Demi Lovato - One And The Same Lyrics

Hey! Hey! Hey!
La, La, La, La, La
Hey! Hey! Hey!
La, La, La, La, La

You come from here,
I come from there.

You rock out in your room,
I rock a world premiere.

We're more alike than
Anybody could ever tell
(ever tell)

Friday, we're cool,
Monday, we're freaks.

Sometimes we rule,
Sometimes we can't even speak.

But we kick it off,
Let loose, and LOL

It may seem cliche
For me to wanna say that your not alone
(that your not alone)

And you can call me uncool
But it's a simple fact i got your back

Yeah, yeah, yeah

'Cause we're one and the same
We're anything but ordinary
One and the same
I think we're almost legendary.
You and me the perfect team
Chasing down the dream
We're one and the same!

Hey! Hey! Hey!
La, La, La, La, La

I'm kinda like you,
Your kinda like me.

We write the same song
In a different key

It's got a rhythm, you and me
Can get along
(get along)

And it may seem cliche
For me to wanna say
That your not alone
(here I go again)

And you can call me uncool
But it's a simple fact
I still got your back (yeah)
(I still got you're back)

'Cause we're one and the same
We're anything but ordinary
One and the same
I think we're almost legendary
You and me the perfect team
Shaking up the scene,
We're one and the same!

[Demi:] (yeah, yeah)

Cause we're one and the same...

We're anything but ordinary

One and the same...

We're something more than momentary!

Cause we're one..

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Cause we're one..

Were anything but ordinary

You and me the perfect team
Chasing down the dream
You and me the perfect team
Shaking up the scene,
We're one and the same!

Hey! Hey! Hey!
La, La, La, La, La
Hey! Hey! Hey!

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Demi Lovato One And The Same Comments
  1. D D

    Lmao they knew how Selena sang so they be putting her on the lower vocals

  2. Agustina 17

    Me encantaba esta canción hace diez años jajajajjaa

  3. Lulu Vj3

    2020 anyone? I miss them.😭

  4. Cristina de leon

    Who else is here after seeing Selena’s instagram story 🙋🏽‍♀️

  5. Will G. Forrest

    Selena was and still is cute

  6. Ger Xiong

    Miss these disney channel days ❤

  7. chloe

    MY CHILDHOOD!!! ❤️

  8. y 33


  9. Mili Frias

    2020: Demi publico una historia en IG etiquetando a Justin Bieber 🤦‍♀️.

  10. Omaira Lopez

    2020? 💛

  11. Tatiana Joyner

    One of the best friendship songs ever? Yeahhhh!!! Those high notes thoo😍😍😍

  12. AngieAnaya43

    2020 & I've never forgotten an OG Disney Channel Movie lyric ❤

  13. Star Sunshine

    "we used to be best buddies and now we're not I wish you tell me why"

  14. Anissa Daniel

    2020 anyone??

  15. Marquita Gleghorn

    Taylor Swift messed up Selena and demi Lovato it had had nothing to do with Justin bieber why you think see Selena Gomez with more Taylor Swift

  16. ohyyhnm

    I miss them

  17. italian belieber

    Ok but Selena obviously just can‘t keep up with Demi‘s vocals

  18. Tommy Vercetti

    La infancia, la infancia, la maldita infancia, tiempos qué no volverán 😭

  19. Alexa Bella Muerte

    I can't hear Selena only Demi lmao

  20. Ffourty-eight

    I miss the good times 😭😭

  21. Deangelo27-Ezy

    Demi Lovato is really talented i knew she was going somewhere when i first heard her sing instantly fell head over wills with her voice i have so much love for her as soon as she stepped foot on Disney Channel She Killed every song her voice will never be matched One Of DC Most Talented Singers Of all Time Every Song She Sang i felt it in my heart and my soul


    Very nice Song 🎸

  23. rafael rj

    selena and demi 🐐🐐

  24. Bridget The FNAF Hunter

    My favorite song!!!

  25. Ih8eile


  26. Andrezza Mendes

    Em plena 2019, e eu aqui com sdd da amizade delas

  27. cuzinluv

    Why does Selena’s voice sound more powerful here than now?

  28. Ediz Yıldırım

    Who is watching 2019??

  29. Liwciak xx

    2019 ? 💕💕💕💕

  30. Alexandra Palomino

    Amooooooooooo está cancion

  31. Shelle Kellum

    I had to come back to this song tonight yassssssss

  32. isaura suero


  33. Grecia Dayanna Carbonell Rodriguez

    Infancia ❣️❣️❣️

  34. Elsa gomez

    Quiero Mata Alejandra Mayela

  35. ĢĪÛŁÏ giuli

    Como se llama está película? What is the name of this movie?

  36. Justin Holder

    Is it just me, or they look like they could easily be identical twins that just slightly change their appearance so as not to be noticeable?

  37. Justin Holder

    Who remembers when they were kids on Barney? Ouch, my childhood.... smh. Both have grown up so much, and so much talent. God, I miss this pair.

  38. Samirabegum 901

    Who’s here in 2019 and miss these 2😭

    Cheyenne Nicole

    Samirabegum 901 lol me


    Samirabegum 901 I miss these times 😩😩

  39. Tine Waters

    This is so nostalgic...

  40. Sharmaine Aquino

    I just miss this song & their friendship. They are my teenage idols 💕

  41. こってりちょこ


  42. Нина Таранец

    2009 is

  43. Clara Fernández Devesa

    OMG BFF, im crying...disney channel best films forever

  44. GerardWaysMic

    My emo ass heard bulletproof heart.

  45. Lola Abarca Sanchis

    Any 2019?

  46. nourat aboubacar

    Omggg i randomly remembered this 😭😂😂😂😭 throwback

  47. cung cung

    anyone here in 2019 ? 😅

  48. Jessie W

    2019 reunion pleeeeeeez❤️

  49. Lunarry •

    I missed princess protection, I didn't know that much about Selena's and Demi's relationship but I really do missed and I wanna watch them be together again in this year before this year ends..

  50. rising in the am of the morning

    I remember being so mind-blown at the scenes with the picture frames

  51. miracle Kim


  52. Later Feraligatr2

    This song is still 🔥

  53. Miau's Cavern

    you remember that demi lovato sang with the artist puerto rican luis fonsi, the despacito man

  54. Lunita de Tucumán

    Lpm que cumbion

  55. Djai Bi

    I miss them together. It's like a piece of the pot! They are harmoniing so well together...

  56. *りぽぽ


  57. mj kim

    me: what are the lyrics
    demi: ask taylor

  58. Celine Terra

    Ugh back when things were easier

  59. Tudo Vieira

    sdds dessa amizade

  60. Daie.

    Anyone 2019?

  61. Judy Allan

    Oh dear god help me THIS IS AMAZING I miss watching this😔

  62. DizzyIzzyFangirl

    this is a lovely song but seriously what happened to this beautiful people

  63. Ryuji Omote

    Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez - One And The Same

  64. André Lucca Pereira

    Sddsss dessa amizadee 😭😭😭😭

  65. nyle travis

    sniff im finna CRY

  66. FT PlayzX

    anyone here in 2019??

  67. Vampette✨

    I miss them :( they’re not as close as they used to be.

  68. Shweta Thapa


  69. Jack Hall

    This song is a banger

  70. Fei Thangies

    I miss their friendship!

  71. Fei Thangies

    I miss them, my childhood

  72. Αλεξανδρα Μυλωνα

    I started singing and my dad walk in my room and he said what the... what are you singing???Im singing Delena!!!What Delena is???Delena is Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez!!!!♥And the aong named one and the same!!!!♥♥♥♥♥oh ok

  73. lolo elghmrawy



    I just cheated on my 2 yrs boyfriend but we aren't dating till we are seventeen years old with ian's fairly my bff sp yup my sister was like you cheated on trent

  75. army x arianator

    Am i the only one who thinks Delena is better then Taylena?

  76. Roselyn Toma

    Selena Gomez was 15 years old😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💚💛

  77. Amber Aerial

    July 2019🤘🏼 Demi & Selena are still best friend goals🔥💯

  78. It'sMeHim SOA

    Tell me a former (Disney Star) who was vocally better than demi lovato? I want it with NAME & LAST NAME, PERIOOOODT

    Wendy Almeida

    China Anne Mclain

  79. Celeste Calumpong

    2019 anyone?


    Claudiu Iulian

    Celeste Calumpong yes

  80. Forever Loving

    I’m a guy but I wish I had a BFF that I could sing this with in secret 😂

  81. gacha ASMR

    What is this movie called again

  82. Ffourty-eight

    Who’s here in 2019?

  83. Endiah Harrison

    I miss this song. I wish they Selena and Demi also the movie back. I love their music.

  84. Diamond Winx

    Selena is so cute and is now also 😍😍i love demi but she was more cute before for me. Still love the song. I wish thwy make a new song like this. I want them to be best friends again😭

  85. Tu Nguyen

    :( miss this

  86. Andrew Payne

    never get tired of this song love it and love selena

  87. Melina Baaziz

    tro bi1

  88. Martina Flow

    Still listening to this #childhood

  89. Fredy's Kim

    2019 💖💖

  90. Oyinda Oyeniyi

    10 years today 😢

  91. Gt maniac