Demarco - Don't Judge Me Lyrics

If you see me beg a thing a the stoplight
Don't judge mi
Nuh have no car and no fat bike
Don't judge mi
Nuh have no hype in a the spotlight
Don't judge mi
Don't try fi tell mi father God don't love mi
Because mi bless, bless, bless, bless
From you have life dawg a teh greatest

Mi bless, belss, bless, bless
Meck mi tell unuh the rest

[Verse 1:]
Although mi nuh rich life sweet like a donuts
Mi a gwaan hold the faith stay focus
Who a wipe car glass, who a laod bus
Taxi man unuh gwaan run the robot
Big up every school youth weh hold bus

Nuh true wi less fortunate dawg wi know stuff
A the street start and grow us


[Verse 2:]
Gully Bop dem a the testimony
Him rise from the gully and go get the money
A soon fi mi time fi father put the blessing on mi
A my father God dem naw go left mi lonely
Every morning, bible read
Then wi go look it, wi nuh do idling
Ambition a the key that I believe
Wi nuh red eye so no eye fi bleed


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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Demarco Don't Judge Me Comments
  1. Afripreneur

    I dedicate this to my crush in primary school who laughed at me because there were holes in my pants and was barefooted. I was extremely poor. She played around, got knocked up by bad boys. Sadly, she got STD.

  2. Kerr Green

    Let the less fortunate know they are appreciated.

  3. Kylia Stubbs

    Don't judge Me...

  4. Don't Hate Just Appreciate

    Up Up Real Vibes don't judge me up💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥👍👍❤❤❤

  5. Qemoii Davids

    1 a di greatest artist, dweet mi artist

  6. Tyrone Jacobs

    song bad up up can't stop listening to this song don't judge me

  7. Serge Raabon

    real good tune

  8. Lindsay Lalie

    Don't Judge Me ...

  9. SweetiePie Britt

    Love this song Demarco real song true don't look down on people cause you never know when your day will come you might be in that same situation as the person

    Bean British

    my boss from long time

    SweetiePie Britt

    Bean British that is good

  10. T.J. D'Aguilar

    Big tune!

  11. roderick roper

    very good artist...from the first song him to the most recent ...respect mi artist !!!! you bless bless bless

  12. Yusuf Chikakuda

    Demarco U are talented! Me love this chunee...

  13. Dannii Boii

    weh di lyrics dem deh !!

  14. homel simpson

    demarco a the boss bun up bun up big tune

  15. starboi digovana

    how popcorn a use (y fi that) lmao

  16. RaveSQ


  17. Just_ ink16

    haad tune ,,mi affi rate it

  18. so sick

    bad song

  19. Janice Henry

    From you have life dawg a the greatestBOOM!!!

  20. Gabriel Brown

    big tune bredda

  21. DJ Hypro

    tune yah bun up

  22. FreedomOfSpeech

    'if yuh si mi beg a thing at the stoplight, don't judge me,
    nah nuh car nah nuh fat bike, don't judge me,
    nah nuh hype inna di spotlight, don't judge me
    don't try fi tell mi fadda god don't love me,
    becah mi bless, bless, bless, bless, bless...'

    what a chorus!!!! BIG TUNE

  23. fire ball

    deh tune up up 👆👆big up yuh fuckin self kartel is best artise in de hole world 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  24. troll Mfs

    What language is this in?cant jamaicans speak proper english fucking pricks

    troll Mfs

    +Violence is key what is patios?

    Acklins Pioneer

    big pussy troll every page i go on u dere. fuck off n go listen to some justin beiber

    troll Mfs

    +roston cox Is it too late to say sorry?


    +troll Mfs oh my goodness shut the hell up Mr.troll!!!! go eat shit

    Dj Maillette

    go dig out yea granny

  25. Nuh Born Yet LNJ

    song yah real!

  26. Trini Chase

    bless bless bless