Demarco - Real Thugs Lyrics

Real tugs and a that you sure bout
Seh nuh gyal cyaa point nuh finger pon yo mouth
Tell Guen seh follow nuh doubt
Seh nuh gyal cyaa point nuh finger pon yo mouth

Shrub up yo hand in a the air and shout
From a gyal cyaa point nuh finger pon yo mouth
Weh the rela tugs deh from you deh bout
Weh nuh gyal cyaa point nuh finger pon yo mouth

[Verse 1:]
Mi a go walk in a the road
In a the middle a da stretch yah
Look in a the sky, swear to God mi nuh hater
Soda drinks alone go pon dem yah teeth yah
Kiki weed in a mi eye like a visa
Nuh man to mi spliff when mi a smoke to the reefa
Mi nuh nam, mi nuh eat, ask Lisa
Nuh freak, nuh sleak, nuh dem in a da cleek yah
Mi a go meck da gyal yah tell you through the speaker


[Verse 2:]
Nuh time a gyal cyaa violate wi
Cause wi have wi own a pride and wi fastey
Real tugs nuh put face weh the waist deh
Gyal a nuh chicken and rice wid the gravy
Stiff cockey mi give gyal pon a daily
Nuff a dem a freak dem gyal deh cyaa hail mi
Bring yo light bill and a ID come bail mi
Cause wi naw keep the thing dem pon safety


[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]

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Demarco Real Thugs Comments
  1. martin maranga

    Heard this song a while back and have been hunting for it... :-). Lovin Rhogue

  2. Ahmed Fayad

    I like the song

  3. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    goes hard

  4. Droid-Life Interface

    Love the jaws on that chick.

  5. chrissi Fiedel


  6. Kelvin N

    Good tune!!!

  7. K77 Savage

    Yes tune tuff I wld like to see a calibration with Brewsie and Damarco real good artist them

  8. Dwayne Gordon

    Follow me on soundcloud for all the new hottest dancehall mixes Dgstanderds.

  9. Wolfton Deshommes

    Ehh sa one yahhh nice

  10. musisi best

    real; dracehal Demaco keep it

  11. michael stifler

    mad real thugs life

  12. verona patterson

    tune bad!

  13. S. Burnz

    harrd! big up di Artist dem zeen

  14. alkaline youngest

    First. Marco a real thug. Him beat up the nylon and him run go hide him bruises and afraid to surface like the fish he is. Thumbs up marco.

    chocolate berry

    u have no sense fish

  15. josua Cristina

    Amen. Be Blessed, Shalom.