Demi Lovato - Brand New Day Lyrics

Oh oh

Last year's old news
I'm breaking out my six string
And playing from my heart
It's not déjà vu
Cause it's another summer
That's how this chapter starts

I'm gonna run so fast till I can't breathe
Come along and follow me
Let's make some noise we never did before

It's a brand new day (Don't you see me)
Changing up my ways (So completely)
This time I'm gonna sing and you're gonna hear it
This time I'm gonna show you that I got the spirit
It's a brand new day
And I'm feelin' good
And I'm feelin' good!

So drama free
I'm all about the music I just wanna sing
Watch me live out my dreams
I'm gonna rock that stage and give my everything

I'm gonna dance until my feet can't move
Come along get in the groove
Let's shine so bright more than we did before

It's a brand new day (Don't you see me)
Changing up my ways (So completely)
This time I'm gonna sing and you're gonna hear it
This time I'm gonna show you that I got the spirit
It's a brand new day
And I'm feelin' good

(What you gonna do? What you gonna do?)
I'm gonna laugh through the summer with you
(Who you gonna be? Who you gonna be?)
You'll just have to watch me carefully
(Where you gonna go? Where you gonna go?)
Anywhere my heart wants me to go
I'm gonna sing, I'm gonna dance, I'm gonna write, I'm gonna play
Let me try my hand in everything

'Cause it's a brand new day (Don't you see me)
Changing up my ways (So completely)
This time I'm gonna sing and you're gonna hear it
This time I'm gonna show you that I got the spirit
It's a brand new day

It's a brand new day (It's a pleasure to see you)
Changing up my ways (Changing up my ways)
This time I'm gonna sing and you're gonna hear it (gonna hear it)
This time I'm gonna show you that I got the spirit (got the spirit)
It's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
And I'm feelin' good
Feelin' good
And I'm feelin' good!

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Demi Lovato Brand New Day Comments
  1. Heitor Stand

    amo essa música aa

  2. Alejandra Fuentes

    Adoro su voz

  3. Fiona Alexis

    I really miss this era

  4. Silvia Laurents

    Miss the movie

  5. Maddie Burdett

    0:32 when it really starts

  6. Zainab Anwar

    Best song anyone in 2019?

  7. HelMel 503

    Is it me or she looks like sofia carson and sounds like sofia carson

  8. Melissa Giovana

    2019... E eu aqui!!! Lovee

  9. Rhea Mae Andrea Ramirez

    Oh my God, this is my favorite song. Nostalgic! 2019 anyone?

  10. zzamful

    El volumen de este video es una desgracia.

  11. zzamful

    El volumen esta muy bajo

  12. Crystal Solis

    COMRC kwsmm9239

  13. Deivys Mendez

    Lo amo 💖

  14. E H

    Bientôt 2020 les année passent si vite 😭 10 ans déjà

  15. Vanusa Sousa

    Saudades quando eu era criança e assistia na Disney channel, eu era tão feliz💕
    Miss you when I was a kid watching on Disney channel, I was so happy💕

  16. Jaliah Mya

    Yeah it’s so creepy

  17. Lara Peaxhii

    Someone 2019??

  18. Sofi Ohh

    Demi you're great!

  19. Okay but who tf are you

    You can’t listen to this and not have a good day 😍🌞❤️

  20. Dianna Rose Laureto

    I really love her outfit here fr

  21. soumayalaboss

    2019 ✋

  22. Vilu Mack


  23. sultanshaheerkhan

    I love this song

  24. Cup of tae with a suga kookie

    When Disney used to hire TALENTED people I miss this

  25. nicoli Lobo

    Haha eu muito sua fã

  26. Athan Brady

    I wish real camp was like this

  27. Okay but who tf are you

    This movie warms my heart to the core ♥️

  28. Anicet Nembot

    2019 👍🏽?

  29. Priya MSP

    I love how Tess is barely in this since she's a bad dance lmao.

  30. bang chingu


  31. BatmanFan 76 Channel 2

    0:43 Me Everyday I Wake Up. 😁

  32. Giraffe Animations

    I came here for Area 51 jokes cause I know there gonna be here

  33. Embry Quintana

    Mitchie feels being bullied because of Tess, she acts mean towards her

  34. Julieta


    juan cachi

    A quien le hablas?


    @juan cachi recuerdo que en Camp Rock Caitlyn le dijo en tono "amigaenemiga" a Mitchie "Te gustó ser el apoyo?" cuando terminó de cantar con Tess. Y ella es miembro del coro de Mitchie en Camp Rock 2 😂

  35. Damia Wesley

    2019 anyone?

  36. Pamela Ceras

    I love this song

  37. Blindi GT

    Que tiempos aquellos por Dios, Los Jonas, Demi, Selena, Los magos, Hanna, Patito,,,,, MI INFANCIA JOD*R!! PORQUE SE LA LLEVARON? QUIERO MI INFANCIA DE REGRESO!😭😭😭 Quiero volver a ser niña, ser como Peter Pan y no creser jamas, porque dejenme decirles niños, que creser es un asco!!!😭😭😭

  38. MARIYA

    wow my childhood was this song...and now my life is BTS’ song “brand new day” instead lol

  39. Heli Baxi

    demi lováto je lepší

  40. Mae Joy Isugan

    I miss camp rock soooo muchhh !!! 💗💗💗💗

  41. _kha.h

    I remember I was shocked of how pale she was when I saw this movie the 1st time and now that I’m grown up I Know that’s because she was doing coke at this’s tough

  42. Mobile Legend


  43. FlowerChild

    Demi really out sang everybody at Camp Rock

  44. Çağla -

    2019? Who Miss Old Disney ;-;

  45. Valentin

    when a womans periode is over

  46. Kinga Balazs

    Omg 😮😮


    I love this song so much and I love this video so much to and I'm crying and I'm still crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  48. Esther Segura

    I like BTS, but I didn't expect to search "Brand new day" and found their song as first option. I don't like that.

  49. TheMan 122326

    2:25 so they were angry about being backup singers for Tess and now they’re back up singers for Demi 😂😂

  50. Madison Sefchick

    2019 anyone

  51. Tiara Harris

    Demi and joe I shipped my whole life and I think I always will but I’m still happy for joe only because I would want someone happy for me but I’m still upset sorry

  52. Tristan Aguilar

    I miss this kind of song don't like the genre today 2019

  53. Jill Wesenbeek

    She has a great voice

  54. hezron tan

    I look at the comments and i see it from 3 year ago i guess im the only one in 2019...

  55. Lalice Aesthetic

    July 2019 anyone? :))

    Darren Matthews

    Hell yeah


    demi will always be my role model♥♥

  57. Shaiel Maciel

    Alguien en 2019

  58. Elsa Maria Araujo Perez

    Bien corozon Love

  59. Skippysocool Cool

    I was 4 when this came out ❤️ memorieess

  60. Roasher Cg

    I love this song so much but Camp Rock 2 felt a little more like High School Musical with this kind of performances. I there is nothing like the first Camp Rock.

  61. Diamond YT

    I haven't heard this song in 9 years and I remember every lyric

  62. Ebru Ferro

    2019? still listeners?

  63. Yousra Slaoui

    Demi is so gorgeous!

  64. king jnl

    They all have good teeth xD

  65. Leticcia Rebelo

    Gente to ficando velha 😂😂

  66. Celine Terra

    Awe she puts love in everything she does lol cute

  67. Robie jane Caturao

    imiss this

  68. Gabriela

    Algum brasileiro que é apaixonado por camp rock? 🇧🇷

  69. Chun Li

    Summer 2019!

  70. Arniza Syah

    2019 💓

  71. Chelsea Donaldson

    Still watch this in 2019 like

  72. islem Army

    Deja vou 😂

  73. Angela Ramirez.

    2019 :'3

  74. Hailey Clinton

    This movie shall always be iconic

  75. Karla Laine

    Since from the start when I first started watching this I was like "I WISH I HAVE THIS SUMMER THAT HAS A LOT OF FUN"

  76. Chun Li

    Summer 2019!

  77. Chun Li

    I was 9 when this came out and I was in 4th grade omg the memories and Now I just graduated high school! This songs makes me cry of happiness and Idk why ! but it's sure better than today's music..

  78. Alvenis Arevalo


  79. ariiieeei

    I love this

  80. Praise Stephen

    I used Shazam to discover Here's To the people I love and love them when you have any special

  81. Emily Rose potts

    Wow so good lol xx

  82. Kathy Pontier

    2019??? ☝️☝️☝️☝️🎶🎵

  83. Anime Star

    2019 anyone

  84. Il giovane dal golfino rosso

    You can say it whatever you want, but you know it's true: Demi Lovato is the only real star of this timeless little classic!


    And the vocalist of the generation.

    Amiah Edmondson


  85. Sabrina Noori

    no dime you new

  86. Vanessa Vierundvierzig

    2019 🌹

  87. Fatima valdez


  88. 銳銳

    2019 still missing.....❤❤❤❤😭

  89. Gülsüm Ş.

    2019 ❤❤

  90. Sergio Jr

    PUC aeiou rock vs. Star

  91. TCG G

    Wen you get a extra chicken nugget at McDonald’s

  92. Barbara Aldrete

    I can definitely tell how she struggled with her body and mental health tour tv show movie and it really put alotta pressure on her but now she’s healthy and sober for a better life without drugs and alcohol

  93. Gloria Paez

    When you realize it is the same choreography than teen beach 2 “gotta be me”

  94. T3ddy B34r