Delain - One Second Lyrics

Don't want to close my eyes again
Cause every time I do you're there
With that smug look on your face
Don't want to fall asleep again
Cause every time I dream
I love and lose you
Over and over again

It takes a second just to fall in love
It takes a second just to fall in love
Against the odds
Despite myself
Yeah, just one second to love
Just one second to love

It doesn't really matter how
Much time has passed
It always goes to show

It takes a second just to fall in love
It takes a second just to fall in love
Against the odds
Despite myself
Yeah, just one second to love
Just one second to love

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Delain One Second Comments
  1. Sc4ry

    si si rock music....

  2. alex barros

    Great song i love it!

  3. gogolplex74

    Anyone else expected this to be a Paradise Lost cover

  4. Jari Lindroos

    That was pretty good..

  5. Rainninho

    Que fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  6. Tamás Szilveszter

    Delain could do a co-headliner tour with Amaranthe.

  7. Claudenia Silva

    Pancada de som!✌


    Excellent ! Best from France !

  9. Joanna Grierson

    I love this song! ❤


    This is such a great song! Can't wait for Apocalypse & Chill to come out!!!

  11. gggfx

    Loving the clean male vocals on this alongside Charlotte - fantastic

  12. iceroadtrucker71


  13. Randy Marsh

    I dig this song, but I must say "Apocalypse & Chill" is the dumbest album name ever.. Yeah yeah yeah.

  14. Junaski V

    This song tingles my toes.

  15. Dan Hoerle

    Timo The shredder now singing Wow. Great Job.

  16. Skot

    cringiest most generic lyrics ever :P not too shabby otherwise

  17. Karine Mallmann Gehlen

    delain e uma exelente banda

  18. Arkatox

    I keep getting hung up on some of the more negative comments here.

    My two cents: Simple does not equal shallow.

    This song is incredible and not in any way a decrease in quality. It’s different; not worse.

  19. jimthar17

    New album is gonna kill.

  20. Jens Rathgeber

    Please come to Stuttgart

  21. Ana Caeiro

    this video is a bit heteronormative but still i love it its awsome


    I don’t think a portrayal of hetero romance in this way is inherently indicative of heteronormativity.

    Randy Marsh

    You know... nobody worried about "heteronormative" until people started virtue signaling and pretending like it really is a huge issue. More people than you think treat their kids just fine when they come out of the closet. Also, being 'heterosexual' is actually still kinda the majority, therefore, still normal as anyone else...

  22. ToTheGalaxy

    Metal Schlager

  23. Kars Landman

    Love this, the mail vocals add a lot and the production is awesome. Great stuff

  24. bee4pc goldrule

    Why not start from the beginning and do what made you popular.

  25. Joris Schelfhout

    Sounds good! But their first two cd's are still the best😍👌

    Lynx Fang

    Honestly agreed just because you can really feel the spirit in it.

    Moonbathers brought the fire back while letting them experiment with what they wanted. I loved it.

    So here is the order of my favorite albums

    April Rain
    Hunter's Moon
    The Human Contradiction
    We Are The Others
    Interlude (honestly didn't care for this one but I can appreciate it)

  26. dusty krueger

    Don't want to close my eyes again
    Cause every time I do you're there
    With that smug look on your face
    Don't want to fall asleep again
    Cause every time I dream
    I love and lose you
    Over and over again

    It takes a second just to fall in love
    It takes a second just to fall in love
    Against the odds
    Despite myself
    Yeah, just one second to love
    Just one second to love

    It doesn't really matter how
    Much time has passed
    It always goes to show

    It takes a second just to fall in love
    It takes a second just to fall in love
    Against the odds
    Despite myself
    Yeah, just one second to love
    Just one second to love

  27. Taurus Guy

    Too popish!

  28. fabbrica kvlt

    This song is beautiful, but it's more like a song from another band than delain, the singer has very little space isn't she the delain band?

  29. Karen van der Knaap

    0:25, am I the only one that thought that the man was Barney Stinson of how I met your mother?

  30. star4dreamers

    I love that Timo is given a little room to breathe and lead out...great song!

  31. richnice1975

    Great tune! These guys (and a girl) slay live!!!!

  32. James Stamos

    LOVE IT!!

  33. Riccio

    I feel Timo's voice so empty without personality. One second after some listening, is the weaker track if compared to burning bridges or masters of destiny. This is my opinion

  34. Palynzer

    Dont like it....I love Charlotte voice and is the only one I want to hear in the songs.

  35. Frodo Hobit

    it was great to see them live (Masters of rock)
    it is a pity that the signatures did not come out
    maybe next time

  36. Nacho Cles

    Muy buen solo de guitarra ! me gusta el tema...

  37. НищебродЛох; 38ЛетФильм

    это любовь.только неразваливайтесь ато будете как придурки недоллалкаголики найтивиши

    НищебродЛох; 38ЛетФильм

    как увас там электронщина,гитарка дэвушкээ_ООООООООООО.и помойму вот эти пик пикку пику-с очень древнего прогресив метал даже на урси какието салаги заюзали-но эти совсем салаги

    НищебродЛох; 38ЛетФильм

    идиальные переходы.есиб я был готов женица выб играли у меня на свадьбе

    НищебродЛох; 38ЛетФильм

    вы самый шикитозный мелодик который я слышал когда либо.дими бургер отсосал со всей своей аказией

  38. Göte Borg

    Delains more recent music has certainly kept it's powerful instrumental parts, but the lyrics have turned repetitive and relatively hollow. Hearing "It takes a second to fall in love" 30 times in 4 minutes hurts my ears :/

    Aashish Bharadwaj

    Their previous single is not repetitive at all

    martin hernandez

    I guess you can do it better

    Göte Borg

    @martin hernandez Whut? This has nothing to do with my own musical abilities...

  39. TheTrooperMB

    I had the best recommendation song EVER!


    update : saw them on December 5th , what a band and they played this song , bomb! Nobody in the audience really knew this song ahah

  40. Juan Pablo Vela

    Excelente 👍👉DELAIN👈👍

  41. WakeUp!

    I saw this band in Live last Saturday, it was one of the best concert in my life. These guys are so talentuous.

  42. RcDub

    Did 2nd guitarist leave the band?

  43. Eliora Ben-Gurion

    I will probably sound old school but the lyrics to me sound like a generic love song :/ something which I really want to avoid when listening to metal...

    Okay, once someone agreed with me, I will rephrase.

    What the fuck is this popshit about love with lyrics like those of a generic song the radio? Did not expect this from Delain at all.

  44. Serbian Metal

    Very bad imho. Sounds like a washed out, boring Within Temptation on their latest albums. You guys were in league of your own, don't really get it why this sudden commercial/alternative WT-like sound. And that male vocals are pretty bad also, comparing to Charlotte's vocal abilities. Oh, well... life goes on.

  45. Omar D. Torres

    Me encanta esta banda, hace muchos años que la escucho y creo que es una de las mejores que hay. Amo su constancia

  46. ТайSум7


  47. christos papas

    is he using the same guitar in every clip? sorry for bad english am out of practice...

  48. Orange Car Bad

    Oh, I recognize that red jacket.

  49. Athos Ribeiro

    Paulistas/MG - Brasil

  50. Holli Carson

    Martijn: God on the keyboard/synths
    Joey: Epic drummer as always
    Otto: Master bassist!
    Timo: Epic guitarist, beautiful, angelic voice
    Charlotte: Angel on vocals

    All in all, this track is AMAZING! 🤘 Y'all really outdid yourselves!

  51. Андрей Чабак

    Отлично !!!

  52. JenSu

    B E A U T I F U L!!!

  53. Glacyneyla - Books & Manga

    My new favourite song of Delain! :D

  54. Dejan Vojinovic

    Great song 😊😊

  55. AriJane

    Timo😮I never saw coming that he would sing. It is soooo good😍

  56. Antonio Flagiello

    I'm just so bummed Charlotte decided to not marry me :/

  57. Langa Dubazana

    Ahh fuck yes the drum part is stunning! Fits beautifully.

  58. Александр Герасимов

    Thank You David for this BAND!

  59. Ivan Ladron de Guevara

    No Delain please, you can do much better than this thin musical and hollow lyrics pop of sorts song. I like some pop, but not from a good rock band, unless it's the albums ballad, but if it is lyrics must be much more deep, strong, full of meaning... anyway too much talk, just never again please.

  60. Zo Entertainment

    Intro was like Frozen song

  61. Rui Luz

    It is my favorite song from Delain

  62. Unit Of Consciousness

    They beat Motley Crew by 9 seconds!

  63. vaik et

    Good track but i feel kind of repetition and well Merel or someone else is required to get consistency i miss a second guitar

  64. Metal / rock Videos

    Amazing!! ♥

  65. Dany

    I love the song, but I hate videos with lyrics ...

  66. Jonas Andersson

    Another Lyric Video =\

  67. TinNo4i

    I think that this is a type of a song that sounds better live. Just like Don't Let Go which is mind-blowing live but less impressive as a simple audio.

  68. Raymond Reddington

    This is AMAZING!!!

  69. Industrial Metal Worldwide

    wow me recuerda ala canción This Is The End de DUST IN MIND

  70. Bernardo Arceo

    La canción pega bien desde la primera vez, pero la segunda, la tercera, cuarta, quinta, etcétera... es mucho mejor, me super encanta.

  71. Rock&Synth MusicFan

    I like Charlotte, but I prefer to just hear her sing. this sounds a bit too much like Lacuna Coil for me.

    Sally Thunder

    Sounds like good ole Delain from Lucidity or April Rain. :)

  72. kris healey

    I actually really like this song

  73. Maruan Domingues Sayegh

    One second to love? 1.00000000000000 seconds to love Charlotte wessels 😍😍😍

  74. Chrystalis Revival

    At first I thought I didn't like it at all, but honestly its just because Masters of Destiny, Hunters Moon, Burning Bridges, even Art Kills were just SO GOOD that this sounds mediocre. Its a decent song, but reminds me more of something from like... the early 2000s from some other band. Its almost nostalgic sounding but I can't pin point who it sounds like from that time.

    Sam Mears

    it sounds like Lacuna Coil to me

  75. smnvfdr

    Male vocal is good idea

  76. Les 'Horns UP! Parker

    I couldn't pin point the change but it's fxcking awesome! Very glad to hear new sound!

  77. tundermesemondo

    The guitar sounds 😻😻😻😻

  78. criag

    Please come to Sydney!

  79. Titho Ignacio

    I just love so much how versatile Delain is :), amazing musicians and very nice people irl, can't wait for their next album ♥

  80. Artur Locateli

    The first time hearing: Is this Delain?
    The second time hearing: Oh Yeah, this is Delain!

  81. Marcela bares

    A mi me gustaba cuando cantaba charlotte unicamente.. Me inspiraba.. Podia hacer cualquier cosa!! Me envolvia y me daba paz a la vez que me ponia euforica... Pero ahora la voz masculina que a mi gusto arruina las resulta pesada violenta y me quita la paz que me daba.. La musica: perfecta pero se me hace cuesta arriba la voz diabolica.. No es mi estilo... Ya no me da ganas de escuchar delain

  82. ladam L.

    oh fuck, this one is the masterpiece :O

  83. Ismail Telci

    Guitarist: "It takes a second just to fall in my solos"


    auto tune pra caraiu

  85. Alexei Oulianov

    Nulle. La voix d homme en trop.

  86. Unfound Films

    Not a fan of the generic stock footage in the video.

  87. Fairy Girl


  88. Lisa Baierl

    The song is good, I love the growls and the fact, that this song is a duet, but its nothing very special. Burning Bridges was better, this song is too usual for me. But good anyway

  89. Semantic Samuel

    Looking forward to seeing your new material live in Bristol, UK, next year!

  90. Wieder Ganger

    I got real excited thinking Delain was covering Paradise Lost..

  91. TheMauX64

    These kind of songs are fine. But you should always compose and include in the album, those romantic and dramatic lyrics you use to do always in several songs. This one has no lyrics.


    This was written by Timo.

  92. rabon ronnie

    It's good to hear some awesome lead 🎸👍🍻

  93. Styles1125

    Holy shit Delain!!! Keep rockin it out!! There's a reason I seen these guys 4 times in the last 5 years... I <3 em!!!

  94. Al Hooley

    Another great song. That solo .... wow. This is going to be awesome live🤘

  95. M. A. Tate

    Well... Not a bad song. Much Delain-like, except of Timo's voicd... That sounds like Light Metalcore, pretty different than Delain's style.
    Seriously, if you guys wouldn't told me it was Delain, I'd be confusing it with In Hearts Wake ft. Charlotte Wessels.
    Can't say it's bad, 'cause it's not.... It's just not Delain's style

  96. Could Be Comics

    When did Delain become a group of well dressed vampires?


    There EP is called Hunter Moon (aka the blood moon) it goes a long with Moon Bathers and there last EP.

    Lynx Fang

    The answer is they've always been! I'm in love with these guys.

  97. Sarah Fisher

    This song badly needs a second verse.

  98. Alberto Sandoval Vásquez


    Saludos desde Chile

  99. Ingnerd

    One second? More like 219 seconds.

    But this song is good anyways.