Delain - Milk And Honey (Live) Lyrics

The sun was golden flamed
The air was sweet like honey;
The grass was soft we made
A pledge to keep on running.
The clouds all shied away
The air was warm and damp;
Oh on this golden day,
You ripped my heart away.

It was the dawn of may,
A lonely blackbird singing,
Now the same melody,
Brings back the pain...

(bring back the pain)
You'll get it, regret it
Take my advice!
(bring back the pain)
You'll get it, regret it
If you are wise!
As long as you are getting older
Always look over your shoulder twice

The moon was silver-lined,
The air was sweet like honey.
We've said our last goodbyes,
Now what are we becoming?
Outside the blackbirds sing,
But you keep down the blinds,
'Cause each time you kiss her lips
They'll sing my lullaby.


Always look twice

Not so long ago,
Now we are sober and cold
There's no way to return
We've got to let our bridges,
Got to let our bridges burn

[Guitar Solo]


(You played with my heart,
You ripped it appart)
Always look over your shoulder twice.

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Delain Milk And Honey (Live) Comments
  1. DanDirindon

    very high quality!

  2. Fer Mgd

    0:29 TIRI TITI... TIRI TITI.... TIRI TITI.... TIRI TI, TI, TIIIIIIII........... Fucking amazing

  3. kris healey

    Where are they playing?? a shed? the place is tiny

  4. LeeLee Cruz

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  5. kimmo korpelainen

    Lol. So fucking shaky camera. Why u even record at concert. Stupid bastards recording the full concert👏

  6. Video Game Memories by Jediden1024

    Well done! Thanks for posting the vid. :)

  7. pixel

    I know where all the man looked

  8. Waynestock100

    kinda shaky........................


    Bro, did your finger get glued to the period key?

  9. Danilo Oliveira

    q delícia de música

  10. Kevin Vail

    That's a very goth look for Charlotte

  11. eyerock36

    Shaky? No. Sexy? Yes!

  12. heino Klapman

    Dit is een zeer goede band die het zeker nog verder gaat schoppen met hun muziek soort.

  13. nick fryman

    hell if that guy is tall,then the guy beside him must be a giant.Also it sounds like there is someone in the background trying to sing WTH they suck.


    Don't know who the singer is, sure wasn't me, but audiences do tend to shout-sing along if they know the song, something often encouraged by the performers.

  14. Jill Mitchell

    There's a huge head in this video like the entire time!


    That's what happens when tall people stand at the front of the crowd. Nothing I could really do about that. Can't just shove the entire audience aside for a video. That is precisely why I zoomed in often. But thank you for that observation. >_> Welcome to how concerts work.

    Jill Mitchell

    Well some people waited in line for four hours so they could be in front.


    Okay? Either you can gripe about heads being in the video, or you can defend taller people being in the front, there is really no compromise in that situation. I recorded from where I stood, and that's really all I could do.