Delbert McClinton - Same Kind Of Crazy Lyrics

Did you ever meet somebody that likes all the same things you do?
Somebody who can make you or break you anytime they want to?
I met her at red light, love at first sight, can it be true?
Well, she's good for me, and she told me I was good for her too

Now I don't want to jump into anything;
I been trying to use some self-restraint.
But man it's amazing,
She's the same kind of crazy as me.

It's getting hard to use a ladder 'cause I keep climbing down just to kiss her
And if she's out of my sight for a minute or two, I start to miss her.
We stay all tangled up in each other's arms, and it's so nice.
She talks in her sleep, but she always gets my name right.

If there's anything at all that's wrong with her,
It's something I just can't see.
Ain't no doubt about me,
She's the same kind of crazy as me.

Wild, wild nights,
Chasing each other through the moonlight.
My, my, my.
I finally got something right.
'Cause every little offbeat move she makes just suits me to a tee.
They ain't no doubt about it.
She's the same kind of crazy as me.

Wild, wild, nights,
We're chasing each other through the moonlight.
My, my, my,
I finally got something right.
'Cause every little offbeat move she makes just suits me to a tee.
Ain't no doubt about it.
She's the same kind of crazy as me.

You know what I'm saying?
She's the same kind of crazy as me.
Oh, yeah.

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Delbert McClinton Same Kind Of Crazy Comments
  1. Blues Rain


  2. Sonya Sutton

    sounds like Marcia on background vocals and love that harmonica like a train

    David Jose

    Sonya Sutton ...could be TinaTurner in the background ?

    Sonya Sutton

    @David Jose I think its Marcia Ball I don't know of him recording with Tina.

  3. Tom Morrisette


  4. Jerry Beingesser

    Heard him on a boat and in Las Vegas.

  5. Renee England

    Come to Tulsa!!

  6. Shane Hall

    if I ever get married this will for sure be played in my wedding music.

  7. GForcePro1

    LOVE IT D!!!!!!!!

  8. Sherri Owens

    I can relate to this song lol

  9. Sherri Owens

    Wow I can relate to this song,love it

  10. 7ltrword

    She talks in her sleep, but she always gets my name right!...Damn, that's a great line.

    Jack Frick

    Dang. She always said she used my name!

  11. Susan L Jones-Savka


  12. Glenn Sohm

    Heard him in a cow pasture in 1973 at Willie Nelson's fourth of July Picnic in Dripping Springs Texas...a LONG time ago!

  13. tailslover100

    this plays at my local Famous Dave's all the time. Pretty good song. :)

  14. Renate Breit

    super cool ...thank you

  15. Cathy R

    Whaaat? Us crazy? LOL

  16. Gracie Golden

    Love this song. Know who is singing with him. Just cannot remember her name. Dimples and great voice. Mother sang with a band in the 60s or 70s.


    +Hildy K. ... I have some names who she might have been... Bekka Bramlett, Marcia Ball, Dee Dee Day, Emmylou Harris, Heather Waters, Kimmie Rhodes are all the women that performed back up vocals on the album 'Room to Breathe'. This song was the number 1 cut off that album....

    Gracie Golden

    +exjetboat That's her. Bekka Bramlett. Mom. Bonnie. Thanks.

    David Jose

    She sounds like Tina Turner...a lot!

  17. turbotat5274

    Ideal night...Delbert and John Hiatt....unplugged, and endless flow of gin and tonic...

  18. turbotat5274

    Now we're in the right place....great lyrics; love me some delbert.

    vivian mcdonald

    Love it!

  19. James Rogers

    HEY pat ,check out Tedeschi,Trucks , also John Hiatt

  20. Jon Wagner

    I can really relate to this having been married for 52 years to a woman that was the same kinda crazy as me

    Cathy R

    LOL.. Congrats!

  21. Julie Hattory

    seen him  perform live twice!!!!  loved it!!!!

    Gracie Golden

    +Julie Hattory Just once. The best.

  22. grandpa pa

    Hey Pat ,What took you so long?,,,,, yeah I know I am kind of a Special person too!  haha   Keeper of the Flame! 

  23. MsRaspberry86

    this is so cool. exjetboa thanks a lot. Pat I agree...  the posting above say´s it. i am shaking through my students dorm room. ohw this harmonica. yes!


    He taught john lennon to play harmonica

  24. Robert Pinette

    i agree this guys music dam good

  25. mark bing

    I got DeliMacked .....years ago ...still there still swinging and foottapping ....and singing with ...

  26. Nikolay Lachev

    For my this song is good ad i like it

  27. zirona folz

    saw him in Gruene, TX, but he didn't do this one, my favorite!!!

  28. A Alcorn

    Good description!

  29. Richard Rizzo


  30. 77signguy

    Seems to be a pattern for me too.....just sayin

  31. samuel youngbloodhawk


  32. Kirk Bolam

    Brilliant song, but I personally prefer George Strait's cover and also Patty Loveless cover.

  33. Infinity Squared

    I was getting ready to cover this song for my bar band, and I wound up explaining the feel by saying, "Listen, just play Dire Straits, "Money For Nothing," and turn it Rockabilly.' BAM, success.

  34. uniquebsame

    Same jkind of crazy as me. Love it.

  35. Spifftasticdork

    "She talks in her sleep, but she always gets my name right." <~ lol My favorite part. Ah, I love Delbert and Bekka. :-)

  36. Lars Stone

    Delbert has stood the test of time....

  37. BoxGuy1951

    Big fingers I guess>>>

    I meant to say just break out your dancin shoes ( and your sailin shoes too.:-D )

  38. BoxGuy1951

    abst14- I dont really understand why you would even bother comparing the two. George is a great vocalist. Delbert is a great vocalist. For this song I prefer Delberts version bit I can truly say that George and his band do a knock out version. I say just break out your

  39. Joyce Rosic Smith

    excellant cut--