Delilah - Breathe Lyrics

I am strong when I'm quiet
I never let you see me stall
I can hate what you say and still smile
Only play on an open court

I am the ringleader of my own circle
Fall on my knees and I won't bleed
Set me on fire and I'll fall to sleep
The pain of my scolds sets me free

I can not Breathe (yeah)
Let me be free (yeah) from myself

Drown me in silence and suddenly I'm floating
I rip me apart with one look
Use my heart as a crutch for my ego
And hope that I never never fall in love

I can not Breathe (yeah)
Let me be free (yeah) from myself
I must survive
This wonderful punishment called life

Use my heart and unravel it
My innocence is all gone
Torn apart and I can't handle it
My innocence is all gone

I can not Breathe (yeah)
Let me be free (yeah) from myself
I must survive
This wonderful punishment called life
This wonderful punishment called life

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Delilah Breathe Comments
  1. Jurij Iljic

    oh my gooood(ness)
    *2019* ♥

  2. JarmilTV

    10 saniye dinleyince domenicoya ölüyorsunuz.

  3. claudinei lima

    Sonzera do caralho, Mano😄👍

  4. Dolly Daydream

    Delilah! You Rock! Xxx

  5. ArtWizardSam

    History TV nostalgia!

  6. Enes Gültoprak

    My favorite Knight Online Pk gaming backround song 👌 28.9.19-...

  7. T00n Visi0n

    Man I sometimes forgot about this remix. One of my favorites for sure, Also happy this is part of the Bass Culture 2 album! It is a simple melody, but man it makes bop my head everytime, and the intro is spot on! Glad Emalkay still makes music today I love what he makes!

  8. Fon

    POWER - 2019


    Динамо невероятный иллюзионист- ты самый лучший!

  10. Krazey Drippz

    7 years of not listening to this song but I’m back to show my love to ukf❤️❤️




    Same bro ✌

  11. Dario Stojanovski

    Still listening.

  12. Celeste De Santa


  13. Gloria Rios

    Throwback 2011

  14. Rafael Zambrana

    Emalkay who still listening 2019

  15. Joel V

    im going to be honest. i dont like the noise. transform. transform.transform. and transform in this one.

  16. Foo71191

    7 years!

  17. The Dark Knight

    domenicowaccodan gelenler ?

  18. Syd Syd


  19. Beyonder

    i was in until that lady started that shitty out of breath singing crap.

  20. Liam Keeling

    As heard at the beginning of dynamo 😄😄

  21. Lim Lam

    Apparently, I'm not really sure, but apparently this is Dynamo's intro. Alls I know is this is some good good dubstep.

    Jalent Core

    Lim Lam hmm have no clue what that is. funny considering how old this song is. Also welcome to emalkay.

  22. Dani Seth

    daaaaaaaaamn fire

  23. Dan2ra

    Perfect for ecstasy.

  24. Saksham Thukral

    **Dynamo Enters**

  25. Clydesdale Riot

    You gotta wonder who dislikes these kinds of songs and why

  26. Cardinal

    It's great today too

  27. InVictus Aqua-OaC

    I can't believe it took this long to find this

  28. MrHouserobot

    I'm ashamed I've never heard this before

    edit: i was on headphones, but hearing it on a good system i realize there is a tone which sounds exactly like phone vibration. wish it wasnt there

  29. Jared Warner

    Heard this is a porn video lol

    Beaun Limits

    WHICH ONE???

  30. Mick Kjaer Nielsen


    Beaun Limits

    because it's spotify....

  31. AbsoluteAlpha

    Great Tanki memories.

  32. Kaleidoscopic Krusader

    On mandy 2017!

  33. Jon-agar

    MW2 Days



  34. Kronshtadt

    Dynamo: The magician impossible anyone?

  35. Squinkie just Squinkie

    I just likes it!

  36. crampodii

    Could I use your song on my YouTube video

  37. Fnaf Sister locasoin 111111

    ( '__' ) amazing

  38. Matt Flynn

    ima dnb head but love this tune big sound bruv

  39. Daniel Mechura

    My absolute favorite.

  40. Nick S

    God this is dope, real dubstep, props emalkay

  41. CustodioMX

    Amo este tipo de música. Siempre transmiten energía.

    Feel like a Sir

    Es que lo que escuchás realmente es energía traducida en estímulos electroquímicos jajaja


    Lo mismo digo, cierro los ojos y siento que vuelo.

  42. Hetalia Forever

    It's so calming.

  43. Ražha Strel

    2016 and fucking owning it

    Jordan Galan

    Fucking timeless tune!


    Ražha Strel 2017* XD

    alan weaver

    2018 :)

    Beaun Limits

    yeeees 2018

  44. wrylysmiley


  45. ODIN

    Fucking amazing !

  46. Bartholomew Register

    Text me at sabercatsurvival

  47. Bartholomew Register

    The beats remind me of artillery barrages

  48. Well Then

    Steven Frayne FTW

  49. marsupialmestre

    this is awesome!!!

  50. James Cheeks

    I watched an episode of Dynamo yesterday and to my surprise, this was it's intro. Knew it immediately.

    Harry Smith

    of course you did, you're James Cheeks


    Absolute banger this is!

  51. Kinsman

    511 people have no ears

  52. VetaXCIII

    sweet Jesus.... :'0

  53. Akașșș

    Lmao I was doing homework but now I can't stop moving

  54. Optical Sight Music

    Great remix!!

  55. Peter Pan

    this is actually an entirely new song, not just a remix IMHO but its awesome

  56. Laura Piper

    Shared xx

  57. Nathan

    Just saw Dynamo live... :O
    Sickest song though :)

  58. Zach B

    This is the shit

  59. Zai Alee

    501 people need to breathe!


    what a coincidence, I'm having breathing problems right now...

  60. Octavian DP

    can i use this song in my video? :)

  61. TheoDoypMorris

    FUCKING AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Kronshtadt

    I like this bass line

  63. Orit D

    This will never get old for me. Love it.

  64. Reece Bark

    This was the song that got me onto dubstep.

  65. zeynep aslan

    media markets so playing !!

  66. Nathan De Silva

    THANKYOU Dynamo

  67. Vancent Cuevas

    This is dynamo's intro :D

    Fixed Gear

    dynamo dresden?


    Dynamo Moskow?

    Jose Jerez

    dinamo kiev?


    Dinamo Tbilisi

    Yiğit Özkan

    Dinamo Bağcılar aq

  68. john butler

    My ears are fucked haha :D

  69. Sophie Illusionniste

    Recuerdos 2013..
    Dynamo.. <3 :3

  70. unifyingforce85

    494....such blasphemy

  71. TheoDoypMorris

    Who are the 489 dicks who disliked this masterpiece? 


    +ACE XD


    +ACE more like skrillex fans.

    Well Then

    +ACE Music our names are so similar...

    •failure2comply• 429

    Lol r they now

  72. Adarimix [HAWKIE]

    Dynamo XD

  73. MACAC0


  74. glittergal

    Dynamo sent me haha! I remember loving this a few years ago when series 2 was on TV! 😊

    Saksham Thukral

    glittergal Same!! Good Ol' times....

  75. julieta fiz

    Dynamo <3

  76. UKGaming

    css rgs

  77. Cat Mina

    I'm loving it!!

  78. nix ix

    Speed == 1.25
    not bad at all

    06 Miță

    Lol its better, holy shit <3

    Nikola Mihaylov

    It's a very nice experience for people who want a more "drumsteppy" listen. Vocals sync up pretty well too!

    Josh Pevitt

    Everything's better in 1.25

  79. Shamballa432

    The buildup was very good but i was expecting some more complexitty after the drop

    Felt somewhat repetitive

    alan weaver

    It is very atmospheric to me.  It gets stuck in my head in a good way.

  80. Joe Andrews

    Classic choone goes well with Dynamo

  81. Corrupt Gaming

    Great song, great music! Keep it up UFK.



  83. Emil K.

    D-did it just play an advert in the middle of the song? I am going to kill them.

    Emil K.

    @FriendlyDragonface I'll like YOURS for your slightly better blue hooman :D

    Just Jamie

    I'll like both of your comments because everyone gets a like!


    +Just Jamie everybody gets one, isn't that right spider man...     "everybody gets one"   lol

    Just Jamie

    +quickz345 you sir can also receive a like ;)

    Erio's Channel

    @Just Jamie you will also get a like too
    Sorry for my english because i'm italian

  84. Rằng Thì Là Mà

    Oh Dynamo, i love your magic =D

  85. Darrylinoo

    yeaaahh got a new DRIFT songg !! rock dem wheelsss !!

  86. Zero Two3214

    This is radical for school year.

  87. Морж в тулупе

    прикольная тема!!

  88. Care.

    Good ol' Emalkay

  89. Ricky Barksdale

    One of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm working out and when that beat drops, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :)


    Ricky Barksdale boi

  90. Stasi Ganchev


  91. Furchi DC

    Like if u came from DYNAMO!

  92. Oscar Malisz

    This remix is sick

  93. Tom101010

    Only just realized this is the intro for dynamo.

    YR G7

    I'm serious, does anyone know? Its so dope


    @Leon Roy link me the show I might know.

    J22464 games

    yep thats why i come here


    @Leon Roy Im curious aswell about that song