remains for me. Meh.

  8. Saints Creed

    All you people that say, Be like your Jesus and don't judge. I say its had to have compassion on the ignorant. I measured it, an cant wait. For i judge myself, don't you understand im not a Jew and under that law you wrest yourself upon, and it shall be your own destruction.

  9. rob a

    compared to some of their other songs this was meh. maybe it will grow.

  10. Black Knight

    sounds badass

  11. TjSiL1993

    Everyone's saying "they don't get why people hate the clean vocals" I haven't found one comment that is complaining about the song lol 😂

  12. Julie Goldsmith

    Red anyone?

  13. Brother Jared

    Album was released on my birthday <3

  14. Ender Gomez

    70 demons down thumbed. Rescind them now!

  15. cornelius mixtapes r sito


  16. cornelius mixtapes r sito



    go back to your cheesy church songs then, stop trolling. DH is as christian as they come, whether you agree or not

  17. sugar xxx


  18. Monica LR

    half ass dad 😂

  19. Nate Hamann

    That riff

  20. Sr Cajumaru

    Outlive será novo album?! shooow!!!

    Lex Metalis Assessoria e Agenciamento

    Já é... o álbum foi lançado em 31 de março

  21. riley

    my bff recommended this song... glad she did.

  22. Spoon

    Its okay.

  23. kh1129

    This song has an amazing groove. 10/10.

  24. Starkiller -7743

    Idk why ppl are complaining for this. I love it! I have listened to most of their albums and I haven't stopped.

  25. Mauricio

    The beginning sounds like something that would be on their self-titled album.

  26. Dorian Arcia

    You guys have to understand these lyrics weren't originally meant for Demon Hunter. Ryan wrote these lyrics for another band but felt they fit the music of this song.


    Would you happen to know what band Ryan wrote this for? I've been looking around but can't seem to find anything.

    Dorian Arcia

    I truthfully have no idea. It's just what Ryan said as a bio for the song.

    nemorian talks

    There's a band he started called nyves maybe that one.

  27. Loan Michell Fiuza Teixeira

    Cade os br ?

  28. Josh Keul

    I think it's crazy that Ryan originally meant this song to be for a different band but it fits so well with this album.

  29. Josh Keul

    This song is just so good.

  30. Frosty

    In the little experience I have had working on the side digging graves. They usually dig them 4 feet down. So its nice not hearing 6 feet down. Aside from the point of being half of 6 feet deep which he says 3 feet.

  31. Frosty

    DH in 4K Res. Wow.

  32. Luthor Maher

    When did the singer of Nickleback join Demon hunter?

  33. Joseph Forsline

    2 days! who's hyped?

  34. Rob Ray

    Love it.

  35. Firstone33

    it's here my pre order came today yessss!! best fucking album ever! totally worth the 20 dollars and wait

  36. Judah

    This song is nothing but art. Shit, the verses are the best. I love that vocal style. Reminds me of stone temple pilots and sound garden mixed with Ryan's vocals

  37. Matt McGee

    DH is the only band that I can say with certainty has NEVER released a bad song (in my opinion.) I love to enjoy their progression as a group, and it's like they reinvent themselves with every album.

    Yves Heinrich

    AGREED IN SO MANY LEVELS! There aren't many bands who either get better every album or just change in a likable way. Demon Hunter is definitely one of those bands, that they've known their role since the beginning and know how to progress.

  38. Donovan Kirkpatrick

    This is one of the best songs in the Demon Hunter library.

  39. Crypt Keeper

    Love demon hunter this is just boring though

  40. Avalon Phoenix

    I don't know... It's a good song but it's a bit different from the old music

    Yves Heinrich

    Would you consider Extremist old? Outlive has the vibe of Summer of Darkness's softness and the last three album's heaviness.

  41. Davi Ferreira

    OMG new song of these guys! is so amazing!

  42. Andrew Scott

    Sorry. Going to have to pass on this album. Just haven't felt each song they have released.

  43. The seeker

    Epic fail, gotten really repetitive and soft. Terrible first to releases

  44. Pille Palle

    Broing. It´s loud, it´s not commercial. But it´s boring to hear.

    Yves Heinrich

    You have a very bad taste in music, chief.

  45. Meew2

    I have a feeling this could have been about 30% heavier.

  46. Nancy Edwards

    when i go to sleep !!!

  47. SKY666

    cold winter sun
    died in my sleep
    when i go to sleep bury me three feet deep

  48. Doug

    I was already into metal when I found Demon Hunter, I've been following them from the beginning. While there's room for a couple songs with mellow vocals, the reason I got into them was because most of the songs had the "heavier" vocals ~ and with heavier riffs. I sure miss that! Summer Of Darkness & The Triptych will always be the best! Just my opinion anyways.... Oh, and I absolutely love the 1st song on The Extremist : "Just who do you think I am ~ I am Death!!! Wish they were all like that! If I want to hear something heavy, then I want it to be all the way HEAVY! AND PRAISE GOD WHILE I'M AT IT!

  49. VileChaos

    If your reading this, don't stop rocking till you drop. #demomhunterforlife!

  50. Sylt

    I am the only one that hears "Circle" by Slipknot in this song? Well, I love Slipknot and I love Demon Hunter, so I don't mind at all!

  51. Justin Linches


  52. slim mnissri

    OH SHIT I HATE THIS FLOP SHIT MUSIC britneyy is better

    Yogi Yahya

    Nice Try , penguin , Nice Try .

  53. Tiago Lima

    Não gostei dessa música, mais foi só essa das 3 que foram divulgadas...... mas espero que esse álbum venha mais pesado do que os últimos.

    Lex Metalis Assessoria e Agenciamento

    Foram 4 divulgaas ..."Jesus Wept", a mais porrada, saiu so para os pledgers inicialmente, mas vc acha por ai na net

  54. CharleZ

    Outlive is gonna be sick 🤘🏽

  55. Tim RAMGREN

    Anybody else see the resemblance to their classic demon head logo in the tree?

  56. Will C


  57. Chrisuke Doom クリスケ

    Nice way to do a lyric video.

  58. Zachary Henke

    Maybe once I hear all of these singles in the context of the album I'll like them better, but right now I think all of these songs are just okay.

  59. Marcos Dourado

    Não é querendo procurar treta com nenhum fã, mas esses caras que eu ouço há uns 10 anos quase, só tem me decepcionado. O último álbum que eu ainda curti bastante foi o The World Is a Thorn, e de resto eles são a banda que divulgam as músicas que considero ruins e deixam as boas pra gente descobrir, tipo: Cross To Bear, In Time etc. Mas sinceramente criatividade ta indo pra baixo, tô começando a desistir de ouvi-los!

  60. Adiel Arturo Blanco Gomez

    R.I.P Demon Hunter


    so your taste in music "died in your sleep" (demon hunter) ? haha

  61. Arron P.

    so different then died in my sleep this songs got more of Ryan's trademark growl love it

  62. Michael Cass

    lancem logo esse album, pelo amor de Deus...

  63. Calbenmike

    Demon Hunter is seriously disappointing me with this album, thus far. Far too mellow.

    Edmond Quinton Hurst

    I blame the mix honestly. The guitars are really pushed back.

    Yves Heinrich

    Half of their albums are pretty soft, I hope you've realized that by now. And it's safe for me to say Outlive is my favorite album! It beats Summer of Darkness for sure, and they're both equally soft.


    Yep not buying this one, doest have the heart and soul Ethan and don gave the band. I think secretly don did a lot of the vocals...just listen after storm. Storm the gates of hell was the pinnacle of all the album's, extremist was a very good shot. This album they weren't even trying and I can tell that they ditched the peaveys for something else, shame on you.


    zmunky, your loss bud. the album is amazing


    sh9683 It's not even close to amazing. It's borderline, terrible. It doesn't deserve to be called a Demon Hunter album.

  64. Anil Bhate

    Great song, Demon Hunter! \m/ I have loved all the singles u guys have released for 'Outlive' & I am so very proud for all of you, as I know 'Outlive' is gonna rock hard! Can't wait to buy this album on March 31st! Best of luck & God bless you Demon Hunter👍🙏

  65. John Lewis

    Not bad, but not great.

  66. IBennx77I

    Holy Shit this Band is so 666. Really luv it. Hail Satan and keep killing those damn zeds!

    Adam Flake

    IBennx77I hey at least you tried

  67. João Folha

    Que triste... Não to gostando =s, mas feliz pelos que tão amando

  68. Retribution83

    This is some boring shit. I googled the band and found out they are religious so it makes sense that it would be some slow excuse for "metal".


    Silly, silly you, yes. Good night!


    Heh now that was some oldschool insulting you attempted there. Brava.


    Retribution83 So you're gonna judge their entire discography based on what you heard from this album (which some songs are admittedly slower, but sure as hell not even bad) without even giving their other albums a chance because Christian = everything is automatically boring. Okay. Have fun being close minded!


    Thanks! :)

  69. Battle Born

    I'm all for the clean vocals, but this just doesn't have that same badass impact as collapsing, carry me down, or i am a stone. Still a good song though

  70. Ben DCLXVI

    Honestly at first I was pretty disappointed. It's growing on me. Ive been following them since the TFU days and I remember the buzz I got when I heard the demo version of through the black. The self titled album is the best IMO. It's aggressive and haunting.

  71. Ruan Neves

    Sounds awesome, the only thing I haven't linked about the last few songs is the guitar tone, just sounds like it's missing something...

  72. Inaara Alikhan

    This is so bad

    Prodi G.

    Inaara Alikhan opinions are like assholes everyone has one

  73. Cs K

    Half step back! Sorry to say.

  74. Brad Cherry

    The vocals are just one chilling and the melody is amazing. Demon hunter is amazing

  75. Christian Coy

    For all those saying this is "soft" or "weak"... every single album has a lament or a requiem. This is most likely the calm before the storm. I would hold your judgment until you hear the entire album. This is just the thunderhead building. The lightning and hail are likely to follow.

  76. loren carper

    i love this song cant wait for the new outlive to come out on march 31 i think it is going be a awesome album and also love the other singles that are this CD

  77. RSB

    is this a reupload?

  78. Lurking

    Demon Hunter has been my favourite band for 7 years now, they were the first metal band I really got into. They never dissapoint, in my books. I can't wait for the pre-orders to ship. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  79. MrRoundthetwist

    I like!!! 😈

  80. whatever

    lol wtf

  81. Dantess26

    This song is so much better at 1.25 speed!

    Steven O

    I kind of agree with you :(

    Gino Simplicio

    I agree


    takes away the chug of the guitar :/

    I roast bitchboys

    git back to nightcore man

  82. NormireX

    oi cant be less excited about the new DH. None of the new stuff has captured my interest. its like the DH that was is evaporating slowly from this band. in short just doesnt sound like DH anymore really.imo

  83. zarucarsha

    Everyone in this track sounds totally bored. The vocals lack fire, the guitar playing lacks aggression, the chorus lacks punch. It's like they wrote an aggressive metal track then thought, "Nah, we'd better slow it down. Because Jesus."

    Duncan Gilbert

    I thought you had a chance to conjure valid opinions... until I looked at your profile page and your shit ass uploads, and then you lost all credibility.


    The irony is that your casual disregard for classic usbm nullifies your opinion in regards to metal. Metal tryhard level achieved: 0.

    Duncan Gilbert

    Must be rough producing music so enlightened that only a minuscule fraction of the metal community appreciates. If only more people were as tasteful as your tiny pool as fans. The rest of the world must be wrong, right?

    Adam Flake

    zarucarsha uhhhhh have you listened to any of demon hunters other music? if they slowed things down "because jesus" how do you explain songs like Cross to Bear? Death? Quit using someone's religion to belittle them, maybe they made the song the way they did... BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO? not everything has to be edgy dude.


    you need to play high volume in your vehicle!

  84. Chris P. Tenders

    Nobody attack me for this, but this song was kinda boring. I just kinda miss the good old days with Summer of Darkness, The Triptych, and Storm the Gates of Hell where there was a lot of energy and every song was a masterpiece. The World Is A Thorn was pretty great, but it seems like lately there are one or two songs with really great melody and the rest are just okay or like this one... not really unique in any way. No hate, this is just my thoughts as a long term fan. SOD was my first metal album.

  85. Byte MUSIC

    One word: JUICY

  86. Giticomi

    This is soft.Its the whole album gonna be like that,if so thanks but not interested.


    jesus wept


    Yeap,I listened to that song and had to buy the album.

  87. Davi Lopes

    Love it!

  88. Joel Lee

    Demon Hunter never disappoints.
    Was listening to them in secondary (2012) till now

  89. Beatriz BG

    DH... los sigo amando, son mi banda especial... siempre

  90. I love you all day i love you always몬스타엑스

    meu Deus ❤❤❤

  91. Geozone

    It's alright

  92. Odenis Alfaro

    this is really a great song!!

  93. ssliles321

    Once again, awesome song bye DH! Can't wait to give the whole album a listen!

  94. New Creation

    Now I really need to get a Demon Hunter T-shirt and the new album!

    Jon K

    New Creation they're still available on Get 'em while you can. They have been going fast and some stuff now Sold Out or has been for a while. Just make an acct and place an order. I ordered my stuff last September. Signed CD, Signed silk-screen poster, Pledger-Only Exclusive DH Shirt and Digital copy! Can't Wait!!!!!

    New Creation

    Thanks for the info!

    Jon K

    New Creation no prob.

  95. Waterhazrd

    3 songs down so far!!! The 31st can't come any sooner can it?

  96. wade fucking wilson

    the only cool thing about this song is the lyrics.... no melody at all.. i hope the rest of the songs are cool heavy melodies