Demi Lovato - Mistake Lyrics

Now that I'm thinking sober
Don't you try to get no closer
I'm just gonna get in my car and drive, and drive
Looking in the rear view mirror
Everything is so much clearer
Watch me wave it all goodbye, goodbye

The lights flashing giving me all the danger signs
Someone to save, to save but it don't work that way

Think you made your greatest mistake
I'm not gonna call this a break
Think you really blew it this time
Think you could walk on such a thin line
Won't be taking your midnight calls
Ignore the rocks you throw at my wall
I see it written on your face
You know you made it, your greatest mistake

When the last straw is broken
When the last door is closing
I ain't that dumb to stick around, stick around
I ain't got the time for looking back
When you let yourself slip through the cracks
And you just keep going down, down, down

I'm a stay undercover, lay low, need some time
No one to save, to save this sick cycle's over babe

Think you made your greatest mistake
I'm not gonna call this a break
Think you really blew it this time
Think you could walk on such a thin line
Won't be taking your midnight calls
Ignore the rocks you throw at my wall
I see it written on your face
You know you made it, your greatest mistake

Why you looking at me, spitting the same old line
Trying to creep back ain't no flipping my mind
Don't you get it by now the story's over, over
Still calling my name outside my house
I'm hitting the switch, watch the lights go out
Watch the lights go out

I hope you ache, ache, ache, ah-oh-oh
I hope you ache, ache, ache, ah-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah

Think you made your greatest mistake
I'm not gonna call this a break
Think you really blew it this time
Think you could walk on such a thin line
Won't be taking your midnight calls
Ignore the rocks you throw at my wall
I see it written on your face
You know you made it, your greatest mistake
Oh, oh

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Demi Lovato Mistake Comments
  1. Cipriano Vega

    The beginning sounds like High hopes of panic! At the disco

  2. Brooke Ferguson

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  3. Qarl_ Life

    Its better than snsd🤘🏻

  4. Bee Darrell

    I wish she keeps singing with this voice

  5. Marion Titus

    This would have been even more amazing as a country song with a guitar. If I had musical talent, I'd do this for the voice.

  6. Neto Mendes

    20/10/2019. Alguém do Brasil?🤔🇧🇷🕪🎧😍👏👍

  7. Shibashree Nanda

    Why is this a skip faster than the original track?

  8. Alexia

    Im just here for SNSD lol

  9. Nicole Ann

    Who's listening this 2019? Or am i only?

  10. Cassy Davis

    I love this song it makes me think about someone

  11. Ms. R

    She's really talented. You will overcome Demi.

  12. sgm123

    sounds like Keri Hilson's Knock you down

  13. it'sprecillemae vlogs

    2019 and I still love this song 😍😍

  14. William Brennan

    The EU to Britain in 5 years, if they go through with Brexit:

  15. Malissa Hughlett

    I feel so sorry for what she had to go through. It must a been painful for her.

  16. 취안나


  17. JM BlackSone

    Es raro tener el álbum "Unbroken" donde está esta canción y al mismo tiempo tener el álbum donde está "Born To Be A Lady"

  18. Xx Rina


  19. Areeba Tanveer

    stop comparing it to snsd's born to be a lady PLEASE demi is demi i love this song if y'all here just to say she copied it or snsd's better or you're here cuz of that..don't listen RESPECT BOTH ARTISTS but now that you're here listening to demi stop compairing!

  20. Skumpkin

    I actually came here from shazaming the simlish cover on the Sims......

  21. Alexis Jennings

    2019 any one

  22. Samantha Wells

    What's Daryl's cell yeah first time so yeah it was really funny so yeah but yeah it was fun and games but yab but yeah Devin it's different but yeah

  23. Samantha Wells

    I'm getting married so yeah like I'm not in there so yeah whatever it's so it's so hard so I'm single yes and I'm not in a relationship so yes

  24. Samantha Wells

    Do Les Twins YouTube like me so yeah take it so yeah let me be in love with me and you not know so yeah

  25. Kate St.

    2018? Someone?

  26. Bianca Munteanu

    All I hear is born to be a lady

  27. Hiwaba etraV

    I thought Demi will copy some of the note.But she copied all.OH MAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII

  28. gillian ruth

    Anyone here 2018?

  29. Qayyum Kamil

    Same like SNSD - Born To Be Lady

  30. Qayyum Kamil

    I just knew

  31. noodles

    Everyone makes mistakes

  32. Amna A

    2018 listeners?

  33. Chimmeneringed


  34. chizz mann

    Very nice

  35. Jerry And Paula Dixon

    ive loved you since 2005 dude i srill do💞💋just hope its not too late❤im smart enough to know that the big wheel in the sky doesn't stop for no one not even me but i do believe we've always been friends and thats better than this... .🌈❤

  36. Yosrah Palao

    Snsd is copycat triggered😬


    copy cat?? excuse me snsd is the first than demi!!

  37. Yosrah Palao

    2018 i still love this song😍😍

  38. myou itw!

    Is this her cover of snsd's born to be a lady? Or the other way round?

  39. joshs life

    thank you Demi for making these songs, your songs help me so much💓

  40. Ludwig van Beethoven

    proof snsd can sing their songs with only one person lol

  41. Niña Marie Corpuz

    i love this song .. i'll already listening it everyday .. if i listen this song i feel that i free in my life

    Niña Marie Corpuz

    i love all
    Demi Lovato's Song

  42. IamKPOPfanBITCH!!

    i came here to hear snsd born to be a lady in english ver.

  43. -hellohellohello-

    too bad she copied snsd's song... still like this song tho

  44. Anasya Daffa

    oiya si ini born to be lady snsd haha

  45. Shyanna Salter

    she is such a good singer

  46. Nikita Malan

    2017 anyone

  47. Misty Flame

    demi wrote this they just covered it

  48. QueenLovatoVocals

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  49. lillytomboI

    i came here as my gf just broke up with me

  50. William Brennan

    AKA the EU to Britain in 5 years :D

  51. Kennedy Lewis

    😍😍😍😍 luv this song soo much#2k17

  52. Sheila Gerard

    who is watching in 2017

  53. Lidija Trajkovski

    who is watching in 2016

  54. Azim Syahimi

    My favorite song.... also surprised that the instrumental is the same as one of SNSD songs lol. Love them both, but I prefer this one <3


    i read a comment that demi bought this song from SM to remake it in english. i don't know if it's true though

  55. Sharnz1802


  56. drenee patterson

    lovatic till the end

  57. Taviyannah H

    2016 anyone?? ;DD

  58. Crayon Jambe

    born to be a lady. who knows what I'm talkn bout

    CHRiSM Laguardia

    LOL snsd .-.

  59. Sharait Molina

    Sone y Lovatics no peleen, nadie plagio a nadie , tanto SM como la disquera de Demi tienen los derechos legales de la cancion, ambas (Soshi y Demi) son cantantes talentosas que hacen brillar al tema a su estilo y de maneras igualmente hermosas. Así que Sone dejen de atacar a los Lovatic (Soy de ambos fandoms joder!), están dejando mal parado al fandom y a los fans de Kpop en general y Mariposones mejor vayan a reproducir el mv debut de la Enana osea el Pitchus in da eskai. Aparte TaeYeon sigue a Demi en IG. Así que no veo razones para pelear.
    P.D: No lo puse en ingles porque sentí que no lograría expresarme bien.

  60. konstantina pappa

    This is undoubtedly for Joe... jemi feels

    Angel 1608

    konstantina pappa really hope she is over him this time. Because almost this entire album and a couple of the next one are about him. The weird thing Is they all always have new songs about each other because they can't fit everything in one album but they're good songs so they have to talk it out and be brave enough to put the words out there

  61. Alexis Jennings

    who is watching this july

  62. Rubi Cooley

    I love this song it makes me feel strong and none can take my of me

    Mer Iem

    me too omg so beatiful

  63. Randy Twoyoungmen

    me and I like her and yeah me too

  64. Isabelle Iwanowski

    Thumbs up if youre watching in 1898 XDXDXDDXDX

  65. Miriam Calderon

    Great music and i love you demi lovato

  66. Garett Mccallum

    Love this!!!!!!!!!

  67. yasmin x

    I remember listening to Unbroken album when It got released. I get obsessed with Mistake every once in a while.

  68. Betsabe Casique

    eya plagio a snsd pero no hay q angustiarnos por que sabemos q version es la mejor para cada uno

    Sharait Molina

    Ambas disqueras compraron la cancion.

    Betsabe Casique

    bueno cada quien sabe con que cancion se queda

  69. Pedro Pistilli

    Eu amo essa música :D

  70. RidingLivingLife

    Listening in 2016???

  71. anja popovic

    who is watching in 2016


    2017 XD

    Ilenia Scavo


    Tiarra Rodney

    2019 YASS

    Dragon Heather

    2019 :D


    2020 🖤

  72. GhOstKillEr

    #LOVATIC #SONE <3 <3

  73. Demetria Kaneki

    I came here for the vocalist of our generation - Demi Lovato.

    Eszter Szabó

    Demetria Kaneki Yet you have Ariana Grande as your profile picture

  74. Kpop ItalianFan

    I found out just few days ago that the music of the song is the same of SNSD's "Born to be a Lady" and I'm still shocked. One of my favourite american singers singing one song of my favourite korean girls group <3

  75. Kailey Lewis

    2016 and still ma jam

    Tiarra Rodney

    2019 and this shit still a bop

  76. Eiza Amor

    I like very much this song Demi is beautiful girl i love Demi very much Kiss from Romania

  77. Adem Ammar

    amazing song

  78. Newbie To Beauty

    listening to her and almost in tears

  79. Anyssa Nasher

    shes soo pretty even though this songs is old im proud on how much she've grown and changed from a bullied little girl to a confidident super star :') they grow up so fast

  80. Evanescence unknown

    am I the only guy here

    Robert Carter

    +Jacob Odell No, you're not :)

    Evanescence unknown

    +Robert Carter think you

    andrew carson

    nope i LOVE demi

    Abhimanyu Sinha

    +Jacob Odell No, I'm a lovatic

    jesse oliver

    No. I'm here bc of SJJD born to be a lady.

  81. Alyvia Bragg

    "THIS GIRL HAS SUCH A POWERFUL VOICE" Those words came from my 80 year old grandma!

    lolo lolo

    Such a gud

  82. Carrie White

    nice song

  83. Damn Loretta

    Honestly, I like both versions equally.
    SNSD's version gave off a sweet, gentle and soft vibe while Demi's version gave off a powerful, strong and tough-like vibe.

  84. Mi Kah

    Born to be a lady <3
    I love both versions

  85. que lah!

    omaigad! which one is the original ?! SNSD does sound way much better.. my opinion

    Mic-Shell Crackson

    Zeibo Yaung do u know an opinion? And do u know respect?

  86. Winny Yuzuki Oxavia

    i love both demi and Girls' generation version <3

  87. Jimin_is_love

    i like snsd's version more because its much more sweeter to hear. But i also like this one though.

  88. i love gymnastics

    2015 listeners?

    gillian ruth

    i love gymnastics I’m in 2018 I’m from the future 😂

    Alanoud Esmail


    Tiarra Rodney

    2019 YAS


    COOL SONG...............................

  90. rosse garcia

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