Dem Franchize Boyz - Hit Da Dirt Lyrics

We All Get. We All Get ,We All Get Money
We All Smoke , We All Smoke, Yea We All Smoke Pert
We All Get ,We All Get, We All Smoke, We All Smoke
We All Get Money And We All Smoke Pert, We All Get Money And We All Smoke Pert

[Chrous: x2]
Hit Da Dirt, Hit Da Dirt , Hit Da Dirt , Hit Da Dirt, Hit Da Dirt One Squirt Will Leave All Yall Murk
We All Get Money And We All Smoke Pert Hit Da Dirt One Squirt Will Leave All Ya Murk

[Vesre 1:]
I Jack 3 Niggas Do Ya Math Dats 6 Nuts And Dat Fo Fo Duece Sitin On 4's Wit White Guts And A Nice Cut I No Niggas Dont Like Us In Are Dickies Suits All White Tees And White Chucks Nigga Bite Nuts Yall Niggas Throwin Yo Life Up Dey Crappin And Get Lost Just Like Shakin Yo Dice Up And Its Me Yall Niggas Thinkin Dey Sweet Dog The Reccord Dey Sell In A Year Franchise Sell In A Week Yall Now Peep Yall On Dat Purpose Dey Geek Yall I Ride To The Store From The 4 And Go Get Me Sweets Dog Haters I Peep Yall Rock Ya Like See Sprwal O You Think U Sweet Uhhhhhhhuuuh Me Got That Heat Dogg Now Get Right Hundred Round Clips That Fit Tight Get Called At 11:30 Be Gone By Midnight My Click Tight Off Wit One Nigga Wit One Squirt I Gotta Sin Pipe Now Hit The Motha Fuckin Dirt

[Chorus x2]

Verse 2:]
Step On Da Scene Wits Some Green And Some Hard Right Work Red Beam Tuck Between My Hip Wit All White Shirt We All Get Money And We All Smoke Pert Hit Da Dirt One Squirt Will Leave All Yall (Yup) When I Handle Beef My Nigga Its Only One Way Knuck Or Luck Boy Hell Naw On That Gun Play Bodies Droppin Out On The Scene I Aint Lying Motha Fuckin Start Droppin When I Squeeze One Time So Dont Make Dont Make Me Shoot Fuck Motha Fucker Caught Wit The K Ima Let Off A Hundred Shots Somebody Call The Motha Fuckin Cops We Can Fight If You Want But I Bet I Beat You Boy Up So Knuck If You Buck But Buck And Get Bust Boy We Stay Out 50 Feet My Nigga That Aint Enough Boy Its 2 Fo All Yall When I Shoot You Better Duck Boy

[Chrous x2]

Hit Da Dirt [x21]

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Dem Franchize Boyz Hit Da Dirt Comments
  1. Jasmine Parker

    Knucke up boiiii, hell naw nigga its only gunplay..... Westsidddeee

  2. Semiramis Bonaparte

    2019 this shit still knock!!

  3. TatmanMyOwnBoss Danny Draco

    We all get money and we all smoke purp 100

  4. Ocean Boy

    Still bumping 2018

  5. Lati Love


  6. Matt Gross

    Still jamming this in 2017


    Matt Gross 2018

    Ocean Boy

    Ŕx ŘÅĮĐĘŔ aye lmaoo 2018

  7. Ocean Shark

    this beat used, to be hella, rare been in 2004

  8. riv s

    I thought this song was my imagination.

  9. Henrietta Luna

    kool smood music 🎥

  10. Donte Brown


  11. HxC Fragman

    love this shit

  12. Lone Nomad

    Parlae murdered his verse!

  13. Nick Pearson

    2:00 "step on the scene with some green, and some hard white work" thats how tf you start a verse. 

    Stephen Veasy

    hell yeah

  14. Din Dinero

    still good

  15. War Eagle

    man this took me back to 2005

  16. Alan M.

    We can fight if you want but i bet i beat you up <---- that ish is hilarious !

  17. Dayellen Franklin

    The beat is amazing lol!

  18. HipHopDetective

    Fruity Loops to the umph degree!

  19. suzuki400boi

    The beat is ridiculous..The Lyrics, meehhh not so much.

    Sagittarius Carlisle

    this shit always hard

  20. seantotheb

    i jacked 3 nigga do ya math thats 6 nuts wtf is wrong with that nigga

  21. flipmodesquad969


    you fucking wish

  22. JakeDean91909

    Can ya all get along and smoke some purp Tonight in the bong and realize that there isnt anything wrong, so let party to the dawn of day and take a bitch home to get laid!

  23. Diego M

    Clearly you missed my sarcasm.

  24. Zomosa

    @Dmachtz Lol legit street? Who the fuck cares about being "street" if you do then your straight up fucking retarded. Now go kill some one and see what you are lol. Your gonna be a bitch in prison so your wont be legit "street" :]

  25. AndroidRails

    thank you for postin this

  26. Unique GN

    @Dmachtz that ain't a valid reason....

  27. Unique GN

    @Stephenhoek if you don't like the genre then why do you listen to it? I don't like pop, rock and all that so I just don't listen to it :)

  28. Diego M

    yeh bruh, other wise you aint legit street

  29. DeathToHypeBeasts

    if u don get money or smoke u wont like da song ... this shit fire

  30. keepitcool Jay

    this song cold u gay ass

  31. Batte Akai

    LMAO! Funny how you got thumbs down for telling the truth!

  32. Forrest Frazier

    damn dog its jus a song yo calm down, yo ass aint doin nuthin but workin at mcdonalds anyway

  33. Big DaddyGrinds

    of course not thats not what i am saying if you talking it be about it. I hate when dude perp like it is a sport.

  34. Big DaddyGrinds

    these dudes are clowns if u see them inthe street they not killing nobody

  35. Orotund Films

    we all get money,and we all smoke pert, hit da dirt one squirt will leave all ya murk

  36. 89predict

    not bad

  37. Mook Clark

    man, can't give parlae the mic and
    expect him not to take over the
    whole song

  38. niqueo01

    say this song right her is tight

  39. Moe Gainz

    lmao, hahah that's why parlay is my favorite out the group.