Demon Hunter - Feel As Though You Could Lyrics

Oh, cheap thrill sand vacant youth
Carry out your own will
Shovel deep and bury truth
Social stain, punk wreck, mother's own defect
Sing that song you know so well
Sing it one foot in Hell
Eyes wide black
Turn your back
Oh, how the foolish will see
How every man he will bleed

The vultures circle, halo of the dead
Another vicious cycle, swall what you're fed
And now the vultures circle, halo of the dead
Another vicious cycle
Be true to your dissent.

Somehow feel as though you could
Somehow, in all your petty suffering
Burn this down

Rejection of weak trends and fake hate
This is what you're fighting for? Some fool's mistake
I will devour you
I'll overpower you
Rise from the ashes, screaming eternity

Ignite upon these words and breathe defeat
Your shallow deeds make Hell for wood and stone,
Flesh and bone,
This alone

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Demon Hunter Feel As Though You Could Comments
  1. Xavier King

    This is what I think about today's generation

  2. TheBros2theend

    God bless and save you

  3. Josh Jackson

    This album comes out in 2010, and I don't give this song a second listen. Now in 2017? I can't stop listening to it...

  4. Auldron

    Jesus is Metal!! Satan is a Hip Pop, Disney Loving, Emo Faggot! Who's the BITCH Now?! ROTFLMFAO!!!

  5. The Unslain Dragon

    This song is aimed at the youth.

    I'm in trouble....

  6. Rhys Peerenboom

    Favorite song on the album right here.

  7. The Cleansing Process

    this song is SO... FREAKING... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Omer Cinar

    especially when the part when he says The Vultures Circle

  8. LegendOfDusty

    Malik they did a interview saying there Christians man you take the lyrics the wrong way brother

  9. Tronzie

    If you listen to all there songs they are not christian

    Josh Jackson

    Hi Malik. I think there's an important distinction to make: Are they a Metal Christian band, or guys who play Metal and who also are Christian? I'd suggest the latter. You certainly won't hear their music in church, but that doesn't mean the band members are not believers :-)

    As for this song, here's why Ryan Clark had to say (taken from

    Song Meaning
    Ryan said...

    The heavy metal scene is a culture steeped in pointless, juvenile rebellion. In some extreme cases, some delusional metal heads have murdered and raped for what they see as a rebellious or “true metal” lifestyle. More specifically, there are a number of church burning occurrences that led me to write this song. I understand that these burnings were committed in an attempt to regain some supposed pagan landscape, however, I would also assume that the real goal is to destroy Christianity, and not just a building. With logic now introduced in the scenario, I offer the concept that you cannot physically burn down something existing in a spiritual realm, therefore attempts at destroying something that dwells within our souls are futile.

    "But the temple he had spoken of was his body." - John 2:21

    Oscar James

    That's a great question, Josh Jackson. I have seen both sides of that coin, in For Today's poignant sermon-like songs that ring with the Holy Spirit, as well as in the rock band Anberlin (back before they disbanded), who were Christians, but according to frontman Stephen Christian, were just that - Christians in a rock band. He said that while his faith affected every part of his life, which showed in a few of his songs, he gave a disclaimer in that he tries not to witness with his songs, believing they should be separate. I've only been a fan of Demon Hunter for about a year now, but I can confidently say that they are Christian musicians who love and fear God, and that they play songs with Christian themes, messages, and ideals. Much like For Today and others in the sense that they aren't ashamed to follow Christ, but with a variation in the way they present their messages. Rather than providing sermons like For Today, or turning Scripture verses into songs like Wolves at the Gate, or speaking from personal experiences on God's grace like Wage War, I think Demon Hunter's lyrics come from a profound understanding and sense of the Scriptures, but not just the words. They incorporate what God's Word means to us, grounding them in reality rather than just quoting them. In my opinion, they accurately repeat the very messages and meanings that the Holy Spirit inspired the authors of the Bible to write.

    Anyway, too long didn't read; Demon Hunter is definitely a group of God-fearing musicians who play songs that point to God and the Bible.

    Nixon Aiko

    Even God has wrath and anger and frustration. Jesus had anger as well, it's easy to forget that.

  10. Jayme Patageul

    this song kick ass hardly until the end ! Go to the emergency :D

  11. leprechaunandcompany

    my favorite part of this song is the line "oh how the foolish will see how every man he does bleed"


    Same 0:39

  12. Natalia JUAREZ


  13. blove9387

    your an idiot...the singing is amazing...who wants to listen to nothing but screaming all the time...go listen to bring me the horizon since you dont like good bads......lololol your hilarious

  14. Corey Horton

    I sent the replay button to heaven :D

  15. Mark Harris

    I enjoy listening to this song. But one thing confuses me.

    What is with the ending? IT sounds.... well it sounds like a lot of different things that will ether disgust or confuse people if I try to put it to text.

    Anyone have any idea what it really is?

    Da Kat

    the singer started losing HP towards the end of the song. (damage grunts and all ;) )


    Mark Harris Haha yeah that's what I wonder every time I listen to it. Like, how do you explain to someone the purpose of those grunts being there?

    Therevenant880 yeet

    i think it's making a vocal repsentation to the general turmoil in every rebellious teen......i should know, i was one of them. whenever i hear that, i think "the guy's gone insane"

  16. Kyle Wise

    So if there are cars on the highway and it would be common sense not to walk in the middle of the road right? Oh but that's the most popular idea... I guess I'll be walking into traffic from now on just because of your comment.. :P

  17. deadboy420

    Demon Hunter

  18. Maximilian Ruane

    That's the deification of society. Gosh I feel bad for Earth :P

  19. joel sorto

    Man this song really touches me. God is good

  20. eyeam19able

    Can anyone tell me how old this album is?

  21. TheRunningCoch

    @rjdejong85 no i take responsibility completely i mess up bad bro bad, but its like if u get in trouble and u tell ur parents rite away they can help u. I DON'T mean u push any thing on u at all but i just want u to understand and not have the wrong impression of Jesus. and it is true God will find them, but he does use ppl to help. :) i hope u have a freaking awesome life bro.
    respectfully, KS

  22. Robbert-Jan de Jong

    @KnownSaint RIght, so instead of taking responsibility you turn to Jesus, That's really mature of you. Learn to accept life as it is and you'll be happier for it. As for you kids, please let them make their own decision. If God wants them to believe they will find him on their own.

  23. Acheron

    @rjdejong85 agreed

  24. TheRunningCoch

    @rjdejong85 oh ya and Jesus Loves u :)

  25. TheRunningCoch

    @rjdejong85 not burying truth because if not messing up beyond repair with no where to turn is what u like then believing in Jesus is not for u..."as for me and my house we will serve the Lord"
    nothing against u at all :)

  26. Robbert-Jan de Jong

    Love Demon Hunter. Their sound is just awesome. And their lyrics are usually dead on. Except for the small detail that they are proclaiming a false truth .

    If there is anything good a burying the truth it must be christianity. Anything that puts blind faith before common sense must have a lot to burry.

    Talon Diwisch

    E Hoppz Amen.

  27. thegr8bigmouth

    I love this song. About the self led Pagans and Atheist. who's hate for Christians are so evident they based a whole RELIGION on trying to bring us down. POWERFUL!

  28. Constitutional Patriot

    Just so you guys know, this song is not a good song to listen too if you want to know Demon Hunters typical style cause the person actually singing this whole song is the lead singer from Throwdown. Just a guest appearance. Like this style? Listen to Throwdown.

  29. Brandon Price

    one of the best songs ever for christian heavy metal bands

  30. MegaDragonbutt


  31. JW4675

    2:30 - 2:59 and the ending make this song viciously brutal

  32. clykdd

    This makes my ears bleed because of its awesomness.

  33. Jayme Patageul

    extreme and awesomeness song ! so quick ! wouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  34. SuperDeath098

    good job

  35. ShakespeareanMetalhead

    @123himself wrong, 0:00 to 3:58 is the best part!

  36. apalis182

    very good lyric design ! thumbs up :)

  37. Rawk4Life

    Well, I am not particularly found of the vocal style of the frontman from The Agony Scene by himself. But, for the Demon Hunter song he sang on, he wasn't half bad.

  38. Samuel Webb

    Greatest band ever!

  39. Chip87

    I love this sonf so much

  40. Scott Boggs

    Who's the new background singer, or is that just an overdub of Ryan's voice?

  41. Rawk4Life

    Since at least Summer of Darkness at least. Their song Beheaded was a fast song and featured guest vocals from the singer of The Agony Scene.

  42. APX5LYR

    that was my first thought when I heard it as well.

  43. Lee-Vi Salinas

    Chorus Is amazing!

  44. tirecandle

    o my gosh when he said rebellion he sounded so much like Phil Anselmo of Pantera!

  45. SonOfTheMartyr

    @mattbarnes10 Hahaha, yeah. I'd have to agree. But this probably tied with The World is a Thorn as my second favorite song on the album. (Right behind Descending Upon Us)

  46. TracerAdvanced

    coolest name ever o.o

  47. matt barnes

    Good band but they have the lamest name


    Well, as far as names, Demon Hunter one ups KungFu Barney. We can start there.