Demarco - Walking Dead Lyrics

Cuh paw you to bout yo evil
Buss out yo face fi no reason
When wild bwoy rise up the eagle
Mi meck yo duppy get up and walk out leave you

Dem a walking dead understand mi
9x19 full a bare zombie
Tek the whole 32 clip from mi
Rab put yo rassclaat face ambi

You shouldn't fuck wid the gang and nae know
March to you lane wid the K slow
Who a boost dem mussi the ego
Rifle bines itch up in a canerow
Dem a batty bwoy mi si the rainbow
Wi nuh stage war a nuh stage show
Crab in a barrel but anever Shane O
Nough a dem bwoy deh a pussy J-Low

Cuh paw you to bout yo evil
Buss out yo face fi no reason
When wild bwoy rise up the eagle
Mi meck yo duppy get up and walk out leave you

A couldn't me dem talking to
Buss out you face then mi hauk and to
Empty the rest in a yo organs to
All, all ango dem haffi call pon to
A weh you mumma do fi meck it call pon you
Mi squaddy friend dem a fire carbon to
Last dem in a the cane piece cyaa find you
You mi nuh haffi chat the last line yah

Cuh paw you to bout yo evil
Buss out yo face fi no reason
When wild bwoy rise up the eagle
Mi meck yo duppy get up and walk out leave you

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Demarco Walking Dead Comments
  1. Akeem Elliott


  2. Akeem Elliott

    Walking dead

  3. Akeem Elliott

    Big tune

  4. Tiny Piper

    Y'all need to listen to this song call pray with me by krueshef! It's inspirational reggae music!! It's one of the best!! By the hottest reggae artist!!

  5. Adeana Willis

    bus dem head demarco

  6. kendrick caesar

    mad & bad

  7. Franco Maglianesi



    does anyone even realize that this song is a #ShaneO diss?... Listen to the #ShaneO song name #Evil.

  9. Spayne Ocaana

    "yuh nuh bad fi tek a shot wull a slice up".....king kong this weak and yuh girlie voice mek it sound even weaker loooooool

    jay jay everfrass

    u dor know music yuh busta face fuck

    Spayne Ocaana

    shamar conliffe speak English bruh

    Spayne Ocaana

    shamar conliffe speak English ur not making sense

  10. DJ TREVY

    Demarco chune hot #KINGKONG

  11. FreedomOfSpeech

    'crab inna barrel but a never Shane O...'

    bad tune, wicked chorus that reminds me the 'good book' style

  12. megabite victor

    flow and lyrics on point.not a big fan but mi love dah one yah

  13. Don Brown

    who a boots dem mussy diego!!

  14. rassclath mon

    da riddim ya bad, the world boss need fi voice on it

  15. rassclath mon

    mad tune

  16. DJ TREVY

    Busss out you face fe nuh reason

  17. Kerniel Julien

    Demarco ah bad artist from long jus low him

  18. DJ TREVY

    Demarco that chune shot MADD🔫

  19. Bramwel Oluchiri


  20. Desteni D12

    Gaza side to tuff.all the rest of dancehall can team up.Gaza alone is bigger than dancehall itself free addi an sivva.up Demarco #Usa NY

  21. Shadrack Anjele

    plz can Worlboss drop on dis riddim

  22. Queff Bossym

    cuh pah u to

  23. Ken Khamraj


  24. Sidewalk Musik TV


  25. Gregory Price


  26. Jemy Nie

    with all due respect to mi self... Jemy a di baddest ting since di Gaza Boss... nuh remorse... #fatality pree:
    Jemynie - Cyaah Seet [Evidence]
    beah wiyah 🔌🔌🔌

  27. Kevin Green

    didi diss lord evil


    vybz kartel is absent on this riddim why???? di teacher come an show them how it is done

    ratedr m


  29. Lamin Sawaneh

    we need worldboss on this riddim .. he is the war artist

  30. Lashorn Barnarde

    you a punk
    masicka done wlk in u blood clath face
    stay in your league

    David. Vox Populi

    Govana destroyed him.

    Lashorn Barnarde

    +David. Vox Populi Masicka nuh ha no time fu waste with waste man Deablo

    Rahim Ali 8,837,943

    Mavado need fi answe Marco, Pop caan dead already

  31. Dancehall Nice Again


  32. smurf2959

    Demarco done dead ...Vado kill him n poppy wit one track

    1Don GazaMan

    move yuh bbc

    Demarie Thompson

    +RudeRude wah him know bout marco

  33. misser acca

    movado diss


    bus out yuh face den me yarkkk & 2to😒

  35. leandro etienne

    if aidonia is on da riddim, him blaze it

    ratedr m

    he is... truggah workit work it work it

  36. One Movement

    dis too bad a mus kartel write it fi him lol

  37. Damian Pottinger

    caah believe Demarco guh tek side

  38. Romario Toretto

    dat battyboi line deh ago come back fi hurt him

    Frass Dinero

    real talk youth that rainbow talk deh shakey!!!

    shannon williams

    the man seh " dem a battyman me see the rainbow " as in him can see the fishiness print out pon the person , wah wrong with it ?

    Frass Dinero

    +shannon williams
    no man NUH fi see no rainbow youth

    Rahim Ali 8,837,943


  39. Ramone James

    A and A gang wildbwoy settings well wild unnatan mad move demarco.

  40. Ritchie Lewis

    o u mean Marco u ting up

  41. Dancehall Reggae

    Dis bad yuh fvck!!!!

  42. DancehallTv

    A gaza wild bwoy sey enuh suh u done knw

  43. Positive VibeOnly

    Weh kartel deh...: marco chune shot

    Junior Fletcher

    kartel NEEDS to be on this riddim.its fireeeeeeee

  44. Romaine Rallyns

    still a wait pon the movi especially donia stills

  45. static majahVEVO

    BBC mavado depon diss....aidonia fuck it up still....trigga work it

  46. S. Langhorne

    Madddd... but is wah d boy say in the first line?????? - kanelbankmusic

    cuh (look) pan yuh to bout yuh evil

    S. Langhorne





  48. Hubert McIntosh

    dis bad

  49. Khenarrie Whyte

    BBC!!! Well bad!!!

  50. Hard14 Mtemery


  51. Quincy Trotman

    bad bad demarco this

  52. Mark Frazer

    up up sky high

  53. EPIC Productionz

    Demarco MADDDDDD....

  54. GARRICK McCalla

    yes Marco... bare things yu a talk inna this....

  55. Dancehall Magnet

    Man ah Wild Bwoy Demarco yuh ting tun up!!!

  56. kendrick caesar

    wicked mad sick head no good crazy tune from demarco

  57. VillaDiThrilla Music

    1st !! nice tune