Demi Lovato - La La Land Lyrics

I am confident but
I still have my moments.
Baby, that's just me.

I'm not a supermodel,
[CD version:] I still eat McDonald's.
[video version:] I still eat at Ronald's.
Baby, that's just me.

Well, some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
Because of where I
Had my start and where I made my name
Well everything's the same
In the la-la land machine, machine.

Who said I can't wear my converse with my dress?
Well, baby, that's just me!

And who said I can't be single
And have to go out and mingle
Baby, that's not me, no, no.

Well, some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
Because of where I
Had my start and where I made my name
Well, everything's the same
In the la-la land.

Tell me do you feel the way I feel
'Cause nothing else is real
In the la-la land appeal

[Guitar solo]

Some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything
Because of where I
Had my start and where I made my name
Well, everything's the same
In the la-la land machine

Well, I'm not gonna change
In the la-la land machine
I will stay the same
In the la-la land...


I won't change anything in my life
(I won't change anything in my life)
I'm staying myself tonight
(I'm staying myself tonight)

La la la la la....

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Demi Lovato La La Land Comments
  1. lulu lulu


  2. Hannah

    She peaked in her Disney years

  3. Jenny Tan

    I never recognized her after her bangs were gone

  4. Star Sunshine

    1:20 me someone says i have to date someone but i don’t want to

  5. Jéssica Aleixo Silva

    Minha linda sempre maravilhosa.
    Te amo, minha Demi 💟🎧🌈✌❤💎👑

  6. James Newnorth

    She's pretty good. I can see her having a good career when she grows up.


    When?????? He's old now

    James Newnorth

    @darkness Uh, looks like a kid to me.

  7. Nico Valentine

    1:23 that riff is amazing <3


    this song :( btw Feb 6 2020? 4:58 am

  9. azzy840

    Sonny with a chance cast, was this some way of promoting the show.

  10. jennifer Rock

    J'aimerais l'écouter chanter cette chanson de nouveau. Et les rythmes rock lui vont vraiment bien. Elle devrait en faire plus.

  11. Bdhacker101

    This song sums up the mid 2000s pop era

  12. Asia Keishai

    tik tok brought me here and now i cant close my mouth 😲

  13. M.J. Wilk

    the sonny with a chance cast sends

  14. M M

    She’s such a rebel

  15. Solangy Te


  16. mca mca

    My child hood sonny who agrees

  17. Nat Sthael

    Matando a saudade❤

  18. Rachel K

    Why is this song still so good in 2020??? tell me why i still love her so much

  19. ramiz ahmed


  20. Camila Pereira Aragao Camis

    Anyone in 2020?!

  21. miriam moreno

    Like si piensas que demi es linda

  22. berf

    the fact that she was 16 years old in this vieo blows my mind

  23. Sthefany Dutra

    12 years and i'm still here LOL #2020

  24. Davida Ward

    Loved her performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl last night. With that said, she came such a long way since her Disney days.

  25. Jesskaaiiey

    Is it me or the original lyrics to that song we're ''I still eat Mcdonald's'' and she replaced it by ''I still eat at Ronald's''? (It does sound better but... what?)

  26. Sayra Garcia

    Who’s here after the super bowl 2020

  27. Beloved Grints

    Ô epoca bom

  28. Kalliblast

    she came for hollywood in 2008 and i slept on it

  29. Ava Leea

    0:39 WAIT! I always thought it was eat McDonald's!!?!?!?

    M M

    Ava Leea she changed it bcuz it sounds better

  30. lynn mett

    Early 2000's were the beginning of the "I'm NoT LiKe OtHeR GiRlS" trend.

  31. Lisa Frozzy

    Well you stayed the same in the la la la land machine demi!
    -the future

  32. Mirelle Santos

    DEMI 😍👏

  33. Rayka Lisboa

    Agente nem imaginava oq ela passava nessa época🥺

  34. ramneet padda

    2020 anyone!!

  35. Sibely Natalia

    Mijeiiii kkkkkkkk

    ( brasileiro)

  36. Babyee

    Is anyone still listening in 2020 or is it just me

  37. Indy Keningar

    La La Land by Demi Lovato run so La La Land by Damien Chazelle could walk

  38. Kate Chin


  39. ilichuu

    sad that lala land is the one with most of tentation and drugs

  40. WillBeckett IsPrettyBoyGoals

    I wish Demi did more music like this her voice suits the cute upbeat rock-ish pop punk sound it would be so nice!

  41. themadderhatterr

    2am crew where u at who's making the nostalgia rounds tonight

  42. Cat Potter

    When did the lyric change from “I’m not a super model I still eat McDonald’s” to “I still eat at Ronald’s baby”. Like who tf is Ronald ?!???


  43. sebastian ndeah

    3:11 ....

  44. Sweetheart

    Demi "ur blonde and wear pink so ur a villain now" Lovato

    its funny that this is the same person that ended up doing cocaine and had to go to rehab several times.

  45. Destanie Reyes

    They did her wrong with that thumbnail tho

  46. March Lander


  47. Giovanna Almeida Morais

    omg, I'm watching this video in 2020 hahahaahah

  48. ahntis

    this is so nostalgic

  49. aki akiii

    They did her dirty with that thumbnail

  50. Miguel Fuentes

    someone notice she says "eat in Ronalds". its was "eats in Donalds".

  51. Vadi Random

    2020 💜💜💜

  52. Alexandra Volkova

    who said i cant us eheroin thats just me

  53. frailfalling

    she was the best thing that happened to disney

  54. Alejandro Andrade

    She should've sang this at the 2020 Grammys

  55. Gabriel Lopes


  56. Sophia Zee

    Back when her skin was white.

  57. Dana Beard

    I swear to god the lyric was “I still eat McDonald’s.”

  58. kristel pujay

    mis epocas!!! era una niña

  59. Edis Marin

    La la linda forever!

  60. Infinity Mist

    I’m sorry !!!!! Chaosss

  61. Raymond Whitehat

    If you’re listening to this in January 2020, you’re a legend!


    that doesn't mean your a legend IT MEANS NOTHING

    Raymond Whitehat

    OranWolf shut up you

  62. Austin Armstrong

    What a throwback

  63. Luxor Queen


  64. Sofia Pinheiro

    “Mijeeeeeeeeiiii” 🎶

  65. Bárbara Fel

    Continua sendo uma das minhas favoritas.

  66. Ayla Gaming

    Here after the Grammys!

  67. Tom nascimento vassao

    honestly, iconic

  68. shantinextdoor

    Leo Queen 👑

  69. boltcrop

    this was my first Demi Lovato experience years ago and it was a great pleasure. It still delivers.

  70. Janhavi Baviskar

    I guess i was 9 when this song released and I have been a fan ever since . Lmao I am 20 now

  71. Jesica Nepomuceno

    One of my favorite song of her! Miss this.. 😭

  72. Victor Gomes

    Ahhhhhh eu AMO demais

  73. Patricia Supapo

    Listening to this in 2020 makes me feel like im back in my preteens!

  74. Martina Juliana Medina

    she looks really beautiful here

  75. Ma. Teresa Clarice Titco

    I remember having a major crush on Sterling Knight lmao

  76. Marie Desjardin

    I’m here after her Grammys 2020 performance. I’ll always love you Demi. <3

  77. Ana María

    Baby Demi so pretty 💛✨

  78. bad girl 23

    A am confident

    A few years later :Whats wrong with being confident

  79. Andrea Lizarraga

    Wore black converse & a black dress at a 6th grade dance thanks to this song

  80. sofi bericat

    im the only one who is seeing a really strong esthetic related with hayley williams ?

  81. Jessie J is the best.

    There's no one like Demi 😍

  82. Dior Diorrrs

    She used to be so pretty. This song is so epic.


    I thought she said mcdonalds not Ronalds...

  84. Joey A.

    She will forever be the one person I will always admire.

  85. Gely Albarran

    Oh , how I still love you Demi crying to this song in 2020

  86. Sarah Khan

    Demi Lovato she can sing 🎤🎸🎹📒

  87. CheesyFries 2468

    Something I always remembering was cool was that the Jonas brothers worked on the album that this song was on, with her

  88. mel 1905

    You don't understand

  89. Aylin Ornelas

    Everyone now wears converse with dresses

    Ginny weasley

    Lol yeah

  90. Sierra_Skye317

    She doesnt say McDonalds!?!?! Wtf

  91. Ainhoa Gallo

    This is the first song I heard of Demi in 2020

  92. Furky Chapman

    0:37 I still, ''ea RapRonalds''
    Is it only me who notice that the way she says that part is weird?

    Valeria J

    She says: "I still eat at Ronalds", could not use McDonalds because of copyright I guess.

    Furky Chapman

    @Valeria J Oh, okay. Thx

  93. Jill

    Idk what happened to her but she used to be so pretty

  94. Raven Coull

    I really want hayley Williams and demi to collaborate

  95. Josue Morales Alfaro

    22-01-2020 alguien.......!!! aquellos tiempos :D