Dem Franchize Boyz - 45's, Choppaz & 9's Lyrics

[Verse 1]
A yeah nigga motherfuckin franchize in this bitch. Franchize records. Nigga pop in that motherfuckin door like we ain’t gon do shit. We don’t do no motherfuckin fights. Chizaman Triggerman. Know that chop up motherfucker. Yeah oh my. Buddy that fo 5 ready nigga. Oh my. Pimpin yo 9 cock to train nigga. Oh my. Yeah you know I keep mine on the chain. Oh my. What the fuck, hard not, nuts, me, ruts, all these motherfuckin guns. He ain’t got no more motherfuckin words. All you hear is that, when I lay you down on the ground is that, sound, they poppin like they hard but they feel, they hoes. I know that they get scared when they hear..oh no. First I get the k and then I. It’s danger. Then I load a 100 rounds. One in the
chamber. You gotta aim at the chest up. Then shoot at they head. If they vest up. My ak-45 and 9 milli cocked backed. You bout to run, squeeze of a button, will make yo head drop back. When I hear bitch say, I’m ready to go. But when you hear my bitch say, I’m letting her go. So what motherfucker what. Now here they come you betta duck motherfucker duck cuz you can’t run. Man fuck them bitch ass niggas talking dat fuck shit nigga. Hold them motherfuckin guns up, ride out.

45’s and choppaz and 9’s.
45’s and choppaz and 9’s.
45’s and choppaz and 9’s.
45’s and choppaz and 9’s.

[Verse 2]
Step on the scene with the green and a. When shit get ugly I put the beam on a. They probably became a murder scene called da. First it was shots sirens from the. Franchize team and we the king wit the. I don’t gotta say a thing you give me cream and you will. I’m making shit spark like new years eve wit the. I tool like a broom I sweep em clean wit the.

[Verse 3]
These niggas be runnin dey mouth. But they don’t want drama. I been da kidnapped dey daughter. And send a note to her momma. I can rock timbs in the summer and still be cool in the summer. Write on you niggas like paper, but my tool in my lumber. I’m moving work in the hood. And yall aint seein my number. I’m paranoid already, I keep dat tool tuck number. When I pull up at the club it’s 26 on the hummer. Run dis up on the choppa take out like next on the hummer.


[Verse 4]
When it comes to war you know I’m able son. My tool make a sound like a staple gun. Betta run. You scared you wanna live. Give it up know you familiar wit a robber is. Don’t get bust. Touch niggas for cash flow. Lock and load bitch go down a dusty road. Nigga froze, he didn’t like my sound check. Pop check. Yeah hoe I want yo whole check.

[Verse 5]
Every nigga got the heart to make it. But when its time to pull the trigger they gon choke. But if I reach the part to where I. I’m lettin it flow and if it jam up I’m gon. Release some more. Empty out the clip. I don’t need no worry. My team trained to go at anytime, that son you betta know. Military mind on the grind like commando. Flashlight fo 5 wit a pistol grip handle.

And they talk about my mothefuckin boys ain’t ready. I got a motherfuckin squad on my motherfuckin hand. Franchize, franchize boyz, franchize records, till dem niggas, you already motherfuckin know. We takin over the motherfuckin streets nigga. Hey.


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Dem Franchize Boyz 45's, Choppaz & 9's Comments
  1. Pippi Longstockin

    Rip Buddi

  2. Pippi Longstockin

    45s and choppas and 9s oh my



  4. Takeisha Anderson

    Rip buddy ❤️🙏

  5. Jevon Williams

    Rest in peace buddie

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    Hmm. Staple gun

  7. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    . .oh MY !

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    Still banging in 2019

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    July 2018 still jamin bih

    King Zay

    Sleepy Montana 2019 still jammin it😂🔥

  10. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    Perfect Rhythm

  11. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    . . . . .and this is when you realize,


  12. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    Classic !

  13. ErrBdyHateChris _


    King Zay

    ErrBdyHateChris _ 2019🔥

  14. Lati Love

    2018 oh my🔥🔥

    Devin Sawyer

    This ain't 2018 lil baby.2003

    King Zay

    Devin Sawyer the year it was when she commented dumb fuck 2019 now 😮😯OH MY🔥

  15. Matthew Cannon click your heals...go home

  16. Matthew Cannon

    Wizard you know that there's nothing in that big old bag..for me.

    Mike Purp

    Matthew Cannon steps bakKk

  17. Mean man policy

    Man come back parlae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Gangsta_Loc

    They should've stayed together !

  19. deznutz7432

    Classic "oh my" 😭😭

    King Zay

    deznutz7432 😂🤣 OH MY 😮


    damnn..middle school..hhahaha love em old days.

    Ocean Shark

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    DJMUSSY LIVE aha yep old days

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  22. B Boell

    better then tupac.

    Daymon Harris

    You should get shot nigga

  23. Johnny2leggss

    keyboard Ganster. Ha ha.

  24. Dulu

    Stick to video games nerd. It's a song. Chill out.

  25. suzuki400boi

    Thuggin out the Cabela's catalogue.

  26. A1Jose

    Still Some Real Shidd In 2012

  27. JDPatriot

    You wouldn't know a party if it sat on your face.

  28. thaghost1988

    When theres a party ur the PARTY POOPERRRRRRRRRR

  29. Jervornne Michaels

    No.2 of my favorate tunes self from dfb siick

  30. JDPatriot


    You are defending this childish attempt at bravado, as such, you are a child... maybe not in age, but certainly in mind. If you need more than that, you're an idiot too. I'm done, you're boring, and I should get some work done.

  31. JDPatriot

    @SpaghettioProduction Because I actually DO like this style of music, but this group sucks ass.

  32. JDPatriot

    @SpaghettioProduction You're defending this video, which is childish. I really hope you aren't old, that would just be sad... 30 years old still thinking like you're 13...

    So my question is, since the beat sucks, the production is worse, the rhyming is bland, and the lyrics show ignorant fakes who don't know shit about guns... Why the fuck are you defending them?

  33. JDPatriot


    No, I'm telling them THEY are talking shit. That's called pointing out the truth, and I CAN back it up.

    You're a child, and if you aren't, that's sad.

  34. JDPatriot


    So you're just talking shit? There's a fucking revelation.

  35. JDPatriot


    No, I'd sit back and laugh until the ambulance showed up to fix the ankle you broke trying to kick down my door. Back it up or shut the fuck up, either way I'll beat you.

  36. JDPatriot


    Fuck you twice, with a rake.

  37. JDPatriot

    @SpaghettioProduction Fuck you.

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    this is rap...

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  42. aaronvaz1

    lol... Thats not what a "Choppa" sounds like when chambered... more like a pump action .22

  43. tamar moore

    ima black nigga im smokeing on this kush and when i listens to this song it blows my high

  44. tamar moore

    why did i waste my view on this video

  45. tamar moore

    this shit dumb

  46. aplotkowski3

    @89killanate shut up

  47. ZOPEY

    @rubenfaus lol True... cuz i know them niggas and they no where near hard most of still live wit they mommas


    is harder to be brave with the verb as the only weapon

  49. Relaxed1ne

    every time this song plays a black man 15-25 yrs old shots or is killed by a black man 15-25 yrs olds. Wake up. This shit will brain wash you.

  50. Sulayman Danielz

    i use to go crazy off this shyt

  51. Baby G

    @7jAy5mill7 corny... thats some soldier shit you dont know shit about that GANG BANG CALIFORNIA GANGSTER SHIT.

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  57. Nielli Vass

    @GoOnSQuAd1017 To some extent anyway.

  58. suzuki400boi

    Lol a "choppa" is tha term for an AK-47. And no one take's internet thug's seriously so you just need to cut it out with that shit.

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  60. RipYourRoll

    straight gutter

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    i agree dude...only make black ppl look ba.d.

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    I wouldnt be surprised if none of these guys on this track have ever even shot a firearm before.

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