Demon Hunter - Blood In The Tears Lyrics

Don't come on quietly when you draw near
Don't go on lightly
Don't leave me here
I wither quickly in winter's cold, but carry onward like I was told.

And I wait for a sign

Like blood in the tears of all my enemies (So they will see)
Knowing the pain the way they should
Like blood in the tears of all my enemies (Given to me)
Leaving a trail to where you stood

And when it's quiet
When you can hear
I beg you to take me away from here

Cleansing red
Wake the dead

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Demon Hunter Blood In The Tears Comments
  1. morwen angelus

    one of the best metal ballads ever

  2. Justin Marshall

    To whoever is saying this is satanic. You should really listen to the words. Bible verses everywhere.

  3. Commander Shepherd

    I've just lost my grandma (January 20th, 2019), and then my dad (February 17, 2019) in the span of only a single month. My heart bleeds and my soul is crying out in pain. So to hear these lyrics is truly everything I'm feeling right now.

    "Don't come on quietly
    When you draw near
    Don't go on lightly
    Don't leave me here
    I wither quickly
    In winter's cold
    But carry onward
    Like I was told
    and I wait for a sign..."

  4. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you

  5. Jose Molina

    Is the rapture when The Great God comes for his people beautiful song thank you amen

  6. Jose Molina


  7. Metalwolvesrising

    I’m not saying that god isn’t real, I personally don’t believe in him but I’m open to the concept, but it’s kinda weird when people preach in the comments. Like this one guy took about four paragraphs from the Bible and put them here and it seemed unnecessary.

  8. Jose Molina

    I wish with all my heart that those who are listening this song can hear what God's children hear. a calling please open your eyes now look close this lirycs are God's word.

  9. Jose Molina

    my precious Lord Jesus Christ please touch your sons that are here confused and looking for answers. Satan get out of here this is our Lord house and you are not welcome.

  10. Talon Diwisch

    Used to think this was called Blood in the Tea when I first heard it. I sung it like that as well.

  11. Talon Diwisch

    This should be in a movie.

  12. Huniepanda

    love Demon Hunter, they rock!!!

  13. king of the werewolf's

    What's with all the athiests talk me my mom and brother listen to this and we are Christian's

  14. WENDEL alves muniz

    Essa música é mt agradável aos ouvidos <3

  15. Ezra James

    This song goes hard

  16. AlphaLeader772

    You know, i've always wondered what would the world look like if Lucifer had never fallen.


    Someone else would of fallen instead..its the nature of the world, temptation applies to everyone


    He didn't fall because of temptation, he was greedy.

  17. Random_one

    I don't care about religion. I just love their music

  18. Brex64z

    Its awesome to these Bands come out and just bring others to them!

  19. dorky shark

    to me this band isn't about religion to me this band is about hope

  20. dorky shark

    beautiful <3

  21. Monas

    si no fuera por todos los temas de Demon Hunter la lista estaria mejor

  22. cornelius mixtapes r sito


  23. Anderson Liquer

    The best

  24. Michael Grimes

    best band ever

  25. Susy Nery

    Potato or donut

  26. oi aa

    :D legal

  27. Zytharros

    One of my favourite songs ever.

  28. Alexander Alonso-Bauer

    It's not a phase dad

  29. petetodd Todd

    Praise God if this music blessed athiests, don't ever define yourself by yor label

  30. petetodd Todd

    it's OK whatever you believe but DH is tha' Real Deal talkin' bout life, my wife just died and this music helps me Big-time

    Ish D. Moody

    petetodd Todd I'm sorry to hear that brother!

  31. Soldierdude107

    Any other Athiests/agnostics who are big Demon Hunter fans?

    Leo Ix

    Music is music man.
    There are some classical music that I can't live without. Inspired by the bible.
    There are some amazing monk chant music, western and eastern that are essential to me.
    Some Indian, Japanese, Aboriginal, African music all inspired by their respective gods,
    I don't want to live without those pieces.
    Humans make up their gods, that does not mean the art they spawn are bad.
    My Atheism persists because of a lack of proof on the part of the religious,
    some of their works are real and awesome.

    Aarron Copeland

    Yep. They're good regardless of religious aspects. The depth of emotion in their music extends past that well enough for even an atheist to relate.

    Justin Marshall

    God's trying to speak to you brother.

    Talon Diwisch

    Leo Ix There’s also lack of proof that God DOESN’T exist.

  32. Marina

    someone could tell me the meaning of this song? thanks !!

    Aaron Leschke

    Marina This is a prayer that Ryan has. He's crying out to God because he doesn't feel strong enough to do the work that God has for him, and he wants God to show his presence in the world to all of the unrepentant, God-hating people he knows. Ryan wants God to literally turn their tears to blood so that they can see the power of God and finally recognize His power and all the things that they've done to sadden Him, and through that, Ryan would be able to lead them to Christ.

    Ernests Stroinovs

    Have you really not heard Ryan tell so much about how Demon Hunter actually sing about real problems and not "all the unrepentant God-hating people"? Of course, all those ideas have some or other sort of religious undertone but I doubt that Ryan would ever sink so low as to write about "leading people to Christ" in any way shape or form. I've no idea about the meaning of "Blood In the Tears" but you should listen to the interviews with him they made about the songs from "Extremist", they give a lot of insight on the kinds of topics Demon Hunter touch upon and the role of religion in them.

    anthony bethel

    Ernests Stroinovs There is nothing low about leading people to God.

  33. FilthyPeasant420

    great music, shame that they are religious band


    ok lets stop this, i just wanted to say its a shame that nearly every of their songs are with "christian" theme, the lyrics are just a bit boring for me, and particullary this song is about asking God to show non-believers the way and "blood in the tears of my enemies" sounds a bit offensive to me,l nevertheless the music is great, Ryan has a really strong voice

    Rambling Man

    @FilthyPeasant420 An intersectionalist to boot. Unfortunately, the world outside of the sheltered university campus has no safe spaces to protect you from encountering ideas and perspectives you may disagree with.

    The Unslain Dragon

    @FilthyPeasant420 You may think otherwise, but they're great as a Christian band. Though in the end, it all comes down to opinions.


    I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, but I though maybe if I explain what "blood in the tears of my enemies" means (or at least what blood means in Christianity), maybe it won't be as offensive to you.
    In Christianity, blood represents sacrifice and salvation. It can also represent protection and cleansing. Essentially, the song is saying for my enemies to be able to see that there is salvation and that they are saved; that they only need to accept it. It is also saying for my enemies to be lead away and protected from evil.

    I Avendano

    FilthyPeasant420 why little peasant?..

  34. Nicholas McCallon

    An ultimate jam:))))

  35. zombiebeast95

    I really hope they're on tour or will be on one soon.


    +zombiebeast95 Me too. Seeing them live would be nothing short of amazing.

    emo girl 777

    +LEGOSuperDKong  I saw them live  sunday  theyre amazing


    Lucky D: I'm still waiting for the day I get to see them.

    Derrick A. McCormick

    +zombiebeast95 i know the feeling.....😫

  36. ThatMetalGirl

    I'm an atheist but i love this song.

    Princess Olmeca

    Yup, atheist here and I love bands like Demon Hunter, Red, Fit for a King, Soul Embraced, As I Lay Dying, Mortification, and Living Sacrifice. :D


    I see you seeking attention, i'm christian and i listen to songs that talk shit to God, nothing special. You like the song, good but do you really have to say something like that?

    Talon Diwisch


    Talon Diwisch

    Do you know that you’re one of the ones he’s mentioning in the song?


    AlphaLeader772 you need Jesus.

  37. Michael Baker

    Just a beautiful song can't get enough of demon hunter keep rocking for the Lord

  38. LegendOfDusty

    We don't have Christian rock station from where I live we need one!

    Omer Cinar

    you can always go to pandora, that is how I found this band

    Michael Baker

    103.7 the rock it's online also


    @M. Jeffrey Baker that's what I listen to

    Bryan Edwards

    +M. Jeffrey Baker
    in North Ohio that is pop

    king of the werewolf's

    SkorgeTheRipper CarolinaMetal117 why did you have to post that lm sad now because when I was little there was a Christian rock Stanton but not anymore 😰😦😧😭

  39. LegendOfDusty

    Yes lord!

  40. LegendOfDusty

    Rock on!

  41. DruidsCalling

    Went from Christian to Atheist to Buddhist, but still love the music! :P

    S. O.

    +Jonathon von Tischner i think he was talking about himself(?)


    DruidsCalling too many wololos?


    @buster779 Huh?


    aoe player detected

  42. Jeff Wald

    This song inspires in me prayer for all of God's children. Our Almighty Father, I pray that when you come, as I know You will, I ask that You don't come quietly like a thief in the night. Though I understand that to some that may be the way it is perceived, I ask, that in the eyes of your children, the ground will shake, the horns will blow deafeningly, the lights will shine blindingly. Lord, I ask You don't come quietly but shake every sense of our being. Until that unforeseen time, of Your choice, our bodies, weak without You, shall carry on, allowing those who don't know to become familiar by Your works. And when our time comes, shall it be before Your coming or during, I pray that You take us away from this darkness and bring us out of misery. I also ask that You forgive me for paraphrasing the lyrics of this song, but some words are simply meant to be shared to lead the blind. May these words, that are not uniquely my own be those words. and may Your Word flow through them. In Jesus' Name I Pray. Amen.

    Disclaimer: In this prayer, I acknowledge the authors. I do NOT claim the lyrics as my own nor do I claim the meaning of the prayer or the lyrics to be the same in it's entirety. I am simply speaking of what I see with in it. If anyone gets credit of this post, May it be God first, and the creators of this song second.

    Lige Williams

    Well spoken. I truly fed on your prayer. Be God be with you on your endless journey to spread the word to all His children.

  43. Drezzaye

    Guide me my Lord <3 

    nathan arsenault

    @Nathan And Michelle Desmoulin i love comments like this


    Nathan And Michelle Desmoulin amen

    WickedWorld3 ™

    but first, it puts the lotion in the basket

  44. bipolar4life

    Is it just me or does this sound exactly like the last album with different lyrics?

    nathan arsenault

    @bipolar4life just you

    chris adams

    @sharkfrog thepolarbear Nope, its the exactly the same beats just rehashed with different lyrics. DH sold out a long time ago.

    nathan arsenault

    thats your opinion


    +chris adams Maybe you've just outgrown metal.

  45. Michael Carlile

    This is another way to put the talents God has given them to good works.

  46. Jeff Earls

    This is for Luna0Walker
    the poeple who disliked this...sorry to whoever they are but that person has no taste in music.
    Just because you like something and others don't does not mean they have no taste - just diffrent - so don't be a doof

    Eseosa Erhunse


  47. Rafael Pachón

    3.12 You can hear the perfect use for a Vocoder. 


    Sounds cool.

  48. Princ3ssDae

    As Jared Kennedy said, I find this song in particular very eerily peaceful. It's strange, and yet a pleasant feeling at the same time. One of a kind song, and an amazing and talented band.

  49. daisha


  50. SeedsOfHatred

    You understand that this is a Christian band, right? The very point of the music is the promote the Christian faith. That is why people talk about it. If you don't want to hear religious arguments, go to a music video that doesn't promote religious beliefs.
    Having said that, it is a free world, yes. That's why we're free to argue about whatever the fuck we want. You do not decide what we argue about.

  51. Charles Miller

    It is not a free world Vix what world u live in

  52. Poisondagger12

    sometimes I feel this way -_-

  53. v. faith

    3:13-3:20 <3 sounds sick!

  54. v. faith

    Everyone shut up about religion and enjoy the music. Geez, I'm Christian and am getting so annoyed by dumb convos about religious matters. It's a free world! Let us and them be. Comment about the music. No arguing.

  55. Ninjistic

    religion disgusts me but i like this band

  56. Judah

    i forgot how amazing this song is

  57. Glenn Yri

    Congrats, I'm not an athiest but I love The Ghost Inside and numerous other non-religious bands.

    Your religious affiliation has nothing to do with the music you like and it shouldn't unless it disrespects your beliefs.

  58. Baltzy

    So tired of seeing comments about religion. I wonder how the human race survived so long because people are still blind as fuck and lack the ability to reason for themselves. Listen to this great song because there may not be many more great songs left in your short life and believe what you want whether y Christan, Muslim, or simply believe in science/logic like myself. But when you try to tell others what to believe in or try to promote it... Well I'll see you in hell if there really is one...

    Talon Diwisch

    Baltzy I’m a Christian who believes in Science. They aren’t separate.

    Talon Diwisch

    Also, “logic?” That’s very insulting.

    Tom Kruze

    You shouldn't have to "believe" in logic or science, those are supposed to be factual. Stop worshipping them like a religion.

  59. katts bane

    I'm not christian, but i love their music <3

  60. DragonWitchPrincess

    Their songs are soo beautiful, and soo touching. I love them so much!!!! Skillet is my favorite band, but Demon Hunter is right up there with them, omg.

  61. ZbKiT

    I would go with: Dark peace, or melancholic peace, at least that's how i feel when i listen to the song

  62. Josh White

    You just did insult their religion by calling them Bible freaks. Dumbass. Self restraint would have been not posting at all.

  63. cabbage000

    spare replay buttons*

  64. nadrixam

    Demon Hunter's music always reminds me of Supernatural, lol. I like this smooth, more broody style than their screaming.

  65. Toddy

    Better moment is 00:00 to 4:53

  66. Miranda W

    First heard this song 2 days before a fire totalled a truck that was given to me when i was three, just before my godfather died 15 years ago. since then, my dad and i had put 30,000 dollars into customizing it. RIP the toy, 9/30/2012

  67. Joshua Faber

    I think you basically have it but I disagree with one part. Leaving a trail to where you stood is referring to the tears being evidence of Christ. That in those tears they would be directed towards God and towards believing in him despite previous wrongdoings and lack of faith.

  68. Cynthia Sorrells

    Tyler huffacker,
    This song is about how an enemy is feeling your pain that they caused you. Blood in the tears(crying to hard)of all my enemies(the people that pick with you)leading a trail to where you stood( as if they are in your shoes, they are standing where you stood.

  69. Tyler Huffaker

    I love christian music but i dont understand this song

  70. Derex000

    It's . . . it's a c-christian mob. Oh fuck, so tempting . . .. but can't insult Bible freaks' religion.

    TT-T Self restraint is hard.

  71. DarthHermlay

    I heard it xD That's weird.


    this is the most powerful discription of what CHRIST experienced while dying on the cross. it really makes me want to cry. THANK YOU JESUS for your sacrifice & that you did it for me. WHO SAYS CHRISTIANS CAN'T ROCK?!!

  73. MrTomoshibi

    They do this kind of tempo the best, just slow and deliberately thought provoking with an oddly calming effect.

  74. Alfonso E. Herdocia

    dude, too deep bro. what do you think about -Driving Nails?

  75. Bassman79

    Love your enemies.pray for sit in the prescense and eat with them.that can only be done through the christ within you...if they are thirsty.give them a drink,have mercy,bless instead of curse,,,,

  76. Elyssa Duugs

    8 people have blood in their tears because they don't know REAL music except all that so-called "singing" justin bieber's gay self does. God, people have no life! DX

  77. blaxxxx

    erm the music yes....the lyrics...not? "blod in the tears? ,,though its sung from cleansing...does anybody know what deamon hunter wanted to say by this song? the story? would rly interest me :)

  78. Zach Potter

    No, He loves you more than you will ever know.

  79. Alfonso E. Herdocia

    it sux u cant like 2x.

  80. Jeffery Meredith

    This song had a strong christian message

  81. hailsatan lordofevil

    who is O_o

  82. hailsatan lordofevil

    i got yelled at for playing awsomeness too loud

  83. hailsatan lordofevil


  84. SuperMonsterman79

    My Gods a jealous God. He's also vengeful and judging.

  85. SunnyToes Kennedy

    If I could describe this song in one word I would describe it as follows: Peaceful

  86. Madebysilence

    Its just one person with multiple accounts.

  87. Jessie jackal

    other shit is good too. quit mixing religion with a good band. you are ruining it. also, there is such thing as lower case, and spelling correctly.

  88. Lonnie Meredith

    Demon hunter rocks

  89. Agoodname22

    Free replay buttons for everybody!!! 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

  90. dayoftheVictor

    @samwisethegr8 those who need some blood in their tears, that's who. trolls will troll, haters gonna hate, and dislikers gonna dislike.

  91. Skylar James

    @kakarotIsBALLZY the two songs don't sound the same but that is quite interesting with the two songs

  92. Brutal Mosh

    Really?.Blood In The Tears?.there is a song by Christian Metal band The Showdown called Blood In The Gears.and the lead guitarist for The Showdown is also the lead guitarist for Demon Hunter.I know who wrote this song xD

  93. mindoor608

    @samwisethegr8 The one's who can't take a break to chill down. That's who.

  94. Xivili

    @yoyoyoyorobert1 It depends on the church. Every church that I've been to have talked about demons.

  95. Xivili

    @samwisethegr8 Satanists

  96. yoyoyoyorobert1

    @kinnkilla2 demons are never talked about in the church, which is why some people have the ideology that they don`t exist.

  97. MonstersNightmare

    @PhoenixUSSR Lack of movement and temperature change are a couple things that hit home to me. In some ways we are blessed to learn from our experience. Some will experience these things and still go in the wrong direction.

  98. MonstersNightmare

    @PhoenixUSSR I can believe it, there have been times I'd feel a heavy weight pressed down on me all of a sudden, they'd haunt my dreams, things would move, noises would be made around the house. Some images I will never forget seeing, scarred in some ways, and I tell people after you test the reality of demons/"ghosts", even to the point that they won't go away but instead goes up to you angrily, and you realize you can't do anything to them, well, I'm certain God saved my life.

  99. Mike Parks

    @sjulians626 I never said possessed to begin with. I know what I went through and I know what sleep paralysis is. As a nutrition and sports medicine minor I'm required to know that, but thank you. Sleep paralysis doesn't include a demon laughing behind your head and a drastic temperature change in an awake environment.