Delain - Sleepwalkers Dream Lyrics

Close your eyes
For the night is falling
Fear no dark
For it's warm and safe
And looks familiar
As it comes approaching
Come with me
And I will take you

A world beyond your sleep
Beyond what's real
An in safety hidden sphere
Away from our daily reality
Truth lies out there [x2]

As the innocent
Lay their heads down
As the night chants it's
Luring call
Cross the borders of
Sense and foresight
Come with me
And I will take you
you don't have to be afraid

[Chorus 2:]
A tear is only water
A sigh is only air
Whenever you feel haunted
The truth lies out there [x2]


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Delain Sleepwalkers Dream Comments


  2. Lily Walker


  3. Lily Walker

    Love love love this song enchanting 💖🌹

  4. Lily Walker


  5. Zaina Arekat

    I love this song, Delain rocks! For some reason, I get the feeling that the chorus was made for Sharon den Adel to sing.

    Ned Fred

    One ex member of WT

    Alex Ducharm,e

    You notice the guitar mirrors the riffs of Truth Beneath The Rose?

  6. David

    The beginning of the song reminds me of Siege by Kamelot so much

  7. Claire Bear

    A tear is only water
    A sigh is only air..

  8. Steff Melis

    what a song 😍

  9. Fher Gutierrez

    this has to be one of my favorite songs. I just can't begin to describe what this song does to me >.<

  10. Adam Holland

    I always think avatar when it starts off lol

  11. Debbie_Destruction

    I personally think this song is about our evolution into ascended beings, awakening from the slumber of what we call "reality". Charlotte is clever as fuck.

  12. FadingStars

    I looooooove it very much

  13. viorel socol

    wonderful song and a great voice/enjoy

  14. Luthien Tinuviel

    I love this song so much!!!!

  15. UhOh Hyo

    LOVE  IT   <3

  16. xjavern

    I think this is about astral bodys or something like that... interesting

    Nóra B

    More like death.

  17. Das Muta

    reminds me of men at war red tide music 

  18. Paul Harvey


  19. yawnetu tìngayä


  20. Isaac Okesene

    My new favourite band.


    Then we are two

  21. Sean Langwell

    A tear is only water, a sigh is only air? I love it

  22. Dartanion Smith

    Couldn't agree more. This song pulls a tear or two every time i hear it.

  23. Devin Ivester

    Nothing makes me feel like this song does.

  24. Slight Manson


  25. Symph

    :) I never said you were! :D Anyways, I love NW regardless of who's the lead singer...
    I love Delain too.

  26. Guilherme


  27. blatantly obscure

    dude - i'm not arguing, i'm just glad there are so many bands for us to enjoy; no one is going to like the same thing. Nightwish fell out of my favorites when Anette left - i will really miss her...

  28. blatantly obscure

    Sirenia, Delain, Epica, Within Temptation, Xandria, Elysion, Edenbridge - enjoy

    Flying High

    Amberian Dawn, Elyose, Leaves Eyes, Diabolus in Musica, Eluveitie, Nemesea too!

  29. Symph

    To each his own. But those two are 1-the creator of symphonic metal and 2-the one who pioneered the genre.

  30. blatantly obscure

    to each his own - therion and nightwish are good, but i know of at least six bands (including delain) that are better than both of them

  31. Symph

    Great band, but never as good as the gods= Therion and Nightwish.

  32. Oceansoul7777

    Amazing. I'm a BIG fan of Nightwish, I think they're the best in symphonic metal but some of Delain's songs are better than Nightwish. Just incredible.

  33. bia 11

    First time I heard this was 2007/2008, and it's still a song that I'd listen to over and over again...

  34. Raven Nordgård

    Just fuckin love this song!!! \\m//

  35. Sypianek

    I Love this song !!!!!

  36. Avsil Nédras

    I really love this song and the whole album!

  37. Jason Korzelius

    omng, just from the intro, this song is epic..

  38. Gnarkill888

    i really like this song :D

  39. russel johnson

    i will jacket to this song all the time and everytime i hear it

  40. Matthew

    thnks for posting th lyrics too.

  41. mssdarkangel1100

    awesome song