Demarco - Clean Like God Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Wi clean like that
When wi a floss yeh wi mean and mad
No tek mi simple true di jeans and plad
Watch how mi a go show dem di real standard
Wi keep gwaan bad

Watch how wi bazzle
A we seh no dirt never roll inna gravel
Cyaa count how much time paw plane wi deh travel
What a bwoy cyaa ride dem inna horse, mi inna saddle
Mi no saddle, mi waan know a wa do some bwoy a throw water inna Smirnoff bottle
That's why dem bwoy deh not a girl never tackle
Straight gyal to mi thing di whole a dem inna mi trapple, inna mi trapple

Alright, dutty a dutty and clean a clean
Clean, wi ever clean
Bottle after bottle when wi step pon di scene
Scene, scene
Wi gone fresh cause wi never green
Green, wi no green
Straight like arrow cause gangsters no lean
Lean, wi never lean

[Verse 2:]
Some man a carry liquor come a dance
Dem no waan pay di price
Dem only waan link di bartender fi ice
Money fi spend fi di dance get nice
Pull it selector yo don't have no choice
Look how di gyal dem a wine up deh
Da one track deh nice no bloodcleath
Da double supn my girl mi love seet
Run to di video man yo clean out a street


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]

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