Demon Hunter - Cold Winter Sun Lyrics

In the dim light of a sacred heart
See the vacant all descending to a left-hand path
Where the dead reign in the godless dark
Every martyr flying blind into the hands of wrath

We give way to sorrow
When the self is all we build
And wake up tomorrow
In the blood of who we killed

We are the kingdom come
We are come undone
And our shadows bleed to one
By a cold winter sun

Give a weak mind all the coldest steel
Our beloved at the mercy of a heartless horde
Tear the cause out, let the cowards reel
Bring the demon to the teeth and lacerate the cord

We give way to sorrow
When the self is all we build
And wake up tomorrow
In the blood of who we killed

We are the kingdom come
We are come undone
And our shadows bleed to one
By a cold winter sun

In the blood of who we killed

We are the kingdom come
We are come undone
And our shadows bleed to one
By a cold winter sun

We are the kingdom come
We are come undone
And our shadows bleed to one
By a cold winter, cold winter sun

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Demon Hunter Cold Winter Sun Comments
  1. TheBros2theend

    God bless and save you

  2. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal and save you

  3. Warfare777

    I think outlive is one best albums demon hunter has put out. And now it's been 2 years old.

  4. The Night Watcher

    I just realized that this song is throwing shade at those who follow occultism/satanism.

    The “left hand path” is a term in occultism and various forms of magic where the self and the individual is emphasized/prioritized above all else.

    Spiritual systems that require self sacrifice and submission to a higher authority would be the “right hand path.”

    “We give way to sorrow,
    When the self is all we build.
    And wake up tomorrow,
    In the blood of who we killed.”


    This should have wayyyy more views and likes!!!!

  6. Kevin Qualls

    Is there a bad Demon Hunter?

  7. M3thusalhem

    Very powerful song and what a guitar solo

  8. Jesus Lares

    First time I heard this song I thought it was by trivium

  9. Nathan Law

    Who else keeps replaying the beginning of the song??? This song is fucking badass!!!!!!

  10. Operational Battle station

    That part where he says "and our shadows bleed to one" is my fetish. For real though, chills every time

  11. Lyle Johnson

    Demon Hunter is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.

  12. Lillyan Lima

    shwow dms D.H

  13. W i s h m a s t e r

    If you just listen to that little riff during the chorus, it matches up with his clean vocals perfectly, this is what I and many others, simply identify as amazing music.

  14. Abraão Câmara

    Melhor banda.

  15. Kevin Baker

    This band is Fucking Awesome

  16. Aaron Dekker

    So true in the northern latitudes of the USA. Cold winter sun :)


    I am a fan of demon hunter I like there songs

  18. Kolbie Wall

    Love these guys and their amazing music

  19. Juli

    🤘🏼😜 Praise God

  20. Patrik Sýkora


  21. 砲灰秋刀魚

    It's too bad that I can't find and buy this album in my country. (sobbing

  22. Cesar

    Hashishin brought me here. Good taste in music by the way.

  23. Adriel Araujo

    q delicia de som cara

  24. ChargeRhino

    happy 1 year anniversary!

  25. Stephen Porter

    Holy shit this come out a year ago tomorrow

  26. RagingMutant

    If I ever get Doom 2016/17 I am turning the music off and I'm playing this album/band instead! #StormTheGatesOfHell!

  27. Zenas Starchild

    The whole album is Kick Ass!!! I love it, I just love it.

  28. Edgardo Fernandez

    Demon hunter is the best band I love all the music that they have done

  29. Zachary f

    Ehhh not bad at all but I'm more lamb of God style

  30. Kirbie Rose

    These lyrics are incredible.


    I like aggressive vocals but I do find the vocal harmonies on outlive refreshing

  32. WolfBassGames

    They just CRUSHED it with the intro and the entire song! But the intro just blew me away!

  33. Echo Robertson

    OMG this is the best song I ever heard I love it

  34. John Ferraro

    123 people are going to die today

  35. boo yah

    Great music!

  36. Zara Richards

    In the darkest journey we take in life, Demon Hunter manages to show us the light with their raw and truthful lyrics.
    They are amazing so much more than just a band

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  40. WolfBassGames

    I just got chills too!! This killed it with "Outlive"! I love the album!

  41. Eduardo Silva

    Esses caras são os caras mesmo.

  42. Elton Hércules

    muito bom todos os album DH pra quem é fá todas as musicas são ótimas e abençoadas.

  43. CanadianBacon7890

    Best song on Outlive.

  44. Lilian Luiza Freire


  45. SoClose

    Tolyan favorite song.

  46. Harry Fouts

    my only problem with these lyric videos is that they print the lyrics so freaking tiny. not good when you watch on a phone lol

  47. Ston Sosedki

    Толян одобрил вашу помойку

  48. j.r. Rabet

    interesting. i like it. still. one line in particular kinda drags this one down from a 9 to a 7/10. i was really enjoying the imagery of the words untill the line talking about waking up in the blood of thoose the singer has killed. i realise this could be a metaphor about scociety doing the killing, but this line, to me, stands out in a bad way as trying waaay to hard to be a badass in a way that would appeal to young alpha-mentality pricks. probably that wasn't intentional and maybe it's just my own cynical nature, but it really brought me down from an otherwise great song. thoughts, anyone?


    Demon Hunter's new album might just be taking over YouTube in a few weeks....Superb songs. Intricate vocals.

  50. Poppa Magi 1 Views November 26 2015


  51. PapaSmurf11182nd

    Sounds more like Dark Tranquility; not complaining at all, just an observation

  52. Elijah Brooks

    Man I love this album so far! Especially the music. If this was instrumental I would still love it. Vocals make it even better tho!

  53. Christofer Tapiheru


  54. Wicked Intent semi

    fuck yeah

  55. MrRoundthetwist

    These news tunes are pretty f'n great! 😈☠️👹

  56. blove9387

    The new album is amazing...but this song just isnt that good to me..def one of my least favorites

  57. Josh Keul

    This song is stuck in my head.

  58. Yves Heinrich

    I don't know about anyone else, but Outlive is my favorite album!

  59. failedcreation2

    Heard this on RadioU, of course.  First time I heard him sing, "and our shadows bleed to one", I got a strong Solution .45 vibe.  If you dig this and aren't familiar with Solution .45, you owe it to your self to check them out.  I'd start with Inescapable Dream or On Embered Fields Adust for an easier transition, but there is no going wrong with Solution .45.

  60. William Bognar

    I love the way they made the music video, with the eerie pictures and subtle lyrics...

  61. Fuxalt

    This song is so sick!

  62. Tristan Robins

    Yep "Jesus Wept" sort of confirms what Ryan said about this album having more valleys and peaks in terms of heaviness. "Died In My Sleep" being one of the far softer songs and Jesus Wept probably being their heaviest song since "Storm The Gates of Hell"

  63. Don Dahmen

    yes! ;) Demon Hunter March on! Love these guy's! Awesome+++

  64. Ben Kromminga

    I remember back in the good old days when Demon Hunter used harsh vocals much more extensively. Ryan Clark has a great singing voice but Demon Hunter has lost a lot of their heaviness, in my opinion.


    fine by me, Demon hunter is still just as amazing as before,

  65. John Mattson

    DH is rock.


    lol if DH is rock, then skillet is Opera lol

  66. Enzo e Christian

    Que música! Essa banda nunca me decepciona.

    Frenetic 700

    É minha banda favorita

  67. Ana Silva

    Just heard "HALF AS DEAD"... "COLD WINTER SUN" for me, the best one so far!

  68. Lumen Psycho

    The guitar chords are sooo mysterious. Who ever came up with those, kudos to you.

  69. Joel Stands

    ordered deluxe box set on amazon

  70. Denver Robinson

    Such a sick song. I will definitely be pre-ordering this album!

  71. Solly Ross

    The best Christian Metal band I know! \m/

    Kevin Qualls

    I hear ya!!

  72. Mikael Helmdorf

    I'm glad i discovered this band.

  73. Greg Stringer

    I can't wait to hear their new album that they will going to release this year and the title of the new album

  74. Steven Friend

    85 dislikes, and 4k likes. Haha. Seams like 85 people rather hear Britney spears.

  75. John Taylor

    pretty good shit

  76. ASMR

    love it, definitely getting a CKY vibe from this

  77. warbreaker88

    True Defiance part 2.

  78. Sean Rainey


  79. SaidoKun

    2:19 This lick is beauty

  80. Marcell Oliveira

    That was impressive as always!!!

  81. Jordan Sheridan

    great song but we are come undone makes no sense

    Josh Russell

    Poetic license dude.

  82. Decline The Fall

    Can't wait for the new Album! Bring on March.
    Also for all those looking for new bands to listen to, check us out :)


    checking you guys out now, just curious because you are commenting on a christian band, are you guys christian?

    Decline The Fall

    We don't like to mix religion with music .. music is music and if your message is good, doesn't matter what you believe in.

  83. Wadamo Alves De Sousa

    Tem Brazuka aeee???

    Gente que musica top essa !!! Curto demais Demon Hunter

  84. Joel Stands

    looking forward to die in my sleep getting deluxe edition on day it releases

  85. Joel Stands

    loving it

  86. Luiz Paulo Freitas

    Rip Demon Hunter 2004 they never achieved half of summer of darkness, can't tell this is bad but coming from DH this is crappy music


    lol, trying to be funny? summer of darkness (though not a bad album) is the worst album Demon hunter came out with, storm the gates of hell was the best untill extremist came out, now both those albums are the top (imo), and outlive is looking to be a strong contender. if you expect demon hunter to come out with the same stuff year after year, you don;t know demon hunter very well,

  87. aragorn767

    Despite grand theological differences, I've always wanted to see Demon Hunter tour with Amon Amarth, due to their sounds "feeling" so similar.


    isn't amon Amarth black metal??


    sh9683 No. Viking themed Death Metal

    Brandon Barrows

    aragorn767 what kinda grand theological differences do you have from Ryan?


    Brandon Barrows Me, probably none.

    Brandon Barrows

    aragorn767 ah sorry I misread your comment lol

  88. Sam Gilbert

    cool and legit! DM stay true to their music.

  89. M. Swaiti666

    A lot of my favorite bands have albums this year
    First Kreator, then Overkill and Now DEMON HUNTER!!
    This is gonna be one of my favorite Metal years!

  90. LeFantom

    Anyone else get Outlive on pre-order and getting a little bit impatient? :D

  91. Tommy Wales

    YES !!!! one of my fav bands.

  92. Archangel

    I love their deep voices and how amazing they sound when they harmonize

  93. John Sylvester

    Bring me much every year!!!!

  94. Dino Zukic

    Demon Hunter and wolves at the Gate are my favorite bands... realy awsome music and inspireing lyrics... Rock on guys.....

  95. Jamesbrown Isdead


  96. Moodown

    His voice sounds different

  97. Mylon Marcell

    Have thought this song was incredible from the moment I first heard it. I heard it long before I saw this video though. I'm sorry to say it but this video does not do this song the justice it deserves. Even for a lyric video this is very weak. What happened to the awesome lyric video style from songs like "Someone to Hate" and "Artificial Light"??? This is sad... I'm very disappointed. I can only hope that more videos are released soon with a much better production quality, because this cuts such a great band short of their potential...

  98. Игорь Ермаков

    Шикарно!!! Awesome!!!das ist gut fantastisch

  99. Observer0620 -