Delain - Masters Of Destiny Lyrics

I, I curse the morning star
And I, I curse the moonlit sky

I traced the stars and mapped them all and to my misery
Each single light up in the sky all pointed back to me
I can't escape my destiny
I can't escape

Like a deer, still as stone, on the road
As headlights approach

All the things we've said and done
All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done, we've said and done

Used to be sure that
It's me who sleeps, but can it be
Somewhere there's a life
That dreams of me

Used to be sure that
I roll the dice, but can it be
Is playing me

All the things we've said and done
All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done, we've said and done

Hold on
Chance is cruel but there's no one else
Keeping you down
If you don't bow to its will

I am the dreamer
I roll the dice and I'm alive
My hands aren't tied

We are the dreamers
We roll the dice, we're alive
We'll always be
Masters of destiny

Like a deer, brick to bone, on the road
Flesh picked on by crows

All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done
All the things we've said and done
All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done

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Delain Masters Of Destiny Comments
  1. Victoria Cipriano

    Check out DELAIN albums ranking at:

  2. Bjorn Honeymead

    Her hair style look like lagertha 💕⚔️

  3. Daniel Haire

    Production Crew: How much wind do you want?
    Delain: We want wind levels the likes of which GOD has never seen!!

  4. The Bad

    There's only 1 way Delain goes. Up /\

  5. Carlos The Villan

    I definitely thought Lacuna Coil at first

  6. Eintrent Yovjanch

    Honey echoes fly around freezing blood

  7. Crimson Vulpes

    a voice like polished silver

  8. Artem Korobeinikov

    Nice, but I supposed that guitarist will fall like Belzebubs after solo...

  9. Baran Çavuşoğlu

    M A S T E R F U C K I N G P I E C E ! ! !

  10. Juran Martins

    Parece minha ex

  11. Дмитрий Литвинов

    Шарлотта прелесть! В этот раз она превзошла саму себя!!!

  12. Aleksandr Khramov

    Норм Продалжайте дальше!!!)))

  13. Jari Lindroos

    Very well done!! HIGH quality

  14. Tingle

    septum piercing? holy cow

  15. heather dawn pipke

    All very grateful for the listen .

  16. Matthew Tan

    For me this song gets better the more you listen to it. Dramatic, deep, impactful. It is about finding your courage and living your destiny 💥🔥✨❤️

  17. Karine Mallmann Gehlen

    exelente banda

  18. Cecil Munch

    Music mastery - so love this

  19. CWM

    If only they went back to this style or the Lucidity sound

  20. Eric Olsen

    This particular song reminds me of the screaming cowboy meme

  21. Marcos Algusto

    Finalmente o que faltava no delain peso para ficar perfeita

  22. Angelica Vilela dos Santos

    Estou viciada nessa musica 🎧🎶🎵😍❤

  23. No b

    Im from Brazil and my samba is finish metal lol

  24. Michael Deeks

    They're great, but my god their videos are atrocious. XD

  25. AniMaL

    I really wish her vocals were a bit more forward in the mix, it is almost impossible to hear her beautiful voice over the instruments, but otherwise a great song!

  26. KingTitan TeKnologies

    WHY !! is she not mainstream !! radio friendly rock !! ??

  27. Chetan Shah

    Did not see this coming!

  28. Daniel Fimbulvert

    867 humans aren't masters of their destiny.

  29. Rocker 4Life

    Charlotte you are illegal!!! Too beautiful

  30. star4dreamers


  31. WakeUp!

    EPIC band !!! sooo good musicians !

  32. SkyLight Gameuse

    When I play the video the air comes out of my screen and blows my hair

  33. mmabrute

    Well... Been seeing this in my recommendations. Now I can say I checked it out, meh. This shouldn't have been in my recs.

  34. Carsten Barth

    Film crew: How many wind machines do you want?
    Band: Yes.

  35. Katja Den Adel

    Its almost a year and it feels like this masterpiece was released yesterday...


    wait what!?

    Katja Den Adel

    @10torquemada in 2 months it will be a year it was released. And for me it seems like its was released yesterday because im still listening to it a lot and I dont get enough :Ρ


    @Katja Den Adel It feels like I just discovered this song

    Kevin Joesph Reynolds

    Seriously where has the time gone ? , seems like just yesterday they were playing this song on the 70k cruise

  36. Industrial Metal Worldwide

    wow Sabia que el potencial de Delain iba a superar a Epica y a Xandria

  37. keviner costa


  38. Ace2021

    Between this and "I Can, I Will" by Rage of Light, I'm not sure what my song of 2019 is??? Melissa or Charlotte, such a tough choice!

  39. Spy Retto

    She doesn't have these vocals live, hence a total fakey song made in a studio.

    Schul 91

    Nice troll b8.

  40. ZaBaNdaS

    One of the popular ytube comments is below:

    Me:World is an ellipse
    Delain; World is a cylindeeeer!
    Me: Ok
    Şarkı çok güzel lan

  41. stephanie southwell

    her vocals are so much stronger on the new material impressed

  42. Ivan Bassanini

    Delain are growing with every album they publish. amazing work!

  43. Maruan Domingues Sayegh

    Cada um tem direito de gostar ou não da música que quiser, mas que dá pra entender os deslikes nessa música não dá não ...

  44. Palynzer

    I can't stop watching and listening to this video every day. Charlotte has literally bewitched me \m/.....ahhhh ahhhhhh ooohhhhhhh!

  45. Shivansh Kanojia

    how is this not on the radio.

  46. Jakub Nosek

    Operatic part starts this masterpiece - thats kick many butts, Great.Superb

  47. Thomas Ok

    The Best.......

  48. Dan Leckemby

    0:54 and that is how it's done

  49. Matthew Tan

    Great song to go running to...try it!

  50. Cyrilblablabla

    the volume of the music is too loud compared to the voice

  51. Benjamin Bazan

    Janna? (?

  52. Kevin Schmitt

    Charlotte has found the zone and she was already freaking amazing vocally. Now she owns her voice though. She is going to be very dangerous now. What control and vocal range. Musically there is nothing this line up can't perform if they want to. This band is sounding better than they ever have and I never thought that could be possible as good as they were. Favorite all time ever. Now forget about it, nobody can even come close to their sound and abilities. Thanks for yet again another great freaking album that I am adding to my collection. Hope you will be in the Illinois are on tour again because I will be there like I have been in the past. You guys are amazing even live.

  53. Ana Caeiro

    2:47 damn

  54. legasiguy

    Wow!! Just found this band! Thank you God for YouTube!! I have chills listening! And I'm an older rocker composer musician who's seen and heard mostly everything! This rock music has DYNAMICS which make the song rock and even more!! It's so melodic and the keyboard countermelodies add so much!! (Take note, composers!!) Kudos to Delain, you've got a new fan!! Rock on!!

  55. uhuh


  56. Георгий Величко

    YouTube recommended this song. Didn't know YouTube can recommend good stuff.

  57. Денис Чопык


  58. Fromthepast

    now THIS, I like.

  59. Mario Live Gaming

    Van Nederlandse bodem 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  60. Shro Mo

    Quite possibly my favorite song / video that Delain has released...absolutely mindblowingly good.

  61. devilmyke

    So good is this it's a right beast of a track.

  62. Nicolly Machado Lovett

    To me it is one of the bast albums. Heavy and vocals are amazing

  63. Matt2413

    pfft i really hate myself for missing out a masterpiece like this😭😭

    SkyLight Gameuse

    where were you?


    @SkyLight Gameuseim busy listening to other bands ...

  64. Alexander Campbell

    Woah. This song is awesome with the range of vocals and melodic sound to it. You guys got another fan now! ROCK ON! 🤘

  65. Ivan Markov

    Мощно! ))

  66. QTipOfDeth

    Its been so great to watch Delain get better and better over the years. This is such a great song!


    They've had their ups and downs, not better over years. April Rain is still their best.

  67. Sam Townson

    Charlotte is so dreamy 😍😍😍

  68. ragecage559

    Live in the states, remember getting in that youtube rabbit hole many years ago and came across Delain see me in a shadow song. It was probably a good 15 years ago, how time flies, but man after discovering Delain that long ago and buying all their records this song, hollee bleep is it good.

  69. NiflheimMists

    Feat. Vanellope von Schweetz 0:46

  70. Merrill Hawkins

    Aah! This song is amazing! I can't get enough of her voice!

  71. Nick Amditis

    i dont know. i hope it grows on me. not everyone will agree with me but im starting to believe that after the human contradiction, they have somewhat lost it a little. loved they’re first five albums but ever since, eh...

  72. Rosannasfriend

    Took me ten seconds to become a fan! From that soft singing to suddenly belting it out! Wow!

  73. KathrynG

    I love this song - so powerful! The music is great - vocals need to be more clear in diction but wow!!

  74. 0FanMusic

    My sisters bff. Yahoo

  75. liA the weird_xd


  76. ImTakingAHighRoad

    Wow I just discovered this band amazing.

  77. Shannon B

    Okay, if ANYONE has created a working time machine, please go back about 10yrs please? Warn the world on two disasters.
    1. The events on Sept. 11, 2001.

    2. Warn the entire metal world on the coming metal trend disaster. Every other band wearing robes with hoods & the VERY bloated use of female singers.

    I have nothing against women fronting a band. Some use them in a thoughtful, creative & effective way. The rest of them are either jumping into the trend and/or going full retard by having 2, 3 even 4 female singers. Listen to The Gathering or Left Hand Solution. Listen to Paradise Lost albums Lost Paradise & Gothic. Listen to Devin Townsend Project. Those bands, IMO, used female vocals here & there, but when you heard them it mattered.

    Now, bands wearing robes & hoods are almost as overused, bloated & comical. How can a band think "we should wear robes & hoods on stage. That way we can completely become one of hundreds of bands out there. Better yet, lets REALLY go full retard & tap into the Ghost hype with all these things & call ourselves Babushka.

  78. Spruce

    I'm shocked! 😳 Delain is usually just "bleh," but this is edgy! I LOVE it when singers push themselves beyond their bounds. I like to hear singers work hard ❤💖

  79. Delicious Morsels

    Delain has become one of my favorite bands to listen to. The way Charlotte manipulates her voice with such ease into so many different dynamics is nothing short of breathtaking. And the music that surrounds her voice is top notch, too!

  80. adherry

    Brave to stand with your back to that beach.

  81. nisa i

    mature and sexy

  82. Vampira

    I know lot of people don't, but I actualy honestly like this singer, she's just dawn right in the vhole thing.

    I know it probably newer gonn'a happen, but i deram would be if Charlotte temed up with Dragica Maletic, that had been just unreal!
    Dragica realy hawe a perfect voice for teaming up with Charlotte in a masterpice like this (i know that because she even made a cover of this).

  83. Snow Downing

    Suddenly realizing their signed with the same label as Jinjer and now im no longer surprised

  84. Bruno Fonseca

    They played this in Wacken this year and it was epic. Damn, their whole show was epic. Charlotte’s performance was out of this world. I have a newly found respect for Delain...

  85. Ana María Montes

    wow this Charlotte's voice evolution is amaaaazing <3

  86. dark guy

    sounds a little like silent opera

  87. AericWintershard

    Is this song about Dungeons & Dragons, or is that just me imagining things?

  88. skaistusia

    Strong song and song vocal love this song <3

  89. Peppe Parisi

    Video bellissimo 😍

  90. Marco Antonio Paillacheo Arenas

    Buena casion

  91. Георги Пеев

    The first song by Delain I find really sounding like symphonic metal. That's finally some good stuff.

  92. Jesse Schuler

    First time listening to this band. It's like Evanescance and Opeth had a child born out of wedlock during world war 3 that united the world through it's bardic performance

  93. Palynzer

    WoW, this sounds AMAZING! what a production!

  94. The Gaming Crow

    4:42 - did they just drive over a crow? If so: Now I am *upset* !
    ./uncrowed ;)


    lol, good point

    Doing Things

    just looks like it

  95. Otacilio de Sena The Ciberpunk