Demis Roussos - When Forever Has Gone Lyrics

When you lie close to me, my heart is a flame
just the brush of your lips and I call out your name
Then I rest in your arms and I know, that you are true
but you still understand that's the mystery of you

We will be forever wi'll go on and on
we will be together when forever has gone
we will be forever we'll go on and on
we will be together when forever has gone

When I'm weak you are strong when I fall you go on
you'll still be with me when my other friends have gone
yet you cry like a child and that breaks me in two
you are all things to me that's the mystery of you

We will be forever we'll go on and on
we will be together when forever has gone
we will be forever we'll go on and on
we will be together when forever has gone

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Demis Roussos When Forever Has Gone Comments
  1. Angela Delfino

    Demis Roussos Artemios Egípcio Grego Amado. Presente Precioso do nosso Criador. Muita Gratidão por ter deixado só lindas apaixonantes canções de Amor e Romantismo. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  2. cal kal

    shame heart 70s don't play demis

  3. איריס חיה זגדון

    הקול שלך בשבילי זה כדור הרגעה הכי טוב שבעולם.

  4. Angela Delfino

    Lindo Saudades minha inspiração. Amo muito.

  5. Manuela Mori

    Meraviglioso eterno Demis! La voce più bella del 20esimo secolo! 💕💖🌹

  6. David Flynn

    🙏 loved this guy singing with the angels now . God bless.

  7. Abdullah Darwich

    Bitte n hin und weg..... groß artige Sänger ✌👍✌👍✌👍🇯🇵🇩🇪🇱🇧😘👍✌🇯🇵🇩🇪🇱🇧😘👍✌🇯🇵🇩🇪🇱🇧😘✌🇯🇵🇩🇪🇱🇧🇱🇧🇩🇪🇯🇵🇱🇧🇩🇪🇯🇵

  8. Angela Delfino


  9. k windsock

    what a voice

  10. שלומי סויסה

    דמיס רוסוס גדול זמרי יוון בכל הזמנים. הופיע בישראל בשנת 1974 זמר עם קול ייחודי מאלף מכר מיליוני תקליטים ברחבי העולם הביא הרבה ואהבה בשיריו.יהי זיכרו ברוך

  11. Maria Lins

    Amo esse rei...adorável voz!!!

  12. Grybop

    La derniere Valse par Mireille Mathieu ??

  13. Maria Lins

    Essas músicas do Demis Roussos dão muita emoção e saudades desse cantor!!!!

  14. Chris Hogan

    I will miss you forever and ever

  15. Maria Lins

    muito linda essa música...é atemporal..inesquecível Demis Roussos!!!

  16. farid1914

    a true legend that will live in our heart forever

  17. Arya Stark

    The nostalgia wont quit lol.

  18. Anneke Poolen

    My love xx

  19. magic comadya


  20. Anneke Poolen

    have always loved Demis his eyes, his smile,he had it all for me and his music, and his appearance from young age till now and always ,oohh i miss him,with his incredible unique voice ever ,RIP Demis Thank for all the memories u gave me xx u passed away way to soon xx u went with the wind ,my sweet Demis x y will always be a legend

  21. Danuta Głuszek

    Wzruszyłam się, 2 lata już nie żyje, szkoda

  22. Gloria Avila

    lo mejor de lo mejor voz de ángeles mi idolo

  23. Scott Magee

    In a Universe of Schmaltz this guy would be King...!

  24. Freccia6000

    it goes right into your soul! Voice music and lyrics!!
    Un capolavoro!

  25. Katalin Pintér

    Gyönyörű szám hatalmas előadadó művész Demis Roussos köszönöm

    Patricia Hansen

    I love your voice forever and ever I could listen to it all day and all night🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️


    une merveille merci

  27. bingblackorchid

    nothing lasts forever

    Rafael Abreu

    Sempre estará no meu coração

  28. bingblackorchid

    we will be together when forever has gone,,,

  29. Leonida Leonida

    Simples mente demais.

  30. Maxmilian Nemec


  31. Alberto Augusto de Jesus

    Demi Rosso sempre será p mim a voz e as músicas diferentes resumo fantástico

    Maria Lins

    Alberto Augusto de Jesus também para mim...sempre será o melhor de todos os tempos!!!!!!!!

  32. Monica Ribera Tapiolas

    una gran perdida . hasta siempre

  33. Vanda Mesquita

    voz linda, música linda.

    Rafael Abreu

    Maravilha de novo Maravilha

  34. Alina Piotrowska


  35. Concepcion barriere

    Une merveille de chanson par Demis Roussos!!! Merci, tu es toujours là!!

  36. Ovídio D. Ponga


  37. Naza Leite

    música mais q linda...voz inimitável

    Rafael Abreu

    Linda demais para sempre

  38. Kent Pettersson

    We miss you, you was one of our prayer for something we just can dream about. RIP our friend.

  39. Schwemmkind Elfe

    nur toll , nur super es erreicht mein herz

  40. Margrit Schmidt

    sehr tolles Lied , ja will with you   demis

  41. Mohammed AL-Raqum


  42. Valerie Coetzee

    we will be with you my friend

  43. DemisFan52

    perché un grande come te se ne andato così presto caro Demis x me 6 immortale

  44. Kira I

    His voice will live for ever never.....



  46. Rose H

    Stupid comments by stupid people, the man was an icon have a little respect. R.I.P Demis.

  47. diana80458

    What awful things you say Malevolent your not good enough to have wiped his A$$ !!!!

  48. zhehma

    красивая песня

  49. Constantinos Demetriou

    Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the effort that you have done making the world understand what actually is Greece and Cyprus. Rest in peace!

  50. Júlio Ramalho

    Que voz rouca mas bonita de Demis Roussos.

    Maria Lins

    Júlio Ramalho verdade...maravilhosa voz..inigualável sem igual!!!

  51. Spring Amatul

    thats not nice what did he do wrong?

  52. Sergey Ifraimov

    He was great singer. His songs always remind my best time, when I was young. Amaizing

  53. Mary Exupere

    J adore cette chanson . Merci pour la mise en ligne .Un grand bonheur à écouter Mr. Demis Roussos   !

  54. Cesare Grasso

    Demis roussos e per sempre

  55. pigpen1231

    Such a sad loss to to the music industry, he was the voice of the 70s to me, he wrote some beautiful Ballards that could make you cry and smile at the same time R.I.P my sympathy to his family and friends such a sad time, goodbye my friend goodbye........

  56. theo en anky hendriks

    Why should a life come to an end ????

  57. theo en anky hendriks

    Why mast live to an and ??????????

  58. Kaska Barka


  59. Richard Stead

    R.I.P Demis Rousoss For Ever and Ever.

  60. Bagou medhy

    Merci d avoir berçé notre jeunesse

    Adnene Jaffel

    j'aime demis depuis mon enfance

  61. karen macleod

    RIP - loved your voice so much <3

  62. Cesar Asoral

    Good bye my love good bye

  63. evita adriana

    R.I.P. was good time for us

  64. digger4msk

    so sad...R.I.P dear Demis... You are in our hearts forever!

  65. NeroBurnR

    Не могу поверить в то , что Демис ушел!!!!!!!! Не могу поверить!

    Rafael Abreu

    Acalma a alma

  66. Anastasia Serban

    Quand je te voir a toi Demis, mais je me sens pleur. Mon coeur encore et encore garde a vous.

  67. Emil Mitrev

    Καλό ταξίδι, φίλος και ούριος άνεμος μου

  68. Fred Klaassen

    Thanks for your songs.Rest in Peace

  69. Kirsti Pettersen Bergli

    Thanks for what you gave , rest in peace

  70. juju lapomme

    R I P  Demis

  71. алла усенко

    Демис, покойся с миром!!! ты в аших сердцах!

  72. Aspirer

    A unique QUALITY voice stilled.  R.I.P Demis, you'll will be missed  :(

  73. Drazsi Mazsi

    R:I:P:  Goodbye Demis :'(

  74. Khalil Harb

    thank you Demis..for all ...RIP

  75. athena2007

    rest in peace demis and thank you ... 

  76. David Wake

    like me all his fans are heartbroken rest in peace my friend 

  77. Martin Procházka

    R.I.P. :-(

  78. phillip bonner

    Very sad news Rest in Peace

  79. Steve Mullington

    RIP Demis

  80. maria lima de moura

    tudo que e perfeito só vem um vez no mundo aprove ti e único , demis para sempre único no mundo expiração do amorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr com saudade mariaaaaaaaaaa

  81. Baltasboy

    Amazing song! My girl and I "will be forever".

  82. Eva Gracie

    I was only 16 when this song was popular and it was one of my favorite songs of Demis. I am 52 now and he is still remains one of my favorite singe.

  83. suzanne wood

    great great song

  84. Kamal Mohanna

    When you know the love, you believe it, and the true believer sees with his spiritual discernment that which the surface investigator cannot see  with the eyes of his head, and understand through his inner thought that which the outside examiner cannot understand with his demanding , aquired process of thought....

  85. Adam Żurawski

    fantastic miusic and tiune,super

  86. jouko selkamo

    a wonderful song, wonderful presentation!

  87. Roselene Maria de Toledo

    The best!!!!

  88. Roselene Maria de Toledo

    Maravilhosa!!! Eterno Demis...

  89. Vinicius Almeida

    naoten palavra paraeskrever como demis cantabem

  90. massimo misefari

    grandissimo come sempre!

  91. Eliene Souza

    amo amo amo

  92. Eliene Souza

    amo amo amo.

  93. Abdalkareem Alkhatib

    Golden as love

  94. aleksey bocharov

    The best world music!



  96. ftwfckyea

    why is he singing into a Slim-Jim....