Delano, Adore - Witch Hunt Lyrics

Pour your gasoline
I can make you bleed without touching, baby
I am just a bitch, filthy, dirty witch
You all call me crazy
Forever in a blur, easily disturbed
Pick me like a daisy
Go ahead and burn, go and take your turn
Light me right 'round baby

Man is burning me
God damn, they're hurting me
Witch hunt, witch hunt
Witch hunt, witch hunt
Witch hunt, witch hunt

Animal of love
They all look above for one almost maybe
Pretty girl is on, throwing her baton
Living straight 180
I will never be prettier than she
So I like it rainy
Caught up with the man
With my dyed red hands

Man is burning me
God damn, they're hurting me
Witch hunt, witch hunt
Witch hunt, witch hunt
Witch hunt, witch hunt
Witch hunt

My heart will burn in the ashes with all incivility
Why cry, I move from the star with my invisibility
My heart has been beat and bruised since you been killing me
Why cry, throw the match back, turn, close your eyes
Burn, burn, burn

Man is burning me
Goddamn, they're hurting me
Man is burning me
Goddamn, diggity damn, they're hurting me
Man is burning me, goddamn
Pour your gasoline
I can make you bleed without touching, baby

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Delano, Adore Witch Hunt Comments
  1. Scott Matthews

    SUCH an awesome song!

  2. • Wanderlust •

    It's post- grunge. Jesus Adore please make a tour with this. I want to go to your concert.

    quinn diamandis

    she did a whatever tour

  3. DiiO LATINI

    👍 Very good

  4. Patrick Adore

    i am in love with her and this song sounds like an old vampire movie

  5. Laughs With Lulu

    I seriously adore Adore :DDDD

  6. Timothy Gallagher

    If there's a film student / or fan of Director Wes Craven movies... please consider using this track. ((Shocker, The Sequel))*Long live the Raimi Brothers*

  7. Kato


  8. Mystic Rain

    Maybe for the 8% of Americans who still cling to the grunge/punk/alternative scene, but that is what this album will land you Danny. A one hit wonder album that I will cherish forever because I love you and have since american idol, but will not even come close to After Party. I love your voice but maybe try mixing music genres like classic rock with synth backdrops and a heavy drum. I loved your til death do us party and after party, but only negative nancy, while 9 yards (not love it), 27 club and witch hunt but the others are so not you it's like someone wrote these songs form you and they are not you. Perhaps collaborate with Alaska Thunderfuck mama 500 and do a bonus track?

    Monica Langley

    Mystic Rain If you remotely paid attention to Adores interviews you would know that this album is the most her she’s ever been. This album is no one hit wonder it is phenomenal. Just like the rest of her music.

    Yakatrina Petrova Zamolodchikova

    This album is Danny. Danny is a rebellious Goth bitch. Danny is not some hot couture Manila Luzon. Danny isn't Alaska. Danny is grunge

  9. high lighter

    "I can make you bleed without touching, baby" FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  10. Anna B.

    Holy shit, here before 115 views and before 10 comments, just stumbled across this song, and am absolutely in love, I'll be listening to the rest of the album later.

  11. Emily Rose Aesthetics

    Why cry throw the match back Turned close your eyes burn burn burnnnn

  12. Emily Cole

    My favourite song off the album❤❤

  13. Mushmoon

    this song is not getting the attention it deserves, honestly, this album is the embodiment of jesus christ (came to save us all) but THIS SONG-

  14. AuguZ Ux

    Esto es una nueva perspectiva que toma Dany dejándonos ver las verdaderas intenciones de el con su música redireccionando su manera de expresar emociones y de estar sumergido en su mundo grunge , además de expresar comodidad y tranquilidad en sus nuevas canciones ... Se puede oír al verdadero adore ...

    high lighter

    Su música nueva no puede gustarme más. Estoy orgullosa de Adore.

    Skorpio the poisoned soul

    Es esa faceta que queria ver de adore. Rebelde,versatil y expresivo. No me habia enamorado asi de su trabajo desde i can't love you. Mi album favorito hasta ahora

    Joe Gaga

    Me encanta. . Es todo

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