Demarco - Watch Di Money Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Demarco, when wi a take plane like a taxi
Badmind haffi stand up and a watch wi
Anywhere wi step you know a bare paparazzi
Mi swear dawg, all God si

Dem waan fi know how wi live suh
Wi have the gyal dem a whine and a dip suh
Money in a wi pocket everyday just a flipped suh
Watch mi chain dem a shine, disco
Grades haffi buy, and the bar haffi shell down
Send fi da gyal deh weh well brown
Who cyaa manage fi Burban dem fell down
Ammo spend pound
Inna mi pocket
Bare dead face in a mi jacket
Shearer cyaa hold in a mi wallet
Watch the gyal dem a meck it jump hydraulics

Dem haffi buy out da bar yah fi match up to we
Not even grace cyaa catch up to we
Put yo money weh you mouth deh
Nuh chat up to we cause

Watch hi, watch hi, watch the money just a
Watch hi, watch hi, watch the money just a
Watch hi, watch hi, watch the money just a
Spend, spend, spend, mi a drink till mi fill

[Verse 2:]
When wi step out every gyal waan si wi
Badmind dem a pree wi, dem well waan be wi
And anything wi floss wid you know that a fi wi
If you look in a the sky dawg you must might si wi
If a nuh London, a Old Braton
Senti a we the gyal dem a wait pon
Demarco a your swag dem a stare pon
Lui V dem wish dem could a wear one
Mi so fresh like a heaven mi appear from
And any clothe weh mi rock dem haffi name brand
And dem a talk bout bills and never pay one
Tell dem wi a represent from day one


[Verse 3:]
Dem a talk botu liquor paw liquor
Mi go money paw money
Gyal seh mi e like honey paw honey
Shi have the something paw mi shi waan run hi
Shabber Ranks done tell you seh you cyaa done hi
Caw shi seh you hot, mi seh you know pepper
Go out fi the money, man a real go getter
In a the lab man a real professor
Badmind cyaa stop da progress yah
Higher than a sealing
Bank account longer than a tree lim
Money a work out and mi never mean gym
When mi seh cream dawg a nuh bleaching


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