Demarco - Put The Duppy Pon Yuh Lyrics

Ask out a road, any jail house
Suh tell some duppy bat ghost
If a nuh Addi innocent
The a bun up the street play the most

Real bad man nuh ramp, nuh trace, nuh argue
All when a thirty ma
Still a put the duppy paw yuh

How yuh fi seh yo lock yo strap and dem a tek it from yuh
All when yuh go fi that
Still a put the duppy paw yuh

Real killer dem nuh fraid fi run reborn to
Do weh yuh fi do
Still a put the duppy paw yuh

Hey pu–y, still a put the duppy paw yuh
Yuh a batty man, still a put the duppy paw yuh

[Verse 1:]
Tell a bwoy shrub a foot
Si if a nuh in a fi yuh marrow dem a look
Cons straight like a arrow when the dawg dem a cuff
John crow food gone in a bush
Tower Hill dem nah go put corn in a foot
Find dem head a south marrow foot
End up a Medobrook
Pu–y violate dem a go get another look
Copper change skin color like how the weather look
Tell dem mi brother Rup

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Dem a lip and dem a yap
Wi nuh chat left bwoy pon asphalt that a gap
Wi turn a bwoy eye bwal in a black
Wi nuh bitch, wi nuh pu–y
Wi nuh born in a rock
Real gangster nah fail fo go fall in a trap
Nuh stitch, nuh 5 O cyaa call mi nuh cop
Nuff a dem sell out, dem love bargain allot
Chuck wi come fi chuck it from the car beemer stop
A the war singer that

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus]

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Demarco Put The Duppy Pon Yuh Comments
  1. Keith Caesar


  2. dujon henry

    Bun up bun up ah buss out smaddy head de formula wuh Im fine sickk gwan my yute.

  3. omar allen

    atrist a the year

  4. Magi dsw

    haters dem a sleep?   +like fimi

  5. Fitzarthur Morris

     bread bun up bun up

  6. shamar s

    We turn boy eyeball Ina black 😵🔫 ..... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Twenty 3 Films

    The laugh sound like addi lool

  8. LINTON KUSH blackicealmighty


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  10. michael stifler

    up up up