Demon Hunter - Died In My Sleep Lyrics

I see now
We're all that's left
I can't begin to hold my breath
For something else

We gave in
Gave up on hope
We left them length enough in rope
To free themselves

Then I woke to find you here
I felt the light
Saw you take the fire inside
Break the silence wide

I thought I died
Died in my sleep
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
How can this be?

No witness
No means to end
We cannot wait to keep this in
To free ourselves

Then I woke to find you here
I felt the light
Saw you take the fire inside
Break the silence wide

I thought I died
Died in my sleep
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
How can this be?
Died in my sleep
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
How can this be?

Died in my sleep
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
How can this be?

Died (Died)
Died in my sleep (Died in my sleep)
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh (Ooh ooh, ooh ooh)
How can this be? (How can this be?)
Died (Died)
Died in my sleep (Died in my sleep)
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh (Ooh ooh, ooh ooh)
How can this be? (How can this be?)

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Demon Hunter Died In My Sleep Comments
  1. Federico Siepen

    is owesome, best song

  2. Johnny Hally

    Algum BR em 2020??

  3. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless heal and save you

  4. - weaponized64

    Those flashes at the start deja vu'd me real good... but i dont know how.

  5. Dylan Black

    Song is dope to this day.

  6. Rosely Cesar

    Demon Hunter é metalcore, não white metal, não toca música religiosa...tem músicas espiritualizadas mas Demon Hunter é metalcore....
    Muito boa a banda,amo a voz do Ryan!!!!

  7. TheBros2theend

    Jesus loves you

  8. seebeast78

    I felt the light

  9. Talon Diwisch

    I think I actually like Outlive more than War and Peace. It felt more cohesive and the songs were a bit more memorable to me. However, I’ve only just listened to War/Peace only once. BUT... the same with Outlive as well.

  10. Gavin Sahabandu

    That grove 🤘🏽😍🤘🏽

  11. TheBros2theend

    God bless and save you

  12. Minimeister317

    Theme sounds very similar to that of Fallout 3.

  13. Jamey Bobamey

    This is the way you do it. The subtle message of Christ. People hear the seed before they even realize the message. Keep planting it my brothers. Music is so technical and on point

  14. Diêgo Freitas

    Brasil Love song Jesus. Congratulation = parabéns wlw. Top CLip e Music

  15. Solomon OH

    If only we had more Christian metalcore bands with more guitar solos like this... there would have been less nagging from trve kvlt kids

  16. Sl1prage Inc.

    I fucking love these guys!

  17. Arron P.

    Demon hunters best song...but I have to say helpless hope..that songs amazing

  18. Diego Agencia 2

    Perfect song

  19. Arron P.

    This song is perfect!!!

  20. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal and save you

  21. Tracye Metcalf

    How could u be so good...mama aTracye Devon

  22. only1clover

    Love this band!!!

  23. Isaiah Albers

    Love the song, but I have to agree with those saying it's epileptic seizure inducing.

  24. Liana Kriebel

    Nodding my head with the beat is becoming a problem bc my coworkers keep thinking I'm agreeing with whatever they're saying.

  25. stuckmannen

    ma bois

  26. Logan Griffin

    There best...

  27. Tony Blizz

    This is the fist I've heard this song, got war and peace CD, I needed to hear the rest, was not disappointed

  28. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal and save you

  29. No One

    Haha so funny

  30. undericesinger

    When the music video REALLY reflects the music. Awesome job!


    the riff sounds like an IN FLAME'S song, if I am not mistaken.

  32. Turnip Root Turnip Root

    This song is seriously amazing. Demon Hunter is by far the best band around. Also I miss Ryan’s beard

  33. Zachary sicfion

    I think this would be great for mass effect 3s destroyer ending when shpeard wakes up.


    Que sonzeira!!! Melhor banda

  35. Daniel Martin

    Somebody please help, the finger tapping lick at the beginning of the solo sounds like a classical piece, someone please tell me what it is!?

  36. Brian Jankowski

    Every song they write always has an awesome hook/chorus to it.. love it!

  37. Sean Rainey

    awe yeah lovin the new sound DH delivers

  38. Rayborn Leonard

    Demon hunter always delivers! Thank you all in the band for being who you are! God bless!

  39. Stillman In Motion

    Just heard this for the first time today. Oh my gosh this song is soooo good! Why isn't there Christian rock stations?! Where has this been all my life?!


    3:02 zone, some classical influence in the solo? Yes please!

    Daniel Martin

    I HEARD IT TOO! What is it??

    Commander AzClub

    @Daniel Martin Maybe Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach? Could this be?

  41. Harry Barnack

    Going thru some of their new songs and some older ones, I've felt a rekindling of wanting to play and write music, as well as profess my faith thru it. Demon Hunter is an amazing band and I hope I get to catch them live one day.

  42. Jatniel M Costa

    2019 Brasil

  43. bob zealand

    Sounds a lot like (all that remains) really great song love demon hunter

  44. Valdemi Massau


  45. Chad M

    Clark without the beard is so different


    he hasn't had a beard for a while now, ever since extremist he hasn't had a beard

  46. ShadowMoses 9517

    The beginning reminded me of an I see stars riff

  47. Reghardt Jordaan

    Dude grow back the damn beard

  48. metalcore max


  49. Vernon Salisbury

    This song reminds me of my dad. He suffers from a rare sleep disorder where he will fall asleep standing up. There have been DAYS my dad has been on his feet with no hope of rest. I don't know why this is, it makes me very sad. He is a fighter and never gives up, but I fear he's going to die in his sleep here eventually. Please pray for my father that he finds his light.

  50. Zenas Starchild

    Epilepsy warning!!! Kick ass song!!!

  51. Nathan Clauser

    I love this so much that I can't stop listening to it! I love their sound so freaking much!

  52. Prophetic Soldier

    Demon Hunter!!! Goood!!
    "O! Awake, Sleeper!!"

  53. Andrew Rep

    I love this song but not a fan of the video

  54. Robo Bear

    Best Christian band

  55. saku

    224 people don't like good music and good videos

  56. Shelby Hosey

    I SAID D.N.R.!

  57. Nina Dragonborn

    this song is very deep understanding it require a lot of understanding of the universe and humanity

  58. JonnyBoyUltra161

    I have been a huge fan since their early albums and I was kinda feeling like they were losing it with the newer albums. However, this album is a serious comeback. Died In My Sleep and Cold Winter Sun have cemented themselves in my mind to be among their best songs.

  59. Marcelo Ledes

    I love this album totally awesome!

  60. Operational Battle station

    Well this is a different sound. Not bad though. Just promise us you won't end up like Skillet


    skillet isn't even that bad, i have heard good bands become much worse, lol, but get what you are saying

  61. DemonHunter

    wow es monstruosamente genial esta banda!!!

  62. Billy bill

    this song is so good !

  63. Dusty Greenlaw

    Awesome song love it😁

  64. Fedders1989

    Demon hunter does not get enough attention. They’re great and diversity in sound is amazing.

  65. Richard Sinclair

    Dude, I swear. He looks like Bjorn Strid. Maybe it's just the bald head. Bald heads confuse me.

  66. Clifton Friese

    Are they gonna tour with Outlive Album?

  67. Scross

    They need to do more music videos.

  68. superstock591w



    This stupid song came up on My feed Again.
    Absolutely horrible. That oooooo oooooo part is like nails on a chalkboard.
    Demon Hunter needs to get their act together on this next album.
    I absolutely loved their softer songs on previous albums, but this song has none of that strength that made the former ballads strong. It feels as if he is trying to sound like a a neutered version of himself in my opinion. No comparison to I am a stone and heart strings and apologies.

  70. Tim Human

    Great Song to play, Love it.

  71. Franciele fran


  72. Zachary Williams

    Love that guitar solo!

  73. boomguitarjared

    Gihvs Meh a slight In Flames reminiscence feelin'. I dou enjoi

  74. Sunny Skye

    Every album is like that Christmas gift you long for. When a release date is announced, the calendar countdown begins. Not sure I could live without my giant-killin' music. I love y'all. Now and into eternity. God bless y'all for being obedient. You are so badly needed, especially now. These are Trying Times, after all.

  75. The Cat Guru

    can i know why christians,atheists and sotonist allways argue in comments?

  76. Mylon Marcell

    This has become one of my favorite metal albums of all time. I don't think I've listened to any single album by any band more than this one. I just hope DH keeps up the good work and has plenty of future releases like this!

  77. Sarah Hatuschi

    Sparzanza - Going down 😅

  78. Aliyah Burnette

    Best album from demon hunter I love this band.

  79. coolduck45

    Demon Hunters Unite!!

  80. Nick Fegley

    These guys have always had such a distinct sound. There's something about them that just sounds so unique and original. They're so underrated it's sad, they have so much talent.

  81. Ray Matta

    Top, 🤘2018 Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Kenneth David Edgar Anderson

    I've died in my sleep probably in the low hundreds by now.

    Kenneth David Edgar Anderson

    It could have been worse so I thank God for sending Jesus.

  83. James Edelli

    Song of the year

  84. Jefferson Lima

    edtava morto no meu sono, mas agora estou de olhos bem abertos.

  85. Michael Canada


  86. Stephen j

    That chorus, still can't get enough after repeating it so many times.

  87. Stephen j

    Similar to the new trivium album, both are incredible

  88. Zenas Starchild

    I love the guitar sounding like a harpsichord...

  89. celticrocker13

    Decided to take some action. Please sign to help make a change.


    seriously? what you did for your kid was the right thing, getting the government involved is not the right thing


    How is getting the government involved not the right thing? They are supposed to work for us. They have the power to regulate what is on television. And if you're referring to the President, I wasn't intending to send it to him. That was an accidental click. The link has been updated and the petition is not being sent to him, but to the chairman of the FCC, as well as several media outlets. The new link is


    You consider seizures that could potentially cause death to be a petty issue?


    DID your child have a seizure? its called using your brain, you made sure your kid didn;t get a seizure. as a dad you where smart enough without the government to make sure your kid didn;t keep watching it, and for adults with epilepsy i would hope they are old enough and smart enough to know what causes it. NO need for government


    But what happens when someone DOESN'T know they're epileptic? Did you ever hear about the Pokemon incident in Japan? The porygon episode that aired caused seizures all around Japan resulting in several deaths. People can go their whole lives not knowing they have photosensitive epilepsy until something triggers it. So, this isn't just about my kid. It's about other people, too. A change needs to be made. I never said I wanted videos like this to never be made, just have a warning at the beginning. If they can do it for violence, sex, drugs, and language, I don't see why they can't do it when it comes to something that could potentially take lives. The government is who regulates those things, so I don't believe getting them to change things is wrong. Again, they are supposed to work for the people. If you don't agree, then don't sign the petition, and move on. Fortunately, I've been blessed to have my son diagnosed early on in his life, but others aren't so fortunate. And, for some, it only takes a couple of seconds to trigger something. So, keep that in mind when you want to blame the victims for not being "smart enough" to turn it off, when they didn't even know it would cause the problem in the first place. Also, as a parent, when my child is watching TV, I'm not always watching with him, and, even if I was, I have no way to predict what is about to be aired. So I firmly believe a regulation needs to be in place to have a discretional warning at the beginning of such things to help prevent the problem. I've seen plenty of videos and programs that have the warning simply because the creators thought about it in advance. It's not that hard to implement a regulation that would ensure that episodes can be prevented. Don't sign the petition. Other people will. Move on, because I really don't care what your opinion on the matter is. I feel in my heart I have made the right decision, and if you disagree, then that is fine. That's you. Don't sign. Move on.

  90. celticrocker13

    So, anyone else here support a law or regulation or something that requires any video, movie, or television episode to have some kind of discretionary warning at the beginning for those with epilepsy in situations like this? This video immediately starts with the flashing. Wasn't expecting it, and my epileptic three year old is cuddled up with me on the couch. Luckily, I scrolled down and just stayed in the comment section for the duration of the video before he could have an episode. Please, put some kind of advisory notice on your videos with flashing like this. Thank you.


    Yikes. Sorry to hear that happened. I don't know if a law should be put in place for this, but I do think YT should require the uploaders to check off on a box or something that would label any content they upload as "possible epilepsy triggering". Maybe a stamp with a designated color could be placed in videos like this one? Even for someone who doesn't have this issue, I found all the flashing to be a little too much for my sight at times.


    If a law can't be passed, something like what you said would be great. I've created a petition to get some kind of change made. You can follow the link here:
    Your support would be greatly appreciated. :)

  91. Shadowcell Theory - Band -

    Man I love those riffs during the verse portions of the song! Also, I was worried they got a new singer for a sec....that beard makes all the difference! hah

  92. Master Groshi

    this is where i put my opinion thats is irrelevant to music

  93. Big Ronnie

    I'm a atheist and I have always loved Demon Hunter. They prove that not all Christian bands suck. They are amazing.

  94. Sandro Candeias

    why wasn't i informed about this band??? someone f..ed up

  95. Jason

    If Nickelback was a metal band this is what it would sound like.


    well I happen to like nickleback, but I take it you meant that in a bad way? well if so you are WRONG! DH rocks

  96. CSM

    I see now
    We're all that's left
    I can't begin to hold my breath
    For something else
    We gave in
    Gave up on hope
    We left them length enough in rope
    To free themselves

    Then I woke to find you here
    I felt the light
    Saw you take the fire inside
    Break the silence wide

    I thought I died
    Died in my sleep
    How can this be?
    Died in my sleep
    How can this be?

    No witness
    No means to end
    We cannot wait to keep this in
    To free ourselves

  97. Dustin Coffey

    Amazing song and got to see them live about a year ago! Fellow rockers, if you can vote for my brother please! In the picture, he is the one in red at Buffalo wild wings. Trying to go to a NFL game in our area. Thank you! Here is link.

  98. Black & White