Delain - Pristine Lyrics

Once upon the dawn
Day will break
It begins on time
Flowing while it's glowing
It arrives on time

Subjected to origin
Is to know that nothing
Becomes of the contemptible
Waiting for the dawn
Hope to find
I'll cling to my pride

Clearest form
Closest to pure perfection
The essence yet unfolds itself
The chain of strength it holds

Waiting for the dawn
Hope to find
I'll cling to my pride
Reaching from the inside
All I know, night must go

Open the dawn
Behold the purest form
The essence unfolds
The chain of strength you held

As a distant dream I hover
I call all the stars
As a distant dream I hover
Call all stars to fall for cover

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Delain Pristine Comments
  1. edwin bray

    I dislike the harsh vocals with this band the few songs they do them on they just don't work.

  2. ian

    I dislike growls but the song is amazing :,)

  3. Alis Prospero

    She's been listening to Evanescence

  4. Chris Forker

    I love this dope song! It's clutch hard! By rck hrdr1!

  5. Sarah Touron

    Sincèrement Delain est un SUPER groupe j'adore

  6. Ueli Suter

    So great song; amazing voice

  7. Evangelos-Miltiadis Psomas

    Otto does the growls in their current lineup and he is awesome!

  8. Victoria Harley

    Who does the unclean vocals on this song? It really sounds like Mark Jansen!

    Tammar Eitan

    It is not Mark. It is George Oshteuk from The Gathering.

  9. Tammar Eitan


  10. OrpheusKrynn

    My fav Delain song :)

    Michael Russell

    And mine. Especially live

    Rodrigo Zamora

    this one and danse macabre... I can listen those two songs for days

  11. GuguZinhO Scabbia

    adoro gothic metal com gutural, eu fico louco, cheio de tesão rsrs

  12. Mickael Jansson

    Heavy and sensitive...Delain is awesome ,Charlotte your voice is incredible!!

  13. Por siempre Sabines

    Pop Metal for the masses... :)

  14. William Furster

    I think we should call this:

  15. pipiepoopie

    good!!!! great song

  16. Alpheus

    i also agreed with that but its only for a few seconds but stil yeah still

  17. Andrés Triana

    hermosa canción !

  18. smrk3t4

    Why they don't make song with Angela Gossow. She would done the growling part much better xD (I still like it hehe xD)

  19. obliveousemoon

    I really like this song. :D Good for the metal man in me and good for the mellow man in me. :D

  20. Margriet Kats

    my favorite <3