Delain - Mother Machine (Live) Lyrics

Incomplete, cast in the concrete
walk the city streets
granite sky
My machine built the factories
feeds the worker bees
get in line

Round and round and round
the wheels come down
Dreaming of the steam
the pounding sounds
Round and round and round
the wheels come down
Won't you electrify my soul
intensify it all

Little girl in a concrete world
artificial hurt
in your eyes
You won't see any living trees
any flower fields in my time

Round and round and round
the wheels come down
Dreaming of the steam
the pounding sounds
Round and round and round
the wheels come down
Won't you electrify my soul
intensify it all

I like the plastic people paper world
The silver moon, the iron sun
I'll fold you paper flowers little girl
for you'll never see a real one

Round and round...

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Delain Mother Machine (Live) Comments
  1. peteM3rlin

    Love them, respect them. But...Red plastic is porn.

  2. kendra Ar

    Britney Spears?? 😐

  3. 2mitts Photog

    Still think this is the best song they ever wrote! Great recording and ty for sharing!

  4. Fckin NOOB

    Damn! Charlotte looks sexy in red 😍😍😍

    Mia Myers

    They all do 🌹

  5. Lucifer 777 Christenson

    There needs to be more metal on the radio! This would be cool to see live!

  6. Jade Avalon

    Is it Nicole Ansperger?

  7. HJBounell

    Somebody get Charlotte some tits and erase the tattoo

  8. Ken Thompson

    If that outfit isn't illegal it probably should be. Too much concern if it is metal or not - what matters is do you like it. Too many people have to have it explained to them what genre it is before they can decide if they like it or not. For my money (and they've got quite a bit of it) this is a terrific band whatever you want to call the music.

  9. Francky FX

    Merci pour le son Pourri

  10. Alexander Kim

    Charlotte Wessels is hot.

  11. acidomuriatico59

    Poco impatto live...

  12. Алексей Кузьминых

    Вокалистке нужно чуток жопу подкачать

  13. Михаэль Упырь

    У чела слева любопытно выглядит инструмент

  14. drumtum

    Hilarious, not in a good way!

  15. Raven Lunatic

    Hey everybody , I have a question . This video shot up around 135,000 views and it is pretty obvious that it is not all fans of the Band . Can anyone let me know where you all are seeing the link to this video ?

  16. Great Iron Fist

    Lmao. When do they perform Frozen? 😳

  17. Tooeasee Bourne

    Give me a band minus the egos,

  18. Manuel Ruiz Campaña

    You listen their albums and then give your opinion about if it is metal or not.

  19. Jon Koh

    Hey...let put together few members and headbang on stage. We should be able to call ourselve metal band?? Right?...🤔

  20. shatrick pawpaw

    70,000 tons of cheese

  21. Anton Blebann

    Nice, clear Voice 👍🏻she's obiously spending a lot of Time in the Gym💪🏻.

    Rock & Live

    gym 100%

  22. Jason Nielsen

    Damn that Cello player is a freaking Amazon, how tall is she anyhow......


    I'd say about 5'8 given she is on an elevated part of the stage and Charlotte is 5'6 and she looks about her height.

    Jason Nielsen

    @Albinopanda I'm 5'6 and that's not tall at all LOL......I must have smoked a little to much weed before I watched and commented on this before, because even I don't know why I noticed how tall she "isn't" really LOL :D


    @Jason Nielsen I googled Charlottes height as a general idea thats all, nothing to fancy. It might just be the camera angle.

  23. Meisam Soheili

    totally cheap .. she cant even sing

  24. Epic Texan

    I think I’ll take this video and dub some Slayer over it. Then it will make sense.

  25. Michael Parleblue

    Jesus Christ this is sooooooo shit!

  26. Francis Cyprus

    3:05 That dude is bashing his head on that Keyboard at the back :-D :-D It's not that heavy dudes :-D This is almost comical :-D :-D


    Francis Cyprus and if he was standing like a statue people would say he’s not into the music

  27. TTGuitar2013

    The synchronized head banging is lame as hell. You want to see what head banging is supposed to be check out the old clips of Cliff Burton RIP.

    Raven Lunatic

    Cliff was a fantastic bassist but a one note up n down headbanger. When side to side , front to back , windmills etc are added in and then also synchronized with the music they are playing ... Takes the pat your head the same time you rub your stomach to a whole other level lol.

    Alfonso Jaurena Dearmas

    Who s this Cliff guy? Long live delain

  28. Dave Paisley

    That bass player looks like he is shitting himself with those pathetic moves

  29. TheHighwayDreams

    Big juicy bubble butt :)

  30. Wojtek R.I.P

    Tons of shit

  31. karva jäkälä

    Looks like a joke when they're headbanging:))

  32. Edwin Roberto Suárez Vásquez

    Delain excelente Saludos desde Ecuador

  33. Alexis Mol-Hdz

    Charlotte is so godamn thicccc!

  34. Sebastian Cuevas


  35. Kako Karma

    god if i join this freak bad sounding event ill drown myself... and that bitch is playing on jackhammer? oh shes so cooooool :(

  36. Somethings cantbefixed

    a little cringy, dont act like its heavier than it is

  37. David Scott Lane

    Sounds fantastic

  38. PACO Morales

    ...inche dolorón de cuello al día siguiente, 😂😂😂 checa esos movimientos con esa musiquilla y menos vestidos así,,, 👎👎..
    Las viejas estan buenas,,

  39. nick mclaughlin

    If Disney made "metal" music this is what it would be...hard pass


    I'm sure you can write better music😂😂

    nick mclaughlin

    @adlerdefender dont have to write music to have an opinion, someone wrote hit me baby one more time by britney spears that dont mean it's a goodong and everyone in the world should like it


    @nick mclaughlin having an opinion is different than just criticizing something just because you don't like it... Learn constructive criticism instead of writing stupid comments... 😉

    Hunter Bennett

    @nick mclaughlin my exact though at 1:22 into the video. Completely "Colors of the Wind" from the Pocahontas movie.

    Alfonso Jaurena Dearmas

    Dont understand why the fuck are you commenting this video... Delain Is not heavy, is not complex but is beautiful, simple, but beautiful

  40. S. man

    😮 😳😱 Wow...

  41. Magnus Premberg

    This band always sounds like a bad coverband live

    Tabitha Cau

    I so agree

    Raven Lunatic

    Can you tell me where you saw the link to this video ?

  42. Franco N

    Shakira singing metal!!!! lml

    Luigi Arbella

    Jajajaa 😂😂

    Rock & Live

    never, Shakira sings shitpop

  43. Luca Ferrari


  44. Suffocation Greece

    Now im gonna listen to a real 70000 tons of metal (Suffocation)

  45. Eden Everly

    Thus was actually the 70,000 tons of Charlotte’s abs show.

  46. Patty Hays

    Sorry but this sux.

    Alfonso Jaurena Dearmas

    And u are seeing this because...

  47. Sandro Freire

    Banda bosta, única coisa que se salva é a vocalista gata....... Eu digo em termos de beleza e gostosura, porque tadinha é esforçada mais também não canta nada... Banda escrota.

    Marciano Stramari

    Obrigado por falar tanta merda! Gratidão ser humano!

  48. Filippo Corvalan

    Hooters metal

    Wingnut Mcspazatron

    The perfect way to describe it 😂

    Wingnut Mcspazatron

    Best way to describe it

  49. Achilles Colettas

    Gorgeous amazing talented ladies on the stage😍😈🤘

  50. Anthony Blue

    She is sexy as fuck!

  51. Richard Olson

    Stunningly beautiful metal!

  52. One-Eye

    Blonde Charlotte is taking some getting used to.

  53. Debbie_Destruction

    Damn what have they done to her?? Whoever is making stupid decisions or trying to control this band, leave them be.... like shit

  54. Héctor Torres

    Metal goes pop, a pile of shit with hot sluts as clickbait

  55. Stradivari

    Para Ser Pop Pues Esta Bien.

    Alfonso Jaurena Dearmas

    Las cosas que lee uno..

  56. Crimson Rhino Jimenez III

    Her and Simone and singer from within temptation she's hot too wow

    Yrjan Metal !!!

    You meen Sharon den Adel of WT :)

  57. Crimson Rhino Jimenez III

    She's beautiful sexy wow . Music eh ok but she's beautiful wow

  58. Víctor López Garcia

    La orquestaa de mi pueeeblo

    Rock & Live

    la orquesta de tu pueblo toca la maliche; FUCK U

  59. Grett

    Bella, pero ya no quiere vestirse! , cada día se desviste más.

    Alain Cortes


    Rock & Live


    kendra Ar

    @Rock & Live jajajjaja!!! Ok psicólogo del YouTube.

    kendra Ar

    Así vende, con ropa sólo seria su talento y no es tan destacable como tarja por ejemplo.

  60. John Winstanley

    One of my favorite bands. I have all their albums. Great musicianship.

  61. Ricardo Alexandre de Moura Campos

    RED HOT!

  62. Paul Harris

    Wow she squeezes into those skintight leather jeans like a glove. So sexy.

  63. ella no te quiere

    Que banda tan mala y falsa, el heavy metal esta muriendo con bandas asi

    Necro Fear

    Porque no es heavy metal. Aprende la diferencias oh callate el osico cabron.

  64. Jesus Mosqueda

    No pos que pesados.....





  67. bonnie bianco

    Sexy violin girl

  68. Maria de la o


  69. Ran Silva

    Beautiful Singer, amazing!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  70. CyGuy

    She was so much prettier when she was a bit younger and had red hair ..”April Rain” vid comes to mind. Still looks good tho but just not as...

  71. Ing Dominguez G

    ¡Esa de rojo!

    Rock & Live

    yo me la COJJO

  72. Marcos C.

    Red metal?

  73. grazyano di dio


  74. Achilles Colettas

    Who's the guitarist with the red leather jacket? Amazing 😍

    Pablo Molina

    Merel Bechtold

    Rock & Live

    Merel Bechtold

  75. LegendaryMadi


    Maria de la o

    Muy mona Sakira , sí, pero en edad ,altura .......etc ni comparación, además fíjate como son todos, IMPONENTES,

  76. Ryder Sonthestorm

    I've seen these guys 3 times live because they opened for a better band I was seeing. They suck ass. Once, Xandria opened before them and killed them. Lowest quality shit I've heard

  77. Staffan Grumer

    So great... Cool girls that rocks like hell.... I love it !!

    David Witmer

    Check out Band-Maid. There are 5 of them and frankly they put this bunch to shame. " Choose Me " is a fine example of their work.

  78. 300bpm

    jesus, how tall is she?


    About 1.70 cm. She was almost my height when I met her, I'm 1.67 and she was a couple of eyes taller

  79. Gary Bourke

    The music is terrible . But , that singer looks like some nice pussy !

  80. NexisFilms

    Every time I see a crowd like this, I imagine myself grabbing their phones and/or cameras and shoving it into their eye sockets !
    It fits... believe me . IT FITS !

    Axel Royer

    I understand your point, but this is seriously generic

    Francis Talastas

    You're not paying for their tickets

  81. enoch5000

    That music is for the babies of the passengers. 1 to 5 years old.


    Watch out guys, we have a trve in our midst

    T Draper

    I'm sorry you don't enjoy the music. Maybe you should just not click on the video and let people enjoy things.

  82. Edgecrusher

    Charlotte 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  83. Tarl Cabot

    I am not naming names, but some lead guitar player is getting a major beer gut. Slow down kid and take up running and weed. A public service announcement.


    shit, you made me look, damn you are right

  84. German Fernandez

    Escuché bandas raras pero esto....



  85. Kim Seymour

    I love how they’re all dressed to match Charlotte :)

    Raven Lunatic

    Looked like they have one full red outfit and split it between everyone. One has the pants and short top ,one got the light jacket , one got the coat ,one got the t shirt , one got the tank top and one got the tie lol

  86. Mauro Aparicio Ortiz

    Awesome Delian. Amazing song. Beautiful Charlotte Wessels. ✨❤️🖤❤️🤘

  87. Fábio Saparolli

    Que batera escroto

  88. tiluriso

    Front woman is hot, nice legs, wide hips will make a great mother.

    Estef Martínez

    Right. Because all women are worth is how good a mother they'll be 🙄🙄🙄🙄


    @Estef Martínez Please don't misinterpret what I wrote. I didn't write that a woman's 'worth' is or can be 'decided' or 'evaluated' according to any sort of 'criterion'. I merely stated my attraction to her physical attributes - and of course she's much more that that - she is clearly an 'empowered', independent, confident, talented artist/singer who does not need any approval from types like myself, in order to to be herself. She world probably be 'a great mother' irrespective of the width of her hips or whatever. 'Motherhood' doesn't equal 'female slavery' either.

    Gabriel Farias

    @Estef Martínez fuck you feminist

  89. tiluriso

    Who is the lady playing electric cello?

  90. Jon

    So in love with charlotte, She looks so gorgeous

    Evil Mofo

    Jon Silvestri looks is about it. Can’t sing for shit

    Michael Bradley

    @Evil Mofo She sings great, the sound in this video is what sucks.

    Rock & Live

    de acuerdo luce hermosa

  91. OrolesMagnus

    This Video needs a Love button, because Charlotte is way too hot with those red latex pants and bra!

    Tyreek Murillo

    OrolesMagnus i was agreeing with u


    @Tyreek Murillo OK! Thank you and Cheers \m/

    Michael Bradley

    I was hoping is was red licorice. I could learn to love licorice if it was ;)

    9lives lie-cat-lie

    Yhea but the fem guitarist in the suits Rick's so very much to

    Rock & Live

    charllotte is so fucking hot

  92. Max Kustikov

    А если присмотреться на 3:03,то задумываешься, какая у Мерел сложная гитара...

    Luís Pedro


  93. venom hell

    pense que era un video porno....

    venom hell

    @Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs eres retrasado o que? no tienes tolerancia para un chiste....

    Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs

    @venom hell usas "sarcasmo" y encima de todo te ofendes, típicas actitudes de milenarios.....

    venom hell

    @Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs en que momento me ofendi? solo me cago de risa d elos pubertos como vos....

    Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs

    @venom hell cada quien pide y sabe lo que necesita.....


    Hasta se me paró cuando salió la Charlotte y con ese pantaloncito pegaguito y ya mero le echo yogurt.
    Sinceramente, soy más de metalcore, death metal entre otros screaming bands. Solo vine a ver a la wera guste a quién le guste

  94. Sarke Talovic

    Drummer didn't get the memo about red outfits


    @Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs she had red panties. dont ask how i know

    Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs

    @Ripuliski x ray vision 😂

    Tyreek Murillo

    his tie was red tho

    Mia Myers

    He probably did.. hes a rebellious one like many 🥁


    Tie matches, dont give any fucks