Delilah - Inside My Love Lyrics

Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other
Two spirits, greeting, tryna carry each further
Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other
Two spirits, greeting, tryna carry each further

Cause you are one, and I am another one
We should be, one inside each other

You can see inside me,
Will you come inside me
Do you wanna ride
You can see inside me,
Will you come inside me
Do you wanna ride

Two strangers, not strangers
Only lacking the knowing
So willing, feeling
Infinite growing

Cause you are one, and I am another one
We should be, one inside each other

You can see inside me,
Will you come inside me
Do you wanna ride,
You can see inside me,
Will you come inside me
Do you wanna ride, inside my love

Inside my love...
Inside my love...
Inside my love...

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Delilah Inside My Love Comments
  1. ExclusivPlays

    I searched more than 2 hours.... heard that a lot years ago

  2. Andrius Vitkauskas

    Best song. Ever

  3. Ronewa Nematswerani

    3:08 and 3:40 mmhh :D

  4. Sean P.

    They need to give credit to the Black woman who made this song and these lyrics wtf. Inside my love by Minnie Riperton. Culture vulture thieves, least they can do is to give credit or reference her song which they got it from, it's one of the most sampled songs of all time.

  5. Kev Jenn

    A classic masterpiece song butchered ....Put her on Time out!!

  6. Aquaticspastic P

    minie riperton..... you legend redlight

  7. Chloe Windsor

    tana mongeau vlogs 7 years on and it still SLAMS!!!!

  8. MARC TC

    Ooooooh I want to feel you baby....

  9. rosa gurnett


  10. yellow rqineex


  11. مايكل سكوفيلد

    Niss misck

  12. claudinei lima

    Que delícia de música😄👍

  13. Groovy Tony

    Majestic been killing it since '12! 💎
    Those UK Garage VIBES! 😍😍😍
    Absolute Banger! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    2:48 - Reminds me of tunnels! 😃

  14. Galgarine

    my birthday is on 16 july

  15. Vini PhysiQ

    Drum and bass 🥰

  16. Brightlad

    I feel bad for the 2.8k people who's headphones are obviously broken...

  17. mrpoppapill


  18. We Love Pills

    8 years old this song, and is so gold

  19. MrTgcombo

    Highly recommend listening on 1.5X

  20. Andrei Merisca

    2019 REPRESENT




    Yes indeed ..o love this remix.❤❤

  22. Jossette Monroe

    Minnie Riperton's song just ruined by this rubbish. JFC :(

  23. Frankee Wizz

    if this tune doesnt give you the chills you dont deserve to listen to music

    Majestic Casual

    gives me chills every time 💫

  24. Man Ofthehour

    It's been 6 years but I'm back and better than ever..

    Majestic Casual

    woahhh it's been 6 years since you've heard this track?! I wonder what that feels like ✨

  25. GMz

    my subwoofer explodes

    Majestic Casual


  26. Czarna NL 2019


  27. Christine Marlin

    Just ran into this 😶😶😶 never knew i needed this til it found me 💯

    Majestic Casual

    meant to be ❣️

  28. Bole Petrovic

    ELTAX MILENIUM 500 INCREDIBLE BASS !!! presure in head ...

  29. Bole Petrovic

    THIS LOW SUBB .... ^_^

    Majestic Casual

    🔥 in my viens


    *2019* 😲😍

    Majestic Casual

    listening to this right now. 🙌

  31. احمد عقيل

    Chilling from 2019 👍🏼

  32. Miah penn


    Majestic Casual

    what a day 🙌

  33. royalewithcheese

    I like it

    Majestic Casual

    what's not to like? 😆

  34. Djamel Spaan

    Eargasm ❤

  35. I'm Ramantas

    Why I am so late... :(

    Majestic Casual

    right on time 🖤

  36. monsieur boeuf de tête

    its hard to believe that this was once a 1975 minnie riperton song o.O

    Majestic Casual

    crazy right?!

    Falko Aendrich

    1997 Jackie Brown OST. The movie would not be the same without the soundtrack ;)

  37. Anna Walther

    I forgot how much I love this song 🥰 Thank goodness for my liked list that goes back & back & back 👌😂👏💞

    Majestic Casual

    yess i love scrolling through my liked lists 🙌

    Livia Popovici

    Same here!!!

  38. Ruplane


    Majestic Casual

    here 🙌

  39. ikzelf100

    this deep house is much better than all the other slow drum n bass out there

  40. Amir Jasari

    my neighbours are about to kill me when i put this mix at volume 100

    Majestic Casual

    hahaha blast that 🔥

  41. chris clark

    Says garage in the description, not garage in my books deffo deep house

  42. Batboi706 Vlogs and gaming

    #first song on my Spotify playlist

  43. WeAreN1nja

    The beat has no right to go this hard...

  44. Rob Chester

    Who's still coming back... 2019?

  45. Filip Velkov

    WOW THIS IS THAT SONG!?!?? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😶😶😶😶😎
    I searched for it from a youtube video but never got a reply and now by accident 😂 that feel

  46. DANCE don’T Stop

  47. MiYaYo420

    Playback speed 0.75x

    Thank me later 🤯🤯🤯

  48. ciasteczko25


  49. Justas -no-info-

    2k19 !!!!

  50. Ajlz Jumbo

    (~*-* )~ Good Vibes ~(*-*~)

  51. Nik Cummings

    I love this dogfighting can't get enough

  52. Connor Jude

    This is 🔥🔥

  53. Negima! Fan

    Penis touch me dark

  54. sound wave

    1:43 charizaaaaaaard

  55. Ryan Gallagher

    Fucking belter

  56. Jennifer Watley

    The original is just as good

  57. Will Mooney

    Thx couldn't find uhhhhhy loves from many and mine

  58. Brian King

    love this

  59. Skreamies

    Still a killer song!

  60. Mustafa Sadik

    Al oír éste tema me recuerda que tengo que cumplir con mis deberes maritales 7u7

  61. Flash Light

    Still a good song 🎧

  62. Sebiță

    2018 NOSTALGIA! <3

  63. Chris Lowe

    Play side by side 6 seconds apart. Thank me later.

  64. Jasmin Niemeier

    Oh gosh that Bass

  65. Philip Thomas

    This is very similar to a Minnie Riperton song imo but good nonetheless

  66. Gustavs Romanovskis

    Hz es pie šitās dziesmas šnabi pisu

  67. taki sasa

    Super tare

  68. AlwaysCarryABible


  69. Airidas Losevičius

    is this is drum n bass??

    F Wittwer


  70. Francesco Gruen

    this channel safes my day

  71. taki sasa

    great stuff

  72. sasa Badas

    super tare piesa

  73. EthanKnows Best

    whos listening in 2018

  74. Mark Twains right toe

    Where my 2018 peeps at?

    Mark Twains right toe

    Right here.

  75. giddy britty

    Who is listioning in 2018?

  76. SpeckMaster9000

    this song is not on spotify?

  77. Deaawullss

    great majestic!!!

  78. Matewoosh

    Sad I cant find it on Spotify 😞

  79. deine mudda

    Majestic, please do your own radio station. I'm tired of the pop-charts shit running all day, I want music with good vibrations.


    Março 2018🇧🇷?

  81. nome facoltativo


  82. Sweet & Chilli

    great, crazy !!!

  83. Yaq

    still here

  84. Nada Komelj

    Amazing song ♥️

  85. Miko

    I only found this in 2018, whaaaat

  86. Robert Webber

    Im pretty sure that photo is taken in Barcelona. Anyone agree?