Demi Lovato - 1, 2, 3 Goodbye Lyrics

Take care of yourself, darling.
I guess...I guess this is goodbye.
Tomorrow's coming quicker than yesterday came today.
I guess this is goodnight.
Cuz we've all got one last night together
so let's start the party!
You know we rocked! Promise you won't forget me!

So these moments spent are coming to an end.
I'm counting seconds until next time begins.
Listen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
We couldn't change it if we tried.
1, 2, 3, 4 goodbye.

We've all said before, Our Time is Here.
But it's never meant a thing until we began to tear.
And I'll be aching before and after we depart
from remembrances of the very start.
(The grand memories together [2x])
Now here I am, it's your song I'll be singing.
you're the voice I hear inside my head!


We raised our voices.
We followed our dreams.
One thing, 'Who Will I Be?' you ask.
Well, we'll never be too cool for Camp Rock 3!


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Demi Lovato 1, 2, 3 Goodbye Comments
  1. Jose carrillo

    12 years ago today

  2. tiara xx

    Demi's always been so beautiful T^T

  3. Gon Freaks

    2019. I miss Demi of 2008 😭😭😭

  4. Sakura Fernanda


  5. First Last

    This was 2007? How have I never heard of this song? She was so cute here!

  6. Sofi Zu

    What did she say at the end ?

  7. maga Encina

    She was so sweet and cute, why nobody protected her!!!

  8. Jessica Antal

    10 years 😭

  9. Monica Manik

    2017 ❤️💛💚💙💜

  10. Shy Ane

    This song is a BOP idc what anyone says

  11. Sam Alajmi

    proud lovatic crying here💔😢

    Lovatic 4ever

    same!! 😢💖

  12. Kai Madness

    I'm crying. Fuck.

    Zeynep Selin

    +Vanri S. 2017, and crying too

  13. Danitoh

    Hola maldita perra sucia

  14. angel ramirez


  15. Megan

    My heart just broke into a million pieces when she started crying at the end. :'( Always been a star

  16. MsBuzzlightyear13

    how did i not know about this song! i started crying, i love Demi

  17. Anissa G.

    they should've made a camp rock 3 :[ stinking joe :p

    angel ramirez

    Deed I has been talking about Camp rock 3 !!!!!!


    Demi joked about it on Twitter with the 3boys


    they are!!

    Noura S

    2019, camp rock 3

    maga Encina

    I think Disney didnt want to after what happened with Demi, Demi said she wouldnt work with Disney again anyways

  18. unknownlove19

    i love you demi lovato, always have, always will :) 

  19. patymex0410

    Yo también lo sigo escuchando

  20. Can Sabancı

    I hope she sing it again. I want a studio version!!

  21. Neta Sudman

    Israel :D חוחו

  22. Lívian Cristiany

    Essa voz...esse sorriso...o jeito de abaixar a cabeça...^-^ simplesmente...AMO !!!!!

  23. patymex0410

    my baby DEMI

  24. Brenda Fuentes

    Como hipnotizados xD

  25. Lais Ribeiro

    Demiiiiiiiii <3

  26. Delein G.

    La cara de Joeee y de la mama de mitchie


    Aksjsgdjajagaka la vuelvo a ver y me siento como la primera vez, Demi era tan pequeña :3 I love her!!

  28. jovanna santana

    fhsdgfhafg 2013 *-*

  29. Daiana Deniss

    2013 Y Lo Sigo Ecuchando!!

  30. Renata Dharma

    On her 21st birthday <3

  31. Plise92

    This song was sung on my birthday!! Happy Birthday Demi <3

  32. Maide Ahsen Aydın

    C'mon who's watching this now

  33. Keira McGills

    I burst out in tears when i picture them telling goodbye

  34. Keira McGills

    I still watching this in 2013

  35. Keira McGills

    I still watching this in 2013

  36. TheBrookeSchofield

    She's so adorable Oh my god

  37. Gabriella Vieira

    A cara do Joe , é a melhor 2:00 <33

  38. Vitória Vieira

    A cara do Joe kkkk

  39. luiza Santos morais

    Essa Demi adora brincar mesmo hein?Kkkkkk

  40. Alyeli

    2013 y aun sigo viendo esto *_*

  41. Raven Stuart

    Joe looked so dumb

  42. asif90210 god I love Demi so much

  43. kevin18br

    Demi Lovoto??? Disney, are you serious?? It's LovAto

  44. BrieChicActress

    could you put the chords on here??

  45. Evan Mendez

    Wow that was beautiful.

  46. סיון גוילי

    in 2013

  47. Kat Fey

    This is amazing!! I made a cover of it, it would be awesome it you all could check it out and give me feedback!!!:D

  48. Ana Cristina Vargas

    my bby <3

  49. Valeria Valentini

    One two three I'm die.. I LOVE IT

  50. Sibele Fonseca

    she's sounds like a kid <3 i love that

  51. Gaby Calderon

    Whoo 2013 Demetria is just FLAWLESS in everything

  52. Natasha Jones

    I still love Demi. But listening to this it remind me how her style of the way she sings has changed . Not a bad thing just different

  53. Luciaa Duartee

    Waching this on 2013, ths never gets old!

  54. Luciaa Duartee

    Amaizing Demi, incredible, but i don't get why if it was the nd of the first one theer was a sing of 'final jam', but she mension camp rock three, so i'm still waiting for it! hahahah she is pretty amaizing..

  55. gillian sinco

    Watching this in 2012 :) thumbs up if this never gets old!

  56. Kim Nguyen

    So cute! :3

  57. Kathleen Latoja

    Aww I will never get sick of watching this video

  58. christina ioannidou

    Where did you find that video?

  59. V3R0N1C4〈3

    Umm.... It's been a long journey for the one I look up to. Her name starts with a D. For Drowning the world with her talent. E for Effortlessly stealing my heart. M for Making me believe in who I am and being ok with how I look. and I for Inspiring me and many other people to rise above the masses and speak out against bullying. I am honored to call her my idol. I pray for a day when I get the chamce to meet her and tell how much I love her. Like this comment if you love her as much as I do. <3

  60. V3R0N1C4〈3

    Thumbs up if you're still watching this in 2012! ;) <3

  61. Valerie R

    Um, what happened to "nevr being too cool for camp rock 3?" You really broke my heart.

  62. Louise Burke

    Thumbs up if you're still watching this in 2012 :)

  63. Rocel Aquino

    it's 2012 and I'm still watching it :)

  64. Aleisha Marie

    im watching this in 2012 :) <3

  65. Marina

    thumbs up if you're still watching this in 2012 !!

  66. justinbabies

    Too cute

  67. deekshana

    Ah! I still remebered the 1st time i watched this vid!.!.& its like 3/4 years later!.!& i still love it!!xx

  68. Navreet Singh

    it was "hasta la vista"

  69. Albulushja

    hahahah this was so good! lol well done :P i love demi too. =3

  70. Britta x

    Love this

  71. Emily Bunting

    @moondust99999 I think it was "These stars"

  72. moondust99999

    what did she sing at the very end?

  73. Fabi Gamboa

    que hermosa cancion Demi eres increible vean la cara de todos llorando que hermoso

  74. Becca Brown

    @alltimelowfaaaann her voice is still amazing!

  75. Becca Brown

    @alltimelowfaaaann Used to be? are you insane?

  76. moriel


    On August 20, lets give Demi an amazing birthday present she can never forget. Watch Skyscraper on VEVO at least once and try to get her the most watched video of the year for the most inspirational song of our lives. Copy and paste this to her other videos and thumbs up so we can get the word around.

    WE LOVE YOU DEMI AND WE'RE GLAD YOU'RE HEALTHY AGAIN! Love You Demi And Too Me You Were Never Gone..Love You Always Be A Fan

  77. SuperPunkkitty

    @xojackiexo123456789 because she kept refrencing songs from camp rock

  78. celine Schiphorst

    aaahw that's so sweet. demi you're the best!
    she can sing dance act and is friendly.

  79. Syasya Affandi

    joe laugh soo loud at

  80. FanMirandaVictoria


  81. Becca Brown

    boy have things changed.

  82. Beverly Michelle

    Demi gots the talent on and off screen

  83. What MadeLikes

    Love love! *_*

  84. TJackson

    1, 2, 3, 4 Demi your who i adore , 5, 6, 7, 8, your who i appreciate 9,10,11, 12 ... All the haters go to hell , 13, 14 , 15's to many .. 16 , 17 i LOVE YOU DEMI

  85. Abby Perez

    omg god, i thought that i couldt love her more, and here i am, loving her more! ahaha shes so cute! and that was...pretty good, actually! ahaha shes amazing! ♥

  86. twilightfan1million

    i think she should do tihs for one of her albums because it's so beautiful

  87. Kara Ponder

    Notice how Joe stood up AFTER everyone else :/

  88. LeonDelMansion96

    She has the names & lyrics of some camp rock songs in there :D

    Poor Demi at the end it sounds like she's about to break down :'(

  89. Ben Street

    This is terrible. Very lame. Yeah she's cute though.

  90. gemma rios

    @sara3mtv yes.. agree

  91. Natalia Torres López

    awww! so cute!!!!!!!!! *_* <3

  92. Laura Berry

    @Giggles070395 she said it in the end but she like started crying.. she was like, hasta lavista.. my friends, you just have to really listen.. lol

  93. Athena

    @Az123Eify look, its called belting a note, not screaming, and she was crying. lighten up!

  94. monicat101

    awww everyones crying,its so sad, i miss that demi :(

  95. angeliquebcampo

    I really wish she recorded this song in a studio. This is the easiest song of hers to sing :)

  96. Allelusivepieceofmind

    I miss this demi.

  97. Corri.

    I love this !!
    And I agree with those who say they miss her like that, cause i do too!
    But I mean yeah she is still my favorite girl singer and I'm a huge fan of her!! But yeah she is different, like yeah she is like older now and growing up, but still miss how she was like in this video.
    And love Joe Jonas!!! :D

  98. Jane Tiel

    @ itsSparklex3, how do you mean?
    Is she differend now?