Demarco - Wap Dem Lyrics

Dem seh talk cheap
SUh mi nuh buy none
Haffi get the cheese
No a nuh dry bun
Naw sit out and wait till mi time come

Stay deh have time fi watch mi
Caw mi nuh watch dem
Mi nh Samsung
Suh mi nuh chat dem
Mi nuh si nuh green light
Fi mi go stop dem
Dem seh wap dem Marco
You fi wap dem

Wap dem Marco
You fi wap dem

Wap dem Marco
You fi wap dem

Dem a try fi watch mi
But mi nuh watch dem
Dem a nuh Samsung
Suh mi naw chat dem

[Verse 1:]
Stop mix mi, caw mi nuh Kenny CD
Man a big man piss mi piss, mi nuh peepie
Wifi dem, but mi a the 3G
If a watch dem waan watch mi, mi a the tv
Woman mi seh, nuh waan no man a pree me
Dem know seh man a gyallis when dem wanna be me
Pass through spend a couple grand a Kiki
Talk mi mind unuh cyaa be me


[Verse 2:]
Caw wi nuh play dawg
This a nuh play ground
When mi seh bleacher
Dawg a nuh stadium
Talk bout alphabet
Wi bring a K come
Badmind could a rub up in a bay rum
Suh wi nuh step in a the street fi go lay down
Pon mi life mi hear seh dem tain out
Father God a protect mi all year out
Wi nuh fear not a guy
Wi nuh fake out


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Demarco Wap Dem Comments
  1. Mwaka D

    Wap Dem demarco

  2. Alpha Sowe

    ar wap to demm...

  3. Gerald Muffs


  4. Musonda Gk

    madpon di riddim Marco wappings

  5. Victor Mukara

    mad tune

  6. chelsea chikukwa

    heavt tune

  7. Quesy Ngwarati

    if u say am lying listen to the 1st word he says on thi song

    Anesu Marcia Nyazire

    Quesy Ngwarati iweka😂

    Ashlee Nhawu

    Ayas mazimba soo ka... ma1

  8. Hunnit Hustle


    Dwight James

    i love it 👑

  9. New Talent Music

    i ned this riddim

    Dwight James

    i love it 👑