Deluna, Kat - Push Push Lyrics

[Kat Deluna]
I see you dancin' with every girl
Lookin' for someone to rock your world
I'm checkin' your body, it's lookin' right
Boy I can tell that you go all night

Sweet boy, I just wanna be your fantasy, boy
If you want it boy you gotta push push baby
Don't stop for a minute
Oh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh oh
I said push push baby
Take it to the limit
Oh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh [4x]

Push it baby just the way I like (you know I want it)
Pick me up and take me for a ride (you know I want it)
Sexy body don't you wanna turn me out (you know I want it)
When I hop into it, take me to the crowd
Oh oh oh ohh

Sweet boy, I just wanna be your fantasy, boy
If you want it boy you gotta push push baby
Don't stop for a minute
Oh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh oh
I said push push baby
Take it to the limit
Oh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh [4x]

I like the one lottery which I'm 'bout to go get my claim on
Dam, you look like a perfect picture 'bout to go get my frame on
Lookin' like the type I've been searchin' for to put my last name on
Come on closer with yo umbrella cause you're 'bout to get rained on
Clap it up baby keep on clapping
Back it up by the way you're stacking
Kat Deluna is now the captain and Akon wanna know what's cracking

Push push baby
Don't stop for a minute
Oh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh
I said push push baby
Take it to the limit
Ooh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh

Push push baby
Don't stop for a minute
Oh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh
I said push push baby
Take it to the limit
Ooh oh, oh oh, ooh oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh [4x]

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Deluna, Kat Push Push Comments
  1. Biebs Schnai

    Going to 2020 with this song 🌹❤️A true fan😍😍

  2. Nickolas Cost

    fucking quality of the video. F u, i won't watch it!

  3. Camila cabellow Camzzz

    I miss this type of music

  4. Mohammed Abdullah

    December 2019... Still banginnn

  5. Bri

    I used to always call in to Virgin radio and request this song lmao

  6. multitoolish

    NEW YEARS 2020??!!??!?

  7. Odane Hutchinson

    Like what the heck is wrong, she have a great voice, a unique attitude, then why she ain’t as famous as these horrible singers these days

  8. Lauren Gibbs

    a motherfuckin BOP!!!!

  9. Ragluvvulgar

    This use to be my shit!!!!

  10. Zou America

    Just beautiful song
    Who are still here

  11. Rockstar _Daniel

    Amazing 🎹

  12. Fehoko Junior

    November 2019

  13. Yuliana Tjauda

    Kat Delina,,,penyanyi,,,suara enak didengar,,,,,tampil sexsy,boys,nyetrik,keeerrennn,cara,,,menyanyi,,,goyang,,,gerak,,,gering,,,vidoklip,,,sedap ditonton,,,suara merdu,penyanyi berkualiti baik,,,,bagus.Profesional penyanyi.

  14. Nerdy Jake

    I had a huge crush on Kat Deluna back when this was released. Even though I'm nearly ten years younger than her, I still find her as sexy as hell. I'd definitely push push for her.

  15. Trini Rockkstar

    First timing hearing this song.. On the 9th anniversary😍

  16. NAMPOINA Erick

    9 avant plus tard

  17. Mel

    Why is she so underrated?😒

  18. OussàMà àhj

    this song takes me back to my 2010 me

  19. Daniel P_do_O

    Love this song
    Love this video
    Love you Kat

  20. Tony Delgado

    I miss you Kat. You are the my favorite artist. This song you did was the song I held on to when I was upset or sad when I was young. 😘

  21. Rosalyn Mosqueda

    September 2019💕😍😍

  22. Muhammad Umer

    Hit like if u r listen in september2019 and dancing ✌❤🇵🇰

  23. Allysa Horne

    Tbh, if I wasn't watching the video and didn't know the title would legit think Kat was lady gaga for a moment almost similar strong vocals !!! 😍😊

  24. Grego por Ai

    A smash hit! Where is kat deluna? A great talent

  25. Sampaguita Santos

    Old SONGS you might have been looking For:

    Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

    Whine up - Kat DeLuna
    Stereo love - Eduard Maya and Vika Jigulina

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    Family Affair -Mary J. Blige

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    Vanilla twilight - Owl City

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    For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

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    Everything at once - Lenka

    The Show - Lenka

    Crush - David archuleta

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    Two is better Than one - Boys like girls and Taylor swift

    Starstrukk - 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry

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    Tonight tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

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    She wolf - shakira

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    I’ll be back and add more 😊☺️

  26. Melody Øó

    Gurlll this made me feel nostalgic for the whole day😭💗

  27. Jonathan Daniels

    Awesome song sexy stunning beautiful my queen your fan 😍❣️❤️

  28. Ricardo Oliveira


  29. Yaanni S h

    2019 ❤❤❤

  30. Chinkytita Chunky

    Sweet boy! I’ve been listening to her since Freshman College days now I am almost 30 years old and still dancing to her beat that no one can beat! The original Red One baby. ❤️ Forever KatLunatic!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. mutsuz indie

    old but gold

  32. Baby Kangaroo

    It deserved more than a 100 million views.. so underrated singer and dancer.. My Jam. 🎶🎶

  33. Girl of Rain

    What an energizing music video
    I love your hair style in this MV

  34. Bobby Baker

    106 Park / BET 10 top music video CountDown word premiere

  35. Vino Ambarita

    I like so much the song😗😗❤❤

  36. End Hdz

    2019? 😚

  37. nikola

    2019 oop- i remember driving home from school and my mom blasting this in the car in 2010, omgg, memories :(((

  38. Sameer Love

    Kat DeLuna released new music, Last Night in Miami & Only One. Let’s support her and get her where she needs to be!! Back up in the charts!

  39. Sameer Love

    Why isn’t this song on and the album on iTunes? 😭 this song is amazing!

  40. Antonella Mortenssen


  41. Ella Nile

    2019 we need new album and world tour

  42. RhinOX

    Missing Old days 😒😒

  43. BR1 E

    RedOne and Akon made another Just Dance with this song👌

  44. Sehun Lisa

    its iconic

  45. rudy_siliko

    2019? 🔥

  46. Solo Alvarez

    @LostBoy Akon Killed It Saulte

  47. Eduardo Escaño

    2019 ❤ ?

  48. Pablo Muñoz

    Quien recuerda esta rola como parte de su adolescencia en el 2019?

    Pues yooo!!!!
    2010 :')

  49. Marissa Buduan

    Where did you find that song I Love It

  50. Betty Arellano

    2019 !!

  51. Haisek. Zl

    My jaaaaaaaaam

  52. Presley Manolo

    Kat Deluna is a total package----she does dancing, has a great voice, and an irresistible charm.

  53. Vincent Anggot

    Where is she now?

  54. angel or devil


  55. Gunk Indra

    This song make me energik 👌💽

  56. Solo Alvarez

    Solo @LostBoy🇵🇷🇯🇲 Aye Im Feeling This Vibe It Got A Move Ment

  57. LaDrago Damultus

    Just scrolling down my old old playlist

  58. Hayet Dif

    Underrated 😭🇩🇿

  59. Andrew Delgado

    Is that Acorn😄

  60. Gaby Cruz

    2019 ?? Someone ? ❤️🥰

  61. Leonardo Hernández

    Nunca dejara de gustarme esta cancion

  62. Теди Петкова

    Here always 🍓🍓🍓

  63. Hailee Ariana Clarkson

    I love dz song

  64. Black Wolf

    So many memories... She always been sooooooo underated I really don’t know why... She dance, she have a unique voice, she’s beautiful and she’s full of talent... I was in love with her when I was younger 😆

  65. Abii Abi

    Theeee bestttt 🤧

  66. Jordan Delgado Espriu

    Fucking Awesome girl superbe thank you

  67. Prashanth Sree Datta


  68. mireya Gonzalez


  69. 劉雅容

    Hey! Hey!  Let's get it goin', let's ...


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  70. CédtaviousHernandezVEVO

    I Love You Kat Deluna 🇩🇴😍 You Are Amazing I've Been Riding With You Since Whine Up 😍


    To the 0.0000000000001% of the world, in 2013 i went to a clubmed in phuket(thailand) . In the new years this song was on and i danced on the stage. I was like 10 years old

  72. الشاوي هشام


  73. Random Videos

    only 10million?

  74. mireya Gonzalez

    Good memories

  75. michael alexis

    Kat de luna me encanta desde que empezó con don omar..

  76. Ñavin saji

    Kat Deluna you are and you always be the best artist ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  77. Daniel Eu amo música

    2019 and forever Kat <3

  78. Mario Goga

    Video look like it made some amateur is amazing...everybady know that Kat Deluna hevent got lucky on team.She is amazing

  79. Hayati Ali

    2019 someone ?

  80. قناة نور عقلك madhoon

    كل شي جيل ثمانينات يطج لايك ويشترك بقناتي نور عقلك 2019