Demi Lovato - Sing My Song For You Lyrics

Didn't know what to get you
Ordinary just wouldn't do
But I just found that perfect gift for you

I hear church bells a-ringing
Carolers are singing harmony with me now
You are looking so lovely
Oh, even if the lights go out

We've got mistletoe and fire light
On this cold December night
The snow outside will set the mood
As I sing my song

We've got mistletoe and fire light
On this cold December night
The snow outside will set the mood
As I sing my song for you
Sing my song
Sing my song for you

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Demi Lovato Sing My Song For You Comments
  1. 도라지

    *Chad Dylan Cooper has left the chat*

  2. rez

    i miss them alot, 2020

  3. Timothy Williams

    Disney make a highschool musical 4, camp rock 4 with the same cast its never like the old days

  4. Petty Bee

    Man oh man my heart melted and ached. This is my childhood. I can't with emotional ass anymore.

  5. Somphone Soutthivong

    sonny and Zore Grady Nico

  6. Emily Hazlerig

    Does anyone know when this taping was ? In March or April ?

  7. Valentina F.

    Whoa, I never even knew this version existed! Good Luck Charlie was always the original version for me

  8. A Guzman

    Why is this on my recommended page 9 years later....but I needed this💀 I miss the old Disney channel😭💀

  9. Carynmae

    The simpler times 🥺🥺🥺

  10. Sude Yalınkılıç

    The fuckinngg waayy theyy lookeddd eachh otherrr. I really missedddd goddd ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Stoopid.Barbara

    I play this song every year and every year, it still gets me😭

  12. Life of Ebose

    This opened up a door of memories the moment I opened it🥺😭

  13. Aubrielle Robinson

    I literally remember this🤧 hearing this on good luck Charlie & then that’s so random. Child me was so happy and now me is even happier!! Ughh, I miss this Disney. That old Disney, the feels, Christmas, Halloween, and summer.

  14. Karolina Wilk

    What the fuck is Joe doing here. I don't remember this. 😳

  15. Tina Shi

    Who’s here reliving this 2019

  16. Sapphire Moon869

    I'm playing this on loop without shame 😁

  17. Zainella

    Who else watching in 2019?

  18. Bo Jansen

    I miss this kind of Disney 🥺❤️

  19. Comment Generator88

    Disney didn’t deserve Demi

  20. Yikeees Hello

    The fact that this show isn’t on Disney+ is so upsetting .

    Avery Fregia

    Yikeees Hello finally! Someone else recognized that!I thought EVERY Disney show is supposed to be on it

    Raegan Moore


    Kaelin Leiby

    if they don’t add it i’ll be disappointed :/

  21. kayla renee

    I fucking forgot about this song omg

  22. Iyonna Gabriel

    ... throwback 😭 i'm finna cry this is when disney was good

  23. Tiffani Linde


  24. Tiffani Linde

    Amazing best ever love Demi so much and her voice great song. They are so cute together.

  25. Nour Fahd

    i’m turning 20 next month and i’m so depressed. i miss being home with my parents and my sister and watching disney after school. time goes by too fast...

  26. Jakeylla Harrison

    9 years ago today......

  27. Reagan Farrell

    Who’s here after the Jonas bro’s are back together

  28. Nykole Jenkins

    Such a natural chemistry with their voices together❤

  29. Samantha Sanchez

    It sucks that Disney plus doesn’t have this show.😭😭

  30. Josie Davidson

    Teddy and Spencer are so much better

  31. Tianna Palmer

    Who came here after Teddy and Spencer sang this?

  32. Claire Bjorklund

    i was thinking to get you something but i just want you to be my gift and my ulitumat all i want for christmas is you by M

  33. Aaliyah Walker

    2019 anyone ❤❤❤❤now joe marry and demi dating ❤❤❤❤❤

  34. Janessa Msp


  35. Theresa Patterson

    I wish Demi would’ve carried her notes further. No doubt she killed it but I like bridgets more

  36. Paige Elise

    wait I also heard Bridgit Mendler's version, who sang this first? Or who wrote it?


    The original song is by Leon Russell . So Joe and Demi sang first then Bridgit

    Paige Elise

    @Eden thank you!☺

  37. Laura Martinez


  38. Nikesey •

    The memories man!!

  39. to watch

    Se esse relacionamento foi falso, Demi Lovato gostava dele mesmo.

  40. Melodielyrics


  41. RoseLani Montez my recommended? What?

  42. Justine Cardinal

    Who else here in 2019 🥰

  43. Crystal Le


  44. Aslinfranchezca Jimenez Ribera

    No lo supero😂

  45. Viviana Fajardo

    Jemi forever ❣️

  46. Daisy Meo

    The moment joe found out Demi is too crazy for him 😂😂❤️

  47. Empreendedor Digital

    Na vida nem tudo são flores
    As vezes ficamos com as mãos sujas
    Isso é algo tão comum
    É tão difícil manter a cabeça no lugar
    E seguir a vida na luz

    Todos temos uma escolha à fazer
    Mais não siginifica dizer que somos do mau
    Apenas fazemos o certo
    Quando ele parece ser errado

    Espero que você entenda
    Um dia você vai me agradescer
    Espero que você entenda
    Doeu mais em mim acredite

    Sujar as mãos nem sempre significa
    Está com dor cabeça
    Espero que você entenda

  48. Chelsea Daley

    I love you jemi so much

  49. Megan Pearl

    It’s sad to see what Disney is like now

  50. Mady Lol


    sing my song for youuuuu.

  51. Aoife Byrne

    What happened to joes hair it used to be super fluffy 😩😍

  52. daisy vega

    i can’t believe he’s married :(

  53. Trinity Ann

    i don’t know about you guys but whenever i hear this song i cry... i love this song but it always makes me cry 😐

  54. Trinity Ann

    almost nine years ago :( this song brings back so many memories 💛

  55. n k

    wtf i remember hearing this on good luck charlie i thought this was teddy song

  56. Kahealani Aleviado


  57. Daniel Lansiquot

    Anyone here!

  58. Hazal Işık

    Demi was so happy with him

  59. Serena Brody

    Old is gold ❤️

  60. elsi carbuccia

    Hola Dorianis ♥️👏👍 bien Bueno que 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎆🎼🎵🎹📽️💌

  61. vicky arindra

    Jemi ❤️❤️😭😭😭

  62. Anna

    I like the way they look at each other, so soft and cute

    2019 and I still miss these two so much

  63. Aurélie Launois

    Omg comment Demi regarde Joe c’est beaucoup trop beau 😱😍

  64. Michael Clarke

    They copied good luck charlie


    Quien 2019 😭♥️👏🏼

  66. Genesis Olivarez

    I wish he breaks it off with Sophie so he can get with demi

  67. Natural Diva

    they just got so close together 💋💋💋💋💋💋👱🏼‍♀️🎇🤵🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  68. Huriya Babar


  69. pearl

    Can we plz go back to these days..

  70. SUTB: Anti-Bullying Organization

    That voice! My god! Please someone protect this woman with everything you have.

  71. harun rasyid

    Why they cant just stay together as couple😭😭😭😭

  72. Karla Laine

    Ogod why am I watching this😱

  73. queondasoylily

    You know what sucks? We can never get these moments back 😭

  74. Sawyer VLOGS

    I think it’s gross how she dated Joe then tried to date his brother Nick afterwards🤢. Brother hopping is dirty. She also told Nick he should dump Olivia Culpo. Glad Demi didn’t end up with either Jonas, she’s manipulative.

  75. Tóth Viktória

    Demi&Joe forever 😘

  76. SUTB: Anti-Bullying Organization

    My god! Just looking at Demi really makes me smile! She looked amazing! And now and at 27! I don’t know what else to say. I have no words. We almost lost her 1 year ago. What an amazing human she is.

  77. Keira Flaherty

    Wait Good Luck Charlie did a cover of this song? How do I not remember this one?

  78. lucero sanchez

    2019 . Now he is married :'c (and The Jonas Brothers are back )

  79. Cici_faith_

    8 years ago🥺

  80. Michelle Malig

    why am i being recommended this in 2019 and it hasn’t even hit Halloween

  81. Diana Music Smule

    Still think they are perfect together couple😅❤️ of course and them as a team ...the best team! ❤️ Even of they had their own lives, i am still dreaming!😍 cause i grew up with them 😻

  82. Shekinah Alornyeku

    I'm cryiiiiiiing😭😭😭

  83. J be

    She has terrible breathe control...yikes ruins the song

  84. Binty CZZ

    Doesn’t even look like she do drugs

  85. 28cryz

    Am I the only one that notices how bad their lip syncing is?🤣😭

    Hi Bye

    28cryz they are singing it live


    @Hi Bye that's the Thing though, they Arnt singing it live. If they were, their voices would have been in sync with their mouths..

    Hi Bye

    28cryz i played it back at 0.25x speed and their mouthings match the words of the song :) (especially with every breath they take) 🤗

  86. The Lauren Avery

    I forgot about this song, but as soon as it started I remembered all the words lol

  87. Joe Allen

    Omg my childhood this song was my favorite 😍😍🤩🤩

  88. Carla Romani

    Joe is married now to Sophie.

  89. Distile Der

    Almost 9 years ago...

  90. Andreea Ilie

    💓😍💓😍💓😍😍😘 this is so beautiful. Demi has a great voice

  91. Raluca Mihnea

    2019 somebody?

  92. Katie Weisenburger

    Their harmonies ❤

  93. Gabby Ontiveros

    When Disney channel actors could actually sing