Dem Franchize Boyz - White Tee Lyrics

Yup in my white tee [x12]

[Hook x2]
I slang in my white tee
I bang in my white tee
All in the club spitting game in my white tee
I bling in my white tee serve feigns in my white tee
Fuck a throwback i look clean in my white tee

[Verse 1]

Step on the scene with some green and some hard white work
Real clean fresh jeans and a all white shirt
We all get money and we all smoke purp
Hit the dirt one squirt will leave all yall murk
Cause im fresh in my white tee they glance at my white tee and i
Got the hat that match my pants and my white tee
Whoever that you might see
I know they got a white tee
Uncle, brother, sister, mother, dad or ur wifey
Hanes or fruit of the loom be the
Name of my white tee
I gotta change man its a stain on my white tee
Lames in a white tee i bring the pain in my white tee
Hispanic cracka nigga even yangs wearin white tee
Hit the club deep and we all got a white tee
A throw back no that hell naw it dont excite me
You dont need no throwback cause you will be set on your white
Tee you can get a circle or a v neck on ur white tee

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

I hit the mall in my white tee
Ooh I think they like me or they like the diamonds cause they shine so brightly
Yeah u know i how i be under my tee it the wifey
I got that thang tucked tightly
For them niggas who think im soft nigga come and try me
They going to find your body
White tees in the club and while we drinking on bacardi
Fuck throwbacks white tees in party
Now dont get me started gotta try bacardi
Drama we avoid it
Everyone one wear white tees cause they can afford it
Girls wear white tees, boys wear white tees
Niggas in the trap now i bet they got a white tee
I wear a white tee, you wear a white tee
The next day catch me with a brand new white tee
Oh they boy clean white shoes fresh jeans
But on that boy shirt what it say not a thingg

[Hook x2]

I gotta couple throwbacks it just I choose not to wear them
White tee extravganza nigga like a foot locker sale
Niggas think i done fail but my paper stacking a lot
Or you can throw back this but
Partner check my nine
And im a ghetto gangsta white tee laws gone hate ya
Street gangs with a little fame them hoes gonna chase ya
Can't escape from this white shit it done covered the map
Like crack been her in the 80s and it took over the trap
Come to the hood you can find me trapping in my white tee
Standing with a full grill niggas might try me know how i be still in my white tee
Rock jeans tiger green yeah girls like me
Haters try to bite me
Some try to dislike me
Became a rich nigga and the feds try to indicte me

Yup in my white tee [x12]

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Dem Franchize Boyz White Tee Comments
  1. Mike Clark

    R.i.p bankroll in the video Allen temple shit Cushman circle

  2. Who needs Names

    This ain’t lil peep

  3. Drunk Munkey

    "I'm about to ruin these guys' whole career." - Mustard Stain

  4. Head tilts: Returned

    Oh Gosh It’s Probably Lazy.

    Head tilts: Returned

    Green leaf

  5. Paolo Lubin

    New year 2020 i'm still on my *yup in my white Tee !!!!!
    Salut🎙✊ 🎙to that guy BUDDIE used to be killing with his verses🎙

  6. Chris Making A Change C-Mac

    Still rock my white tee & evisu 👖 with them black forces & A town fitted hat #2020

  7. jaybiggstv


  8. Flockbeastmode103 Haha

    2028 who here

  9. Deondre Bastien-Harris

    2004 NIGGA SONG!!!!!!!!!

  10. A.J. Towin

    Still slap hard in 2020

  11. Hammer Head

    Fruit of the loom be the name of my white tee

  12. Mrtime Warner

    Classic! Still going 2020

  13. Sir SwayZee

    I only get my white tees from the corner store in the hood...plastic wrapped crispy forever 💯

  14. Shark Frozen

    This should have had 2 million views by now

  15. Mike Gee

    Still can't get in some bars/clubs with white T because of this song..

  16. Andre Moore

    Loll now its yep in my tight tee

  17. Mr Influential

    It's 2020 I'm still banging this and I'm bringing back white tees for the summer fuck it ! 😁

  18. ForXaa

    idk how im here in 2020.

  19. rummy mossberg

    Remember when white tees were 5 dollars 2 for 10 now mf wanna charge 7-10 dollars for 1 white tee

  20. Stevie English

    ATL 2020 in my white tee!

  21. sorter

    I rob in my black tee

  22. Lashard Washington

    This song was fire that beat was crazy 😂😂😂

  23. D. Edwards

    OFFICIAL trap outfit essential. A white t, some fresh jeans or nike sweats, with white af1's, Jordan's , or Timbs.

    Pussy Pumper

    D. Edwards haha you know it lol. You’re forgetting New balance lol.

  24. NoDevils YT

    Im rocking a white tee in school

  25. Lil Yit

    I was selling weed when they came out with white tee now I put put a whole half a ticket on my white tee

  26. Claude Constantine Embden


  27. Your Daddilly Mommy

    Va bat de va cacati pe voi

  28. Anthony Ellis

    I still wear my tall tees 💯

  29. Jonathan Morsette

    Hispanic Black Jackie Chan wear the White Tee!

  30. Brit Trice

    I’m here in 2019 because I saw a meme about white tees and missed the song. 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  31. Lil Khayoz

    This was published when I was going into 3rd grade ‼️😏💀‼️😏‼️💀😏‼️

  32. warren green


  33. reckless

    This was my shit lol shit still heat

  34. snusmumriken232

    238 people aren't wearing their White Tee.

  35. Jay Waters


  36. astrofantast

    acounta is crazy

  37. SickmanOfVietnam

    Black t ; 2050.

  38. Stephanie Savoie

    Haha I use to put on my white shirt while saying yup in my white tee 😂😂😂

  39. Wise One

    No everybody dressed like the skaters if not tigher

  40. Emani

    Damn I FORGOT this shit go HARD

  41. Ralph Lauren Ahki

    Still rock white t but it’s the one with the horse at the bottom on the left and it’s a large not a 5 x t

  42. AnbuBlackOpZ

    Rest in peace to a real one!!! YUPPP IN MY WHITE TEE!

  43. Queen Tina

    I mean we use to akt tf up 😂💪🏾 #2019 🗣

  44. Arthur Williams

    HOT throwback!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. J Miles

    A throw back banger. You can throw a clean white tee with anything 😉

  46. Larry Laufhutte


  47. Coryontae Brown

    These 808 beats were hard af

  48. Joe joe

    I swear black folks so creative we can make damn thing a hot banger watching this in 2020 like damn this was creative...i remember when this came out in the summer my whole neighborhood and highschool had on white tees for like 2 years, driving down the street seening nothjng but white tees...lmao

  49. the_ mutha_LuvA

    Man I still be rocking my white tees miss this era high school days

  50. Ultimate Warrior

    Slavery abolishment celebration

  51. karamel Qtpie

    R.i.p. buddy. The finest nigga in the clique

  52. Gwyn Williams

    1:58 So that’s where the “Oh I think they like me” sample comes from. Quite unoriginal!

    Wise One

    Gwyn Williams its there song wtf u tlkn bout

  53. Summer Babiee Eatss

    Them mfs was long asab 😂

  54. omega riches Smith

    Yep in my white tee!!

  55. Tomas Panieri

    White ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  56. Rich33

    I use to love this song cause white tees where damn near more important than jerseys back then. But big ups to cash money cause they wore white tees like they were suits all on award shows and videos they made them a fashion statement.

  57. Mason Falcon

    Bring back sooo many damn flashbacks/memories!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaa

  58. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip Buddy 🙏🏾👼🏽💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  59. OTD Worldwide

    Missed these days!
    Before high school ...

  60. King Éron

    Being 23 and in the middle of this music and the new generation stuff I really miss and i feel the game is really missing this type of music. Back in the day, everybody could rock a clean white tee or save for some forces or a roca wear shirt etc. but now all they talk about is hella expensive european designer clothes. That's shit's not realistic for most people listening to they music. I miss this era man

  61. Heather Muasau

    I love wearing a white t when my nipples are hard

    Nick Allen

    Shit can I see?

  62. Quiveon Cole

    Rip buddie you will be missed 🙏🏾

  63. Roczilla Carley

    Rip buddy!

  64. The Legacy of Gaming

    RIP Bro

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    R.I.P. BUDDIE 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  66. ThaRealKingRa1 ThaRealKingRa1

    Second dude part always was trash to me lol

  67. JerzeyPrince23

    R.I.P. Buddie!!!!

  68. Maurice Hughes

    Rest in peace buddy. Classic

  69. Seattle Seahawks

    2019: rockin nothing but Kirkland white tees

    Wise One

    Seattle Seahawks 💪

  70. KsThrowBackGoGo

    R.i.p. Buddie from dem franchise boys!!!!! I miss the old south & dmv

  71. Petro Ent

    RIP Buddy

  72. Alex Philemon

    Hanes or fruit of loom be the name of my white tee

  73. This is Laflare Tv

    Rip Buddy

  74. MR. Bar Spitter

    R.I.P. Buddie gone but not 4 gotten

  75. 420DEVO 420Devo

    Rip buddy they really set a trend

  76. artiklim

    Кто из 2019?

  77. Nathaniel Thomas

    This version sucks

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    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ rest Buddy

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  81. Honest Rios

    I couldn't wear White Tee's, my shit would get dirty quick! Pissed me off, when I got a stain on my white tee.

  82. Bianca Ashe

    R.I.P To Buddy Y'all Music Still Live On I Love This Song Right Here. Yep In My White T

  83. Mykael Patrick

    Black tee go way harder have me ready to shoot some shit up lol

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    R.I.P Buddy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    RIP Buddie

  87. Mister Crosswire

    Long Live Buddy

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    I miss this music early 2000s southern hip hop..this song had everybody wearing white tees everydau buddie

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    #RIP 🕊

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    rip buddy