Demis Roussos - I Dig You Lyrics

Oh, I like the way you're deep
Oh, I like the way that you die
Oh, you turn me on when deep
Oh, you turn me on when you die

I dig you...
I dig you...

Say who taught you how to dig
Oh, you really know how to die
Oh, you make me feel so deep
Oh, you make me really feel I could die

I dig you...
I dig you...

Oh, I like the way you're deep
Oh, I like the way that you die
Oh, you've got a way of deep
Just crazy 'bout the way that you die

I dig you...

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Demis Roussos I Dig You Comments
  1. philip brettle

    Just wow great track 👊

  2. Radames Boscolo

    Mm you i dig me..

  3. le son de la hyéne

    énorme Demis !!!!!!!!

  4. Radames Boscolo

    You tie out floor..

  5. Mirela Demis Roussos

    Inima și Sufletul meu!!

  6. U5096

    Nice synth work by Vangelis there too

  7. yogurinha borova


  8. Oly L.

    does anyone know if there's any live performance of this truck?

  9. Amer Swadi

    I was 17 when I heard this song and now I am 59....!! I will never forget Demis

  10. BaronVonPenguin

    This tune is like an atomic bomb when it hits me on shuffle. That string hook must be 500 megatons alone

  11. Radames Boscolo

    An spring without you.

  12. Kevin Monaghan

    Will we get to hear music as good as this nowadays?? I doubt it. I'm gonna do it on X-Factor or some other shit singing contest. FACT.

  13. Kevin Monaghan

    This should be more popular, it's a SIN.

  14. A Almeida

    The album Demis Roussos Magic is pure magic

  15. 12x5xxxxx

    i crying

  16. Radames Boscolo

    Pure pure so incredible!!!!!

  17. Radames Boscolo

    Una magia.

  18. Radames Boscolo

    An mito to disco:Demis roussos.

  19. michela derry

    bel pezzo disco

  20. Al-Qaïsi Abd al-Malik

    Le great greak égyptian big Boss !

  21. Shikiraamzingly so

    He can dig me anytime!!! - makes me loose on the lounge carpet after a nice big bottle of lambrini.   Most sexiest man alive


    "Loose on the lounge carpet"? Got any specifics?

    Oly L.

    only that he's not alive....

  22. Karl Mckenzie

    Great song. Demis was brilliant.

  23. Patrick Bohnert

    merci pour cette merveilleuse chanson

  24. Sailor Anas

    Its my favorite song...

  25. Sailor Anas

    This song never died

  26. Hasan Ismaeel

    It reminds me of Manchester 1978 beautiful days to remember

  27. Dali McBeal McBeal

    Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3

  28. Zephaniah3verse17

    A great taste of Greek sunshine on a cold, damp November morning in England. I dig you-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ou!

  29. MrFroelich16

    we loved your songs Demis , I was at prep school when we heard you first time
    love you Greek egyptian Demis

  30. Anne King


  31. Melody Montana

    Wow...this is a great song. I'm glad I discovered it accidentally :)

    sharmin fattahi

    listen to the original by odyssey (Vengelis)

  32. digger4msk

    my favorite song...So sad... RIP dear Demis... You are in our hearts forever!

  33. George Peppas

    R. I. P

  34. earthbonobo

    We dig you! R.I.P
    Cool thing about artists...they have the potential to never really die!

  35. Orla

    This is amazing..reminds me of the Spanish discoteque of the 70s..Demis is incredible..the sounds created on his albums are unique.absolute legend

  36. Cesar Rivero

    I dig you a real nice song unforgettable summer of 1978!

  37. Pertemba40

    I always liked this song, and for a very long time I just could not get the recording back

  38. Moustaki2


  39. NeroBurnR