Demarco - None A Dem Lyrics

Fi do good a the hardest thing fi do
Fi bad a the easiest thing
Whole a wi a sinner
But a no everybody bad
Anytime, anywhere
Any place wi bad now

Hey yow, Marcus a gun dem, so mi a gun dem
Bun, bun up, wi a bun dem
Yow when deh free style yah drop it buss by month end
Bun up finger, fross as fuck star
Bun up, bun up
Diestro show dem how the thing go no man

[Verse 1:]
Mi alone, mi one soso
No take talk from bwoy mi no grow so
Bun up finger, middle finger logo
Badness mi a bring meck dem know no
Pocket full a money like the waist pon a gogo
Mi gun full a shot any whisper a mi go no
Police cyaa tell mi fi left it oh no
Rifle buss put yo ears inna mono
Gregory Park, Mackoy, Juse Land, Spain Town
Fire gunshot longer than a tale comb
A no sleep when mi send bwoy go lay down
A 6 foot 6 under clay ground
Kappa catch yo brown man cyaa stay brown
Man a dive when the rifle a wave round
Start war an call up mi name clown
Make sure yo cyaa manage like Shane Brown

You an yo idle speech
Meck the rifle beat
MI take yo life wid ease
No bother cry fi please
Mi have mi strap in hand
Right beside police
Bun up finger pon the trigger yeh bout 5 release

No a dem, no none a dem
Naw go meck no walk

No a dem, no none a dem
Dem fulla bag a talk

No a dem, no none a dem
Dem naw go meck no step

No a dem, no none a dem
Bun up finger mi rep

[Verse 2:]
Nuff a mi friend dem dead but mi still bad
Still a walk wid mythic an a bills bag
9 milliliter zig zag
Marina kerchief rag
Weed paw mi kuchy like schoolers inna tein cab
So yo know seh mi hagh like Brazil flag
Free style till mi sweat like mi did jag
Mi haffi laugh when mi hear some kid brag
None a dem cyaa even free style long
None a dem not even have a hype song
Every producer dem get vice from
An dem still cyaa buss nie long
Now a days tell mi if I wrong
Who no half key song flatter than a white gyal
Marco gimmi the contract fi sign pon
Rickey gimmi waan splif meck mi light one


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  1. britishlinkup100

    DIS MADDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DeTodoaLoTico

    anyone wanna share this chune mp3 with me, plzz. bless

  3. AhDomMusic

    A NUFF GUN CHUUNE PON MI CHANNEL . Click it , RIGHT NOW ! #Tr88 . Oh yeah , I'm a upcoming Dance Hall recording Lyricist / Artist . TR888 , take a look at my channel , you nah go be disappointed unless you jus BAD MIND . PREE IT

  4. Pearce Saddler

    hamma hamma hamma shell shell shell

  5. Gaza T

    ah marco!!!

  6. sickhead vevo


  7. Joan Shaw

    Rising up. ♥ stay bless

  8. Amar-343

    gangster camry

  9. Famous Audio


  10. Dankid 2real

    Diestro tuff still dun kno Marco global

  11. Penny Mungai

    Mad...... Me gusta! rrrgh

  12. SiCC1 1knocc

    Bad anyweh str888 walkload badness

  13. Leighton Wheeler

    dis mad

  14. Jorge Valdes Ramos

    Es claro que ese song me gusta se muy bonito perfeto exelente

  15. Adi Palmer

    Wicked it shottttt

  16. Olando Anônimo

    Yeah Brazil flag amigo!!!!!!!


    dah bwoy yah voice powerful

  18. past7991

    marco too son

  19. Marvinjnr100


  20. Deejay Bruce

    slap weh real bad man diestro birdgeport high school yute

  21. Harry Johnson

    shell tune mad!!!

  22. Brandon Fries

    bun up finga!