Delano, Adore - Negative Nancy Lyrics

I won't tell you how it is
She won't tell you how it goes
I will bring you up to tears
She won't hit you with the blows
Life is better now this way
Truth by night, lies by the day
A real modern superman
I got millions of your fans
No one tells me how to live
I got places now to be
Secret service of a man
Take no prisoners you see
Jumping straight right into crowds
Telling people how to be
Holding nothing little back
From the big black cherry tree
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Friends all call me negative
Maybe I'm a pessimist
Cause of you I'm always late
Gonna miss my nail appointment
Daddy called me Nancy boy
Never let me play with toys
Cause of him I'm always late
Gonna miss my hair appointment

She will tell you where to go
Looking straight right through the lie
She will fall into the trap
Taking shots with all the guys
Screaming hard, her tongue it stings
Waiting for her phone to ring
Positive all days are ruined
Stealing tracks to weave and glue-in
Everyone 'round her sucks
Table top for just two bucks
Washing through the ugly stains
Wishing that her trick would stay
Falling into all the crowds
Hearing everything they say
Zipping up, her mouth is shut
Feeling like the end of days
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Friends all call me negative
Maybe I'm a pessimist
Cause of you I'm always late
Gonna miss my nail appointment
Daddy called me Nancy boy
Never let me play with toys
Cause of him I'm always late
Gonna miss my hair appointment

Everything's because of you
Thanks I'm late because
All my problems came from you
Thanks I'm late because
My hair's shit because of you
Thanks I'm late because
My nail's shit because of you
Thanks I'm late because
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Friends all call me negative
Maybe I'm a pessimist
Cause of you I'm always late
Gonna miss my nail appointment
Daddy called me Nancy boy
Never let me play with toys
Cause of him I'm always late
Gonna miss my hair appointment
Gonna miss my hair appointment
One more, one more, one more

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Delano, Adore Negative Nancy Comments
  1. orpheus Argos

    H.e.r.o .. go gurl !

  2. ImJustXuan

    I'm sexually confused.

  3. Melissa Nelson

    For some reason this song reminds me of Katy Rose 🌹 Maybe they could sing together some day!

  4. Clover

    Ahead of it’s time ⏲

  5. Tsunami

    Tbh i forgot that Adore is actually a dude till the shower scene happened lolz

  6. Annabel

    Still My fAVE song!!

  7. Cheyenne Brennan

    I know there's more to being a woman than boobs (sorry Michelle), but I'm currently packing natural D-cups, I just watched Adore rip her vest to reveal a totally flat chest...and she STILL looks more like a woman than I do!

  8. goddammit Jimin

    Hog body where?! Also how is a biological man's ass sexier than most women's asses

  9. Filipa Martins

    Adore delano serving fish without tucking

  10. DragonFruit

    i sexually identify as adore delano

  11. mijkmn

    2:31 pansexual fantasy

  12. Suzie Harris

    I love adore although she has me sexually confused 😂 but her vocals are impeccable loved her so much

  13. Grunge Wolf

    This hurts my lesbian feelings because SHE'S JUST SO PRETTY I CAN'T-

  14. fluffy straightjacket

    Imagine all the straight guys going 'wow she's hot' until Adore rips her shirt off

  15. calibrnnraizd

    so cute!

  16. sytycdlover117

    The way I’m literally in love w adore...

  17. Claire Rose

    Jesus Christ adore is hot

  18. lamess ahmed

    For a moment i forgot that this is a drag queen and not a fucking real woman till i saw tha scene with the black underwear, and as bi woman, it didnt even matter she is sexy all the way

  19. Lars Henny

    She's not fully tucked. *winks*

  20. Gizelle Rocha

    This is making so freaking queer and I love it

  21. Bob Bobson

    So fucking gross stop trying to trick me into thinking your a girl


    Ok boomer

  22. Kylie :O

    This is gonna be guilty pleasure music for me now lol.

  23. Josie

    did anyone else watch this and realise that yvie oddly is in it

  24. Bailee Rea

    Adore Delano! Bitch what the fuck! Yes bitch! Bringing me back to my 17 yr old years and sexually charged

  25. Georgia Louise

    Adore is everything I wanted Needles to be...but better. Yassss Adore.

  26. Jorge Lopez Ortega

    get it gurl so inspirational

  27. Ailsa x

    0:37 it's Yvie Oddly x

  28. Sonyah Depasse

    I don't think that a song has made me so happy in my life.
    Thankyou so much Adore.
    You are beautiful in every way ❤

  29. YamiRovi25

    Adore Delano reminds me a lot of Taylor Momsen and I can't say i don't like it . This is just great.

  30. kenny

    adore is fucking punk rock

  31. Akai Suki

    For a few seconds I thought, Miley cyrus?

  32. ꔷJAIR

    Dad call me nancy boy

  33. abnormal ities

    Adore fucking delano can punch me in the face thx

  34. blue Bubble boy

    I just realized that yvie oddly is in this video

  35. Rui Caridade

    Nancy you're never late. Leave the drink and get glamorous..

  36. Kenyon Clutter

    First time I've ever wanted to bite a guy's butt!😯Thanks for giving me new experiences!😍😂👍

  37. Tyler Lackey

    The girl wearing the red glasses looks like Strange Æons

  38. Jordyn Maldonado

    You seriously need to play hedwig


    Fuck. This is a true bisexual fantasy

  40. hi i

    1:39 Yvie is in that helmet you can see the nose ring

  41. Isabelle Smith

    Yvie being featured in this video and then winning s11...... icon

  42. Sofi-cgc Cabrera

    Que brutal cancion la ameee

  43. Jayden D

    I see you miss Yvie

  44. Florchu Medina

    Adore's ass is my new religion XD

  45. Megan Xo

    Fuckin hottie

  46. zaina


  47. mollie jo

    This video is bisexual goals

  48. adhiezulfikar

    3:01 is that Yvie oddly?

    Gabriela Piechowicz

    yep, she is listed as an extra

  49. Raphael Lucas

    and there is Yvie Oddly as one of team partners of Adore!

  50. rema

    *ok its unoriginal but still she is **0:37** playback speed 0.5*

  51. Ingu

    This is the song i keep coming back to <33

  52. Mathias Rabat


  53. Yamila Bm

    3:01 YVIE ODDLY 💖💖💖

  54. roger awkward



  55. JanuskaJang2

    Who’s here to see Yvie Oddly?

  56. Reema

    Yvie oddly is in here omg

  57. Prax Campos

    Yvie Oddly ❤ 0:43 1:02 1:10 3:02

  58. scoobydoobydoodle

    Her body here is sickening

  59. Charlotte Birkby

    legends supporting legends

  60. katbarron1

    Adore and Steel Panther need to collab on a song 🤘🔥

  61. Sara Pineda

    3:01 Yvvie MI AMOOOOORR

  62. Daan Vdr

    3:01 is that yvie oddly?🤔

  63. Jose Stradiotti

    Yvie i see you ❤️❤️

  64. hetalia is stalking you

    Oh hey Yvie's here

  65. Shaun Wilson

    Here 'cuz Yvie is in the video

  66. dolores demayo

    Soy re lesbiana pero que pedo con adore ahr ajjajajajaja

  67. Gulfam Javed

    0:37 YVIE ODDLY

  68. rimjob steve

    3:02 season 11 winner!!! I really wished afore was in yvie’s music video tbh

    Fugitive CJ

    Cheers for the spoiler 🙃

  69. Josh Hodson

    Omg Yvie Oddly is there and then they were paired together in the photo shoot mini challenge of season 11
    Iconic duo

    Gabriela Piechowicz

    that's why their photo was so good

  70. Jerr Anton Patiño

    3:01 there goes yvie oddly

  71. Mili Quevedo

    3:01 YVIE

  72. KC Reed

    yvie oddly spottings:

  73. luca infante

    3:01 hello yvie pt. 2

  74. luca infante

    1:47 Hello Yvie

  75. Sophia Sampaio

    Watching this after season 11 and noticing Yvie Oddly as an extra, love that.

  76. San Junipero

    Omg Yvie Oddly

  77. MaglcSpells

    OMG Yvie Oddly

  78. Jesspe Madrid

    0:58 1:47 3:01 yvie odly <3

  79. Brayden Findlay

    Yvie what

  80. Tzu Dandelion

    Adore with Yvie Oddly OMG ❤️

  81. Jaeda Sims

    Do any of y’all notice yvie oddly?

  82. ruth saavedra

    heeeeey Yvie ?? 3:01

  83. Isaiah Gabriel

    Yvie is in this vid 😱😱

  84. Noelle Rivera Espinoza


  85. Keeping Up With Larry

    Is that Yvie Oddly at 0:44 and 3:01 ? OMG this is so iconic


    Just like she said aquaria was gonna be in the top im not surprised she worked with yvie lol

  86. Sandra Mätlik

    I was just checking Yvie Oddly's Wikipedia after her winning season 11 and why did I not know, that she's in this video (out of drag tho lol). I love that :)

  87. Gerald Ignacio

    yvie oddly is here, imagine 2 yrs later she won drag race😱😍

    hi i

    @JustinZockt in the dolla store someone said


    I wondered when people would notice, it was after this video I looked Yvie on Instagram. Talent knows talent!


    Thanks for the fricking spoiler omg x))))

    Fugitive CJ

    I- you- ugh. Just started watching season 11, it being the ONLY ONE that hasn't been spoiled for me. Thanks so much 🙃


    Fugitive CJ mate it’s been out for months, at this point we aren’t going to have spoiler alerts

  88. Kamel

    Clock the current reigning at 0:44-0:45

  89. life's not fair

    The winner of season 11 looks so good here😍❤️

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